Capital M
Breeding animations
Capital M - Masters exhibition St Lucas and Royal Academy Antwerp
Mapping concept and coordination
Concept & design
Beam Inc.
Capital M, the graduation show of the Master art students in Antwerp wanted to start their exhibition with a bang.
The brief was simple create a 10 sec. mapped video, ending or starting with the Capital M. The result was a nice mix of styles and colors by different participants.
A short impression of my contribution to the mapping project.

For my piece I marked 9 propulsion points on the building which where used to steer the dots and lines to their ideal spot in order to form the Capital M.

A technique called "genetic algorithm" was used to find the ideal pulse sequence for the propulsion points. For each new breed I used 9000 simulations with a very low mutation rate in order to get working results between 10 or 50 generations. It took around 3 hours to find a working sequence. All code is available at Github.
I highly recommend the chapter Chapter 9. The Evolution of Code in the book Nature of Code by Daniel Shiffman if you want to learn more about this algorithm.