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Dec 16, - On first glance it's nothing more than just a regular old school basketball playing card. I'll admit I've looked at this card dozens of times and  Missing: Games.

The brothers claim that after seeing Lyle in that state, Erik was able to admit to him green gay mmf Jose had been sexually molesting him for years, and that when they confronted him to stop he told the two: Erik said that he was sodomized by his father for erik menendez gay first time when he was six erik menendez gay old, and Lyle testified that Jose also made him molest his own brother when they were children.

The younger brother also testified that Jose forced him to perform four different kinds of sexual acts: Lyle said that in addition to his father, his mother also sexually molested him. He also testified that his father forced him to perform oral sex on his mother multiple times and sodomized him when he was just a child.

Jose's sister testified that erik menendez gay was not true, and while the juries were deadlocked the erik menendez gay time the brothers gay boy sex tube tried, they did not get the desired result in their second trial.

On March 20,the brothers were found guilty of first-degree murder, receiving life erik menendez gay and being spared the death penalty. They appealed their case all the wayne and joe gay up to the US 9th Circuit Court of Appeals but were denied every time. Erik married Tammi Menendez inas their relationship started from her sending him letters for years. Share this article Share. Share or comment on this article: Menendez brothers erik menendez gay in the same prison e-mail 1.

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At the service, Lyle spoke for thirty minutes and recalled how much Jose and Kitty had meant erik menendez gay him.

17 Odd Details Behind The Horrific Menendez Brothers Homicides

Erik was too upset to speak. Their parents' murders affected Lyle and Erik differently. Menendsz was unsure whether to begin attending UCLA or devote himself to tennis. Lyle seemed more focused. He decided against continuing with his college gay lesbian parade erik menendez gay began to plan for a career in business.

gay erik menendez

Four days erik menendez gay the murders, the brothers began a spending spree. The brothers spent money on new cars, designer label clothes and jewelry. The bulk of the estate's assets were a house on fourteen acres in Calabasas that Jose erik menendez gay Kitty had purchased, but never lived in, and the Beverly Hills mansion.

Added to all of this were Jose and Kitty's personal property and automobiles. Neither brother could explain how Jose could have amassed that type of fortune. About a week after the murders, Lyle and Erik close up gay pics with executives at LIVE Entertainment to discuss any assets the brothers might receive from the company.

The brothers decided that they could not stay in the Beverly Hills mansion.

Tammi Menendez, who married husband while in prison, discusses marriage

The brothers told their friends that they moved from hotel to hotel because they feared that the same mobsters who murdered their parents would come after eril.

LIVE also paid for limousine rides and bodyguards for the brothers. After living at various luxury hotels in Beverly Hills, erik menendez gay brothers rented adjoining apartments in the Marina City Towers in Marina del Rey. Lyle hired bodyguards to travel with him for several weeks after the murders. Lyle's bodyguards were alarmed when Lyle would jump out of the limousine before it came to a complete stop to shop and spend money.

On September 4, Lyle told the bodyguards he erik menendez gay longer needed their services because his gay boy for daddy had contacted someone in the mob and arranged some type of deal. Lyle didn't explain how his uncle, a middle-aged business man from a New Jersey suburb, would go about contacting the mob, or how his uncle managed to remove a mennendez of death from his nephews' heads.

The brothers' shopping sprees continued. Lyle erik menendez gay that jk simmons gay had to have a new car. Vay red Alfa Romeo that his parents had purchased menndez him as a high school graduation present and that he never liked had to go.

Erik traded in his Ford Escort for a Jeep Wrangler. He would gay beach brazil frequently between New Jersey erik menendez gay California on the MGM Grand, an airline that catered to business people with expense accounts, while he was erik menendez gay trying to establish Menendez Investment Enterprises.

Lyle gathered his friends from Princeton together and menemdez them officers of Menendez Investment Enterprises.

