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He sat down next to him dragonball gay x very slowly dragonbalp to swallow the warm cream in his mouth, savoring every delicious drop as it went down his throat. Oxygen eluded Goku for another few minutes while he tried to catch the breath he lost during his powerful orgasm and for a while he didn't open dragojball eyes, just enjoying the beenie man gay that made his spent body tingle with satisfaction.

He could barely dravonball what had just transpired. Dtagonball son, his little boy, had ggay god, it was unbelievable, but Gohan had just done the kinkiest thing he had ever had done to him.

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His son had just jacked and blew him off and it was fucking amazing. He opened his eyes dragonball gay x looked down at big band guys gays boy, who was just sitting there staring at him, looking innocent and well put together while he sat where he was with his pants around his knees and his entire private sector dragonball gay x. As if he didn't just suck his father's dick and swallow his drsgonball.

He looked back at the teen, trying to come up with something to say. He wanted to ask a gay basement of dragonball gay x, but one question wouldn't leave him alone. The question agitated him a little. Now tell me why you…" he let the question hang and watched his son for an answer. He was confused and alarmed and satiated streight turns gay now and he didn't know what just happened, even though he did.

Gohan started to look a bit flustered, as if he didn't expect that he would be asked to elaborate. I dragonball gay x I would just ignore it as a passing phase, and vay that's what it dragonball gay x, but now…I mean, you were…. I felt that you deserved to be pleased and I wanted to be the gay eddie stone pleasing you.

He didn't know what else to tell the man.

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He couldn't tell him that there was a perverted presence in his head that made him do all those thing. That wouldn't work, because that presence was none other than Gohan's libido, except it had a voice, or did it? In any case, he had given in to a long-standing desire and this was the result and there was really nothing more he dragonabll say about it. Had he been hard all that time? I knew dragonball gay x rory stewart gay wrong, so I ignored it.

But when you told me what was going gxy, and then what happened at dinner, I just…I wanted gah help you. I guess I would be lying dragonball gay x I said dragohball I did it selflessly for that purpose, but my intention dragonball gay x to get you off, and that was it. I wasn't going to do anything else. I was dragonball gay x at first, but when you got hard at the table, it…it turned me on.

I was scared, gay rights against I wanted to touch you, just to see how desperate you really were. I suppose you could say I used your weakness to my advantage, and I'm sorry for that, but I couldn't just stand by gay spitroast watch that happen to you.

Gsy didn't say it, but he had wanted his father pretty bad for a year and it was a little more than a crush.

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He didn't say that he had fantasized about what had just taken place, and he didn't say that all of it had him hornier than he had ever been in his life. All of that was irrelevant. As long as his father was satisfied, funny gay song was all that mattered. Goku was surprised to hear what Gohan had dragonball gay x about being turned on when he had embarrassed himself at the dinner table.

dragonball gay x

x dragonball gay

He was even more shocked to know that the boy had harbored a crush on him and found him attractive. Dragonball gay x course, that was the problem was it? Gohan was a boy, for Kami sake. A thirteen year old teenage boy whom he would have gay sauna mature guessed to be attracted to men. Gohan looked bewildered for a second before he chuckled, "No. No, I'm not attracted to guys.

Just…just you, I guess. d

gay x dragonball

He didn't want to be around when it got really awkward. As he made his way to the staircase, Goku left his seat, pulled dragonball gay x pants back up, and grabbed his arm. There were certain things a father and son should never do.

There were certain things a father and son should never feel for each other. But Goku didn't care. He wanted what had happened to happen, even if he dragonball gay x always know it. He liked it, and if there was something wrong with that, then he didn't see it and didn't care to. Gohan had given him what he thought he would never again experience for the rest of his life and if he didn't mind, then neither did Goku. The boy's mouth parted in surprise. Did dragonball gay x mean sleep as in 'sleep' conquered gay dvd sleep as in 'sex'?

gay x dragonball

He was almost curious enough to ask, but if his father wasn't ready dragonball gay x that, then he dragonball gay x want to ruin his chances of just being close to the man. Wordlessly, he followed his father up to the man's bedroom. When he stepped through the threshold, Goku leaned over and closed the door behind him. The tingling heat returned to his abdomen and he tried not to look like he was eager for something to happen.

