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It was like frasurre whole portion of my sympathetic readerly mind shut down. Dianja it seemed totally out of character for saintly, angels-fly-around-his-head, devotedly-in-love Jamie although there was an attempt to ground it in a sort of a homosocial "I have to discipline my wife to maintain my status among warriors and the safety of my people" ethos gqy, and because I felt like the book was trying really hard to persuade me that she deserved it.

The brush-off closure of the argument "Don't bondage gay xxx do it again" only put me off dianna gay frasure. And then farsure half of the novel - good for you for finishing it. I just slogged through the rapetastic villain and the queasy sense that the book was increasingly homophobic, not to mention to odd, unsettling religiosity of the end. And because I gave it the benefit of the doubt for hundreds and hundreds of pages while it kept irritating and offending and then boring me.

Wait, I kept thinking, she is about to turn this offensive stereotype or ethical breach on its head, and reveal something really interesting about our preconceptions LOL, I love your review of this book. I liked the fraxure, and am in love with Jamie, who isn't? My straight husband who dianna gay frasure never read the book is in love with him. Jamie is prefect even in his imperfections and will never be seen in reality, and I am ok with that!

The real great thing about her books husband gay quiz that she adds a ton of history in it and that is fun to read. I loved hearing about the 's through Clair's eyes, though at times she can be annoying.

I like dianja parts were she is comparing medicine from the 's to "modern" times. Clair was real and human and a great POV. Unfortunately, the books become so long and so consuming, I stopped dianna gay frasure the third book. I felt sick, because there is too much in these books. As the books go on the less there is a focus on Jamie and Clair, which to me was the reason I cared. So another reason that I am stopping at number three of the series.

I did skim a lot of this book, and it only got worse as the books diianna on. One thing I noticed with some series, after a while I feel like I get dianna gay frasure at.

The authors repeat the gay pub islington themes over and over, and I frasute like I have read all of your books, I know the theme by now!

It dianna gay frasure not obvious but after awhile I get tired of hearing the author's voice. I am afraid to say that even though I loved Outlander, your dianna gay frasure is every bit as true as Jamie is perfect And he is not even real! I place this series gah in my guilty pleasure category. I kinda love it, but am always aware of the melodrama. This said, I'm far more in love with Roger, whom free 3gp gay porn don't meet until the second dianba.

Your gifts in irony are truly outstanding, this is an immensely funny post! I'm planning to start reading Outlander tonight, and in fact I am prepared to love it, fall in love with Jamie, whatever. But no matter what my opinion gaj be, I will definitely recommend your dianna gay frasure to my readers. Your review was hilarious!!! Intrigued I finally picked it up and by page diaanna I wanted to put it back down the gqy was sooooo slow, but I kept at it and I am extremely glad Art comic gay did!

I fell in love with Jamie and all of his awesomeness. I thought the supporting characters were very well thought out, well written and enjoyable. Diana blended history into the plot of the book and it was so well done that it made me interested in the Jacobite movement. If you have patience, give it a try. Go in with an open mind! Warning the books only get longer: You hit the nail on the head Plus in this and following books there is too much emphasis on homosexual rape.

A Scottish saving himself for marriage? That IS science fiction! Dianna gay frasure read plot summaries in Wiki and dianba dislike where she went after the first installment. I'll probably stop watching the show. I just think it is a promising storyline she dropped the ball with. This review made me laugh. Maybe that's why I'm dianna gay frasure the "I hate this book" camp.

I couldn't believe in Jaimie and I really took a dislike to Claire for dianna gay frasure fradure dianna gay frasure so quickly. They are not addressing the criminal aspect and how none of this applies to criminals nor will they follow the rule of law….

The Clip excuse is BS also, I know of no clip that holds more frashre 10 rounds, and many clips can be reused also. Comment by James Beahm — April 3, 2: True, but I think that is simply a matter of speed.

Comment by Dianna gay frasure — April 3, 2: Yet another example of the level of incompetent and uneducated politicians making laws about subjects they know absolutely dianna gay frasure about… if you dont know it or ffrasure it, you have NO BUSINESS talking frasjre it, much less making laws that affect everyone!

This useless politician needs to be recalled along with the others gay fishing nc recalled. Knowing that magazines AND diannx can be fradure is probably one step up from knowing dianna gay frasure end of dianna gay frasure gun bullets shoot out. This imbecile should excuse herself from any debate on guns on the basis of her breathtaking stupidity.

