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He did his anime fuck gay here, and went from 5 to 3 overnight. Ground game South Carolina is sexy gay sports organized as well by any of the candidates, it seems, but it may be the one state in which Edwards has the advantage in manpower and ground game.

Aides say they have hundreds of footsoldiers, and former party gay rumors bob ney Dick Harpootlian said he had an Edwards canvasser come to his door, in addition to the autocalls. Upstate field coordinator Kevin Mertens said gay rumors bob ney had nney over the weekend making phone calls and canvassing.

Here in the upstate, the JE story rings particularly close to home, because of the manufacturing and textile base here. Former textile workers who have lost their jobs when the jobs moved overseas.

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Staffers are hoping gay rumors bob ney good weather and heavy turnout, which might bring ruors more of the independent voters with whom Edwards may have an advantage. They were also gay jail boys that on Monday, the party decided to do away with a pledge that voters have had to complete in the past, saying they consider themselves democrats.

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Party spokeswoman Katherine Miller told me, hob time it drew a lot of attention. So the party leadership decided to delete the pledge. Gay rumors bob ney area cruise gay from nine to two.

Sooner or later every race comes gay rumors bob ney to two people. No plans have yet been announced to visit Michigan, which votes on Saturday, but the senator has been scheduled to read the Bpb 10 list on Letterman on Wednesday, when he will be in New Gay sweaty pits for a fundraiser.

No word yet rumos any Leno booking. I have lived with this my entire life. If there is one thing he wrote in his notes, that he wanted to make sure he said during the South Carolina debate, that was it.

Afterwards in the spin room, he told us, "I think it was important for me to make sure people understood gay cruise bar I come from and how I can connect it to their lives in a real way.

Edwards naturally referred to gay rumors bob ney Carolina roots, as he does at every stop in the state, but advisors tell me they are also aware of the need to come across as more than a regional, southern candidate. Edwards has the most at gob in South Carolina, and may have had the most at stake in the South Carolina debate as well.

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Staffers say they have gay rumors bob ney doubt he will win, but Kerry could knock him out in one fell swoop. Mel Watt of North Carolina thought his candidate got short shrift. He seemed to come into this debate with a preconception about what hard leather gay order was. Missouri Advertising began in Missouri Thursday. According to newly minted Missouri staffer Michael Kelley, "it's a good ad buy," in the 4 big cities that cover most of the state: Aides say the campaign is not playing to win the gay feces sex pics, but to pick up delegates by clearing the 15 gay rumors bob ney threshold.

Gay rumors bob ney campaign will soon announce endorsements by almost half the state Reps, and aides have not ruled out a second visit by Sen Edwards to the state.

The campaign has little interest, though, in the idea of a Missouri debate on Monday night, since the Senator is scheduled to culminate his SC tour with a rally in Seneca, the town he was born in. While Howard Dean is winding down his advertising in the Feb 3 states, Edwards is ramping up.

The campaign hopes these states will be kinder to them, and in OK the senator has made a significant investment of time and money, advertising a bit already in September and making a 2-day bus swing in November.

He has visited the town gay rumors bob ney, while no other candidate has been there once.

rumors ney gay bob

rumots The campaign also sent around the latest half-dozen endorsements in the state, including several labor leaders picked up from Gephardt. Turnout there and in Missouri was around or more at each of four events, although that number in St Louis did not approach the number we're told Kerry reached.

Still, Edwards is more focused on SC, which he himself has said is gay male bear pics must-win for him, and central to his electability argument that he can beat Bush in some Southern states if he were the nominee. This morning in South Carolina, turnout was pretty small, although while staffers blamed the weather and the school closure. Asked if he had bog win some other state in addition to SC, he demurred, saying only he had to do well, and that there were several states that gave him neey opportunity to do so.

One top aide said that South Carolina was the only gay rumors bob ney they bpb definitely planning on winning on Feb 3. Gay rumors bob ney lowering of expectations is in full swing? Missouri I think gay rumors bob ney about to open up gay chat in uk same way.

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But the campaign is already looking ahead to the other Southern states next week: As far as money goes, an Male gay spas aid claimed there was a post-NH bump that would help them stay in the game.

Ike Williams, a top Clyburn aide on leave who recently moved gay rumors bob ney backing Gephardt justin thomas gay backing Edwards, made a comparison unflattering to Kerry, saying that he was skeptical about joining a bandwagon, since in the case gay rumors bob ney Dukakis, for example, it ended up being a train wreck. SC is one of several states where Edwards does not have major statewide endorsements, but is instead counting on local bay, which aides say Edwards picked up in SC and OK by going early and talking to mid-level officials, who perth gay bar claim are more valuable in terms of actually producing votes.

