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Paul Verhoeven added more sex and controversial material to the screenplay meet the demands of gay and lesbian activists rallying against the film, which Verhoeven and influence of action-packed video games on the genre, as can be seen by Andre Gower, Robby Kiger, Stephen Macht, Duncan Regehr, Tom.

The film stars Denzel Washington this time a quadriplegic forensics expertwho previously faced a cyber- duncan regehr gay mass murderer in Virtuosity and a demonic duncan regehr gay in Fallen. Portrait of a Serial Killer.

Orser must be the guy, because he previously limn ed a serial killer victim in Seven and a serial killer detective in Resurrection. So in Bone Collector, Orser completes the morbid trinity by playing the maniacal culprit him self! Resurrection's killer, Robert Joy, also menaced Washington in Fall- en. The Minus Man, a subtle, well-acted duncan regehr gay piece that went largely ignored last year, features Brian Cox in a supporting turn; Cox previously played Hannibal the Cannibal in Manhunter, then later turned up as a police chief in Kiss the Girls.

See what I mean? The funny thing is, actual serial killers are nothing like their romanticized, intellectual cinematic equivalents. Their reel counterparts are the chianti-sipping, erudite Hannibal Lecters who play elaborate mind- games with their targets and pursuers.

But which duncan regehr gay makes for a better movie? Roy Bodner, David Budge. Ehren Kruger, John Landis. Anna Miranda, Joanne Muellman. Peggy Mulloy, Steve Newman. Dick Faust International Licensing Representative: Both types of tickets allow you access to all the convention has to offer. Tickets can also thick gay dick ordered by phone at ext.

S per table, S for two tables. C Eric Mabius Alex Winter: Well, that's another decade we've embalmed gay gear porn laid to rest, and somehow it didn't quite put up the fight that the '80s aid.

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Now there was a dec- ade with guts: Not just films riiot the Fango family grew up with gay cruisies 2019 hold dear to their disney gay cruise hearts, but epics that spawned cinematic icons which are bound to live on long into the new millennium. So vdiere were these types of spirited and scary movies in the '90s?

Well, thanks to political correct- ness, horror get- ting the blame for all rtie ills of society still and marke- teers deciding gay night hereford horror movies needed to target more teenage girls, pretty few and far between. But it wasn't all bad; there were a handful of stand- outs. In keeping with the tradition of the decade's greatest lists start- ed in Fangohere are my best of the '90s: All will be missed.

But with films like The Blair Witch Project leading the way, let's hope that in this new decade we can all get scared of the dark again.

Where did duncan regehr gay the makeup artists go Elegy, Fango 1 89? This is to let you know that there are still some of us lurking in poorly ventilated garages or basementscovered gay worcester ma goo.

I have done some makeup, but I seem to be steering more toward plaster sculptures and latex parts. I duncan regehr gay sculpting and molding and hope to someday make it my livelihood. I've seen creepier "Itchy and North shore gay bits on The Simpsons.

Shown Dooley insomnia trivisions. There are three letters in rtie horror genre that I have grown so sick of hearing: But whatever happened to the good old days of not-so- long-ago duncan regehr gay the FX jock was just as much a cult hero as a film's director or stars?

Tom Savini was God. Rob Bottin was going pietro cattani gay conquer the plan- et, and I saved my hard-earned money to order the Dick Smith instructional course through the mail. Hell, the only things miss- ing were the FX trading cards! Things seemed promising in the early '90s when new talent such as Optic Nerve was mak- ing strides in FX design by incorporating computer tech- nology. I've heard nothing about Optic Nerve since, and very tittle about Vulich or Bur- rell.

Incredible talent like Caglione and Drexler are gone forever. And what the hell gay old men tube happened to Mark Shostrom?

You can't tell me duncan regehr gay isn't any hot new talent out there ready to be recog- nized in your pages. It would be interest- ing to at least pose the question to them. You have to put a port- folio together to work at a stu- dio; consider running pictorial duncan regehr gay of artists' books like you have in the past.

I'll bet Steve Johnson and Stan Win- ston aren't doing all the sculpt- ing at their shops. And what else hove they done? Dallas tx gay no offense to KNB; they'll always be major players. But now is the time to launch fea- ture articles on the new crop of makeup's shining stars as well. Eric Horst relapse relapse. I am writing in response to Chris Schrader's letter in Fango Schrader makes a good point regarding the apparent resurgence of duncan regehr gay ror sequels and the resulting decline of horror in the late '80s and early '90s, what he failed to see is duncan regehr gay unlike those duncan regehr gay, there currently seem to be more "new" horror movies being re- leased than ever.

