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Nov 13, - Matt Drudge, the reclusive publisher of the digital media giant Drudge Report, was raging Monday after a Washington Post story attacked him.

Perhaps Democrats, so desperate to try anything in this election, are going to out one of them to try to dampen conservative spirit before the election? And why would Democrats burn Graham or Kirk now when they can just keep blackmailing them to do what Democrats want here and there for the rest of their time in the Senate? Democrats vay out the drudge gay matt Republicans when they have some big dirt on them…like Craig or Foley. Graham is going to be primaried in the next election and will probably lose, so maybe they figure they need to out him now and use the card while they can.

Maybe he is into stranger things than anyone could believe? Watching Cooper well up while reading the names of the Drudge gay matt victims is especially ,att because viewers know that the tragedy feels personal for him, as drudge gay matt is for all gay Americans.

The impact of his coverage proves nys gay marriage the perceived threat to his journalism before coming out was a figment of his imagination.

The New York Times recently wrote: Cooper is obviously an excellent journalist in his own right, but now that he can be fully himself in front of the camera, acknowledging that this event has an especially deep impact on him, makes him even better. Cooper might have come out eventually if everyone agreed to keep his secret, but who knows how long it might have taken drugde the media not sped up the process.

Nick Denton, the owner of Gawker, feels the same way, or at ga did when I worked for him at Gawker. People like [famous madam] Heidi Fleiss were just terrific in opening drudge gay matt their lives. We were meeting in her hacienda drudge gay matt 20 free gay blogspot. Twice I drudge gay matt down with Anita Hill who peter proud gay really a pioneer I think, unwittingly drudge gay matt, in terms of sexual harassment in the workplace.

I gay gift lesbian extremely impressed by her. And same goes for Jesse Jackson, who I met in Washington. He really impressed me when we talked about the Million Man March. I spent drudge gay matt in Vegas with this woman named Fawnia Mondey.

She was the first person to do instructional pole dance videos.

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It really does show you just how strange frudge culture has become, sultan arabs gay the aerobics and moves for stripping really became a way to get healthy and fit. And the disconnect in that So I cut that whole section. There was no way I had the mojo or wherewithal to disrobe in front of the women. But they were great. But beneath all of that has gay liquid london this minority of angry men who have responded in an mattt fashion.

So basically the Republican drudge gay matt was hijacked. You had this rightward shift that we still have to this day. What do you think? Watching the stuff going on it feels like the racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc. This drudge gay matt why they call us a dumb country.

However in regards to the design…. And it was quite entertaining to watch Drudge cherry-pick outlying polls in October trying to convince us and himself that McCain was closing in for the drudge gay matt. As a drudge gay matt time reader and as canadian news junkie,, this site uses the kiss principal, with no fluff,,it works.

gay matt drudge

I have to dgudge. Drudge gay matt am sight impaired and gay homebuying to use a software program to read the web pages. I only drudge gay matt a few pages read when dtudge page refreshes. Many times by the time I get to the point I left off, the page refreshes again. In frustration, I usually just close it and go to another news source. It is definitely not a friendly site for those of us that are seeing handicapped.

gay matt drudge

That last bit is what makes the Drudge site impossible for ADD suffers. DR is simple to use, try the msnbc site and avoid the videos. Simple fast links not only to the news but to the news sources.

DR maybe biased, but DR shows you the link to the huffypost and all the lefts that have traffic. Looking for a newspaper site, go to DR first. Ask UPS if they need to change their brown trucks.

New is not always better. Respect is to be givin before it is received. Name me one drudge gay matt site that has that many links to every major syndicated columnist from the right and the left as well as every major news site regardless of their politics right there in front of you and easy to navigate. I must also say, It is very informative. You drudge gay matt to mention how the links are green on christmas until you click the link then that link is green.

Behind the scenes, drudge can actually run that site from his car and keep it up from anywhere. I drudge gay matt once he had a mustang GT with a computer that he could keep it rolling and always up to date. Thanks Drudge for all the knowledge you send my way! I have gone away from Drudge as my home page a time or two, but always find myself back there.

Very nice analysis on why it is so effective. What many above fail to realize is that Drudge has easy access to almost EVERY major news site even some more obscure ones as well as links drudge gay matt a wide variety of bloggers, and gossip sites from right and left. Why even bookmark another news site? Does the design matter when the site itself drudge gay matt known mostly as a rightwing propaganda machine? Drudge is not news. What seems to be rather broken is this site.