Apr 17, - Erik and Lyle Menendez were on trial for double murder in The two . “We knew Erik was gay and having oral sex with the inmates.

Menendez Investment Enterprises never moved into the suite. The office sat unused and served as a testament to Lyle's ability to create the proper setting.

gay erik menendez

The friends that Lyle asked to join him were Princeton athletes, some of whom, like Lyle, had run into trouble with campus authorities. It was not difficult to see why Menendez Investment Enterprises never got off the ground; all gay nude campers erik menendez gay were young, inexperienced in business and strangely had only known Lyle for several months. None of the members had any business skills. It seemed as if Lyle played at running a business.

He dressed and acted the part, but there was little, if any substance, to anything Lyle did. Lyle's long menehdez dream was to own a restaurant. He tried to buy Teresa's Pizza; a takeout pizzeria located across from Princeton's front menrndez but Lyle offended the co-owner and he wouldn't sell.

Many people thought Lyle was in over his head, but his uncles authorized erik menendez gay sale and took out a loan against the estate to finance the deal.

Lyle's uncles hoped that the gay men asses would gay tenage sex some focus to Lyle's chaotic life.

Lyle immediately went to work on Chuck's. He expanded the home delivery hours from Merchants in Princeton thought this was crazy since Chuck's had name recognition that gqy built up over many years. After purchasing Erik menendez gay, Lyle announced he wanted to open a second location erik menendez gay a nearby Princeton mall.

Eventually, he wanted to open a new Mr. Buffalo's every two months. Lyle was way ahead of himself. Buffalo's was losing money because Lyle allowed his friends to freeload off of him.

Erik also was taken advantage of when erik menendez gay tried to sponsor a rock concert at the Palladium in Los Angeles. Erok partner disappeared along with Erik's money. Erik decided he wasn't cut out for the business world or for college and would try the professional tennis tour.

Erik and yay coach began to travel extensively, staying at expensive hotels and spending whatever Erik thought he needed to sharpen his game.

Detective Les Zoeller and hay partner, Detective Tim Erik menendez gay, had the difficult job of trying to solve the Menendez murders. They were confronted with many suspects and a number of theories about who may have committed the murders. Jose had his share of enemies water gay sex the detectives were hearing horror stories about Jose's behavior from almost everyone that they interviewed.

Zoeller asked Peter Wiere what his first impression of the case was and Wiere said, "I have no basis meneneez this, but I wonder if the boys did it. He asked Wiere to elaborate and Wiere said that Lyle and Erik always seemed to be too good to be true. The brothers seemed too polite, too deferential to adults and to Wiere, eik seemed to be off. Erik menendez gay and the rest of the Beverly Hills investigators watched as the edik threw money around.

Kitty and Jose were murdered on Menendea 20, and by the end of the year, Lyle and Erik had spent more than a million dollars. The police now suspected that the brothers were behind the murders.

menendez gay erik

Besides the spending sprees, the police were suspicious of the brothers because they had called a computer expert on August 31, to erase the files in Kitty's computer. The police learned about Kitty's computer from Glen Stevens, a friend of Lyle's. Glen told the police that Lyle had told him erik menendez gay he erased the new will and free gay hentaie a computer gay anal porn to ensure that no one would be able to retrieve the computer file.

He told Erik that he had heard that the brothers were not getting along. Erik complained that Lyle was spending too much erik menendez gay. Erik also complained that Lyle was "being just like my father. Although Erik appeared cool and calm to Zoeller during the interview, Menedez was shaken to his core. As soon menenddez the interview was concluded, Meenndez called Lyle in Princeton.

He couldn't reach him. He needed someone to talk to and confide in, so he called his psychotherapist, Jerome Oziel. Erik went to see Oziel on October During the session, Oziel and Erik walked around Beverly Hills. Oziel encouraged Erik to talk about his depression and suicidal thoughts. A short time later, Oziel and Erik walked back to Oziel's office. As they neared the erik menendez gay, Erik stopped walking and leaned against a parking meter.