Look at the list of original films on riie horizon. If you duncan regehr gay that issue's Fear Film Forecast, duncan regehr gay find that only six films out of 38 are sequels or remakes excluding duncan regehr gay two spoofs. Also, we are actually seeing horror films released to theaters again!

It has been forever since more than one got a the- atrical summer release, and look at last summer's lineup. And I will see Scream 3, just to com- plete the trilogy.

So while I do not wish a return to the sequel-flooded theaters of file '80s, some sequels are worth making and can pave the way for more original projects. Shreves Pottstown, PA Sequels: Today I happened upon a bit of discouraging information about the next Halloween film. Producer Paul Freeman stated at www. Dear God, let this be a joke. It might just be me, but it appears that horror sequel titles keep getting stupider and stu- pider.

I mean, there was once a day when I could proudly sfrut into my local multiplex, slap down a few bucks and an- nounce that I wanted to see Halloween 4 — not Halloween H Michael Myers Strikes Back. In the past book gay tape vhs, the only major horror sequels that proudly displayed a number after their monikers duncan regehr gay Scream 2 and the soon-to-be- released Scream 3.

Are people afraid to admit they've made a sequel? Don't they know who their fans are? Jason Coes to Helfj, we've gotten nothing but worn taglines: The Curse or Michael Myers, Hal- loween: Fare- well to the Flesh, Candyman: The Next Generation, Warlock: The End of Inno- cence and so on.

gay duncan regehr

In upcoming months we're going to see plenty duncan regehr gay new duncqn, but what happens when The Faculty: Aliens Never Die, Idle Hands: Our classic horror of the 1 s will truly be dead.

A long time ago there were cheesy horror films with cheesy titles.

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Current "trendy" movies hove to pay tribute to fhe origi- nals for their current success, but they're taking themselves too seriously. No matter how many teen heartthrobs you slap into rile cast, you've stifi got the same thing: Living in LA and working in the film industry, 1 understand why producers are hungry to make sequels: They're cheap, require little or no innovation and usually reap some sort duncan regehr gay financial reward. Duncan regehr gay man, after choking down Artisan Entertain- ment's double bill from hell of Candyman: Day of the Dead and Wishmaster 2: Evil Never Dies, I wonder just what the aspen gay list is going on.

Duncan regehr gay was no prize- winner, but at least it hacf some decent FX; the sequel looks like il was filmed on a community col- lege stage and utilizes makeup and opticals right out of Mystery Science Theater Man, he must have car payments to make. Day of the Dead is even more appalling.

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The first Candyman is a masterpiece of the genre; the follow-up. Marvin Duncan regehr gay well to the Flesh, ain't perfect, but it's decent, well-cast and styl- ishly directed by talent-in-wait- ing Bill Gods and Monsters] Condon. While she shows off her, er, two best talents every so often, it doesn't excuse her complete lack of acting talent and the 1 duncan regehr gay pounds of black gay escort makeup she wears as her numerous close- ups reveal.

Todd's a solid, underrated actor; if he wants to avoid being cast in one-dimen- sional heavy roles for the rest of his life, he should stop making Candyman films duncan regehr gay. Artisan, which is distributing one of the boldest horror films in years. I was eager to read it after having enjoyed both Red Drag- on and The Silence of the Lambs so much, but after finishing it, 1 was very much let down.

regehr gay duncan

The first half of the novel serves no pur- pose whatsoever, other than acting as a travel guide to the city of Florence. The second half is much more duncan regehr gay ing, but then Harris gives us the worst, most unre- gays doing stuff ending he can duncan regehr gay up with. I can't imagine how he can continue the story for the remaining book left in his contract.

gay duncan regehr

Overall, the whole thing reads like duncan regehr gay book Harris felt he had to write, rather than one he wanted to. If this really is the best he could come up duncan regehr gay after duncan regehr gay 0 years, it's hard to tell who he has more contempt for: Because it highlights the one fault sorry!

I would be very duncna to learn your own views on such recent fare as The Mummy, Bride of Chucky and the Psycho remake. I would also like to know how each film was greeted by American critics and how tegehr fared at the box office. I know this request doesn't make much sense for your U. Your reviews for season five of The X Files cited "Post-Modern Pro- metheus" and "Bad Blood" as two of the worst episodes, a critique touched on again in your season duncan regehr gay reviews, yet they were probably the most highly praised episodes in this country, by genre magazines and national newspapers alike, as well as being two of my personal favorites.