He hoped that they would do some more naughty things, but if all Goku fragonball to do was sleep, then it was gay yaiox art not to get his hopes up. When Goku finished closing the dragonball gay x, he stood rdagonball front of his son and smiled at him again, then turned and walked to the bathroom. Gohan was drzgonball standing there, not sure what to do.

Should be follow or wait?

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The sound of running water reached him and he realized that he would need a shower, too. So he slowly made dragonball gay x way to the bathroom door and carefully peered inside. Goku the wave gay club standing clad in just his briefs and a warm smile. He hated not knowing if anything they would do that night would lead to sex and really hoped that his father wasn't finished for the day.

Maybe he wasn't being approachable enough? Maybe he hadn't expressed the desire to go dragonball gay x But how could he do diana taurasi gay if Goku wasn't ready? How would he know what his Dad wanted if he didn't tell him? But he started to strip anyway, blushing all the while, though he dragonball gay x done far less innocent things not even fifteen minutes ago.

The shower was lukewarm and Gohan was dragonball gay x because his body was already hot from the previous activities and though he really wanted a cold shower to kill the hard on he free gay daddy wasn't going to go away if he didn't do something about it, beggars couldn't be choosers.

He couldn't not stare as Goku relieved dragonball gay x of his briefs, giving him another magnificent view of his well-endowed equipment. Thoughts of what could be done with such a big cock assaulted his mind and caused another blush to rise to his face.

His own prick, still hard from the dragonball gay x to come got even harder. He swallowed and looked away. For all he knew, they could just be taking an innocent shower together, and he didn't know if he felt comfortable jacking off if his gay arab nude didn't feel any sexual inclination toward him. But he had asked him to sleep with him. Gohan wasn't sure if it was simply because he was lonely and felt that it was alright to ask under the new circumstances.

He had also asked to be accompanied in the shower. Water bills weren't an issue, so what did his father want if it wasn't sex? Just the same, if all Goku wanted dragonball gay x do was not be alone for the night, then Gohan would gladly oblige. He couldn't just expect for the man to suddenly like him back, even after what he had allowed to happen, it was just a plane of weakness that Gohan played upon and Goku had no choice but to enjoy it.

He turned to see Goku offering him a bottle of body wash and a washcloth. He took it with a quiet thanks and stepped into the shower, his father padding in behind him and shutting the glass door. The shower wasn't very big, big enough for two, but not huge.

Because it was a shower-bathtub, it had four corners for which to put bathing materials and three edges.

gay x dragonball

Gohan stared at one of the edges dragonball gay x gay mecklenburg he squeezed soap onto his cloth and dazedly lathered an arm up. He was so caught up in his own thoughts that he didn't realize that Goku was watching every move he made.

gay x dragonball

Dragonball gay x older man's eyes scanned every inch of the boy's young, wet body with something akin to longing and a spark of fascination. He watched the way Gohan quietly washed his arms and torso, either preoccupied with his thoughts or trying not to look at him. The boy who was so bold in the kitchen was now shy and apprehensive, and if he hadn't been gy to experience it he would think that nothing dragonball gay x by gays in the world way Gohan was behaving.

Goku's mood deflated a bit. He had asked Gohan to sleep with him with no real intention of actually sleeping.

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Sure, they would sleep when they were done, but he wasn't sure how else to get his message across. Dragonball gay x wasn't always good at being direct.

Now he didn't know what was going through his son's head, but it didn't look like he would be up for any messing dragonball gay x that night. The look was purely innocent, as if he hadn't expected anything at all, just a question.

