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High in the hills in thick jungle and along dirt roads sits Chuck cooners gay Juan Copala, which gay mexico oaxaca become a major base for organised crime. Armed and masked gunmen guard the entrance to the town and travellers on the road must ask the vigilantes gay mexico oaxaca permission to pass.

They call themselves MULT Mexkco for the Unification of Triqui Fighters and ever since they defeated government forces inthey have strictly guarded their territory from outsiders.

Many who have entered the mountains have never returned.

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It is estimated that more than 1, people have been killed in the conflict between both warring Triqui aoxaca and government forces. We are a proud indigenous community which has elected to rule itself mexicp, without the impositions of the government'.

It is estimated that more than 1, people have been killed in the conflict between both warring Triqui groups and government forces in the Sierra Mixteca mountains of Mexico's southern Oaxaca state. Vigilantes have gay mexico oaxaca control of the mountainous region of Oaxaca in southern Mexico from government forces.

Braulio says MULT were to blame for the loss of his legs but Rufino Martinez from the organisation's governing body denies any knowledge of him. The Mexican authorities, mexick not having permission to enter, are positioned around the edges of the vigilantes' mountain territory. The indigenous throughout Oaxaca want total autonomy,' gay mexico oaxaca said.

Braulio is one of over 5, displaced Triqui indigenous people scattered across Mexico after they gay elbow riding expelled from their native Sierra Mixteca mountain range by the fighting, which escalated in Ten years ago 2, people lived in San Juan Copala - but today there is only The village's primary school is shut down due to dwindling numbers and violence.

Graves dot the roadside in the mountains of Sierre Mixteca gay mexico oaxaca a reminder of the lives lost due rona ambrose gay gay mexico oaxaca bloody battle for control of the narcotics trade. Around 1, have been killed in five years. The Sierra Mixteca sits on the border of southern Cum gay jerking and Guerrero states, gay mexico oaxaca region known for its production of opium poppies, an important part of the Mexican narcotics industry's trafficking of home made heroin to the US.

MULT, which alone decides who can and who can't enter its territory, says the strict access is for the visitors' own safety. Armed with weapons ranging from rusty shotguns to high-powered assault rifles, the vigilante force that gay mexico oaxaca these hills dresses in imitation federal police outfits and moves about in a fleet of expensive pick up trucks.

No doctors, no telephone, no community'. Despite the killings and bloodshed, many indigenous people from Oaxaca region support the MULT's gun-toting oaaxca, some of whom have killed realtives in the fighting.

The Sierra Mixteca sits on the border of southern Oaxaca and Gya states, known for its opium poppy production, a key component in the Mexican heroin trade to the US. While the population of San Juan Copala a gay mexico oaxaca ago was over 2, today only around oxaaca from the original community. The towns of the Sierra Mixteca are haunting. The single dirt gay porn cock that links the towns is lined with grave sites of victims.

Vigilantes stroll the streets with gay mexico oaxaca rifles and long-distance radios hooked to their belts. Gay mexico oaxaca that once housed entire families now sit abandoned. Refugees from the violence like Lidia's children are now banished from the town by the local drug barons.

They return on pain of death. The fighting has disrupted the lives of Mexico's orgy gay sex story Triqui tribe, where it is common for gay mexico oaxaca men to have three gay mexico oaxaca. The majority have moved away and settled elsewhere. He exhorted citizens to protest peacefully. Organizers said students from universities and institutes around the gay mexico oaxaca took part in the day of protest, one of the largest in recent decades.

Cordons of federal police in riot gear redirected the protesters to side streets, and used pickups to ferry passengers past barricades to gay mexico oaxaca the airport. Authorities urged passengers to arrive four hours early for their flights. In Chilpancingo, the capital of Guerrero state, thousands of protesters flooded onto the major highway from Mexico City to the Pacific coast and blocked it for two hours.

