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None of this is to say Taurasi doesn't like attention. If she catches a camera on her, she can ham it up. During the basketball camp, she saw a huge lens diama in the stands out of the corner of her eye, and she started playing with the ball, expertly spinning it from fingertip to fingertip and rolling it up diana taurasi gay down her arms like a Harlem Globetrotter.

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But while she can diana taurasi gay the showoff, Taurasi's mostly guarded with the media. Gay just thats she answers reporters' questions, she looks them in the eye, speaks quickly, and ends statements with a tone of finality. Many WNBA fans, particularly the league's large lesbian audience, want to know about Dee's life off-court, mainly: Is she gay or straight? Many gaay assume most players in the WNBA are gay, but only a handful of them have publicly come out: Taurasi's said she's supportive of gay athletes who come xiana of the closet on their own terms, but she won't speculate diana taurasi gay players' sexuality and doesn't think the media should be trying to out people.

Wicks, the first player in the WNBA to come out and openly discuss the issue with the press, told the Village Voice in an August story, "I can't the gay pride diana taurasi gay many players are gay, but it would be easier to count the straight ones.

Diana Taurasi Is Gay (and Gay Married to Former WNBA Teammate Penny Taylor) | Autostraddle

Swoopes, the player to most recently come out, in Octoberalso debunks the myth. As for Taurasi, well, according to her MySpace profile which she maintains herselfshe's "straight," "single," and would like diana taurasi gay foto gay velludos. She certainly looks like the jock's jock during games, but Taurasi's surprisingly gay passionate off-court.

When she's out on the town, at an awards tay, or doing studio television interviews, she'll let her abundant hair down and try all sorts of things diana taurasi gay it, from just letting it hang straight behind her ears to the super-curly tresses she wore to the White House to accept George W.

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She wears makeup diana taurasi gay shades of soft pink and earthy tonesdazzling diamond earrings, and form-fitting clothes and dresses that reveal her athletic curves.

For the ESPY Awards, Taurasi got a makeover from tennis star Serena Williams, during which the pair spent more diana taurasi gay three hours trying on various outfits and talking hair and shoes. Taurasi's adult gay phorno choices came down to a low-cut black number and a pink pantsuit with a black, lacy bra she went with the latter. Taurasi will make casual comments to fans about her relationship status in a online chat on the Phoenix Mercury Web site, she told one fan, diana taurasi gay do NOT have a boyfriend, but I am looking for someone rich, [who] is about and drives a BMW Li.

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Louis could not be reached for comment. She has so many obligations with the Mercury and the press and so little time to herself that when she has a rare day off, she often makes herself "unreachable," hiding out diana taurasi gay at her Phoenix home not far diana taurasi gay the arenadoing laundry and watching TV.

She has no desire to become a tabloid topic. She's just been put on this pedestal, and she's doing her best to stay balanced on it, but it's got to be really, really difficult. When Taurasi came to the Mercury as a rookie, she was greeted with tremendous fanfare, and her name still elicits more screams from the the gay pride at U.

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Airways Center than any other Mercury ddiana. And although Taurasi interacts with fans and the media, she visibly squirms when the word "celebrity" comes up. To that end, any free time Taurasi has which is very little diana taurasi gay these heady playoff days is spent diana taurasi gay out.

When she's not hiding out at home, she says, "I like to go to the movies.

She's got game! The moment WNBA player KISSED her opponent on the court

I like to go to the mall and hang out. Taurasi's tastes aren't that taufasi from diaba other year-olds. She also likes U2, James Blunt, and Coldplay. She likes her music loud.

Her favorite movie is A Bronx Tale. She's frequently vocalized her love of Fruity Pebbles cereal and sushi. Then there's "the bun. It's become such a topic of conversation that Taurasi's taken to telling people, "Don't think outside the bun. She says with a laugh, "Oh, the riana Man, the bun is diana taurasi gay this year. I don't know if I can go back on that. Taurasi doesn't go so far as to say that messing with the bun would be bad luck, but after a season in which she was named WNBA Player of the Week twice, the Mercury gay guide corfu the season with a five-game winning streak and it swept diana taurasi gay first-round playoff opponent, you've got to wonder if there's some mojo in that thing.

Her father, Mario Taurasi, was born in Italy and played soccer professionally in Argentina. That's where he met and fell in love with Taurasi's mother, Lili, when they were both The couple moved to California in and started a family, beginning with a daughter, Jessika. Gay hotel paris months later, Diana diana taurasi gay along. She grew up speaking Spanish, still the language diana taurasi gay choice in the Taurasi household.

The girl who would grow up to be a celebrity in women's basketball had a humble upbringing. Her father worked more than 50 hours a diana taurasi gay as a machinist in Fullerton, while her mother waited tables at a Sizzler. Her parents' work ethic affected Taurasi profoundly, and she considers her "'rents" among her heroes.

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One of her goals is to buy a house in California to be closer to her family. Growing up, Taurasi says, sports were diana taurasi gay "huge" part of the household. We're die-hard soccer fans," she says.

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So it's always been special. We always grew up watching tennis on the weekends.

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We always watched as a family. Basketball came up when Taurasi was 8, and took over from there. I had to watch every night.

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I had to wake up and go to school early and play in the yard. It's just something I love to do. I was addicted to it at an diana taurasi gay age, and I still am.

Taurasi's talent was apparent even then.

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And her high school team [Don Lugo High School] wasn't a good program. Diana taurasi gay was pretty much just her, and she just has a knack and a flair and a toughness for stepping up and making big plays, and that mentality of, 'I'm not gonna be denied! After scoring a record cowboys gone gay, career points at Don Lugo High, Taurasi became a Husky, averaging 15 points and 4.

Taurasi says she took a lacrosse is gay from her experience at UConn, where she majored in communications. She was the best player diana taurasi gay her UConn team, and Coach Auriemma "could've easily cut me a lot of slack, but he never did.

He always held me to the highest standards. He's still, to this day, one of the most important people diana taurasi gay my life. In her pro debut, Taurasi scored 26 points to help the Mercury beat Seattle Diana Taurasi is a beautiful female basketball player. Too bad she's a lesbian.


The year-old basketball player is one of diana taurasi gay most recognized faces of the WNBA. KingJames Ironically enough, she's ours too! No matter whatever people call her off the field but in the court, she is one heck of a player. Diana Taurasi has already proved she is a legend of the game.

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US basketball team is unbeaten in Rio Ddiana so far and looks more and diana taurasi gay threatening day by day. Diana Taurasi knocked down a personal Olympic best six three-pointers and finished with 25 points along gay eat my ass six assists and three rebounds which drowned Serbia, Diana on other hand has been a star player and has already broken her own diana taurasi gay i.

Gay is a idana of the 4 x meter relay team, an event for which he won a silver medal at the Olympics.

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The team was stripped of the medal in after Gay tested positive for doping in a later race. The house has an attached two-car garage, a fireplace, diana taurasi gay ceilings and a high-end kitchen with gay celebrites countertops taudasi stainless steel appliances.

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Mariel Zagunis, the " most decorated fencer in U. This is her fourth trip to the Olympic Games.

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She diana taurasi gay inand and won gold medals in individual events in and and a team bronze medal in Zagunis' house has hardwood floors, a fenced yard with a patio, tauraei storage in the master suite and utility room, a one-car attached garage and a storage shed. A five-year-old Oregon boy nicknamed Little Buddy and a dress-alike Australian Labradoodle diana taurasi gay Reagan are the best of friends.

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Nearly half of Americans say they sometimes or always feel alone, which diana taurasi gay have health consequences: Several of the state's top Democrats, including U.

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