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How do you play GTA5 like this video https: Twists you black gay niggas to see happen more often in games?: We need to make a new and original fighting game called 'Super Smash Bros. Figma for Lady Maria and the Sekiro protag announced today. Good a reason as anything for a buyfag t….

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Why do third-person games hate jumping?: Isn't it strange that the vast majority of 3rd person …. Which video games black gay niggas the best AI companion characters that will make gay mavie stars feel less lonely? I was excited until I saw the gameplay. In KH1 Sora wore gloves. Black gay niggas 2 he wore gloves too. But in 3 his blcak outfit has bracers, but no gloves…. Is it worth picking this game up in the Steam sale?

What are the chances of the servers being torn d…. Resident Evil 2 Anything I should know going into this?

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Never played an RE game. Thoughts on this controller? Why niggass Pichu and Pikachu placed so high in the tier list for Smash Ultimate?

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You hit them once and …. My wife black gay niggas me pic related for my B-Day, what should I expect? I played the demo black gay niggas week or so back a…. Is Ace Combat 3 a canon? I thought it was a branching universe from the standard Strangereal history….

If your paid for multiplayer game hasn't managed to build an audience it's be…. Maybe it's I'm a girl that likes heavily blacl driven games, but this game bar gay omaha incredibl…. I'm about to finish XCOM2: Why are Japanese games so diverse in gameplay compared black gay niggas the usual Western shooter?

Not games that were meant to be good but ended up bad, but games that are just terribl…. How is pc 'dying'?: About 5 hours into pic related: As a hardcore Sony fan myself who granpa gay sex owned every Sony system since the PS1, and absolutely loves th….

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What are some games where black gay niggas can do this? Most Smash players are complete assholes: So when you play online, almost all elite Smash players on…. Capcom love big butts: Have you about the fact that almost every single Capcom game how to look gay has a femal….

It makes you FEEL like a rally car. What features would the upcoming mainline Pokemon rpg for the switch for you to consider buying it? Why are xbone controllers so fucking cheap made? Mine is maybe three months old and it's alread…. Kingdom Hearts Absolutely Sucks: Explain to me the appeal black gay niggas nigtas 'JPRG aesthetic'.

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The overdesigned costumes and weapons, the hodgepo…. Fuck, can we get some reminiscing on some good Wii U games and everything the console ….

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Grug be a good husband and drink bean milk because long nose tribe told grug that grug cavegirl want…. Turns out people love playing games black gay niggas diversity…. Late Night Edition ID: Y-you did get it before it became free for everyone, right?

Which black gay niggas game girl would represent each 4chan board?: Fuck yo Console Shit: Motherfuckin pseudo scientists be tryin to tell me you can't build a PC t…. Is this series worth playing after the second game?

The story seems to get worse from then on morning gay sex, a…. Spoiler an image and describe that game with one line. How to get excited about single player games again?

I realized I only play competitive online games …. ITT Games made by the same developer: Mystic Warriors had the best soundtrack of any arcade game ever. What did he mean by black gay niggas. Mother 4 rebrand is a waste of time, so i'll just post this screenshot.

There was a part late i…. What ever black gay niggas to Cosmic Break 2? I loved the first game and remember a sequel was being made it…. Best Fighting Stages, Post em https: Have any of you anons played this? It just released its pre-alpha. Apex Legends, whether you like it or not, is an actual competitor to Fortnite and already threatens ….

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Do you think brawling will ever come back in video games? I mean the only successful series that foc…. What's the most disappointing game blacj the decade? How do you balance big weapons vs small weapons in video games? It seems like smaller weapons almost…. Is this the black sheep of Balck It's so dark njggas somber every step of the way and unlike the …. This guy just slaps your GF on the ass. What do you do about it? The only weapon you have black gay niggas the thi….

You ever get to a point where your taste has developed and you look back at games you played years a…. Do you love your 3DS?: Also, post food in vidya, vidya related food, or gamerfuel. How many of you have pirated games? Niygas still continue to pirate games or do you black gay niggas exceptions? This game's peteen boy gay fell apart completely after Midgard.

None of the party members have any reaso…. Is this song from Sonic Adventure 2 kino? What's your favorite Fortnite gun? Pistol - Colt M with extended mag? Is it a consistent theme that Marina's reasoning for her choice is always better thought black gay niggas an…. Watashi wa Akafirudo Korissu black gay niggas I am an honoraburu samurai furom ….

Black gay niggas long as young gay kiss faggot Godot stays…. What are some games where the fucking side joke character is the actual villain who did literally no…. How are you enjoying the game? This is fucking tube gay free. Can't play because keeps cras…. Games that instilled a fetish in you, Cont: Atlas character - Joker Namco character Square enix character Microsoft character?

Favorite moment in a videogame thread? I don't even like this game that much I still think it…. Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart: Let's play some SRB2Kart! It's a Sonic kart black gay niggas mod for the do…. Am I crazy for actually loving the 3D effect on the 3DS?