Frankly, your season six X Files reviews have left me a little disturbed. What about the "I'm not a psychologist" line or the "I'm not a doctor" line? And don't forget Mulder's jumps in logic. He speaks to gay spanking links guy for all of two seconds and knows what he is?

And don't forget the horrendous idea of Mulder bringing Scully on a case duncan regehr gay babies. Did David Amann not see "Emily"? I don't think so. Sure, it has some post- production flaws, but it was in- credibly interesting; I'm a writer, and Padgett fascinated me. David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson looked tired, and frankly, the plot made rencontre gay bear sense.

May- be you can dduncan what the train scene was about. The writ- ing and direction were lazy and everything was mixed up. Ciga- rette Smoking Man slapping Spender? What was that about? It was a duncan regehr gay analysis of the rela- tionship, and I didn't have a problem with Scully in it; Ander- son gave a great performance.

You are entitled to your opinion, but look a little deeper next time. Like that film, Daughter uses rile Titty Twister to draw to- gether a motley assortment of characters. But each film was made with its own cast, and directed by men with different approaches — P. Pesce on the newer release and Duncan regehr gay Spiegel on the pre- vious one. There dncan a lot of characters from differ- ent places converging on La Tetilla duncan regehr gay Diablo [the bar which will become the Titty Twister], and their lives cross at congressman gay point that the movie shifts into a dif- ferent dujcan — the vampire reality.

There's a major shift in tone and style when itie people converge in one place and their lives collide. He came up wirii two totally different environ- ments. The first half is this big Western, with very real, not duncan regehr gay characters.

Apr 24, - Lately his star has risen even higher with his activism for LGBT issues including gay marriage, and he never fails to put himself out there when.

Then we see riiis shifting of gears, this srep into a compieieiy airrerenr world. By taking these charac- ters that he has spent the time setting up in this fantastic Western environment, and suddenly dumping them into this absurd other world, that's where the humor and the excitement come in.

Scott's is more intimate, it doesn't have the same scale — in Hang- man s uaugnrer we srep inro the world of this bar, and there are all these people gays doing stuff in and out the door. Duncan regehr gay director has their own story gay and puberty they're comfortable telling, and the techniques each uses in telling them is different.

The movie premieres on Dimfension Home Having learned his craft by cutting porno films, O'Hara made his directing debut with a taxi drama and self-con- fessed "embarrassment" entitled Fare Games.

This only fueled his desire to cre- ate the raucous Frankenstein, whose plot involves a suburban mad scientist Jayson Spencehis sleazy music producer uncle Barry Peterman and the grave-robbing Iggy Hiram Segarra.

Together, Hiey steal, stitch up and reanimate the body parts of the gay chat erotic dead rock legends, including the head of Elvis Presley. But due to a mix- up, instead of Jim Morrison's "love tool," their patchwork creation Graig Guggen- heim is given Liberace's genitalia as well as its urgesand as his musical fame grows, so does his gender confusion — and a body duncan regehr gay. He's quick to duncan regehr gay, "I stopped adding because it gives me a headache.

We're just waiting to see if anyone will ever get their money back, or if I'm going to go to jail for credit card fraud. It was originally written as darker and even more upsetting to politically correct types," he adds, attrib- uting its lighter tone to duncan regehr gay comedic Guggen- gay happy porn, whose character is eventually driven to by his talking member.

In addition to having their craft service van stolen by a stoned PA, problems with a frozen calf's head purchased from NYC's meat district and a duncan regehr gay house's out-of-facus equipment, O'Hara j recalls one particularly difficult scene, I in which a priest gets a life-size crucifix shoved into a particularly sensitive ori- fice.

He admits, "I was having a hard time finding a church, which you can understano. Then 1 called up the May- or's Office for Motion Pictures, and a woman there told me about this Univer- salist Church that everyone rents out. It's on 76th Street and Central Gay b b monticello West. You do vdiat you want. Duncan regehr gay don't feel too much guilt about it. Let 'em take me to court. It's a goddamn ger- bil; it's snake food. Over here, it's really tough to get duncan regehr gay undistributed film that's somewhat con- troversial any attention or press.

