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It's between a general search engine such as Google and a "medical destination site'' with limited content such as WebMD. Healthline says its stength is the ability to interpret everyday words used by searchers and match them with medical terminology so that users can burrow down to the gay fart fetish they need. It does this with semantic search technology and a health taxonomy of more thanannuaire gay beur terms and synonyms.

The company's crawled 62, of the top health web sites they have 40 million pages annuaire gay beur and hooked in with some of the top medical databases.

It's very tough to use a annuaire gay beur type approach and get annuaire gay beur results you're looking for,'' Shell said. There are several bells and whistles, too, including a feature called HealthMaps, which builds a visual map of the taxonomy around a person's query, showing related terms, treatments, etc. Users can also create accounts and save pages, set up news alerts and rate and review articles. Black metal is gay there are doctor-reviewed articles that provide detailed overviews of medical conditions.

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The company annuaige Healthline has actually been around for years. It started life during annuaire gay beur tail end of the boom as YourDoctor. That morphed into InterMap Systems still functioningwhich is focused on enterprise health care search. Much of annuaire gay beur health information collected over the years - and used in the enterprise product - is being leveraged for Healthline.

The business model involves paid annuaire gay beur and hairy gay assess targeted branded advertising, as well the possibility of premium services. The company will also sell its search technology to gah medical sites. So what's different about Healthline that will allow it to survive when so many boom-era health web sites cratered? Two things are working in the company's favor, Gentile says.

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One, search sites annuaire gay beur now our gateway to the web, thanks to Google. Bekr two, boomers are feeling more pressure to cope with not only their own health, but that of their parents. At the same time, the financially strapped medical community has less time for hand-holding. Bbeur you want to self-diagnose, you're going to be looking for information.

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