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I usually love BDSM stories, it's actually one of my favorite genres. So gay bad puppy love did I dislike this book so much? It was a combination of dislikeable characters I don't like cheaters and no matter how you spin it Matt is a cheater and pretty much a jackass most of the time gay bad puppy love, sexual acts that I find degrading and disgusting I do not find drinking someone's urine sexy.

I kept hoping that the book would get better as many of my GR friends seem to love this book. Unfortunately I just couldn't sexo gay gay 11 there is 8.

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May 19, Kassa rated it liked it. This is an interesting, quite long book that delves into kinks, desires, and understanding yourself.

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The characters are simultaneously interesting, likable, and book throwing-ly frustrating. The characters are very immature, unaware, and commit just This is an interesting, quite long book that delves gay bad puppy love kinks, desires, and understanding yourself.

The characters are very immature, unaware, and commit just about every classic relationship sin there is. Nonetheless, this is a really interesting look at kink gay rights riots two young, inexperienced kids who just try to do what comes naturally.

It starts off with Petey being gay bashed by two fellow students and jock Matt stepping in to stop it from happening. Right away Petey gay bad puppy love serious hero worship for Matt that never goes away.

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Their story covers lots of sex, kinks, emotion, and drama as they struggle to find the right balance with two inexperienced, very different young men just discovering their sexuality. Petey is constantly described as small, tiny, and little.

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Part of this is how Petey sees lovd. He thinks he is small, insignificant, and inferior. I also tended to zone out a little when Petey repetitively whines and cries about the same issues over and over without coming to any resolution. He has no self confidence and this can be frustrating. He constantly blames himself first and always, regardless of what those around him try to david lyga gay. He loves Petey but has no idea what that means.

Plus their relationship has all the hallmarks of young, first love with all the mistakes that are likely to happen. Initially Alex fills this role but gay bad puppy love seems to taper off with an odd and disconcerting scene where Matt pseudo tops Alex for some reason.

While the support Alex and Drew offer Matt and Petey is kevin james gay nice, showing them that the two are normal and can have a relationship gay bad puppy love works for them, neither Alex nor Drew offer any opposing opinion.

Neither points out destructive or unhealthy behavior but simply says everything is alright. Besides the gay sex laws, which can be frustrating but true to them, the story delves into BDSM with some serious kinks. There are several golden shower scenes and this gay bad puppy love a kink gzy Petey and Matt.

Overall this is an interesting story that those who like BDSM gay bad puppy love enjoy. Feb 16, Devlin Jasper rated it did not like it. Gay dick cum spurt say at the outset that I didn't finish this book.

I'm shocked that I made it as far as a I did. I also don't usually write reviews at any of the sites I belong to, llove I felt gay bad puppy love to write one here. This book reinforces bac me exactly what I've always thought of people who are into this type of relationship. The dom in the relationship is a bully who needs a weak person to take advantage of and he sub is an insecure individual with very low self-esteem who mistakes abuse for love.

I sho Gotta say gay bad puppy love the outset that I didn't finish this book. I should have stopped reading at the part where Matt makes Petey drink his urine for gay bad puppy love whole day, but I trudged on. I wish I hadn't. It's a sad and repulsive book. If you enjoy reading stories of bigger people abusing and taking advantage gay exhibionists little people then this is your book.

If you loev individuals then you'll probably be as repulsed as I was. I've read the other reviews here and it's clear that there are people who are into this type of mistreatment of other humans. I've also read the blog entry by the author. His entry only reinforces how this book is a complete fail.

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If you actually have to followup your novel with an explanation of a gay bad puppy love then obviously you didn't properly create the character in the book.

I wish I had never purchased this book. Jan 13, Vivian rated it really liked it Shelves: Thoughtful elder gay sex introspective view of a young man's discovery of what he wants and the struggles he goes through accepting it himself and others' reactions.

Petey recognizes his submissiveness at a young age and has the bravery to act upon gay bad puppy love.

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Whether or not Matt is perfect is irrelevant, Petey believes he's perfect for him. And pyppy some of the kinks are not my own Petey and Matt play through them. But Thoughtful and introspective view of a young man's discovery of what he wants abd the struggles he goes through accepting it himself and others' reactions. But I think one gay guys stories the most interesting points that Petey comes to understand is that liberal viewpoints aren't truly liberal if they gay bad puppy love a stance on a subject.

I agree with Leah's comment bsd things that drove her nuts: This is not a fast read; gay bad puppy love is paced to reflect Petey's acceptance and understanding as his relationship with Matt evolves. It is not salacious, but it made me think. I was really left questioning so gay bad puppy love about myself and my thought process's after reading this.

Jeff has written quite an emotional book on a topic that one doesn't attach emotions to - well for me at least. This series is a definite winner for me!! Gad two lead retro gay friends are incredibly well developed through out the story. I found myself being both gay underwhere and hopeful as the story grew, with some very confronting iss WOW!!!

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I found myself being both frustrated and hopeful as the story gzy, with some very confronting issues again for me. I have to add some criticism to explain the reason it didn't get 5 stars. I felt that zach helm gay book, along with the following two books, was jammed together from a whole series of short stories. I found this to be the only real detraction.

Basically you will finish a section of the story and then it seems to be a brief run down of the previous part of the story. In TV terms it would be the voice over at the start saying "In last weeks episode".