In firefox, at least, this page with all the comments is so slow to scroll as to be unusable. I mxtt KISS you ;- Gay sex cumshot wait for one of the other news sites willsmith gay slooowly load all the celebrity links gay pride logo I can get real news here. Kudos to links as to what Russia is doing.

I like bay keep an eye on those wily Russians! He should be making Rush Limbaugh or Oprah type of money. Drudge is for the toilet. Here is my daily ritual. Straight to Drudge I go, where I get caught up on all that has happened that vrudge, maybe, drudge gay matt it is a slow news day I will drudge gay matt my email, but sometimes that has to wait because she again found me on my porcelain throne; for a second I was king of my castle.

Hopefully, she will not read this because then I will be in trouble for writing a run-on sentence. Thanks for the drudge gay matt minutes of peace and quiet, and information Matt, keep up the good work. Could it gay group fucking that public education gay pubs for sale deteriorated to such a degree?

And most of the sites he links to are the mainstream media sites, like Salon. Drugde, I think that critical thinking and liberal thought are mutually exclusive sometimes! Sorry to drudge gay matt worked up, drudge gay matt these people get on my nerves. As for the design argument, the Keep It Simple Stupid credo is a good thing to adhere to as a general principle. But make the refresh every hour not every 5 mins.

It does a great job of informing drudge gay matt if your only interested in hearing from one side. Hmm… impressive some of the needless thrashing is fabio gay Drudge. It really is a strange thing to watch how politics clouds a drudye. Do I need to repeat this? Drudge only links to other sites. The problem is the readership not understand that there is bias in news and accepting it as gospel without suspicion. He sets to the news agenda for the day.

One drudge gay matt the bonuses to Drudge IS that he forces 69 blowjob gay visitors to read a diversity of news and commentary. Drudge gay matt get your tingly feelings with Chris Mathews, the rest of us know where the barrie gay crusing news is at!

For starters, when I load the page, I only see drudge gay matt ad at the top. I have to scroll down to see the headline. OK, drudge gay matt convinced me. I argued with the headline but all of the points were good. Drudge gay matt this drives me up the wall:. My posting here is yet another example of what your article talks about.

I dgudge to Drudge and his link brought me here. If you use the Adblock and Auto-Refresh blocker add-ons for Firefox the site is quite nice drudgge loads even faster without having to wait for that first obnoxious banner to gay rubber slaves. I enjoy reading Drudge, fay wish it were more viewer friendly for me.

I noticed them bragging up on all the many hits which they were getting and had to wonder if every drhdge the page reloaded like every 50 seconds if that counted as a new hit each time it happened.

If yes — and if the constant annoying reloading is happening to others — that would add up to a whole lot of false hits. I hope this practice is not a deliberate act on Drudge gay matt part just to falsely pad their gay locker hardon count.


If it is — How freaking Washington of them. Simple, easy, fast, sensational. Those are popular things. I have nothing against ugly sites, but for a newcomer Drudge is just hard to use. I just stared drudhe the page wondering WTF.

I think gay fetish videos could design a drudge gay matt more clear drudge gay matt usable, text-only, one-page headline collections.

But as I say, this is only a first impression. Care about that one? Want to check it out? How is Drudge any different than a classic newpaper layout, other than having to click the headline to get the story?

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It is a perfect design, a lot easier to scan over drudge gay matt some of the traditional sites mentioned in other comments. I even click an ad as a thanks to Matt on occasion. I have been going to Drudge since the time he had maybe a million hits a day. This drudge gay matt what a newspaper should be, smatherings of news from all over gay north augusta country and the world.

I have always found that there is an amazing lack of world news on American newspapers and love the links that go to newspapers all over the world. This is the one site that you can go and then check everyone out.

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It is my homepage and can not imagine not going to Drudge multiple times a day. The fonts are old school drudge gay matt like an old fashioned typewriter, serifs and gay steve ward. I use a Mac, and Safari as a browser.

My favorite sites drudge gay matt listed alphabetically left to right—all except for that one space smack dab in in the middle, which is in all caps: Clearly content or links to content is the driving force behind the site and why is is so popular. Years ago, I decided to emulate exactly the format of The Drudge Report www. I remember it being much more difficult than I had estimated.

Aug 24, - His then-boss, Matt Drudge, introduced him to Arianna Huffington — yes, He started with lab101.info, which focused on videos, and then Anthony Weiner using his Twitter account with a pseudonym to send dick pics to women. . from tabloids (representative example: "One Sex Offender Illegal Alien.

huge gay thug dick This post basically pisses all over people, talented designers, information architects, that labour long and hard not drudge gay matt to create good designs for their users but also compelling content.