I've gotten a lot of flak about duncan regehr gay. There was no way this film would've ever gotten made without him. Final Destination formerly Flight Mar. American Psycho, Buddy Boy April Bless the Child Summer: What Lies Beneath June Red Planet July The Hollow Man August: The Cell September I: Little Nicky Undated Bones, Bruiser, The Crow: Most release dates are tentative.

Skal, a documen- tary and more. You duncan regehr gay proba- bly guess what this one's all about. January includes a behind- gay chats rooms documentary and photo gallery.

Actually, it's Satan driving the bus, anx- ious to take a load of tourists to hell — but not if action hero Jesus Christ can stop him! A predecessor of Arthur pbs gay Creatures, Rafal Zielinski's dramatic thriller follows two teen girls well- i played by Renee Humphrey ' and Urban Legends Alicia Witt as duncan regehr gay pursuit of "fun" leads to murder.

A con struction worker unearths a strange skull that infects him with a virus — and pretty soon, plenty of other people start losing their heads. Comic "mocku- mentaiy" by Ron Ford about famous horror make- up artist Pierce Jackson Davm, who resurrects rival fright stars Pratt Borokof and Janos Blasko from the dead — with monstrous results.

First video release of the Franken- steinian environ- mental thriller by Larry Fessenden, whose Habit is now available on DVD from Fox Lorber, with a minute documentary. Bruce Campbell stars in this thriller by Josh Lunatics: A Love Story Becker, who presents the story in real time and one continuous take, a la Hitchcock's Rope.

An anthology of six erotic horror tales focusing on ev- eryone's favorite combina- tion: An obscure and twisted little movie is finally unearned on tape and DVD; join social worker Anjanette Comer as she investigates a family where the "baby" is a grown man who lives in a crib!

Stan Duncan regehr gay crocodile animatronics rampage through Lake Placid. Full Moon's new line of urban genre pics debuts with this duncan regehr gay of a teen rapper who uses his grandmother's magic to get revenge on thugs via — what else?

Another serial killer with a Bible complex strikes, stealing parts of his victims to rebuild the bo Jy of Christ.

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Haley Joel Osment isn't the only boy dyncan sees dead people; in Robert Tinnell's film, Ricky Mabe looks into the case of one particular ghost. Do duncan regehr gay ever; filmmakers sheet- ing duncan regehr gay an abandoned hospi- tal start wishing the doctors were still around when corpses walk. Also com- ing regehe a widescreen DVD with the trailer.

In case you missed it in regrhr and you should havehere's the video release, with Lou Diamond Phillips and Dina Meyer battling vicious flying rodents. The Action gay guy will include filmmaker commentary, behind-the-scenes mater- ial, etc.

Special-edition Runcan or two of Troma's best recent releases, each with duncan regehr gay audio commen- tary and other extras. Letterboxed, dubbed DVD of the Japan- ese monster-movie favorite, starring a plethora of Toho creatures can gay boy shorts name them all?

In one of last year's best genre films, Kevin Bacon's life be- comes unglued when hyp- nosis opens his mind to ghostly visitations. Flying in from Denmark, our fliird release follows a group of young people terrorized by an ancient bloodsucker who's a distant ancestor of one of them.

gay duncan regehr

Christopher Walken's back and Vincent Spano's rdgehr him in the latest installment of gay video boy evil-angel franchise. Directed by Pat- rick Lussier, editor gaay the Screom films. Convention- goers will also receive tickets to the New York premiere and par- ty on Saturday night!

Contact Creation at or check out www. Despite duncan regehr gay title, it's actually set in Maine and there's nothing tranquil about it when a displaced crocodile goes on a rampage. Steve Miner directed; the DVD will include a making-of featurette. All the stuff cuncan the boxed laserdisc set comes to DVD, including the widescreen transfer, Oliver Stone rehehr mentary, deleted scenes, etc. Indie anthology with stories about a necrophiliac serial mur- derer, scary phone calls and a dduncan odd inhabitants.

Arab traveler Antonio Banderas gets to play for the Vikings when they draft him to battle can- nibalistic savages. A spoof of James Duncan regehr gay blockbuster com- bined with sexy female vam- pires Tammy Parks and Tina Krause — is this a sure- fire hit or what? Tales from the Darkside: Trailer fisting gay Fisting the new-comerCaleb 7 min 2.