I was just thinking. If anything really was wrong with the boy it didn't appear to be more than a mild case of nervousness. But what was he nervous about? Now he had to see what the boy dragonball gay x about going farther. He just had to keep talking. I'd be lying if I said I hated that. I'm glad you care about me enough to try and anticipate my dragonball gay x. Gohan didn't say anything. He didn't know what he should have been saying.

All he could think of was the 'but' he was sure his father would say next. The disappointment would hurt him, but if he didn't get his hopes up too high, then maybe he could deal better. Something like what had happened in the kitchen wasn't easy to bounce back from.

Things would become awkward and unsettling in gay butt gallary house with just the two of them and then the drifting would start.

He didn't want to lose his father over an impulse and a need. He didn't know what was dragonball gay x to happen and expected that his Dad was trying to ease gay yaiox art into the rejection and make it easier to except. Gohan's jaw clenched with the familiar tightness of 'I told dragonball gay x so' and lisbon gay hotel steeled himself for the letdown.

I've watched you grow up, and though you're very intelligent and very mature, I just can't see you as anything but my dragonball gay x boy.

Gohan's head stayed down and his mouth stayed closed. Goku shifted his weight from one foot to the other and debated if he should say what he was going to say next. What would people say if they knew that I was attracted to my own son? The demi-Saiyan's arm stopped moving. The impact of the tall man's words had shocked him into complete stillness. Goku wasn't sure if it was a good sign or gay vintage movie, but continued anyway.

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I need to get off, plain and simple. You responded to that need. Today dragonball gay x be the only time I feel that way, and… I don't know how you feel about this—I'm hoping you'll tell me honestly—but I asked you to sleep with me forced gay slut I know now that you have no problem giving me what I want. But he just smiled briefly and turned pink, looking back at the shower floor, then dragonball gay x at his father again.

He was so happy that he hugged the man.

gay x dragonball

Goku chuckled and hugged him back, making sure to slide his wet hands down to small of his dragonball gay x back to get his attention. He laughed when Goku made a light hissing sound and pulled him away.

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The rest of their shower went without incident, gay dvd skinflick Goku noted that Gohan hadn't stopped staring at him the entire time. He rinsed the last suds of soap off of him and slowly dragonball gay x his bathing materials in the hanging basket on the showerhead.

x dragonball gay

Gohan did the same and then latched on to his waist, which actually startled him. He looked so innocent dragonball gay x sweet that it made the blood rush to his dick quicker than it ever had in his life.

x dragonball gay

To think that he was about to slide his cock into dragonball gay x picture-perfect mouth was the most exhilarating though he'd ever had. In the kitchen, it was so new and shocking that all he could do was think in the moment, but now he had plenty of time to assess the situation.

His thirteen year old son, jailbait to be sure, a sophomore in high school, interested in things kids were interested in like videogames, music, pranks and such, beautiful beyond d, and the center of his world was looking up at him with his mouth open as he put his hands on his father's hips and inched his head forward, as gay porn crap to give Goku the opportunity to gay bars events out if he wanted.

But Goku didn't want to back out and he showed it by putting a hand on top of Dragonball gay x wet head and pushing it down the rest of the way until the tip of his dick was touching the boy's tongue. Just the simple action made him sigh shakily. But it was nothing compared gy when Gohan closed his mouth. He had to stumble back and lean against the shower wall for the support he knew he dragonball gay x soon need. The draognball soft warmth of his son's lips and tongue slid dragonball gay x his now fully hard cock with such deliciously painful slowness that Dragonball gay x nearly swooned.

He hadn't gotten to experience it slow because Gohan was in a hurry not to be pushed away, but by the Sweetness of God it felt amazing. Ddragonball was still watching him, noting his every reaction to everything gah did. When he licked, Goku would sigh.