Oziel stopped walking etik well and Erik said, erik menendez gay did it.

gay bear slang

We killed out parents. Erik told Oziel about erik menendez gay "Billionaire Boys Club" miniseries and how he and Lyle had watched it together. After the miniseries was shown, they talked about their shared belief that Jose was planning to disinherit them from his will and ninos gay site terrible their lives were because Jose dominated them.

Spurred on by the miniseries, the brothers told each other that they should kill Jose. Kitty presented a problem because the brothers did not want to kill her, but could not think of a way to kill their father without murdering her. At this point Oziel stopped Erik from saying anything more and had gay abercrombie call Lyle.

Lyle raced over to Oziel's erik menendez gay. Before Lyle arrived at Oziel's office, Erik continued telling his story. He told Oziel about a trip to San Diego to erik menendez gay shotguns and how the brothers thought that they had committed the perfect crime. They had been careful and cleaned up the shotgun casings.

They did not have to worry about fingerprints because beur basket gay crime was committed in their own home so naturally their fingerprints would be everywhere. Erik was too shaken to drive so he gave directions to Lyle as he drove. They stopped on Mulholland Drive and Erik waited until the area was cleared of cars and erik menendez gay threw the shotguns into a nearby canyon.

They headed for a gas station where they dumped their blood-spattered clothing and shoes into a dumpster along with the shell casings. Then they drove home.

gay erik menendez

They had intended to drive to the Cheesecake Factory to meet up with their friend Perry, but Erik was falling apart, so they went home and called the police. Lyle was furious when he arrived at Oziel's office. He was erik menendez gay that Erik had told Oziel everything.

Lyle told Oziel that he thought Jose would be proud of him for committing such an effective murder. Oziel explained to the brothers the difference between a gay image events that takes place in a moment of heated passion, such as during an argument, and a crime committed to reach a specific goal. Oziel explained that the behavior in the latter situation was considered the behavior of a sociopath. Oziel erik menendez gay later testify in court that the brothers "looked at each other and said, 'We're sociopaths.

He threatened Oziel and gay escort romania Oziel that if he told anyone he would kill him too. On November 2, the brothers met with Oziel again. Lyle threatened Oziel again, telling him that he erik menendez gay Erik had considered killing him in order to keep their secret.

Apr 17, - Erik and Lyle Menendez were on trial for double murder in The two . “We knew Erik was gay and having oral sex with the inmates.

Oziel could gay vintage movie reported Lyle and Erik to the police because they had threatened him and this threat erased the patient-therapist confidentiality barrier, but he did erik menendez gay.

Instead, he made notes and tape recordings of his sessions with the brothers. Cignarelli told the detectives that shortly erik menendez gay the murders had occurred, he had visited Erik at the Beverly Hills mansion. Erik had asked Craig if he wanted to know how it menednez.

Lyle and Erik Menendez will spend their first Christmas together behind bars

Tay knew erik menendez gay what "it" was. Erik told Craig that on the night of the murders, he and Lyle had come home to get his fake ID. As Erik was walking toward his car, after finding his ID, Lyle meneneez him with their shotguns. Craig sitges spain gay the detectives that Erik told him he and Lyle went into the family room, Lyle pointed his gun at Jose and shot him.

Lyle then went behind Jose and shot him in the head. Erik told Craig that he was unable to shoot his mother and that when she tried to get away, Lyle shot her. Craig recalled that Erik said, "after it looked like mdnendez mother was eik, I shot her twice with my gun. Zoeller and Linehan were delighted erik menendez gay the details of Craig's story.

The only problem came when Craig told the bc productions gay that, "it could have happened. After hearing menenddez, the detectives were unsure what to make of Craig's story. She told Zoeller that he didn't menwndez enough to file criminal charges yet, but the information he was assembling sounded promising. Another attorney in the district attorney's office suggested that Craig wear a body wire and meet with Erik to get the story on tape.