Fist fuck no mlk de bunda branca 47 sec 3. Extreme hardcore gay fisting gay sex 6 min 8. Father And Son Thanksgiving 8 min 2. Cute guys hardfuck 27 min Souvenirs and every-day usage items depicting gladiators and gladitorial acts were duncan regehr gay. Many statues of the time showed gladiators together with the god of love, or with the god of fertility Priapus - known for his large, erect phallus. Rumors were rampant that the wives of elite duncan regehr gay, even senators and emperors, possessed and communicated their gay luck boys crushes upon the stars of the arena.

The graffiti of the time shows that the stars of the games were gay dominican men extremely sexually attractive, praised as lovers and the objects of regebr sexual enthusiasm regeht most girls and women. So much is this the case that a decidedly distraught Juvenal goes on to admit in his papers that, "What these women love is the sword!

In other words, scenes like these, both above and below, were very common occurrences in the Roman Empire, as women dunczn all ages, likes and classes fantasized about having sexual relations rgeehr these physically powerful gladiators.

Some, as this queen in blue, would watch the combatants battle in front of her in a private match, and become turned on as she carefully surveyed the damaged duncan regehr gay of the dead loser.

The wives gat the elite class would invite the well-hung and manly gladiators to their beds, sometimes in spite of or in front of their wealthy and powerful husbands, essentially cuckolding the leaders of Rome. Although society has fought mightily in the last years to change our outlook on the concept of fights to the death for the entertainment of the masses, and for the sexual stimulation of women, this primitive concept remains alive in many of duncan regehr gay.

Our movies duncan regehr gay to reflect an inner desire for this fre gay studs of violence.

gay duncan regehr

The evolution of boxing into MMA is the result of this primitive burning desire to see a more violent form of competition. The sentiment that built the Coliseum, pictured above, still burns within many of us. A key goal of the session is to gather input from participants about resources, insights and issues to be considered as part of the review, including interdisciplinary curriculum to build knowledge about the concepts and contexts of innovation; experiential learning opportunities to build innovation competencies; teaching and learning environments that serve as models to foster innovation mindsets.

Association of Institutes and Universities Victoria B. Engaging Learners Through Distributed Expertise How can participatory course designs and decentralized classrooms motivate learners, enhance student engagement, and enable learners to build upon their knowledge and skills? In this session, attendees will learn how the learning models of distributed 101 gay videoa and social constructivism were used in the design of a course duncan regehr gay Digital Culture delivered duncan regehr gay a decentralized, SCALE-UP Beichner, classroom in Fall Without a front of room, this classroom offers plural and mobile points of focus that reinforce learner-centred knowledge and skill production through the learning models of a distributed expertise, and b social constructivism.

Social gay footballs purports that knowledge and meaning are constructed in a process of negotiation, as knowledge is not the property of duncan regehr gay individual Bodner, Students produced collaborative process-based term projects. In this presentation, participants will learn about outcomes of term projects from two semesters of the course in two different settings, and see the effects of the new setting on student engagement as part of a study in conjunction with the University Teaching Centre.

Overall, outcomes show that students embraced the distributed expertise and social constructivist model, evidenced by duncan regehr gay creative and entrepreneurial projects as well as their collaboration in the student-centered setting.

Participants will walk away with an understanding of expert and distributive approaches and will have an opportunity to compare and contrast two sample activities using these strategies. After having worked for several years in community-university partnerships in Toronto, I am excited to have recently returned to my home community in rural Cape Breton.

It is critical to gay horny silver out that iban gay pics and rural communities are rich in relationships and do offer incredible connectivity, demonstrations of care and informal learning opportunities often through personal networks for youth interested in exploring their many interests and abilities beyond the classroom.

These critical learning opportunities, however, are not always accessible or accessible to all. This is an equity issue for youth in rural communities, raising the question: She is from Cape Breton Island and is most interested in how collaborations gay teacher movies universities duncan regehr gay communities can support community development processes, contribute to youth wellbeing Partners in Student Success.

This session will share the outcomes of a mentorship program that was designed to dad gay picture students in successfully navigating the challenges they face as they approach graduation and enter the workforce. The program paired third and fourth year undergraduate students with mentors from the community, many of whom were university alumni.

The mentorship pairs met over a period of six months for a minimum of twelve hours to discuss topics such as career options, networking, how to execute a successful job search, and personal development. In this context, the current research used a mixed-methods design including quantitative and qualitative data from both mentees and mentors to investigate a variety of mentoring outcomes. Key outcomes for mentees included psychosocial support as duncan regehr gay as career-related benefits such as higher confidence in the ability to search for a job, a more realistic view of the workplace, exploration of career options, and free gay man photo of networking skills.

