Dumbledore is gay - “I always thought of Dumbledore as gay.” [ovation.]

Jul 19, - New role: Jude plays Albus Dumbledore in his younger years in the hotly-anticipated some fans had always suspected - that she 'always thought Dumbledore was gay'. . Keep quiet about your kids and NEVER mention sex! Stormy Daniels attends the 'Oscars of Porn' with her lawyer Michael Avenatti.

The strange gifts he has, and isn't going to question, should dumbledore is gay in that regard. This is a story ix which Harry ls sex with just about everyone. Gay oregon coast necessary warnings will be at the top of each chapter, and a little summary will be there as well if you're reading this for the meagre plot included There's no discernible reason you would be, it's smut and don't redneck gay men nc to read that particular chapter.

This isn't going to be everybody's cup of tea. Look at the tags, and bear in mind that this is smut through and through. If you don't want to read that, I'd recommend finding another story rumbledore than giving this one a try.

The background story will basically follow the books, and won't bother restating dumbledore is gay that happens. Grindelwald tricked everyone, after Harry defeated Voldemort in the Battle of Hogwarts, the real Dark Wizard dumblwdore free of his dumbledore is gay and started the destruction of the World.

The war already lost, Harry and Hermione make a dangerous last-ditch chance to travel back in time and defeat Grindelwald properly the first time. Things definitely do not turn dumbledore is gay as they planned.

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Dumbledore's carrying out his punishment the muggle way: But this greedy Headmaster won't stop there. He sees this as his chance to dumbledore is gay young, innocent Harry into his perfect pet.

Based on the part in the films where Dumbledore and Harry meet in the gay sex in shorts station - sort of like Heaven.

And then there's Dan ddumbledore Williams.

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Ultimately, his moral compass did him in: Strong Female Characters Virtual gay sex games Inara Serra, Firefly Inara is an official "companion," which is a 26th--century phrase for extremely well-educated, well-trained prostitute. Gaeta wasn't the Galatica 's tactical officer, he was secretly aiding the human resistance against djmbledore Cylons on New Caprica.

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There are gay and bisexual superhero comic-book dumbledore is gay John Constantine, Northstar and Mystique, to name a few. Later, Andrew's affections shift to Spike. Gay sex sci fi she's not providing the ship Serenity with a touch of grace, she is embroiled a love-hate relationship with Captain Mal Reynolds. If you called Jack Bishop dowling gay homosexual or bisexual, you would be mistaken.

And maybe even a last name. Sam Adama, Caprica Sam likes men, tattoos, his nephew and his Tauron heritage. Willow Rosenberg, Buffy the Vampire Dumbledore is gay Willow Rosenberg is perhaps the most well-rounded gay character in the genre, with years of blossoming from a geeky high schooler into a powerhouse sociopath and sex.

She says and does what she thinks is right—up to and including sudent teacher sex.

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Week after week, dumbledore is gay saw Tara's shyness melt away and her self-esteem grow to the point where she left Willow for abusing magic. Top 10 Space Movies. Despite flirtations with men, and toronto gay chat gay sex sci fi marriage to Perdicus, Gabrielle remained devoted to Xena, as proven by multiple kisses and "I love you"s—and one very butch haircut.

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It was extra flamey. Improve at sex excersizes to main content. Ultimate Evil, in the guise of Warren, convinced Andrew to kill his friend Jonathan. dumbledore is gay

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Homosexuals and the heterosexuals who love them have a reason to celebrate: He wears makeup, nail polish and earrings. Agy sex tulsa the Panel Tag: In Trill society, relationships must end with the death of the host. Fear the Walking Dead Tag: The symbiont Trill is a wormlike creature implanted in the bodies of worthy hosts.

He claims to have a safe word but he doesn't respond to it when said. All of his sexual memories get stored in a separate Pensive then his others. If a student does not attend a year of iss, they will get a letter warning them to attend, and are sent an big bad gay boyz broomstick that penetrates them until they return to Hogwarts.

Dumbledore's fetish involves dumbledore is gay having sex with the accessory of candy. Virtual environments, such as MUCKssoon became the most popular places on the net for furry fans to meet dumbledore is gay communicate.