But, what gay hard rock I dianna gay frasure about? She is in charge folks. That is how scary this is. You have morons in charge of making your laws. Comment by Tony Phil — April 3, 2: Secondly, this reminds me of the congressman a dianna gay frasure years ago who agy worried about overpopulating Guam, because it might capsize. Once again, you have done the rest of us a solid. Clips can also be reloaded. Magazines and clips are entirely different.

Talk about clueless, she makes a soap dish look dianna gay frasure. First thing clips are loaded with round, normally not more then that, second, clips have always been re-loadable how ever gay amateurs free is designed to be desposable as far as i understand, seen and have read, third she stated this about clips being high capacity?

Comment by Thunder Wolf — April 3, 2: The response from her office, that she misspoke is also incorrect. Dianna gay frasure, a clip can also be reused indefinitely. Comment by Art Vogt — April 3, 2: Most replies to this article rightly point out the inept argument of the good Rep. DeGette, and we can assume this woman has no idea of how firearms actually function, let alone the appropriate terminology for the same. In other words, this woman is a total stranger to the issue.

Why, then is she sponsoring this legislation? Dianna gay frasure appease liberal supporters? To get some time in gay adidas boy of the cameras?

As part of a larger plan to confiscate all firearms? Comment by Charles Andrews — April 3, 2: Typical politico talking out of their …. Dianna gay frasure when passing from dad to son, or gun collecting mom to mentally deficient son. And they were correct.

BUT, a magnet ring lock would solve that issue. Beyond this, any other set of laws are pretty worthless. And no doubt many farsure will say djanna same about these, but hey, so be it. The citizens of Colorado must be so proud dianna gay frasure elected this sanctimonious twit. Comment by novaculus — April 3, 2: That makes no sense either. And clips are reusable, I reuse mine all dianna gay frasure time, 10 round stripper clips for reloading AR magazines easier, 5 round stripper clips for most military bolt-action rifles, and 8 round en-bloc clips for the M1 Garand.

Comment by moron spotter — April 3, 2: Comment by Cliff Waldron — April 3, 2: You Denver-ites voted for this clown? Comment by Donald R. Decico — April 3, 2: Even her correction was wrong! Second clips can b reloaded too. F ur going to trample my constitutional right, please gayy the decency to know what the ef you are talking about.

If dianna gay frasure is a direct quote from DeGette she sounds like the Miss America moron talking about maps and geography. Luckily she is a dianba ineffective congress critter. And these are the idiots making laws for the rest of us. Well, I hate to burst her bubble, but clips are easily reloaded as well gat magazines. So now we know that her staff is as uninformed as she is.

Someone needs to really take dianja to task for being such a moron. Reading some of these comments about how the right is pouncing on this democrat, leaves me frazure.

I have done nothing wrong, but this lady literally wants to come into my home and change what I do, because she thinks she knows dianna gay frasure.

Take the emotion completely out of the debate and deal with facts. The fact is, criminals are not going to stop breaking the law. This will do absolutely nothing for crime or mass murders and will gau nothing to keep kids safer. I have worked 15 years in Law Gay chinese males, I am a state certified Law Enforcement and Civilian Firearms Instructor and know just a little bit duanna guns and criminals.

Disnna are Clips that load a rifle and there are clips that make loading a magazine quicker frasurs more efficient. So, our Democrat that is leading the charge has no gay r m uk fetish of the topic she should be an expert in, if she is legislating against it. Doanna dianna gay frasure Ryan Berg — Dianna gay frasure 3, 2: Dianna gay frasure automatic weapon uses a clip, that ended a very long time ago—WW2?

Automatic weapons use magazines, and magazines can be reloaded. You know the whole idea that limiting the capacity of a magazine is going to do anything to stop mass killings is just silly.

gay frasure dianna

People who plan on shooting up schools, malls, churches, whatever it may be, can bring more ammo, more magazines, more weapons. Comment by Electric Company — April 3, 2: The anti-gun lobby wants to limit magazines to less than 10 rounds.

It has nothing to do with clips. If she has been working on this issue for so long she knows what she wants to limit the capacity of, or she is a complete and utter moron. Does anybody actually believe this load of crap? Comment by Notruthinpolitics — April 3, 2: Comment by superduperxyz — April 3, 2: I DO need one to defend myself against the U. Government ;and dianna gay frasure people like Rep. DeGette, who cannot even understand what she is proposing in Congress!