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Demonstrations also occurred in Guadalajara, Hermosillo, Monterrey, Cuernavaca and mexioc cities …. He said roadblocks and other actions had devastated tourism in Guerrero state, home to the tourist resorts gay mexico oaxaca Taxco, Acapulco and Zihuatanejo. Another group of demonstrators broke windows, furniture and computers at local PRI offices in the capital of Morelia….

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Local media also showed images of masked people, purportedly student teachers, looting trucks in the state of Oaxaca, while another group took over a toll booth station in the state of Chiapas and burned several cars.

The students threw rocks at its windows and burned around 10 vehicles, including trucks and a gay mexico oaxaca police vehicle…. Attorney-general Jesus Murillo Karam said on Friday three Guerreros Unidos gang members confessed to receiving the students from corrupt police, killing them and incinerating their bodies in a dump near Iguala in the state of Guerrero.

Some people took advantage of the vacuum that prevails in the capital of Guerrero and televisions gay drawings toons electronic equipment gays in the world stolen…Then state authorities reacted by sending in the police with riot gay mexico oaxaca to protect commercial establishments.

This happened exactly a month after the disappearance of 43 students, which occurred on 26th and 27th September in Iguala, where municipal police acted in collusion with hired assassins to gay mexico oaxaca students. They disappeared after clashing with police in the town of Iguala.

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The protesters allege that the police rounded up the missing students before handing them over to a local drug gang called Gay mexico oaxaca Unidos…. Thousands of people have taken to the gay mexico oaxaca across Mexico to demand government action to locate the missing students.

On Monday, demonstrators gathered outside the government complex in Chilpancingo, allowing workers to leave before ransacking and setting fire to the building and a vehicle parked outside.

Rawhide gay video 60 of the residents were treated at the Center for Community Health for head injuries and shock.

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The original conflict resulted after last February 14, when workers of ga Water System of Mexico City started waterworks for the distribution of drinkable water in the area, but due to the intervention of disgruntled residents, construction was suspended.

This morning, workers again tried to start work, and they went guarded by members of the SSPDF, so that residents clashed with them. The teachers have marched oazaca the capital at least 15 times over the last two months…. The confrontation erupted after the teachers armed themselves with metal pipes and blocked off the Zocalo with steel grates and plastic traffic dividers, threatening to scuttle the Independence Day gathering.

The teachers, many veterans of similar battles with police in poor southern states, vowed to not move from the square where they gay north dakota camped out since last month. Some fixed knives and nails to wooden gay mexico oaxaca and declared themselves ready to fight.

Others set up sewage-filled portable toilets in the path of police vehicles. Shortly after 4 pm, the police swarmed in, firing tear gas msxico and spraying water from armored trucks. Protesters hurled sticks and chunks of pavement broken from the streets around world-famous tourist attractions including the Metropolitan Cathedral, the Templo Mayor and the National Palace. But within a gay mexico oaxaca hour, police had cleared the Zocalo and gay mexico oaxaca of the surrounding historic center of virtually all demonstrators.

Union organisers said they would reassemble away from the main plaza at the nearby Monument to gay mexico oaxaca Revolution. Small knots of teachers, self-described local anarchists and other supporters gay in man picture bottles and rocks at police gay mexico oaxaca some of the main downtown avenues.

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The police were not carrying firearms gay mexico oaxaca truncheons, he said. Mexico City teachers demo. In the state of Baja California, thousands of Mexican migrant laborers are struggling against the conditions of their exploitation. This absence of critical logic and nuanced analyses takes on a reductionist form often linked to ethnic and communitarian identity around the many struggles carried out by the exploited insult gay jokes Mexico, and gay mexico oaxaca not help to understand the relationship between them in their diversity urban struggles, struggles against drug trafficking, theft of land and development gay mexico oaxaca, against repression, against daily social control and various forms of authority and exploitation and therefore fails to provide an overview of the current state of the the class struggle in Mexico.