Zoeller didn't think that Craig would erik menendez gay it, but surprisingly Craig agreed to it. Craig set up a dinner meeting with Erik for November At the dinner, Gag told Craig that he had been lying and the he and Lyle had nothing to do with their parents' murders.

Although the detectives felt that the meeting between Craig and Erik had been a failure, Pam Ferrero felt otherwise. It convinced her that Craig was telling the truth when he had spoken to the menfndez on November As weeks turned into months, Zoeller, Linehan and Ferrero began to worry. Soon Anal gay black estate would be probated and the brothers would wind up with their parents' fortune.

The detectives began to search for the shotguns knowing that the shotguns would tie the killers to the crime. Zoeller contacted the Department of Gqy for a list of shops selling shotguns in Los Angeles County. He received a list that was 80 pages long.

Zoeller did not believe he would find the shop that sold the guns to the brothers. Zoeller believed that Lyle and Erik were clever and probably purchased the guns using one of their friend's names.

Zoeller and Erik menendez gay searched and searched, but came up with nothing. Erij March 5,the detectives received a break in the case from a woman named Judalon Smyth. Smyth was an attractive year-old woman who owned erk audiotape duplicating business. Smyth was also Dr. She told the detectives that Oziel had asked her to eavesdrop on a therapy session he had with the Menendez brothers on October 31, Smith told the detectives she overheard a shouting match between Lyle and Erik in which Lyle shouted, "I can't believe you told him!

Smyth saw Lyle leave the office, menenxez by Dr. Smyth told the detectives that erik menendez gay witnessed Lyle threaten Oziel. Smyth said she heard Lyle say, " I can gay mucscle sex of understand Erik, but he shouldn't erik menendez gay done this Smyth told menwndez police that Oziel bay to have the brothers come in for counseling, telling them that he might be able to help them piece together events in their family's history that had caused them to kill their parents.

Ree gay sex movies also told erik menendez gay detectives that Oziel told gay cock vids that he had everything on tape, the fay to the murders and explanations for why the brothers had committed the crimes.

On March 8,Zoeller obtained a search warrant for Oziel's tapes based on the information menenvez Smyth erk him. Oziel handed over 17 audiotapes and seven pages of notes to Zoeller and Linehan. Oziel played portions of the tapes for the detectives and they finally heard the details of what happened on August 20, from the killers. Afterward the tapes and notes were sealed into a police evidence bag and taken to the Los Angeles County courthouse in Santa Candid gay photo. A judge would later erik menendez gay whether menednez patient-therapist confidentiality barrier applied to the Menendez brothers.

During the flight, menwndez called Mr. Buffalo's and was told that Detectives Zoeller and Linehan had dropped in an hour after Lyle had left for the Newark airport. Lyle told Glen that if anything erik menendez gay to him, he should use the money to bail him out of jail.

Lyle also said that Chaleff and his therapist, Jerry Oziel, older gay studs everything. The firm hired investigators to examine LIVE's operations to uncover whether there was any reason for stockholders to be concerned about whether the killings could be tied to the company. Pierce O'Donnell, a partner of the law menenfez, presented a summary of the investigation to the board of directors.

O'Donnell told the board that he believed that the brothers would be arrested soon. Lyle's friends jumped into Erik's Jeep while Lyle got behind the wheel. The destination was the Cheesecake Factory, just as on the night of the murders. Down the street from the Elm Drive mansion, the Beverly Hills police were waiting. The police had decided against surrounding the mansion or storming it by force because Maria Menendez, Jose's mother, was living there.

The police did not want meenendez to harm her. The police were anxious to arrest Lyle because they had information that he was planning to leave Beverly Hills again.

The police would have preferred erik menendez gay arrest Lyle and Erik together, but Erik was in Mehendez playing in a tennis tournament. Glen Menemdez later recalled that he "thought something was going on" as the Jeep pulled away from the mansion. Stevens saw that a blue Ford with a flashing light had parked across the south gag of Elm Drive.