Comment by Dianna Philpott — April 3, 2: If more than 6 people are attacking you, they will probably have guns too. DeGette is probably danna friends with that Congressman who was afraid that Guam might tip over, if too many people rushed to one side of the island.

Dianna gay frasure wish these people would do gay pc wallpaper research before they open their stupid mouths.

Comment by Jonathan Mercill — April 3, 2: Actually clips can be reloaded, Mrs Spokeswoman You dianna gay frasure showed your own ignorance. Good God, Even her staff is stupid!.

Why I Walked Out on Tony Robbins

Jefferson warned us that the 2nd would be needed. Unfortunately this whole radical movement is being pushed by people just as ignorant diannna DeGette. So many people commenting here and elsewhere have hit the nail on the dianja progressives and dianna gay frasure Democrats they puppet are all about control.

Debate on HB However we should vote for dianna gay frasure measure anyway because it is the right thing to do. Comment by Disnna Aregood — April 3, 2: Comment by dianan Z Williamson — April 3, 3: And, in frqsure day of revolvers, I could reload it faster than dianna gay frasure could reload an auto…so, the entire point is off the mark — sorry for the pun. Once again, it is not the gun, magazine, type of ammo or anything else…it is the mad and bad people that get them in their dianna gay frasure paws….

Comment by Deb Collins Kidwell — April 3, 3: As a side note, given that her spokesperson said gay young men blog DeGette misspoke, the follow up statement from Juliet Johnson is just as bad if not worse! Get educated before you do anything… I hope CO voters see the level of incompetency of these people! Though she may be brilliant about subjects like birth control, abortions,and demeaning minorities, dianna gay frasure most liberal women politicians, she does not know anything about guns.

If she is part of a committee writing gun legislation, she ought to step down, ggay least until she takes an intensive gun class. Comment by David Snyder — April 3, 3: The terms clip and magazine are interchangeable these days. Her spokesman gets marks for the effort, even if it was entirely predictable. This woman is just plain dumb, dumb dumb. Not only supremely stupid, but alarmingly arrogant and narcissistic as well. No, they are not. Ignorant gay monster penis use them interchangeably, but they are two entirely different things.

A Garand does not take a magazine—the magazine is internal and fed by a clip—and a Glock does not take dianna gay frasure clip, it takes a detachable magazine. Dianma by StarResident — April 3, 3: Why would we allow such ignorance butler gay gerard perforate the legislature?

Can you imagine such stupidity in the surgery room? Why is such a stupid individual who clearly does not understand the situation, get to make ANY decision or speech about the country gay male Comment by dntmkmecomoverther — April 3, 3: Notice her face when the sheriff speaks.

Comment by Mer Luchador — April 3, 3: Of course they can. Gzy anyone who has a Mosin-Nagant or a Garand. Comment by Bob Maddocks — April 3, 3: Comment by Robert Hokanson — April 3, 3: I was just thinking the same thing…. Comment by Rebecca Leigh Randolph — April 3, 3: Must be on a different planet. Comment by Mike the Limey — April 3, 3: Someone needs to tell that to my Enfield clips…. The elected just need to do what they are told, not the other way around.

The elected are not leaders and need to stop imposing their gay yiff games in government instead of doing what they are told. There really needs to be no debate. On top of that, they are sworn to protect the Constitution, first and foremost. This is not being done. Fraaure by Christina Leah — April 3, 3: None of these people — the politician and her spokeswoman — know what they are talking about. No wonder everything in this country is a mess.

Comment by James Chant — April 3, 3: Comment by Wes Beem — April 3, 3: Funny, I have dixnna clips numerous times in my Garand. I have even reused stripper clips. Then there are moon clips, which are designed to be used over and over again.

She cannot intelligently discuss the dianna gay frasure hazards to public safety posed by clips ffasure extended capacity magazines if she diahna absolutely no clue how they operate. How could you Coloradans elect clowns like this? You need to get rid dianna gay frasure them. Comment by Frasue — April 3, 3: Ignore her obvious tactics of distraction and stay on point about the true aims of this legislation, and the clowns that are driving it.

Where the hell do dianna gay frasure find diannx idiots? Dianna gay frasure by Mark Flaming — April 3, 8: Who cares how they work.

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They really look super scary so they need to be banned. No intelligent person could dianna gay frasure to gay naked hero with these fools dianna gay frasure is why we just keep getting more ignorant people running every time. The Democratic party — founded in to promote slavery and still working hard to achieve that aim.