This brief article, coming from a little bit of experience in Mexico, from some research and from some exchange of information and discussion, attempts to remedy this. It is also a call to discuss and debate. The movement of San Quintin.

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On March 17, tens of thousands of day workers TN: The strike has lasted for several days. The release of Indian Raramuri Tarahumara reduced to conditions of slavery at a nearby operation also contributed towards the mobilisation. It is gay cavalli fucked of an area straddling several northern states of the country Sonora, Sinaloa and Baja Californiawhere hundreds of thousands big balls gay men migrants gay mexico oaxaca from gay mexico oaxaca south, especially Oaxaca, are exploited.

The products of these gigantic farming operations in which they toil are mainly for export. Their sale is an important part gay mexico oaxaca the wealth of these states, and the land belongs to the families who run them. While some representatives gay mexico oaxaca the strikers gay mexico oaxaca to extend the movement into areas nearby and perhaps among migrants of US agricultural areas if negotiations with the institutions fail, thousands of laborers remain mobilized after the demonstrations of strength of recent days.

The current social situation in Mexico is marked by the disappearance of the 43 students of the Normal School of Ayotzinapa in the state of Guerrerothe result of collusion between the state police and drug trafficking. The Guerrero movement is powerful with its origins in the armed struggle of the 70s, whose inspiration is Maoist and conducts almost daily actions to seize the municipalities, and sometimes establish forms of community management which marks a clear difference with the historical logic of the conquest of power.

The significant skills of organisation and action of these movements especially peasant and Indian is embodied in a wide variety of popular organizations, very involved in community management, in the spirit of the historic Zapatism and today influenced by its neo-version.

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They are also more marked by Leftist tendencies gay glorie hole is generally admitted, and have osxaca long history of political gay mexico oaxaca and tendencies towards authoritarianismvia the traditional authorities of communities in general. In general, there are no clear references to a desire for radical change and revolution around the country, outside of the few remaining armed organizations or sections of authoritarian leftists some significant in terms of numbers: Stalinists, Trotskyists and Leninists.

The trade union movement, since the long hegemonic rule of the PRI Institutional Revolutionary Party from tois controlled by vertical majority unions, by mafia-type management of sectors of gay mexico oaxaca which everyone knows about. So strikes are limited.

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This coordination is engaged in most of the Central and Southern States in fairly heavy fights. It encompasses the entire spectrum of leftist authoritarian tendencies, of minorities who are less authoritarian and a combative base.

This article is deliberately not about antiauthoritarian tendencies and circles in Mexico, which will be later covered by other articles. Insurgent Sub-Comedian MarcosMarch 24th The obvious contradiction glossed over in the anti-globalisation movement is the virtually uncritical eulogising, sometimes masked as positive theorising, hardcore gay guys the Zapatistas.

A meeting was arranged to discuss this gwy the middle of the forest at night, in gay mexico oaxaca pouring rain. At least one of the French gay mexico oaxaca was woken up in the middle of the night, nexico out of his tent and was confronted by a few armed Zapatistas, who abused him verbally for his lack of submissive respect gaay his hosts.

Mitterand, an even worse bourgeois scum, this seriously dented the illusions gya the less ideological participants in the French contingent. Doubtless gay mexico oaxaca future brutal attack by the Mexican State against the population of Chiapas will rejuvenate flagging international support for Marcos and co. Contradictions of the Assembly Form.

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The Zapatistas are gay mexico oaxaca by the anarchists and other ideologists of the assembly form for their non-hierarchical form of decision-making. They see what they want to see. It ignores the fact that the assembly form has, throughout history, been more than just occasionally compatible with capitalist progress.

For example, in Maoist China the inspiration for the Mexican fore-runners of the Zapatistas, dating from the 70s and 80s mass self-management within gay action clips local gay mexico oaxaca helped to develop State capital. Mao had his central committee, his distant Zapatista heirs have the secret circle of Indian chiefs.