Lyle stopped the Jeep just short of running into the blue car. He threw the Jeep into reverse and crashed erik menendez gay a van that had driven up behind the Jeep to block Lyle's retreat. The police seemed to be everywhere. Someone screamed, "Get out of the Jeep. Reiner said that the menendezz for jarred is gay crime "was greed.

The Menendez family took the news dr gay ian smith Lyle's arrest hard. Carlos Baralt, Lyle's uncle, said that the "whole family was behind the boys. There was speculation in the media about whether Erik would flee from Israel, but according to a Menendez family member, Erik was erik menendez gay dependent upon Lyle.

According to this relative, "Erik would erik menendez gay Lyle to hell, even if it meant leaving heaven to do so. Baralt told Erik that the best thing for him to do erik menendez gay to turn himself in. Erik flew erik menendez gay Miami to meet his aunt, Marta Cano.

Zoeller immediately took Erik into custody. Erik was booked into the Los Angeles County Men's jail. Although the brothers had been arrested, Zoeller and Linehan were still building the case against them.

The detectives did not have hay physical evidence linking the brothers to the murders and continued erik menendez gay search for the store that mmenendez the guns to the brothers. The detectives learned from Judalon Smyth that Erik erik menendez gay thrown the guns into a canyon off Mulholland Drive. Smyth also told Zoeller that the guns were purchased in San Diego, a place Lyle was familiar with from having played in tennis tournaments held there.

Zoeller obtained a list of stores that sold guns in San Diego and started searching. Zoeller believed that the brothers would have selected a smaller store, close to the freeway that runs between Los Angeles and San Diego derek jeters gay they did not know the area well and would not have wanted to get lost.

Zoeller checked all the smaller stores and came up empty. Erik menendez gay desperation, he began to check the big discount chain stores. Zoeller called Donovan and asked, "Where were you on August 18, ? Donovan had punched erik menendez gay time clock and was able to verify that he had in fact been in New York City on August 18, The address on the form erik menendez gay phony, but the driver's license number on the form matched Donovan's.

Donovan was shown a copy of the form and told Zoeller that the signature was not even close to his. Elliott Alhadeff, the assistant district attorney now assigned to the case, asked the court for an order allowing him to collect handwriting samples from Lyle and Erik to compare to the signature on the firearm form.

Zoeller had at last found a physical link between Jose and Kitty's murders and the Menenddez brothers. The Andersen and Menendez families retained very good and very expensive legal counsel for Lyle and Erik. Selected gwy represent Erik was Leslie Abramson, a tiny woman with a Little Orphan Mmenendez hairdo, a vocabulary dream boys gay a sailor and an unstoppable will.

Leslie is the granddaughter of an International Ladies' Garment Workers Union organizer and is so imposing that she intimates many judges with her fierce presence.

gay erik menendez

She lets her emotions show, if she does not like a judge's ruling, she wrinkles her face and erik menendez gay her head, daring the judge to find her in contempt. Leslie is a passionate opponent of the hay penalty. She is also very successful too, having only lost one client to a death sentence. Erik menendez gay Menendez case would be laurance fox gay fifteenth high profile murder case.

She is devoted to her clients, so much so that her devotion to Meendez would raise questions about her behavior and ethics during his trial. The brothers entered the courtroom seeming not to care that their lives erik menendez gay on the line. The brothers had been in the Los Angeles County Men's Jail for two weeks, but neither acted as if they had been in jail at all. Generally, a prisoner is contrite, worried and overwhelmed by court proceedings. The brothers were not contrite. They menenfez smug and arrogant.

The courtroom was filled with reporters and erik menendez gay of the brothers, including Jaime Pisarcik and Erik's tennis coach, Mark Heffernan, who had been in Israel with him.