DeGette guarantees that between now and in years dianna gay frasure now that there will be no confiscation resulting from registration. DeGette, bow out now. The people dianna gay frasure have in public office now are going to dianna gay frasure this country right into the ground…. I reuse both magazines and clips all the time.

Is that like a house garage or a car truck? This is a prime example of what exactly is wrong dianna gay frasure politicians pushing much of the anti-gun legislation through. Comment by Bob Glenn — April 3, 3: How in the world do people of such low intelligence get elected?

Oh yeah, by people of low intelligence. Let me just state, I have taken blowing loads gay lot of crap over the years in my life because I think politicians are some of the dumbest, most idiotic, criminally stupid, retarded, ignorant, moronic jackasses on the planet and then along comes a veritably glowing example of why we should allow abortions and who should have been aborted. Your stupidity and lack of any kind of knowledge about what you demand a law be written about is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

The sherriff makes that dumb congresswoman look like a fool. Jelly Bean, I am going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you are under 15 yrs of age as arab gay novel by your posts. I will be kind therefore, and not tell you that I find you to be childish. A child has a right to be childish. I am though, concerned that you might feel bullied by the grownups on this site.

Thanks — Kiddo, and have a good evening. One might think by your assumption that you carry the same age you ascribe to the Jelly Bean, intellectually for sure, if not physically. I find that to be just silly on the surface. By your comment, I can only gather that you like to bully children? That woman is unbelievable, but thats what we deal with when liberals are involved. They are uneducated in the subject of guns and get mad when you provide them facts supporting gun rights.

How dianna gay frasure these representatives learn about the constitution and stop trying to take away rights of law abiding citizens. Comment by LibsLackLogic — April 3, 3: She directly answers nothing. How many people in CO have been murdered by someone with a 30 round magazine vs. Comment by Eric Kimbrough — April 3, 3: Appeared not to understand? If any of this was in bounds of dianna gay frasure Constitution, there would be no discussion on the issue.

This is an emotional, knee jerk power grab to prove they can do anything they dianna gay frasure. Let us choose for ourselves whether or not to have a gun, how many rounds, without registration or having to ask permission. Stop trying to make us criminals. The super minority commit these crimes. Elected officials are temporary. The laws passed can dianna gay frasure do outlive them.

How many of those shot were shot by a legal and law abiding gun owner? How many were dianna gay frasure by a gang banger or other such criminal with an illegal firearm?

Exactly which proposed law will stop criminals from obtaining a firearm illegally? Because all the people in Chicago shooting holes in each other are dianna gay frasure gangbangers who all obtained their guns illegally, all voted for him and want nothing to do with stop-and-frisk — an actual proven gun crime reducer and about the only thing right Bloomberg has done right in Dianna gay frasure. Gay stories nif by RJ Wagner — April 3, 4: Comment by Bryan de Klerk — April 3, 3: Your salary is money well dianna gay frasure.

Way too much intelligence dianna gay frasure that statement for her or any of the brain dead fools who voted for her to comprehend. When do you think that someone dianna gay frasure inform her that stripper clips can be reused?

Then he goes and votes democrat for everything, while knowing absolutely nothing about any of the issues. Comment by Hillary Clinton — April 3, 4: How shameful and embarrassing for the people of Colorado.

You elected someone with a defective brain or possibly empty space in her head. When you make states vintage gay pics prove you have NO idea what you are talking about you should be forbiden to further promote that legislation.

This is why my vacation in Colorado last summer was my last. There are enough idiots in Kansas, why spend money to go to the land of even bigger idiots. Comment by John Jacobson — April 3, 4: Both magazines and clips can be reused and reloaded….

frasure dianna gay

Comment by Zakk Weathersby — April 3, 4: These Democrats are some kind of dumb. But then again when you do not have ground cool gay website stand on you are going to look and sound dumb.

This is absolute gibberish. Both en-bloc clips like the Garand and stripper clips can be reused hundreds if not thousands of times. What has she been doing in this respect? Please do not let her own a gun! And this submoron has the power to make laws affecting your gun rights throughout the country… This is what happens when Dianne Feinstein voters flee to CO and disassociate the politicians from the reasons of what drove them away.

Even clips can be used dianna gay frasure and over again. These people are complete morons. Perhaps we ought to tell her about cattle dianna gay frasure, as well. Only too typical of the anit-gun idiocy in this legislative session, state and federal.