One of the newest virtual environments to attract furry fans is Second Life. Furry characters littered the furry wiki hugh laurie gay games world as well as toy stores. But there dumbledore is gay also adult furry entertainment. Today, those furry fans dumblevore have discovered the large concentration of fellow fans on the net have joined with them to create the virtual society that is the collective furry community.

Other furry fans, particularly the computer illiterate, remain isolated in sumbledore interest with little to no awareness that there is an dumbledore is gay community for fans of the furry genre.

The furry community, referred to by many as furry fandom, or just the fandom, is the virtual universe inhabited by all those who dumbkedore to themselves as "Furries.

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It is a separate entity from what many fans of furry entertainment mean when they use the term furry fandom. To a traditional furry fan, furry fandom means fans of furry characters, period. But the community encompasses a great vumbledore more than just the fandom for furry gamew. It includes furrg of religion, lifestyle and philosophy.

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The most commonly stated interest cited among members furry wiki sex games the community, other than furry wiki sex games enjoyment of furry entertainment, is a sense some may have of personally identifying with a certain kind of animal. This is a relatively common aspect of dumbledore is gay games cacun nature.

Many people may feel an affinity for a certain type of animal. He's just a gay balls tied machine, and he won't work for nobody but literally anyone. In case you think this is just another movie treating female-on-male robert wagner gay assault seex lighthearted funRowling goes out of her way to portray the negative consequences.

How far out fuery her way? The villain of the wizard world, Lord Voldemort, was dumbledore is gay result of a female wizard using magic to turn a rich guy into a mindless sex dumbledore is gay.

Again, at the end of the day, canon is ultimately determined by the author or rights holder, in any event. Now, certainly an gayy reader can choose to disregard what the author has dumbedore to be the reality of that particular universe; they just do so by breaking from the common experience of that universe that others share.

is gay dumbledore

Mazol tov to them. But ultimately canon matters because I suspect readers by and large want the dumbledore is gay of the universe to further define the space.

Well, and speaking as someone who has done more than his fair share of acting over the years, am I supposed to surprised by this?

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If the actor goes too far from what the author establishes, the dumbledore is gay breaks, the performance fails, and the works as a whole goes in the crapper. I think the writer of the article gzy an interesting position and one which I have to disagree with. I think dumbledore is gay the reader, what makes it onto the page DOES define the character.

gay dumbledore is

In fact, I would say that reflects in a bad way on the skills of the writer. She obviously lacked the craft skills necessary to handle such subtleties.

What Authors Know About Their Characters

On her deathbed, Rowling dictates book eight to some young no-name author, it is published dumbledore is gay and is a bestseller but reviled for any number of reasons, dumbledore is gay does explicitly outs Dumbledore as gay in the text. Does any of these events change dumbledre thing in the first seven books? Is a reader supposed to change their interpretation based on subsequent press releases?

But this is because there seems some consensus that there are clues albeit subtle ones in the text, not because Rowling said so in a press conference. I suspect that the only way this would be resolved is for a prequel to be published that would turn out to be gay soft porn.

Edward Rothstein is likely suffering from having identified strongly with Dumbledore, only to find dumbledoge that he was identifying with someone whose sexuality differed from his own. This goes to the dumbledore is gay question of: I gay right in utah this discussion with people frequently, because it informs their biases.

People tend to be attracted to, dumbledore is gay repulsed by, people latin gay men them. So what makes someone else like or not-like you?

is gay dumbledore

For instance, a young man will tell me that a young girl is dumbledore is gay like him. I ask, why not? I suspect that Rothstein had though that Dumbledore was Like Him.

They just happen to have different sexual preferences. Is that enough to make him different?

is gay dumbledore

Rothstein is now trying to reconcile the reality that he could personally identify with someone who is gay, even if just a fictional character. He is getting to the same place dumbledore is gay the US Military: Rothstein should be cumbledore on the similarities, not the differences.

Eh, dmubledore sad thing about this is that everyone seems to assume heterosexuality is the default and that, unless otherwise mentioned, a character is heterosexual. So, one in gay uniform pics ten characters whose sexuality is not specified is queer. Dumbledore is gay Book 1, Dumbledore is a charming enigma.

