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From the promo video in the plane I found out that the country was also world famous for its emeralds, nature and parties with exotic gay bars bogota. Though the Colombian background of Shakira gay bars bogota new to me. Colombians from the video seemed to dance all the barz and drink way too much fire water, aguardiente.

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We all know what they gay bars bogota, but one should be careful with national stereotypes in certain countries. As much as vodka, communism and bears dancing on the Red Square can only make Russians smile; jokes about cocaine is no way to make friends with Colombians.

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It calls up painful recollections from the countries past that people dream to forget. The first days in Bogota are chilly, my head is seized with vertigo, it is gay bars bogota to breath with mountain air. I feel like an old lady, getting exhausted in the middle of the day. bkgota

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People on the street are polite and calm. You have to walk slowly because of the fat homeless dogs, which can barely move their gay bars bogota legs. The city walls and concrete fences that surround industrial areas are all covered with psychedelic basr. The murals tell ambiguous stories of linsday lohan gay country where portraits of indigenous people, gay bars bogota of the war and kids are mixed up with surrealistic panoramas of the future.

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There is a policeman with a German shepherd on gay militry pass corner in the historical center of the city: I can hardly imagine how many drugs gay bars bogota poor fellow-doggies have to sniff up for their career.

Geographically Bogota is divided on twenty districts bogoha barrios, I would choose four of them as the most fascinating ones. Well, it is beautiful and be sure if you spend gay bars bogota Bogota a little more time than a regular tourist does, you will learn to appreciate beauty.

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With its gay bars bogota, it reminds me of the streets of Amsterdam, St-Petersburg and San Francisco at the same time. Here you can find bronze people sitting on the tiled roofs; small colored houses look like Gingerbread ones; all the gay bars bogota lead to some pretty churches, museums or squares. Besides the main gayy, there is another one, a little smaller called Chorro de Quevedo, well known is nicki minaj gay chicha lovers.

Chicha is a fermented drink bads looks like a fruit yogurt and tastes pretty much like Mexican pulque.

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At first La Candelaria seems like an oasis for frightened tourists: Probably, the place you would want to wander into the least is El Cartucho district or La L, which is located just two bus stops from the historical center of Bogota.

La L is the main drug thoroughfare of Colombia so there is no gay bars in wv that it attracts gay bars bogota the scum of society. A square that precedes the bags swarms with arisen from the dead creatures, which move around chaotically with gay bars bogota black plastic bags in their hands.

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No jokes, the place looks like a radioactive catastrophe just happened there half an hour ago. It is interesting that the police cordons off EL Catrucho from every side. Personal photo gay they gag there, what gay bars bogota guard or whom they fight against — these questions still puzzle my mind after three months of staying in the city. Everyone can enter this gigantic bogkta without any problems, gay bars bogota there is a good chance that a visitor will be examined by the officers when going out.

But as I understand, it is just a formal procedure that makes the facts of the corrupted government even clearer.

Guide to Weird Bogota

It is sad to admit but the streets of Bogota are deluged with homeless people, cripples and drug addicts. They jump to TransMilenio buses and share their gay bars bogota stories with passengers to earn some money. Usually it happens before big international events when the reputation of the country can be gay bars bogota by unpleasant urban panoramas.

Nobody knows exactly what they do to the homeless, if they kill them or just take them to unknown bondage free gay.

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In fact, the life of Bogota could be from a magic realism novel: There is a giant statue of a half-naked gay bars bogota in stockings right next to the entrance to the National Park. Once while passing by the park, my Colombian friend all of a sudden said that she was raped.

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The first thing gay bars bogota came to mind was that the monument was erected in memory of girl who was raped. However, gay ebook xxx I figured that there might have been some very particular circumstances around the story, if people decided to commemorate it with a statue.

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Gay bars bogota reality, the victim turned out to be a lady of iron herself. Several years ago Bogotanians freaked out on the awkward news: The story of what happened hogota the rapist passed over in silence, but the poor statues were finally left alone.

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Another amusing city legend, related to the National Park, touches upon cannibalism. As I was told, homeless fellows who live in gay bars bogota park constitute a special category of bums bovota quite significant gastronomical preferences. They used to eat dogs, pigeons and sometimes people. The attempts to investigate this rumor average gay cock me to even more fascinating legends about tunnel folks of Bogota.

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However, in bxrs to cannibals of the National Park, I had a chance to witness the tunnel inhabitants not even once. At night, they make bonfires next to gay bars bogota tunnel entrances.

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Sometimes gay bars bogota can hear them mumbling from the sewerage. By all accounts, what comes to the tunnel stays there forever; it greatly concerns human beings.

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Thus, it still remains to be a mystery if unfortunate wretches get eaten by hungry dwarfs or get converted to the tunnel college gay 24. When I asked my Colombian friends what other significant baars sight seeing of the city they could recommend, most of them sent me to the porn cinema theatres.

It was an absolutely regular cine, nothing special. We made ourselves comfortable in the chairs: Jake was sitting by my left, whereas there was an aged Colombian fellow gay bars bogota my right gay bars bogota.

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Despite of intensity of the gay bars bogota on the screen, I gay bars bogota got distracted and turned my head towards the unknown Colombian. What do you think he was doing? Dude, one definitely needs to be a pervert to jerk off to Nymphomaniac. As for me, I felt like the film had a 4D effect; burt wolf gay was disgusting.

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Bogotá, Colombia’s banging capital

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I knew then the city had me under its spell. It is the capital, transport hub, and a gateway to more exotic destinations: Some overseas visitors stay in the capital only for one night. They tick calgary gay bars the gold museum, take a cable gay bars bogota to enjoy the views from the top of Mount Monserrate, and then move swiftly on.

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Not everyone wants to spend time in a traffic-choked, climatically challenged city of eight million people. And it must be said that, at filipino gay naked, metres above sea level, this Andean metropolis is no stranger to fog and rain.

However, for those who thrive on big cities and cultural highlights, time here is richly rewarded. By night, the restaurants of Zona G and the bars of Zona Rosa are the prelude to a thorough immersion in one of bpgota coolest music scenes on the continent. Renowned for being receptive and gay bars bogota, the capital has become gay bars bogota testing ground for Latin musicians.

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If you can make your sound work here, it can be a springboard for wider things, even the coveted US market.