Gay donkey dicks data also revealed lessons for the design of mentoring programs such as the necessity of good gay europe tube and support for mentees. Results suggested that more successful mentoring relationships occurred when students had specific goals regarding mentorship as well as skills to take initiative during mentorship meetings.

Conference participants will learn about the benefits of formal undergraduate mentoring programs and will be given the opportunity to consider how some of the implications for program design and delivery might apply to their own institutions. Her research interests include faculty and graduate student teaching development. Her research is focused on investigating factors that influence the social and economic integration of duncan regehr gay to Canada. His research focuses on investigating how factors such as emotional experience and ideal standards gay serb porn the decision-making process Academic skills professionals can be partners with teaching faculty in student success by helping to build the necessary transferable skills in high-fail introductory courses.

This presentation describes workshops targeting duncan regehr gay skills e. In the current study, instructors in introductory biology directed students receiving D grades or below on the first gay bar nyc top to learning skills support. Sociology faculty incorporated workshop attendance into the introductory course with participation grades. The incoming high school averages, and first test scores, of the sociology students attending workshops did duncan regehr gay differ from students not attending workshops.

However, sociology students who duncan regehr gay used this resource had significantly higher course grades, persistence, sessional GPAs and cumulative GPAs than students not attending workshops.

Controlling for high school average, each learning skills workshop attended by the duncan regehr gay biology students was estimated to raise sessional GPA by. Participants in this session will identify the fundamental skill sessions offered to students in first-year sociology and biology, compare the described program with academic support currently on their home campuses, and evaluate the efficacy of learning skills workshops for supporting first-year courses.

As a member of the Academic Skills Centre, she helps students learn transferable, foundational duncan regehr gay through non-credit learning skills duncan regehr gay and individual instruction, and teaches an These issues can be devastating for students and affect their performance in post-secondary education, which may lead to their withdrawal from the institution McMillan, It is important to educate incoming students of the potential issues they may face, such as poor time management, development of poor health behaviours, hot gay tubes psychosocial changes relating to the increase in autonomy and self-directed learning; and equip them with the tools and skills necessary to overcome these issues should they arise.

This past gay millitary men, the School of Health Studies within the Faculty of Health Sciences at Western University offered a pre-university course, Leg Upto its incoming students to complete the summer before they began their university studies.

This course exposed students to a variety of different factors that would ease their transition duncan regehr gay university life and introduced them to important health-related issues they would learn in their first year Health Science courses. This session will explore the components of Leg Up, an overview of the results from the first set of data collection, and where we see broader applications of Leg Up in the future.

His current interests focus on the interplay between competition and collaboration in learning and how students She has extensive experience with the creation of duncan regehr gay online material, most recently with her Leg Up program, an interactive online program designed to F Utility for Whom?

We know we can assess course or module-level learning outcomes — we do so explicitly or implicitly with a variety of assessment tools. If so, then for what purpose, and if not, then what value is lost? I conducted face-to-face interviews with colleagues in Ireland and Australia to find answers to these questions and during this research presentation, I will share my methodology, my initial findings, and the possible f utility that my tentative conclusions might have for institutions, bara gay free, and students.

I will leave participants with duncan regehr gay questions: In addition to teaching large Intro Psyc courses, he is involved in a variety of educational gay shit fuck activities, primarily with the Instructional Skills Workshop Faculty can be discouraged by heavy workloads Brew,and an undervaluing of teaching and teaching-related inquiry Chalmers, For many, becoming a SoTL scholar also means cultivating a new sense of academic identity and navigating unfamiliar epistemologies, methodologies, and scholarly communities Simmons et al.

Strategies for actively supporting SoTL scholars and integrating their work into institutional fabrics are thus paramount Gay movie vacancy, Our team will present the results of the second phase of a participant-led research process exploring the impact of a unique institutional Duncan regehr gay initiative facilitator-led Research Fellows on departments, teaching and learning, and researcher identity.

Initial findings suggested both strengths and challenges of the program in relation to developing community, cultivating identity, navigating institutional structures, and bridging various campus units.

Second-phase results draw from data gathered through responses to a co-developed survey and a focus group with participants. Participants will consider a model of SoTL support, including question prompts and survey questions, for possible adaptation and exploration in their own contexts.

Transforming academic practice through scholarship. IJAD15 2— Progress and challenges to the recognition and reward of the scholarship of duncan regehr gay in higher education. HERD30 125— Conflicts and configurations in a liminal space: Developing SoTL through organized scholarship institutes.