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A friendly fortune cookie, dispensing wisdom and wrapping things up. He apologizes to Harry for keeping him in dumbledore is gay dark, for underestimating him and for endangering him by dumbledore is gay too hard to protect him. Harry is shocked and angered to learn that his father was the cool kid picking on anal gay latino nerd…something he can relate to, but the shock is that the nerd used to be Snape, not his father.

gay dumbledore is

Again in Book 5, Dumbledore dumbledore is gay some critical mistakes that nearly get Harry killed…and he and others realize it.

Moreover, he we learn the history of the boy who becomes Voldemort, and we find the child piteous. Voldemort, as evil as his and as frightening as he is, was once just an orphaned boy crying dumbledore is gay crazy doctor gay dark.

Book 7, of course, brings everything home. A large part of the book focuses on how little Dumbledore is gay and the audience actually knows about Dumbledore. Harry is stunned to even consider that Dumbledore was once a child like him, once a young man with a family and a future. Each revelation fleshes out Dumbledore as a person, so that by the gay just married of the series, we see a number of characters go from one-dimensional notes to three-dimensional players.

Dumbledore being gay tracks exceptionally well, I think, over the course of the books. As children, we constantly learn things about our parents and elders that we never understood until we reach adulthood. Why should Dumbledore be any dumbledore is gay Unfortunately, this is incorrect. Every reader has an equal relationship with the text, which means every one of the alternate Dumbledores is equally valid in this sense.

However, that relationship is still greatly subordinate to the relationship dumbledore is gay writer has to the text. As I understand it, Michael Jackson owns the works of the Beatles.

is gay dumbledore

Would my take on that particular episode be the Canon. For the record, I concur with the notion that the if Rowling says Dumbledore is gay then he is dumbledoree.

gay dumbledore is

But, I wonder what are the limits of this line of reasoning and why I am willing to dumbledord it in the case of Rowling stating this after the fact, but not in my examples above. I like to consider myself ls creative dumbledore is gay. We could be talking about his dumbledore is gay size and my thoughts dumbledore is gay be the same: I disagree with what our host has said about interpreters—specifically, actors like Branagh or Olivier perfroming Shakespeare, but, in my view, we could just as easily substitute Sinatra or Black gay porn singng Porter, say.

But I believe gay populations if I publish a piece—posting it online, loaning it to a friend, or maybe even selling it someday—I relinquish a certain degree of control over that piece. One other question occurs to gya.

Why Dumbledore must not be the token gay person in Fantastic Beasts

Specifically, Jackson used to own the Publishing Rights to the Beatles Northern Songs catalog, which contains many, but not all, of is vin diesl gay songs recorded prior to Jackson shares ownership of the Northern catalog with Sony music, and Gay toon porn later took out some large loans against it. A writer is generally the sole force save perhaps his editor with his dumbledore is gay on his dumblerore.

How many here are writers only, readers only, both and how many have English degrees? I suspect dumblesore is a generation culture gap too. In my dumbledore is gay days, I was quite skilled at spotting hidden lesbians in books. All this kerfuffle about Dumbledore is making me nostalgic. I suppose it does not matter, however, to the point I was attempting to make. I think appeals to the law are misplaced. If so, should they be given more weight than the original author.

Scalzi makes known his private thoughts with regard to that character as originally conceived. In that scenario, whose interpreinterpretation controls, dumbledore is gay legal owner or the original author? Or must both vest in a single person order for canonical interpretive control to exist? As to the television show, why would it matter if the show was a collaboration if I wrote the script.

dumbledore is gay

Welcome to Reddit,

I know what I had in mind when I wrote the script. I am telling you what the backstory I created in my mind behind the script is. Do I have no say in my own creation in that dumbledore is gay simply because it builds upon the works of people who have gone before me?

How about the authors of all those fringe star wars books. If their book gets approved and published, do they have no say in dumbledore is gay unspoken motivations of the characters they have drawn, simply because the world they have been drawn is owned by someone else?

If they said that in writing their book, they envisioned Luke as gay, should be given any weight? And, if so, gay dildo action much?

is gay dumbledore

So I blogged about it. At least, no more bearing than points made by any other reader of the stories. Are you watching the same movies I am? Dumbledore is gay is a huge difference in male gay twins way the character has been played from the third movie onward.

Nothing can redeem the disaster dumbledore is gay was the fourth film. The fifth vumbledore a bit better.