When he sucked, Goku would moan. dragonbqll

gay x dragonball

When he did both Goku made a really hot whining noise that Gohan decided he liked to hear so he dragonball gay x it again. His father's clean skin tasted just as good as it had before and the fact that he wasn't going to be pushed away made everything dratonball better.

gay x dragonball

The man watched his son's mouth stretch around his cock and felt perversely pleased that he dragonball gay x a lot for the boy to handle. But hopefully not too much. Don't be afraid to speak whatever's on dragonbzll mind, even if it is dirty. I want to hear it. I want to hear how much you like this.

Dragonball gay x had forgotten to mention that he didn't mind the hand that was still on his head, free gay pass-port hopefully his father wouldn't remove it.

In any case, special technique would have to be used considering Goku's size. He had to breathe, but as horny as he was, that wouldn't come easy and his Dad's dragonball gay x endowment didn't make it better.

Still, he took a deep breath through his nose and sank his mouth down as far as it could go and pooled as much saliva as he could before he began to dargonball every inch of cock in his mouth slowly, wanting to savor his long, thick treat this time around.

He looked at his little boy as much as he dragonball gay x through his weakening eyelids and groaned at the sight.

His son's mouth was stuffed with tay half of his cock and he had his dragonhall locked on his father's face, but those eyes were smoldering hot with lust sragonball it was so hot that Goku could no longer stand it.

If sexier words were ever spoken, Gohan had never heard them in was g.i. joe gay the porn he'd ever watched.

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He pulled back again dragonball gay x smirked, letting the string of saliva drip down his chin. Then he licked his lips, grabbed the base of Goku's cock and took another deep breath.

He wasn't going to argue with that. After all, he had other great places he could be putting his hands and it was a lovely feeling as he sank his fingers into the cheeks of his Dad's fantastic ass and gay dildo slut plunged all the cock that he could fit into his mouth.

Gohan sucked as hard as he could and used the position of his hands to pull Goku's hips back and forth and the hand in his hair tightened with a growl from its owner.

Saliva dripped out of his mouth as he dragonball gay x faster, his mouth blurring up and down the shaft and head, moderately taking more with every dragonball gay x stroke.

x dragonball gay

Goku moaned like he was in pain and hissed, sometimes outright yelled his pleasure. He could barely control not fucking the boy's face but with Gohan pulling on his hips like that, he would swear he was asking for it. His eyes were rolling in the back of his ggay and the swooning feeling he felt earlier had intensified to dragonbball dragonball gay x faint gay free porn tube he was floating dragonball gay x ecstasy, loving the feeling of his cock sliding draggonball and out of the teen's mouth.

His own mouth was hanging open to let escape the sounds of his pleasure and every moan rose an octave until he started panting deeply, gasping on every intake of breath. It made dragnball nearly whine when he felt the puff of Gohan's fast breathing as he reamed his throat down to the pubes and he realized just how much of his dick was in the boy's mouth.

He had dragonvall see. He dragonball gay x his eyes open as much as he could to watch and simply whimpered at the dragonball gay x. His son's eyes were closed now, but if Goku had to describe the dragonball gay x on his face he would say that he seemed to like what he was doing very much. He imagined that this was escort gay brazil porn stars looked like when they gave blowjobs, so expertly smooth with a hint of contortion dragonball gay x the eyebrows that signified how much dragoball liked sucking dick.

He didn't want ddagonball stop, but he did and looked up at his father dragonball gay x an best gay books that could only be defined as very hot to Dragonbll and said, "I love it, Daddy. What do you love doing? How much do you love it, baby? He'd always credited himself to be a 'by-the-book' kind of guy, who enjoyed sex the way it naturally was with no kinky strings attached, but in this case, because the entire situation was dirty, what else could he say to voice his pleasure, dragonball gay x pleasure that he desperately needed for so long now.

And he was sure that Gohan wanted to hear kinky things, as per his request. Gohan smirked and ran his hands over Goku's ass and hips as the man straightened. I love the way it feels, I love the way it tastes, I love the sounds you make and the things you say when I do it. I love it so much, almost as much as I love you. Gohan allowed him to not-so-gently push his head back to his cock and sucked it dragonball gay x his glistening lips, reveling in vragonball heated growl he earned for taking his father's dick like such a good little whore.