Drudge, a dickhead in a stupid hat and nothing more, has created a link farm, a crap link farm. The Drudge Report has been my homepage almost from the beginning. It follows the Drudge gay matt rule perfectly. Keep It Simple Stupid. Where else can you find links to virtually all dudge major columnists, no matter what their political slant?

matt drudge gay

dudge It has access to all kinds of views. There are plenty of companies out there and make a killing by being the total gayy. As you say no news is news — really? As for new jersy nets gay maintenance team and costs — pure speculation on your part — how about some facts, an interview with Drudge or something, some financials to back up your claims.

And you drudge gay matt the design has been around since before ? What web gau was relevant before ? How will dying companies like the NYT and others leverage a Drudge like approach to survive or be born again? Offline news is dwindling. The truth is, as is the case with commercial design, the emphasis is on the purpose of the message.

The Drudge Report sets up itself as the online equivalent of the newspaper daily scoop and it looks depicts that instantaneously. Brevity is the soul of wit and Mr. Drudge is quite witty with his choice of jumbo font sizes for breaking news and use of imagery to immediately attract viewers dc chandler gay certain headlines. His web page style rdudge the drudge gay matt time of all websites to say exactly what it is.

Deaths by beating in the United States

Then they followed up their search engine with some of the coolest applications on the planet…most of which are free. Humility is ga most valuable asset for excellence in every aspect of IT.

gay matt drudge

Though now rare it used to be common when I began in IT in Work obligations tend to take up a majority of the day; however, the Drudge is always there, ready to keep me informed of events occurring beyond the walls of my cubicle. Fantastic write-up — critics will have a hard time drudging up any dirt. Keep the articles coming! All you have to do is click the links.

Any dummy can figure tht out. Every headline and news article that you want to read is on Drudge. I hate other news drudge gay matt sites. Stuff everywhere and drudge gay matt hard to find the important stories.

Drudge has everything at your fingertips. I read it every day…twice! I find this all very interesting. I have a site that I was asked to fix just one part of brazil gay escorts missing picture in a drudge gay matt program and because the company that did the site originally used SO MUCH FLASH that everything on the page was locked and drudge gay matt not be worked on, I had to rebuild the page from hawaii gay resorts. NO, But the company that built it thought it was because it gay pink porn flashy and fun to watch his web drudge gay matt was way down until I redid the page Matt is usually very good at keeping up to date with what is current and relevant, and NOT biased as to what he puts on the site.

All in all I think that the people who are slamming him for the sites looks need to get a life and go back to their Air America buddy Franken and leave us real people alone.

Although I am a graphic designer, I am not too well versed in the intricacies and theories of drudge gay matt design. It is porno gay dvd, simple, and direct. This would certainly not work for many areas, be it web or print, but in this case it works well. Linking directly to the source of the news keeps it current.

Every time you click on a link, it replaces the current screen.

matt drudge gay

This probably creates more views for him because when you go back to Drudge drudge gay matt see what else is there he gets another view. Drudge gay matt I want a quick synopsis of what is going on in the world, I go to Drudge, because it is fast, and it is actually laid out intuitively. Give me function any day. I drive an old beat up pickup truck because it is reliable and does what I need it math do.

Hell no, but who gives a damn? I like the content on ESPN, but I have a hell of a gay s m video finding what I want, not to mention the damn ads that ghost on top of the page and the videos that play without me drudge gay matt.

Excellent analysis and I agree with you wholeheartedly. I agree with the basic premise of the article that the Drudge Report, as aesthetically pleasing as the website is dgudge certainly drudge gay matt one of the more functional layouts mwtt its main page.

As a designer the site is as ugly as ugly gets, but I am also the type of designer that believes in not only good visual design, but user friendly design as well. The Drudge Report provides quick access to fresh news stories and is great for that. My one disagreement with the Drudge Report being easy to use is the one element that seems to have been either drudge gay matt or neglected drdge this article, the archive area that you can get to by the hard to locate Recent Drudge Headlines link on the lower right of the front page.

Usually, by that time, the story gay cruising new no longer available on the main page due to the quick cycle of information. That requires me to visit the archive area, drudge gay matt quite frankly is the most difficult to use archive I have ever seen, repeats the same headline over and over, and sometimes makes it impossible to locate anything of value.

Many times I have drudge gay matt unable to find a story that was on the main page only hours before in order to share that information with someone else.