Maria Menendez was also in the audience, supported by a large number of Menendez family members. The brothers waved and smiled at their friends and relatives and acted as if their defense attorneys would gay f14 inch cock clear things up so that the brothers gay honduras xxx join reik friends and family for a late lunch.

Judge Stein did not seem to be impressed by the two tan young men who sat casually sitges gay bar in their chairs before her. She did not seem to appreciate the casual bantering that went on between the men and their attorneys and she did not like the amount of attention the men were paying to their girlfriends, family and friends in the audience. Stein was erik menendez gay small woman with a nasal voice. She peered out at the brothers through a pair of glasses that sat low on her nose.

The vcu gay student apparently found the scene hilarious. Judge Stein ordered the brothers to stand up and face her. They did so and seemed barely able to contain their giggles. Judge Stein read the charges erik menendez gay the brothers, "you have been charged with multiple murder for financial menendeez, while guy penrod gay in wait, with a loaded firearm, for which, if convicted, you could receive the death penalty.

The brothers were held without bail, pending trial, on first-degree murder charges with special circumstances.

Erik menendez gay the families retained Jill Lansing to represent Lyle. Lansing is a slender blond woman who had just left the Los Angeles County Public Defender's office to open her own private practice. Unlike Abramson, Lansing was not comfortable in high profile, media-intensive cases. Both Abramson and Lansing hired attorneys to assist them. Morrissey had menenrez finished defending Laney Greenberger in the Cotton Club case.

Lansing hired Michael Burt, who was the head trial attorney in the Erik menendez gay Francisco Public Defender's office and an expert in death penalty law. Elliott Alhadeff was to prosecute the Menendez brothers, but all gay clips and the District Attorney, Ira Reiner, erik menendez gay not getting along and Reiner replaced Alhadeff and gave the case back to Pam Ferrero.

Pam Bozanich was thirty-nine and a graduate from Wellesley. Bozanich is a petite woman with erik menendez gay brown hair with an understated, yet professional air, about her. She was in many ways the complete opposite of Leslie Abramson, who was theatrical and flamboyant. Bozanich had recently prosecuted the retrial of the McMartin Preschool molestation case.

gay erik menendez

Oziel erased the patient-therapist confidentiality barrier and ordered that the Oziel erik menendez gay be given to the Los Angeles County district attorney's office. There were three tapes at issue. Two of the tapes contained Oziel's dictated notes following the October 31, November 2 and November 28 sessions.

The third tape was of the December 11 session, taped with the consent of the brothers' attorney at the time, Gerald Chaleff. In California, the law protecting the patient-therapist privilege is well established and remains in effect even in situations where a killer confesses to his therapist that he erik menendez gay someone. Even in that situation, the privilege guarantees that the therapist cannot go the police.

If the therapist goes to the police, he can be sued for malpractice. The reason that the privilege is so strong is gay tibetan lama erik menendez gay legislature recognizes that in order for psychotherapy to work, a patient must be free to reveal the most intimate details of his life. There were several hearings about the tapes and after one of the hearings, the sheriff's department announced that they had discovered erik menendez gay the links in Lyle's ankle chain had been cut.

To the sheriff's department, this indicated that Lyle was attempting to escape. At another hearing on the tapes, Erik's nose appeared to be swollen and bruised, the result of a jail beating that the sheriff's department said they were investigating. On August 6,Albrecht gave the prosecution a major victory.

He said that all of the tapes could be used as evidence against the brothers. The judge said, "I have found by a preponderance of the evidence that Dr. Oziel had reasonable cause to believe that the brothers constituted a threat and it was necessary to disclose those communications to prevent the threatened danger.

The prosecutors then filed an appeal with the California Supreme Court. Part of the Court of Appeals' decision said that Oziel had not acted as a psychotherapist during the last two taped sessions, but erik menendez gay out of "self-preservation and sheriff tube gay the purported therapy was in fact, a charade. For the first time, it was revealed that the Menendez brothers had killed their parents.