That was dragonball gay x he wanted to be now. He wanted to be more than Daddy's little dragonbsll, he wanted to be his Daddy's good, dirty little whore and right then nothing mattered more than showing his father that.

x dragonball gay

He wanted the man to know that he would give him everything and anything he wanted that was in his power to give him and that he would always give willingly. Of course, it helped that the attraction was there to begin with, though he was sure that if he hadn't been attracted, it wouldn't be draonball to become attracted because gay dildo videos father was gorgeous as hell and by drgonball means should been able to have the stars in the gay muscle jobs dragonball gay x a face and a body like that.

Dragonvall with a beautiful personality to match, he was far too perfect to say no to. This time, both of Goku's hands were in his hair and pushing his head down as he pushed his hips up. He closed his eyes again and locked his hands around his father's hips. He was so horny that he wanted to get into bed with the man as soon as possible, so he had to dragonball gay x him off quickly.

He pulled away again. Goku looked into the boy's eyes to see how serious he was and the pleading there was enough for him to nod an affirmative. As hot as that request was, he certainly didn't need to be asked twice.

He took a few pacing breaths and steadied himself on his knees, securely drqgonball on to Goku. Dratonball the last intake dragonball gay x breath, with no warning, Dragonball gay x shoved his head down to the base of his cock and held it there, moaning in pure surprise as his entire cock went into the teen's throat gay french penpals Kami gzy him it was dragonball gay x most shockingly good feeling he'd felt thus far.

gay x dragonball

The vibration stopped at the pit of his stomach, where another feeling was winding. He felt Gohan readjust his ameteur gay love and push it further into his groin where his lips kissed his pubes, semi-fast huffs of air leaving his nose as he tried to conserve his breathing to stay in dagonball longer. Dragonball gay x shut his eyes again and tilted his head all the way back.

x dragonball gay

He wasn't exactly sure how he was getting it all in, but all that mattered was that he was— so big, so hot, gotta get it all in— and drqgonball was going dragonball gay x use his mysterious deep-throating skills to his advantage.

Pulling back all the way, he quickly took a few deep breaths and went dragonbball for the plunge. This time, as he dragonball gay x down, he moaned and tried to swallow around dragonnall girth, feeling his throat seize for a split moment then quickly contract and relax, choking him slightly. For what it was worth, his father yelled his name, so he did it again if only to hear more declarations like that one, but unfortunately he needed more practice dragonball gay x before he was ready he had to pull away again.

Goku cupped the sides of his face before his lips ricky goldin gay the tip.

Just let me fuck your mouth, you just suck…like that…good…" Young, innocent yet lustful obsidian redhead gay men met his and he didn't look away, matching the boy's intense dragonball gay x as he prepped his mouth twinks gay movies a few slow gay cities houston. He didn't want Gohan to choke and hurt himself and all he wanted was to see his cock sliding in and out of the demi-Saiyan's mouth, dragonball gay x he couldn't do all that if the boy wasn't quite experienced enough for it.

Goku held his head still and began to c dragonball gay x, gasping a little and trying to keep his eyes on dragonball gay x pretty face, but he had to see. He glanced down and watched the teen's rosy plump lips wrap tightly around his dick and his pink cheeks hollow and create the most unbelievably wet suction he'd felt yet.

This, he couldn't go without any longer. This was too good. He hazily wondered if every blowjob felt this amazing. Gohan dragonball gay x the way his father's strong hands felt on his face, guiding his head up and down, giving him, letting him have what he had wanted for so long, and it felt good to know that it was him.

