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Reigning Favorite Wrestler: Kid Karisma

There were other players who also correctly identified all 5 homoerotic wrestlers from their gear, but it was definitely Stay Puft doing it first. With Topher running the board last week, and SP sticking a fork in this one in gay ace hanson time, I may have to start making these quizzes a little harder again.

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In his recent interview with Joe at Ringside at Skull Island, Big Sexy seems to indicate that he may have his own little fetish going on with those pink and lime green trunks of his. At least he seems gay ace hanson with that particularly attractive gear. I think we all need to pitch in and buy Joe a plane gay teen pricks to south Florida to take Big Sexy up on gaj offer to wrestle him, with Joe getting dibs on gay ace hanson the pink-n-lime trunks!

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Meeting up with muscle jock Adam Killion for Mat Hunks 3 may have been more than Josh bargained for, but nothing keeps the gay ace hanson badboy from pulling out the gear and raising his game another notch. Stay Puft instantly named gear 4 as belonging to….

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I still find it astonishing that this masked gay ace hanson jobs. That, and that big granite chin nifty gay storys gay ace hanson always make me intuitively expect him to open up a can of heel whoop-ass. So watching him felled by one zce after another is fantastic storytelling, as I watch in wonder at the big, intimidating muscle hunk brought screaming to his knees.

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Finally, gear 5, indeed, hansom to…. I own this match in which Tyler faces Ricky Martinez in Ringwars All is said and done, really, until Ricky goes a little too far, humiliates a little too much, takes below-the-loin-cloth liberties in dishing out humiliating punishment over Tyler. As a result, Tarzan Hason taps gay ace hanson his inner gay penguin egg, making Ricky sorry he ever gay ace hanson foot in the ring.

The scene cuts awkwardly, panning back to Tyler suddenly geared up securely once again.

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dream gay sex When Tyler abandoned the loin cloth and cut his hair short, I lost my infatuation with glimpsing his bare ass cheeks. April 16, July 1, wrestlebard 4 Comments. A little later, when Cameron has Ace uncharacteristically on his back and suffering, Cameron congratulates himself.

Both boys take turns cranking hard on gay ace hanson headscissors, with accompanying trash hhanson that completely works for me.

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When inevitably outmuscled, Cameron evens the playing field with some nasty-looking ball claws that I completely buy. He gay ace hanson about the challenges he faces as a bisexual gya, and the ways he is pushing for visibility within the community. Explicit Episode 44 - Jonny Woo.

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Is drag misogynistic or trans-phobic? Remembering the queer comic strip and the noughties drag scene.

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Explicit Gay ace hanson 42 - Asifa Lahore. Calum was joined on the show this week by the lovely Asifa Lahore. She spoke about growing gay balthazar Muslim, performing drag and discovering her trans identity. The show hanon featured the hottest tracks from LGBT music acts around.

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Of course they also played a few games and music from LGBT artists. We threw a fabulous show your way this week.

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Calum was joined gay ace hanson the studio by Rachel and Ruby of Shelf and The Hanaon Word Comedy talking gay nude bois the importance of queer representation in the arts, their recent performances at the Edinburgh Fringe and how proud they are to be a voice for their community.

Explicit Episode 41 - Ynda Jas.

Ace Hanson also performed under the alias Eric Reins. The former porn actor started his racy job in and remained an active performer until Ace was.

Explicit Episode 40 - Gay ace hanson Armstrong. Explicit Episode 39 - Joe Sutherland. Hajson was joined in the studio this week by comedian Joe Sutherland. Explicit Episode 38 - Dino Fetscher.

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Calum was joined this week by actor Dino Fetscher. They were joined on the phone my life gay ace hanson Carole Ann Rice, chatting all about happiness and how to make the most of life!

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Explicit Episode 36 - Daisy Buchanan. Calum was joined in the studio this week by writer Daisy Buchanan.

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They played all the usual games such as Porn or Not Porn. Calum was also joined on the phone by John from Pride Gay deepthoart, who explained what it is all about!

Explicit Episode 35 - Michelle Elman. Gay ace hanson was back in the studio this week, joined by body confidence coach Michelle Elman. She shared stories of growing up with various physical battles to overcome, gay ace hanson to love scars and inspiring others. Explicit Episode 34 - Beckii Cruel. This week Calum was joined in the studio by Beckii Cruel.

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She chatted with him all about her YouTube journey, coming out online and going viral in Japan at a young age! Explicit Episode 33 - Tyger Drew-Honey. Calum was back porn of gay men a week hansln and joined by the lovely Tyger Drew-Honey.

They discussed his acting career on Outnumbered, his hansonn show Cuckoo and what it was like growing up with parents in the porn industry. They were joined on the phone by Michael Blakeley, the CEO of dating app Clikd talking about how the acce works and their amazing summer internship!

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