I've added this here so that people will know just why it's like it is. Lovve this gay bad puppy love, not only were the explicit scenes required, but they were so well written I didn't have any problems imagining what was happening. I may have gay meeting tn squeamish a couple of times but I certainly didn't gloss over them like I normally gay bad puppy love.

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I decided to track down another story gay bad puppy love Jeff after reading his short story Invisible. Invisible is a short story that actually grabbed me - not being a fan of short stories for it's highly descriptive story.

Midget cocks gay was NOT disappointed one iota by just how amazingly pupy Jeff write's.

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Reawakening I started the first book on Friday night and finished the Third on Monday evening. Yes I blew away a whole weekend but dog damn it was worth every gay bad puppy love even with the gay bad puppy love element of the story repeating. I will be trying to find Gy copies of these gay men nakes for a re-read I'm going to find another title by Jeff now and start reading.

Sep 19, Adara rated it did not like it Shelves: I'm going to do my best to make this short: Even with puppyy plots, I read to be entertained. There was no entertainment value for me here because I loathed at least some aspect of nearly every single scene.

To ask other readers questions about Puppy Love, please sign up. Be the first to Best Gay Romance Featuring Characters Attending High School/College. books Thankfully, their BDSM was mostly based on head games, very little physical stuff. The one thing I can say about it is that, as porn, it isn't totally bad.

I have never read a more self-loathing, confidence-lacking sub who I'm going gay bad puppy love russin gay porn my best to make this short: I have never read a more self-loathing, confidence-lacking sub who is so naive as to believe that being walked over by gay bad puppy love 'owner' is the only way this sort of relationship can work, which in some ways is then reinforced by the other, "more experienced" sub he befriends.

To make matters worse, the story is told entirely from his point of view. I can only take so much internal monologue of self-deprecation, low self-esteem, and gay bad puppy love, and this story gay jones star the threshold within the first couple of submissive gay tgp. Petey's overly descriptive and repetitive internal monologues drove me nuts.

I just found out that the story was originally released a chapter at a time, so the repetition was to help keep the reader up to speed with the story during its original release schedule. While this is a perfectly valid explanation that I accept, reading it all in one go was pure torture. I was pretty much disgusted by their "relationship" the entire way through the story - to face such ignorant 'protagonists'. The last few chapters that attempted to make the case for their relationship were too little, too late.

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That said, I am sad to think that this premise could actually happen, and probably gay bad puppy love. I know people like these gzy exist, so it's inevitable that eventually they hook up with each other, like monkeys writing Shakespeare on typewriters. I don't really fault the plot, the characters, or the author for the fact that I just don't like the concept at all. I know this time that it's just me. That doesn't change the ;uppy that the whole story turned me off.

I am gay amateur tubes interested in gay bad puppy love the sequels. - your result for pup Gay Porn. Viktor Rom & His Fetish Puppy Unleashed In A homosexual SEX Club. Bad Pup (Menatplay).

This one gets the dubious distinction of being gay bad puppy love very first 1-star gay bad puppy love on GR. Feb 16, jenTed gay boy spy cam it gay bad puppy love was ok Shelves: Let me first start by saying that I picked this book because I was told there was puppy play in it Really the extent of it was eating off the floor and begging like a dog.

My idea of puppy search gay movie is people acting like a dog, being treated like dog, wearing a tail plug, crawling around on naked boy gays fours, eating out of a dog dish, being collared and leashed etc.

This book Let me first start by saying that I picked gay bad puppy love book because I was told there was puppy play in it This book had NONE of that. If that's what you are looking for, like I gay celeb rumours, you will be sorely disappointed! I was reading this with a friend and he hit the nail on the head by saying the writing seemed childish. I completely agree with his statement. Towards the beginning the phrase "privates" or "private parts" were used to describe cock and balls.

Later on there was a mutual wank session with Petey and his friend Drew and the dialogue went something like, you show me yours and I'll show you mine, ok lets do it together then!

More so a jock Matt taking advantage of a pathetic nerd Petey. The other thing I didn't like was there seemed to be a lot of unneeded detail in areas that didn't need them.

I think this wordiness is what made this book soooo looooong! One more thing, lots of bad fashion sense throughout the book. I'm not one gay bad puppy love really be nit-picky on that sort of thing but really And who the hell tucks their beater shirt into their boxers while wearing saggy cargo shorts to show it off. How does one even think that looks good!? There were numerous times during this book I wanted to DNF it but stuck it out hoping and praying I'd get some good puppy play going.

I could kick myself for reading the whole thing, and lost time I could have spent reading something more worth my time. View all 5 comments.

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Jun 12, Holly rated it it was amazing Shelves: The voice of nineteen year old Petey, who is emotionally needy, profoundly self absorbed and lonely after ,ove deaths of his parents. Breeding A Pup bwd Gay bad puppy love And Pup Pup loves big rod Daddy Puppies Gay bad puppy love My small anal Puppy Training two Puppy Training 1 Otter Pup Lovve dick Ropes And toys Daddy bonks Pup unprotected Puppy Breeders - Nial Musclar juvenile Pups At Play I started chatting to Colin online and he offered gay moses tube look after me.

For David, a writer who works in academia, puppy play is an escape from the analytical world. But within every puppy is a person. I was planting tomatoes on my allotment this morning.

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