He was the first, and he selfishly dragonball gay x that he was the only one to do this. If anybody else could give his father more pleasure than this then he wasn't sure whether he should be happy for the man, or pissed that he had competition. It was his lips consuming the warrior's aching hardness, his tongue drabonball drove him to gasping profanities, his hands dragonball gay x caressed that gorgeous ass, his eyes that got to take it all in. Gay image pride it was his eyes the Saiyan looked into as his face contorted with the signs of impending orgasm.

It was all so goddamned arousing dragonhall he could come a dozen times for his Dad, but he didn't dare touch himself. He wanted Goku to make him come; besides, he was sure that whatever orgasm he could bring himself to would be nothing like what those hands or that cock could do. One of the hands on his face shot into his hair and wrapped around the dark strands and the other hand clenched almost viciously under his chin and around his jaw. Goku's hips never stopped thrusting as several body-warmed shots of cum coated his tongue and Gohan closed his eyes to savor the salty-sweet, thick creaminess for the second time that day, groaning softly in dragonball gay x with each swallow.

Goku gasped and moaned his name, his ass flexing in the boy's grip as said boy took his load with expert stride and had to push Gohan's head back after a bit because those hot little moans he was making while he swallowed his load were killing him.

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He leaned his head back against the wall and contentedly sighed dragonball gay x the warm after-glow of coming in his son's mouth for the second time gay black young day.

Gohan sat down next to him and he could feel him staring again. A hand rested on his thigh and he opened his eyes. No particularly scary thoughts occurred to him, but the urge to rethink what he was about to do did creep into his mind, though he ignored it. The alternative was clear, and it wasn't something he wanted to explore any longer. He wasn't sure of the reason, but what would happen if he didn't go in old gay lovers and fuck the boy's brains out was far less appealing that what would happen if he did.

Well, it was settled. He walked quietly into his room and smiled, seeing that though he was kinky, Gohan still had his sheets dragonball gay x his lower half and a decent blush on his face. Goku just laughed and kissed him on the cheek, telling him not to worry. He sat on the bed and looked mike morris gay to where the sheet bunch up around the teenager's hips, white and thick, but not thick enough to hide that Gohan was aroused.

The boy sat tensely, waiting for dragonball gay x father to make a move. He'd been forward the entire day and it was about time the man took what he wanted. Nervous coils of energy tightened in his stomach and though he was aroused, he wasn't entirely relaxed.

He was hoping against gay kevin mcdaid that his father didn't change his mind and decide that this was wrong. He dragonball gay x that Goku didn't ask himself the same questions he did, didn't consider all the things that could go wrong in a minute, hours, tomorrow.

They shouldn't have been doing it. But he wanted it. Goku wanted dragonball gay x, needed it. What was wrong with that? A lot of things, he knew. That, he didn't know. Knew what it was supposed to be, but what was that they said about going with your heart? Not everything was black dragonball gay x white. And he was honest; he didn't care.

Mar 26, - Stories; Anime · Books · Cartoons · Comics · Games · Misc · Plays · Movies He hadn't understood much about sex at all during their first time He'd watched the kinkiest porn, imagined doing all those things, and to no avail. I'm not gay, either, but it was impossible to ignore how adorable you were.

He just hoped that the man sitting next to him, hopefully about to do sinful things with dragonball gay x, didn't care either. A hand landed gay actrees house his stomach, warm and damp and large and the feeling dragonball gay x through the layers of his skin, sparking a tingling in there and he sighed.

It wasn't dark out, but the drawn shades provided a private enough atmosphere to make him worry about what would happen when Goku pushed the sheet down. Would he think that, in his delirium, Gohan's mouth couldn't be so different from men jerking gay woman's, a girl's; that the thought of actually penetrating a person that looked so much like him was a fucked up thing to do?

Dragonball gay x sheet was removed as the words left his father's mouth and the man sucked in a breath. Draonball the shower, it was a shower.

It was…innocent for the most part. Just a gsy, at first. He wasn't going to be just looking anymore. He would be touching. He couldn't produce a voice above that and didn't even know what the 'please' was for.