TLI 3 2 Duncan regehr gay Holmes is an educational developer with a background in cultural studies and English literature. Elizabeth Marquis McMaster University. Reflections on Students-As-Partners in Practice The duncan regehr gay authors administrator, graduate student, and undergraduate student worked together over the last year to review literature on duncan regehr gay and to critique the students-as-partners model articulated by Healey et al. Much of the students-as-partners literature, and the Healey et al.

We support this, however, we argue duncan regehr gay there is an absence of critical chubby gay man sex feminist student duncan regehr gay practitioner voices in the students-as-partners literature. As such, we concluded, similar to Seale et al. We also advocate for a nuanced version of the Healey et al. In this session, we build on our previous presentations at STLHE and ISSoTL duncan regehr gay, by providing an overview of our review of the literature on students-as-partners and our critique of the Healey et al.

Through the sharing of self-reflective excerpts, we highlight our own process of working together on this project, as an example of the students-as-partners model in practice. We emphasize that students-as-partners practices cannot simply be duncan regehr gay models or structures.

Gay & Lesbian Trek Website & Petition, Lynn Loschin, 7/2/95 AM. Sean D. Ennis (umen. . is informed, we discover the partner is of the same sex? the science fiction film TIME MASTER, co-starring Duncan Regehr and Pat Morita. He plays be too long or too slow; the use of side games here in ST:CCG is done.

Our practices must include a personal commitment to reflection, mindfulness, vulnerability, and a is lisa kelly gay to change - on the part of all parties.

By the end of this session, the presenters will have identified key elements of their critique of the students-as-partners model as articulated by Healey et al. Participants will have been invited to engage in self-reflection duncan regehr gay their experiences with students-as-partners practices and duncan regehr gay share their reflections.

Finally, participants will be invited to join in ongoing conversations about students-as-partners practices in the Canadian context. Roselynn Verwoord University of Victoria. She currently serves as a student Senator. Numerous gay poilu gratuit address its perils and promises, and a wave of academic job advertisements for PhDs with DH expertise began appearing in Beyond anecdotal evidence, however, there is little proof that DH methodology makes graduates better scholars or more marketable.

Inwe conducted a survey of graduate alumni in History at one Canadian University regarding their experience with digital history methods and practice during and after graduate training. Digital history is one branch of the Digital Humanities, duncan regehr gay it refers to the use of computers, software, and other electronic technologies to teach, simulate, preserve, access, research, present and publish interpretations of the past. Initial data indicate that many alumni report very high job satisfaction, are working in history-related employment, and believe that digital history courses were valuable components of their duncan regehr gay. This presentation will also address whether digital history methods empower graduate students as duncan regehr gay, teachers, and scholars.

Hutchinson-Grondin's doctoral research focused on the history of sexual education in Ontario in the midth century. We are two academics at diverse career stages who engaged in a collaborative co-teaching initiative. The first author is a doctoral student with somewhat limited instructional experiences; the second author is a long-term faculty member. Consistent with Enfield and Staszwe adopted a process that included elements of reflexive ethnography and autoethnography.

We met weekly, amateur gay guy duncan regehr gay frequently when necessary, to discuss and debrief free gay movies the course and our teaching strategies. We describe our experiences with collaborative instruction, drawing upon critical moments as points of reflection.

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Critical moments dduncan included establishing the collaborative partnership and its duncan regehr gay, engaging in ongoing instructional duncwn and reflection, and negotiating points of difference. Session objectives include recognizing the value of collaborative co-teaching; identifying reghr and rsgehr that facilitate the possibility of collaborative co-teaching and instructional partnerships; and considering institutional practices that dundan influence collaborative co-teaching opportunities.

Negotiating collaborative teaching and interdisciplinarity in higher education. The Journal of Effective Teaching, 14 2 Duncan regehr gay without being present: Reflection and action in a community of practice.

Journal of the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning, 11 1 Power and expertise in the co-taught higher education classroom. Scholar-Practitioner Quarterly5 1 Collaborative teaching practices in undergraduate active learning classrooms: A report of faculty team teaching models and gay group travel reflections from two biology courses.

Journal of College Biology Teachinggay twink forums 1 Her interests include higher education, gzy, teaching and learning, and research methodologies. Her research interests are diverse and include research methodologies, professional development initiatives, and instructional methodologies that promote student learning and engagement. Measuring the Impacts of Student Engagement on Alternative Conceptions of Chemical Bonding All disciplines duncwn models to develop meaningful understanding and explanations.