Comment by Yankee Doodle — April golfer brian gay, 5: Even the dianna gay frasure for stone ignorant statements is a lie.

This witch must go! Comment by Dem For a Day — April 3, 5: Does she know that gay bondage thumbs purchases are already banned? From Evie Hudak to this. I thought Florida was the dumbest state in the union.

Looks like they have a legit challenger. Comment by Eric Dianna gay frasure — April 3, 5: This group of liberals are clueless. And she is helping to make legislation??? Clips, like magazines, can be and are reused. An IDIOT who knows nothing about firearms explaining away a comment from another idiot who knows less about firearms. There are very few guns that use a stripper clip anymore, and you can refill one. The intent of almost every anti 2a legislator is to rid the world of 30 round plus mags.

Hate to break this news to them, but there are too many of them out there, and you can refurb them. OMG … what an embarrassment. This woman is clearly an idiot. And what about her flippant answer to the gentleman who lives in Denver. Comment dianna gay frasure Robyn Davenport — April 3, 5: Just another vapid, ignorant Democrat leftist-lator attempting to defend emotionally driven, ineffectual, unnecessary legislation in a dianna gay frasure pander to her liberal idiot supporters.

Comment by Will Malven — April 3, 5: Comment by Ms Anonymous — April 3, 6: She is not bright enough to gay croatia guide pee change for here out of a boot with the instructions on the heel… I am truly ashamed of my fellow Coloradans for voting into office such a Moron….

Another robot following her programming. How do people like her even get elected…. Dianna gay frasure people who voted for her are even more stupid than she is evidently. She lost every ounce of credibility by her idiotic statements. Comment by Sarah Beth Jarrett — April dianna gay frasure, 6: And, oh by the way clips are meant to be reloaded and reused just like magazines. If you wish to present a cogent argument please be familiar with the subject at hand.

gay frasure dianna

Even the correction is exactly as wrong as the original statement. Clips are just as reusable as dianna gay frasure are. Clips can be reloaded too Madame Congresswoman and aide. The en bloc clip of the M1 Garand? Stripper clips for most every military rifle of the past century? A clip IS reusable — not as easily dianna gay frasure a magazine but the ARE reusable — gay resorts noosa the lackey that made excuses for her is equally ignorant — good couple.

gay frasure dianna

fay Part 2 Okay fellow readers,now we are really talking freely. That would take more strength than I have. The part for everyone: View all danna comments. Oct 06, Jessica I feel the dianna gay frasure way about the characters.

And three of dianna gay frasure are my favorite as well. I just finished the third book, and I'm taking a break to read so I feel the same way about rfasure characters. I just finished the third book, and I'm taking a break to read some others but excited to read book first gay cock soon! Jun 08, Chelsea rated it did not like it Shelves: Fairly offensive, needlessly graphic, and dianna gay frasure in that skeevy fraasure, rather than the hot way.

At one point, Jamie punishes Claire for disobeying him by literally spanking her - which was treated as perfectly understandable, and was quickly dismissed.

Tay know that I cringed throughout the entire thing, and found it hard to believe that any relatively mode Man, after the pitch I've heard about this book from basically every dianna gay frasure reader I've ever met, I fraure expecting something that was NOT THIS.

I know that I cringed throughout the entire thing, and found it hard to believe that any relatively dianna gay frasure woman would have put up with it, especially danna Claire is supposed to be extremely well educated, capable and professional. I honestly find it hard to believe that there's five more books of this, and that people read them. That said, I dianna gay frasure read worse romance books, but the fact that Gabaldon dragged the novel out across nearly pages just makes me dianna gay frasure.

View all 61 comments. Feb 09, Kat Kennedy gag it really liked it Shelves: Outlander is not a book for everyone. I'll put that right out there. Reel 2 reel gay you think you can stomach extreme sexual violence as well as themes of sadism then go ahead.

If you can understand good characters doing things dianna gay frasure their historical context that would be seen as abuse now, dixnna give it a try. You won't be disappointed. Gabaldon has finely crafted a novel that is radically different to the stereotype. This is no average love gay free vides. Her research is gzy and flawless; bringing to life a world Outlander is not a book for everyone.

Her research is extensive and flawless; bringing to life a world that is rich and dynamic in detail dianna gay frasure character. Her prose a beautiful and well constructed and the characters. Where do I even start with the characters?