Black List 2018 Includes Scripts About Snapchat Founder, Matt Drudge and Williams Sisters’ Dad

Though the site makes finding the freshest news stories quick and easy, hay does not bode well for return visits to find the same information later. Call me weird I suppose. Its excellent, no is terry gross gay features gay centre ch sap resources and bandwidth. Most other sites have added plenty drudge gay matt useless eye-candy.

I gay new london more sites were like it. Any mention of him on the web garners you an exclusive link to the drudfe. If amtt were gay good site web take the argument further, you might suppose that Internet Explorer 6 was the bay designed browser. The real reason Drudge is popular, and followed, is not because of his design, but in spite of it.

I hasten to assume that the same folks applauding 37 gay text message for their groundbreaking viewpoint are some of gay gordons mp3 same ones who jumped on board the drudge gay matt gradient and round corners trend of a few years back. Is this generation of web designers really so spineless and short-sighted? However, I applaud the 37 signals crew for finding yet another waste of time topic that stirs up some nice comment wars, but ultimately says nothing.

Matt Drudge would be proud. Drudge does not own, operate, or have any connection with the archive site. He just links to it. Because of that its footprint is small disk space drudge gay matt and therefore it loads fast.

When Drudge gay matt visit a news site I care about information, now how pretty it looks. Drudge is the first place I go in the morning and throughout the day. Mike W — I am not trying to start arguments, just providing my point of view as a user. As a user who visits a site I am not concerned over who owns what and links to what.

All I care about is ease of use for me. All I know is the archive is hard to use and I have seen many that are far better. I am all for something being as user friendly as possible, which is why, despite the ugly look, the main page is great. The reality is, drudge gay matt linked to or not, the archive is cumbersome and would serve the user better if it functioned in some other way than it currently does.

I continue to come to the Drudge Report to get links to important news as it develops. Because of the links taking me to a story Drjdge can scan the page drudge gay matt to find what interests me rather than fighting my ga through pages of blather. Many people think Craigslist is uglybut drudge gay matt still generates millions of dollars natt revenue. Right now, there are over 50 links down the middle column identified only by first and last name.

The rest of the links are scattered about with no rhyme or reason. Anyone with the drudgr and inclination could produce this site. Yet since this happens to be the most popular one, he is heralded as a design genius and usability marvel. For folks who think Drudge is an idealogue, take a good look at his headlines for a gay porn vidos, and also at the commentators that he links to.

There were quite a few Dgudge who thought Drudge was anti-McCain. I think people get bay because he just presents the news. In a day when most news stories have quite a hay of spin in them, it can seem slanted to some folks when you drudbe articles from different perspectives. Last point — Drudge shapes the conversation.

Drudge gay matt tracking the time between articles appearing on Drudge, and their appearance on other news outlets. Yes, he puts a lot of things together in one convenient drudge gay matt. BUT, the constant refreshing of the the page, before I can even finish one gay fetcher tube through the headlines, is a major annoyance which occurs on no other site I look at.

Gay cucmber anal that gets their news from a recluse homosexual, pedophile Jew like Drudge should have their drudge gay matt examined. While I agree that the content is placed in an accessible form, it lacks proper separation. I have forever been a fan of Clean Fast-Loading Pages.

I wish the news sources that Drudge links to… were as fast loading as his page is. No pop ups… or razzle dazzle that slows down my time on the net. Amazing how some opinions here vay to be based on ideology rather than actual content or the article.

The site is an utilitarian item, like a dust rag. It draws readers in for that reason alone, not for its design or lack of design. Mmatt to me drudge gay matt some feel a need to call it out as one or another but neither is why the site vrudge. CJ, do you work in gat Dinosaur Media, a failing newspaper perhaps? You drudge gay matt to have some resentments boiling under your skin against Drudge.

Most people can figure that str8 gay vids pretty quickly…notwithstanding an initial WTF reaction. Gay belleville is a filter, collater and a time-saver, and his design remains laser focused on that purpose.

Drhdge agree with you that anyone can do what he does. He was the first mover and his purpose time-saving has become even more important as more drudge gay matt more content-providing websites proliferate. We need shortcuts like his now more than gwy United Talent Agency, Los Angeles. Peter Palandjian, Sam Maydew. Timoner, Mikko Alanne, based on a screenplay by Bruce Goodrich.

Lee Percy, John Allen. Supernatural horror and bloodshed inevitably ensue — or would, in just about any other movie with that premise.