I always cranked that shit up. I hate how n…. Why is the music in Xenoblade X and 2 such trash when the music in 1 was so good? I think I don't like this game. Even with my friends I was bored….

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I miss those times. They were black gay niggas, but the mystery surrounding some of those char…. Just bought Cities Skylines on the Swotch and god …. Is Billy, dare I say, our guy? Is it true you wouldn't buy a game if you knew it came from unity?


The theme song for these bastards is so unsettling. Why are there so many battle royale games but none of them have bunny hopping?

You'd think it w…. Best world in kh3. If Square just cut all the other shit worlds, and ambigously gay dou added more to this one the….

Is this series any good? Been black gay niggas with video games lately and thinking about playing a jrpg. Was it the way Nasu explored heroism? DQ8 or Skies of Arcadia: Think of any character, from any era, any genre of game, anime, cartoon.

Segata Sanshiro has …. There was literally no reason to make Tifa's boobs so large black gay niggas promote unrealistic standards f….

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How the fuck do you get good at this? I've never had this much black gay niggas i…. What would be good DLC for this game?

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This is some kind of remastered game right? This can't unironically be a game made in My vote black gay niggas to worst castlemania btw i made this. Can someone post that video of the women dancing with the Kirby's in the corners.

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Misleading trailers that tricked you into buying a shit game: Kill players and get pig hearts or something. Also best underage gay yaoi, Kae,…. We post games we like that underperformed or flopped commercially and speculate why this was th…. Post games that bladk you get up from the chair and black gay niggas when the credits rolled. Holy fuck guys, turn on the TV! Phoenix Wright is dead after falling off of Dusky Bridge and into E….

Gonna be playing this tonight: What am I in for? Will I need a walkthrough? black gay niggas

This is a partial list of viral music videos, that gained rapid attention on the Internet. Like Internet . "Hot Nigga" – A song by American rapper Bobby Shmurda. The music video, filmed in black and white, features Beyoncé and two backup . the Butt)" – A viral music video set to a song about anal sex by gay recording artist.

This game literally only has 1 ONE good boss fight. Hey black gay niggas, since we can all agree niggers pretty noggas ruined our lives by stealing all the white wo…. Guys vidya just isn't fun for me anymore and gay boys gay sex been for the past year or so Is this t…. Is there a black gay niggas uninteresting game in existence? Before someone does a hot take on Sonic Forces, yes….

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Realistically, how long do you think it will be before gamers have finally had enough and violently …. I skipped on playing it niggzs release and have just started it blaxk. Objective 3D Zelda ranking: Can you dumb nigger stop black gay niggas him Mr.

That's not his name. This game is so fuckin' long. Everything I do feels like I'm dipping my controller in mola…. Now do you remember who you are, what you were meant to do? I cheated death thanks to you. Hardcore KH fans what are your thoughts on 3: Why are elves so slutty in modern depictions? In Tolkien's universe they are basically black gay niggas …. I'm so fucking confused. So the, Fate series.

Is it blac anime series based on the black gay niggas, or a ga…. What game are you most anticipating? For me, it's gotta be Sekuro. If I wanted to make a game, should I get nlggas maker or rpg maker or learn to code on my own? Kingdom of Loathing black gay niggas. I know I'm late to gay mcdonald ucla party here, but this game was a gigantic disappointment.

Tired of shooting stuff. What are some relaxing games I black gay niggas play on PS4. Now, time for another Power Level thread. You've heard that Roy is the strongest L…. Which Halo has the niggaw campaign? Halo 2 is very small, linear and constricted with corridor style …. You all know who you are. Quit being such an milf women gay. I dont like managing retards.

How do I become a player like donguri, bros?

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So is a Raspberry Nighas hooked up to an old TV still the best way to emulate vidya? This is your new bunbreaker black gay niggas Say something nice about her! So after 9 year someone decided to officially make a type of Advanced Wars for Nintendo a…. I love him so much ….

I will post this everyday mature gay daddies E3 I will cling to a hope in possibility that this will be the E3 th…. There is no such thing as a good story heavy game. They've always been noth…. Black gay niggas in battle royale is cancer: Can we put ninten as smash ultimate dlc?: What are you hoping in the Nintendo Direct next Wednesday?

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I've been playing it for the first black gay niggas and I've been having the most fun I…. Red Dead Online Issues: I could be an outlier, and my opinions may not be that of the majority Mine is doing good.

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I just sat blacck and cracked open a bear and about …. I was always fascinated with the black gay niggas of Minecraft and Gays fuking good End the mysterious Endermen and…. Did it sell well enough to get black gay niggas entry in the series? I love Kat and I really w….

Will arcade racing games ever come back or are we just gonna deal with an eternity of boring grafics…. What are some must have n64 games? I just ordered one off eBay and only got Mario 64 for now but pla….

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Is it just me or is there a distinct lack of female characters with tanlines in video games? ITT we talk about good games black gay niggas have been ruined in the eyes of everyone for having a trash fanbas…. I can fit 5 cocks in my ass. I normaly suck 8 cocks at the same time but i want to try cocks.

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