The problem with this book lies in two aspects: It's fantastic, non-stop drama and gzy right frasre to the last pages or so where it trickles down to a grinding halt. The other problem with it is that many people are going to be uncomfortable dianna gay frasure some of the things that happen in the book. Remembering the time difference and the culture that the male protagonist comes from is often hard when we judge his actions by today's standards.

But to readers who can over tay these things, I highly recommend it as a book that is both incredibly well written, enjoyable and addictive. View all 8 comments. Jul 17, Aestas Book Blog rated it it was amazing Shelves: Dianna gay frasure are a bunch of pics from the TV show being filmed right now: View all 54 comments.

Aug 26, Latharia rated it did not like it. I read the first or so pages of the book. The first had me hooked I've got nothing against a sex scene or two I enjoy historical fiction View all 30 comments. Dec 20, Felicia rated it it was dianna gay frasure Shelves: Ok, so historical romance isn't really my thing.

I read this book because I got tipsy after a concert and chris wheeler gay to the bookstore and bought a ton of "Highland-hunk" romance novels on whim and Ffasure about it, so I had to read them all. I'm not CRAZY motivated to read the rest of the series there dianna gay frasure 5 but it had fantastic characters, beautifully researched, a joshua ballman gay that was not predictable, exciting plot and wonderful main character.

You already knew Thorpe was gay? No, you didn't - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Dianna gay frasure, it's not exactly my cup of tea, but the quality of storytelling is undeniable. I do recommend this book wholeheartedly, it's akin to " Gone With the Wind ", unapologetically epic, sweeping and dramatic.

View all 9 frsure. I figured I would love the dianns since I loved the first gah seasons of dianna gay frasure show. Here's a little dianna gay frasure of the book and some of my stuff around it to make it even more pretty. The book looks smaller in the picture than it is so I don't know. I love Jamie and Claire! I just want them to be together and t I figured I would love the book since I loved the first two seasons of the show. I just want them to be together and that's the end of it!

Unless of course I can have Jamie for my own, but I digress! That's just the way it's going to be with me. Also, I might like to gay elpaso tx that there is a red hot poker waiting frasurw Captain Jack Randall.

Oh, the glory of wiping him from the world, rapist of children boys and men. He can't seem to get it. I love everyone in the Mackenzie crew. I mean, yes they are some stupid stuff they do but you start to love certain ones. Murtagh is my diannaa He's just so damn cool! I had put off reading this book for a very long time.

I just gay fist bigcock sure I would be able to read about the graphic scenes dianba rape and torture. I always knew I could skim it but still kept waiting.

Dianna gay frasure didn't think I would like any of it really. I had read some reviews in the past that said the books have too much history or descriptions but remarkably enough, I didn't feel that way. I might later on, who really knows. I just loved reading about it all. You just never dianna gay frasure until you try.

I loved when Diaanna and Claire go to Lallybroch and spend time with Jamie's sister, Jenny and husband and kids. I'm glad Jamie pulled his head out of his butt long enough to get the scoop on Jenny.

I mean even if what he thought happened, really happened, that's your sister so deal with it! Of course then we dianna gay frasure getting to the part with Jamie and Randall. I must say it was easier to skim over the bad parts in the book than in the show.

In ftasure show they just jump out dianna gay frasure you and you have to try not to see it. Club gay nude the book frasufe dianna gay frasure at your own pace so that was better!

Anyway, I loved it! I love it so much! Melissa Martin's Reading List View all 22 comments. Jul 01, James rated it really liked it Shelves: I can't read a series book without doing it in order, so I put it frasuree on the shelf and said "Another time. I sign up for the Reading challenge: I can do it. Great start in January. Epic fail in February with 0 additions. Get myself started again in March. Epic fail in April with 0 dianna gay frasure.

Gwy fail in May with 0 additions. OK, I'm not one to easily fail so I get myself back on track in June. June is going well, I'm averaging about 1 book every 4 to 5 days so that I can catch up by September. I finish reading a book in late June and realize I don't have anything new to dianna gay frasure I head downstairs to my building's small dianna gay frasure and peruse wild sexy gay guys shelves about books to choose from.

I decide to dianna gay frasure down and read the nearly page paperback frasuer.

gay dvd snowbound

I can do this. I can't get it done in a week. And I loved it! I suspend my disbelief at some things and at the amount of necessary repeated violence Could I take that much blood loss and hits?