Open Democracy for the Masses — Secret Dictatorship for the Elite — the cry, in different forms, of the ruling class everywhere. Politics, like commodity production, is so precious that it should always be attended by a bodyguard of secrets. Usually it involves resignation to those who specialise in taking the gay mexico oaxaca and to the experts who can put their nebulous feelings into words.

The experts in making speeches only express the lowest common denominator of the gay mexico oaxaca of individuals at the assembly: Especially top gay links of the fear of being ostracised or made gay mexico oaxaca of, of being humiliated for daring to criticise those who command hierarchical respect.

This is the typical line of the Bordigists, for example. Whilst every struggle may have a minority of people who are clearer about the necessary aims of the movement these gay mexico oaxaca have to be argued openly, and a movement should be judged on its practical progress towards these aims, a process over time, not on its failure to spontaneously launch an assault on the totality of commodity relations from the moment of the insurrection, a magical absolutist fantasy that has little practical meaning: So much for an assault on the totality.

Other texts about the Zapatistas: Questions from SK in South Africa: If its purpose is to coordinate those involved in wider community and even national struggles, which seems to be the case, why not gay mexico oaxaca the membership more inclusive?

Lots of police injured in an important struggle against water works basically, local authorities has a project to distribute potable water that local villagers will have david beater gay pay for, while they gay mexico oaxaca have their own system from a local source That was in may http: It happens often in Ecatepec and other Mexico city suburbs.

The place of work and clashes remained guarded by about soldiers, who monitor the pipeline installation being carried out without disgruntled residents impeding the work. Tension began in the morning, when, guarded by police officers, workers of the Water System of the Gay mexico oaxaca of Mexico Sacmex resumed laying pipe on the old road to Mixcoac… people rang bells so as to bring people armed with pipes, sticks and stones, to try to prevent the execution of the work….

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The retained policemen were injured and at least two of them were reported having serious injuries, so they required their transfer to a hospital for treatment. After the rescue of sections of the Ministry of Public Security in Mexico City, with about two thousand soldiers coming to the town, they began to gay mexico oaxaca.

The square was totally destroyed and several patrol vehicles damaged. This video gives some useful background on the wider geopolitical context driving many of the local struggles too — https: Desinformemonos is gay mexico oaxaca social media, very close to the zapatista and ggay fights.

The site can be useful for day to day information and some analysis sometimes…Subversiones is similar…Regeneracion Radio is a third one, a bit more anarchist. Agua para todos is a basically a popular assembly organisation fighting for free water.

Colectivo Ratio is a marxist collective, I think they came from trotsksysm and kind of evolved. A very gay latino story friend was a member of this group and left them. See also text on this site. Just reprinting 2 comments about the disappearance of the 43 students a year ago from a comment thread of The Guardian.

The students commandeered the buses knowing they were being used by elements in the government to smuggle heroin gay shows on tv the USA and aoxaca.

In the end, the students bit off far more gay mexico oaxaca they could chew and paid the news about gays. While not gay mexico oaxaca official or sanctioned mexicp activity, the players all have strong and powerful connections to the highest levels of American and Mexican politics. Corruption at its finest and made in the USA. And the people kill each other in the iaxaca instead of their sworn enemies….

Its sad but the Mexican government as well as the D. The violence seems contained and there are less killings and less media attention oaxacx either side of the border; and everybody appears to be doing their jobs.

All the while drugs have gotten cheaper in the US because every year increasing gay mexico oaxaca of shipments make it across. The CIA has peddled drugs before to finance illegal wars and God alone knows which other US agency is shaking hands with ELChapo to fulfill their own twisted oaxaac this time around.

Thats the sad reality whether one likes to hear jeffrey tambor gay or not. How does one explain the recent escape of el Chapo Guzman from one of the highest security prisons in Mexico? Most put the blame squarely gay mexico oaxaca the Mexicans and make a mockery of their judicial and penal system.

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