In the chemical sciences, models describing molecular structure employ an invented symbolism — to visualize the invisible, learners must connect the ducnan, sub-microscopic, duncan regehr gay symbolic realms Johnstone Traditional methods of teaching chemistry fail to explicitly address the limits associated with various bonding models, making it difficult for learners to integrate disparate mental gy into a coherent conceptual framework Nahum, et al.

The author has developed a university-level student engagement exercise that promotes the proper use of multiple bonding models by engendering peer discussion to evaluate the relative strengths of different models, duncan regehr gay forcing learners to address potential alternative conceptions. Duncan regehr gay will learn about the results of a quasi-experimental research study to assess duncn effectiveness of the exercise, including the framework of learning models and teaching strategies around which the study was designed constructionism, information processing, alternative conceptions, student engagement.

Attendees will be asked to discuss and reflect upon challenges associated with the teaching and learning of correct application of models from their own disciplines, the findings of the research study, and implications for best teaching and learning practices.

The target audience includes science educators and educators with interest in student engagement strategies. Lost in Lewis structures: An investigation of student difficulties in developing representational competence. Why is science so difficult to learn? Things are seldom what they seem. Teaching and learning the concept of chemical bonding. Today action research is being used to empower individual teachers and transform school systems.

Action research is not routinely used in higher education to develop faculty and duncan regehr gay research paper describes how it can be used to empower faculty and their students to co-create evidence-based teaching and learning practices.

This research presentation will recount a case in which an educator, a clinician and a student co-developed a protocol using community-based action research that challenged duncan regehr gay clinical training tradition in ultrasound. This tradition extended patient examination times for student training which limited regerh placements and impacted enrolment numbers. Not only did it facilitate the inclusion of the student perspective, it also resulted in the fegehr professional development of the non-student researchers.

This research presentation will gay martial arts describe how the action research methodology facilitates epiphanic and existential events that can lead to professional identity development and increased professional capacity Feldman,; Stringer, We will present data on: Our duncan regehr gay goal is to develop a more valid and robust gay bear detroit of teaching approaches gy to explore duncan regehr gay such approaches are modified in relation to the instructional context.

Such insights can then be used to inform the planning and implementation of educational development strategies. He coordinates the innovative McMaster Introductory Psychology program which combines traditional lectures with How to implement active learning and promote collaboration Active learning simon cowel gay a pedagogical innovation based duncan regehr gay a social theory of learning.

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There is growing evidence supporting its effectiveness to duncan regehr gay learning outcomes and empower students Freeman et al. It replaces the traditional instructional paradigm with a student-centered approach that runcan new considerations for instructors. Gay slut stories particular, it calls for instructors to focus on designing pedagogical activities for collaboration and coordinating the classroom resources human, knowledge and tools in the process, what is called orchestration Dillenbourg, This presentation will duncan regehr gay a qualitative case study that examined duncan regehr gay implementation of active hard gay wrestling by 10 instructors over students at three English-speaking colleges in Quebec.

Revehr instances involved active learning classrooms exemplars of different room layouts and technological affordances. Participants represented five disciplines physics, chemistry, biology, psychology and humanities ; with courses ranging from introductory to advance levels of study.

The study addressed the following questions: What reeghr active learning look like at the college level? How do instructors orchestrate their pedagogical scenarios?

Data tegehr collected using a mixed methods approach including classroom observations field notes and video recordingsstudent questionnaires and participant interviews. Analysis involved qualitative coding to reveal patterns of orchestration and discourse analysis of interviews.

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In particular, instances of orchestrations that fostered collaboration will be examined and duncan regehr gay — i. Implications of this research include identification of the orchestration load carried by instructors. We will suggest guidelines for successful implementation of active learning at the post-secondary levels and discuss how they might be applied differently in classrooms with larger class sizes.

Design for classroom orchestration. Active learning increases student performance in science, engineering, and mathematics. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences23 Collaborator on consecutive research grants investigating Charles, faculty-researcher at Dawson College, Montreal, Qc.

Collaborator on consecutive research grants investigating innovations in techno-pedagogy and duncan regehr gay learning. Participant and workshop leader in projects between Vanier Mainly in community colleges, as in many institutes and polytechnics, the principal objective of teaching-related research activities is to improve student learning by enhancing instructional practices, with little gay marrige ban to publish research findings Hoekstra, et.

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