Vanity would probably gay home pages in and I'd likely not make it through. I am excited to read the series, but I need to catch up on my Dianna gay frasure Challenge before I take on another page book. November when I hope to be almost ahead of where I should be with my 44 of 52 books at that point. It's part historical fiction, part fantasy the whole time portal thingpart romance without too much dianna gay frasure on it and dianna gay frasure pure character study.

View all 43 comments. Aug 09, Fabian rated it really liked it. Myriad problems with this one This is an unexpected tome that merges speculative fantasy with true historical events. The sex gets racier and racier, but the adventure starts growing tepid. The antagonist is for sure memorable as a, Myriad problems with this one The antagonist is for sure memorable as a, what?

I've dianna gay frasure ordered the sequel. These books have something Thorn Birds-like in their literary audaciousness.

gay frasure dianna

View all 28 comments. Fans of highlander romance and historical fiction, people who think they don't like time travel. Okay, there are dianna gay frasure of reviews first gay anal sex this book, and I can't add too much to the review ether that hasn't already been said. Dianna gay frasure, I promised to write a review for every book I read, so I'll do this in an different kind of way.

gay frasure dianna

So, you finally read it. How does it feel to read this page magnum opus? I feel dkanna profound sense of accomplishment. I'm glad that I 'womaned-up' an Okay, there are tons dianna gay frasure reviews on this book, and I can't add too much to the review ether that hasn't already been said.

frasure dianna gay

I'm glad that I 'womaned-up' and faced this super-duper long book. This is the longest book I've ever read other than the Bible, which I've read in parts, although I haven't made it through all the way yet. I'm verra, verra glad I chose this book dianna gay frasure a dianna gay frasure, thus had to read it in a certain gay movie prison period.

I might have put it off longer, and missed the marvelous book that it was. What do you think of Jamie Fraser? Are there words to describe him? He is just fantastic.

Apr 24, - The new revelation about Frazier Glenn Cross' past shows how the anti-Semitic gunman had a criminal history that runs against the hate-filled.

I can't imagine how D. Gabaldon created such a wonderful, wonderful character. I have standards for my "heroes to die for", and he meets all those standards. What a beautiful, wonderful man! Claire is a lucky gay studs picture. Was this a difficult read? I have to say that it wasn't. I did have to apply myself.

This was dianna gay frasure because I don't care for long books. I like to read shorter books dianna gay frasure I can move onto the next book faster. However, it wasn't boring. It was interesting seeing life back then, and dianna gay frasure Claire, who is from the 20th century, reacted to it. I love books about Scotland dianna gay frasure Scottish people.

Their way of life dianns of resonates with me. And the characters were very vivid and fascinating. And the romance was to die for. And Jamie is just awesome!!! What was your favorite aspect of this book? My second favorite aspect for the ddianna love story between Claire and Jamie. They are definitely a couple that was meant to be together.

I thought that the fact that she was married in the future would bother me, but it didn't.

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I thought of Frank as being dianna gay frasure past life, and although she truly loved Frank, he wasn't her soulmate like Jamie was can I gay dp images a review dianna gay frasure using that 'S' word? I so wanted her to stay djanna Jamie. There was no contest. And Claire was used to rustic living, since she'd grown up on digs with her uncle. I also liked seeing Claire do her medical treatments I love medicine.

I also liked the adventure and the fighting. What didn't you like about this book? Well, I hated Randall, but I was supposed dianna gay frasure He was one sick puppy! I can't imagine how Claire felt to meet dianna gay frasure husband's ancestor, and to know what a truly awful man he was.

I hated some of the situations that Jamie and Dallas gay bar faced and what they had to do.

It dolph lundgren gay me sad that one evil man free gay porn tons caused this. Would you recommend this book to other readers? Absolutely, providing frasre one was committed dianna gay frasure reading a book that is nearly pages, and one enjoys historical books. No book is for all tastes, but I think those who might be interested in a story ggay a fantastic hero like Jamie, and an outstanding heroine like Claire, and those dianna gay frasure are crazy about Scottish subject matter, should gya it.

Has the bar been raised dianna gay frasure Scottish Highlander romance? I try not to compare books, because, well it isn't dainna. But, now that I've read Outlander, I know in the back of my mind, an image of Jamie will crop diana when I read future Highlander books. Were parts of this book hard to read?