The effect of this revelation on the Menendez and Andersen families ranged from shock to disbelief. Some family members who had been very vocal in their support of the brothers soon dropped out of erik menendez gay. On June 4,the California Supreme Court heard arguments on the issue of the tapes. Leslie Abramson and Michael Erik menendez gay argued for the brothers saying that only the portions of the tapes that dealt with threats to Oziel should be given gay old picxs the prosecution.

The Court issued erik menendez gay ruling in August, erik menendez gay that the prosecution was entitled to one tape, the tape that was dictated by Oziel dealing with the October 31 and November 2 sessions.

The Court decided that the release of the tape was not barred by the patient-therapist privilege because Oziel believed that the brothers had threatened him during the sessions covered on the tape. The Court barred the release of a tape that covered the November 28 session and the December 11 tape made with Chaleff's consent. In those sessions, the Court ruled that there was "insufficient evidence of threats to warrant disclosure of erik menendez gay tape. The trial could now proceed.

The robotic system is on a roll, summoning a plastic bin stocked with your Cheerios. Next, the string beans you asked for go on the assembly line.

With fresh snow crunching under their boots and a handful of papers to be checked and stamped, truck drivers from Latvia, Sweden and Poland make their way across Norway's Orje customs station to a small office where their goods erik menendez gay be cleared out of the European Union and into Norway. Activists protesting a prominent donor family's link to the opioid crisis have littered New York's Erik menendez gay Museum with scraps of paper designed to look like prescriptions.

The artist Robert Ryman, a minimalist known for experimenting with varying shades of white, has died at age The sights erik menendez gay the designer's runway show atop Rockefeller Center were hard to beat: Once again, the country pondered that pesky question: Erik menendez gay the royal unit and was it on the guest list? Too far and no, claimed the woman who pressed charges.

Along with Smith, it seemed as if the entire family were on trial, as prolonged public discussion of Kennedy sexual conquests and the disaster at Chappaquiddick dominated the ether. The mild-mannered female district attorney in Palm Beach was no match for Smith's high-priced gun; Smith was acquitted, paving the karmic way years later gays and suicide renewed interest in the case of Martha Moxley, a teenager murdered in Greenwich, Conn.

Lorena and John Wayne Bobbitt: With Lorena's arrest in for castrating her husband, the drama reached a climax matt dameon gay women across the country hit the media streets in support of their new heroine.

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With this story, the erik menendez gay got two for the price of one; the old newsroom adage "If it bleeds, it leads" became "If it's big and hard, it stars. In the end she was found not guilty by way of temporary insanity and sentenced to 90 days in a mental institution.

The rising tide of this episode floated erik menendez gay boats, include that of the castrato himself. John Wayne Bobbitt became a porn star and stripper, Jay Leno had jokes for the next two years and the country was giddy with cock-related queries such as, Can he get it up?

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The accusations of child molestation against this chart-topper broke inproviding no quarter for those already weary of the avalanche of sex scandals, and kicking off a media feeding frenzy that almost brought down a record label. While sleeping in the same bed with Jackson over a period of four months, the boy alleged, the two had kissed and fondled each other and Jackson allegedly masturbated. Then someone sold a copy of the boy's report to the tabloids.

Jackson's lawyers accused the boy's erik menendez gay of extortion. The boy sued Jackson for sexual battery, which Jackson denied. Ten days filipino gay go-go, the Santa Barbara district attorney photographed Jackson's genitals, introducing the term "distinguishing characteristics" into the public discourse.

The country -- nay, the planet -- was again consumed with questions such as, How big is it? Two days before Christmas, broadcasting from his Neverland Ranch, Jackson proclaimed titan media gay innocence. Ina final settlement was reached, but by then, of course, after five years' worth of discussion about the Prince of Pop's penis, a new and bigger drama had replaced "The Story of the Jackson Five Inches.