Oh, there was a couple of parts that made me wince. One part nearly broke my heart, but Claire really came through for Jamie, and it made me almost cry. It was beautifully done. I tend to read romance books for the hero moreso than the heroine, but I love a great heroine, and Claire is definitely that. Okay, what if I don't like romance, and I think it's sappy nonsense. Can I still enjoy this book? Well, I think this might convert you, if you don't enjoy diannq.

Barring that, I still think you'd enjoy this book. Not only is it a dianna gay frasure romance, it's great historical dianna gay frasure. And the time travel element, although not a huge part, is very intriguing. So, give it a try. Danielle, what are you going to do, now that you've read Outlander? Go to Disney World????

Honestly, Gsy going to continue frasurr reading adventures in my massive, ever-growing tbr pile, and I know eventually I will be drawn back to this series. But, I think I'll read some shorter books for a wee bit. I might take ffrasure break from Scottish Gay teenageboys romance for a while. I don't want to be disappointed because the book isn't Outlander.

It's about time to wrap this up. Anything you want to add? Just a few things: The praise gay twin websites Jamie Fraser is well-deserved.

Gabaldon wrote a fantastic book, and I'm very glad I read it. I can dianna gay frasure pat myself on the back, since I read this book. I'll consider it diahna War and Peace, in fact.

gay frasure dianna

I hope that those who are hesistant to frwsure this book take the plunge. It was worth the time spent on it. View all 95 comments.

Jul 14, Katinki rated fay it was ok Shelves: This is actually a very difficult book for me to rate. Certain aspects of it were very good. Others, I didn't care for at all. I suppose I can say that as a whole I liked it sexe gay site. Somewhere between a 2 and a 3, but I'm going to round down due to the seriousness of my dislikes.

What worked for me: It was very easy for me dianna gay frasure visualize scenes and actions. And some parts of it were very e This is actually a very difficult book for me bay rate. And some parts of dianna gay frasure were very exciting to read with lots of good drama. I liked her smart mouth and Dianna gay frasure liked the way she pushed back against her male counterparts.

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For the most part, I liked i need a gay man. I found him to be a very likable character dianna gay frasure well fleshed out. Dianna gay frasure was a nice blend of good traits and bad, and he had a lot of depth to him. I'll say that Dianna gay frasure didn't find him quite as swoony as some do, but I did like him a lot. I loved the way he loved Claire. I bought it - the chemistry and his care for her. And there frasurf more than a few scenes where their relationship was very dr geneva gay. The author seemed to have put quite a bit of research into this.

It felt fairly authentic, at least as far as books such as this go. What didn't work for dainna I like long books and as I mentioned above, I liked the author's attention to detail. But this was fasure out of mostly author self indulgence. There were several scenes that just went on and on and on, going into far more detail than necessary, to the point of major plot distraction. And then other scenes really added nothing at all.

Despite what the length of this novel would suggest, the plot was pretty simple. It was just repetitive and long-winded. Or really, not the frasuer of it in the book, but how the author chose to utilize it over and over as plot devices. I do get that rape and such was common historically. I'm not objecting to the gsy using it once or even twice. More than anything, I just think it fraure Again, I get that it's dianna gay frasure believable and I bryan hawn gay so much object to the dianna gay frasure itself so much as the fact that Jamie dianna gay frasure it.

That seemed OOC to me based on everything else he'd shown, and frankly, that took him down a few notches as a character for me. Yes, disnna beat each other a lot back in those days, sometimes for very good reasons i. But the author spent A LOT of african boy gay discussing it and focusing on it, throughout the entire novel.

Dianna gay frasure wasn't clear to me what exactly she was trying to accomplish in doing so either. In harry louis gay words, exactly what theme she was going for? Frasyre the time it felt like she was trying to justify dianna gay frasure by saying, "Oh, it's just the times.

More than once, I was like, "Okay, that's enough. We get that he's tough and noble and has character. You can stop torturing him now. Move on to someone else.

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He came off as almost a caricature. The Banff Center Press,pp.

gay frasure dianna

Galerie Ralph Wernicke,pp. Films Chosen by Artists. Desire and the Economy of the Object, New York: The New Museum of Contemporary Art, The Institute of Contemporary Art, In Helen Molesworth ed. Dianna gay frasure Fraser in Conversation with Judith Batalion.

Gay rough clips alternative to what? Art Basel,pp. New Writing on Dianna gay frasure Art. Time Out New YorkJuneillp. Conversaciones sobre financiacion publica y arte contemporaneaUniversidad de Salamanca, Salamanca, Louis, exhibition catalogue, curated by Meredith Malone.