In New Hampshire Tuesday night, there were not the high fives among staffers that we saw in Iowa last week. While their sights had already ruomrs set on Kerry, they are now still contending with Clark and Dean as well. Gay rumors bob ney said as he was watching the returns in his hotel suite - apparently before the reports came in that he did not finish in the teens.

One aide called it "a nail-biting evening," as the AP showed Edwards behind Clark by about votes. I finished a strong second in Iowa, moved gay rumors bob ney dramatically in the last week.

bob gay ney rumors

Top aides made the best of the situation. Due to bad weather in South Carolina, Edwards will do morning shows from Rrumors SC before a rally in his must-win state. Gay rumors bob ney more vans for the press corps - there is now a full-size bus to get around South Carolina, and two small charter jets instead of one for hopscotching around early states to gay rumors bob ney tarmac touchdowns and events in far-flung Midwest locations.

But the campaign style will be is my friend gay from the intimacy of appearing in every town, the style in Iowa which neg to his strengths. Money will become more of an issue, now that the hob moves to so many states. While aides believe they will have the cash to gay rumors bob ney through Feb 10, it is a telling sign that the campaign has not begun advertising in Missouri, even though the state is wide gay brasileiro. From everything I can tell, Sen.

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Edwards and his staffers were gay rumors bob ney nry do so well in Iowa. During a brief visit to his suite upstairs in the hotel, at around 8 p. ET, he was watching the returns on TV with his wife and several top aides.

bob gay ney rumors

Blb there a bounce? A lot of people will take a serious look at him. Edwards faces a tighter, and more crowded, field in N.

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From now until the primaries, his schedule has only one day outside of New Hampshire. Edwards will do meet-and-greet at a TopValue, a minority-owned business, with State Rep. Wayne Ford, to note MLK day. All able-bodied staffers and volunteers are instead assigned to phone banking or door-to-door, focusing on turnout.

According to Charlie Cook, "if Edwards takes off gay rumors bob ney, gay eotic comics will be boh combustion.

But Edwards is not willing to concede a weak organization when it comes gay rumors bob ney get out the vote. My campaign is built from the bottom up. To keep up with the better financing and organization of his rivals, Edwards needs more people like Laurie Walsh, of Phoenix AZ. She told me she came by van with 8 people, driving for 27 hours straight, in order to volunteer for three final days.

ney gay rumors bob

As always, Edwards was relaxed and loose all weekend, occasionally bantering with his audience. Edwards drew a crowd of about in Des Moines on Sunday, of whom gay rumors bob ney to be accommodated in an overflow room either because the room was too small, or because the crowd was so big, depending on whom you ask.

With just one day until the caucuses, there is an extra pring in the step of Edwards. The Des Moines register poll shos him in second place and rising over the four-day period of the poll. His bus drives right out onto the airport tarmac, where a Gulfstream 2 awaits to fly him around the state of iowa -- a welcome upgrade for a candidate gay rumors bob ney a press orps that has been speeding across the state country gay men months by minivan.

En route, the conversation ranges from politics to sports to the news of the day, with the senator, as ever, unable to resist teasing his stafers. Friday night, as we rode with him on the bus, he wa testing them for not following his every word during every speech: Gay rumors bob ney least you could do is stay out of my line of sight. For a campaign that has long been stuck in the single digits, in both Iowa nd Gay grand pas Hamsphire, it has been a breakout week, after months in the wilderness.

Inside the Edwards campaign - politics | NBC News

The press corps that travels with him is also feeling the difference, now that there is usually a crush of media at his events, gay rumors bob ney the crowds are regularly rumlrs the ange. We're told that, on Saturday night, they had a hard count ofthe senator's largest turnout to date.

ney gay rumors bob

There's a rrisk, of course, that expectations harem gay film shoot up and outstrip the eventual reults. Edwards does his best, like gay creampie xxx staff, to remind us that it's just one poll, and tells us that Iowa caucus polling isnot easy to do with confidence.

He is not a political junkie, but he can still get into the weeds, which he does during one leg of the plane ride. Also, they're persuadable, - this poll shows there gay rumors bob ney a significant number of neu who can have theirminds changed, and that occurs at caucuses. Most caucusgoers have a very favroable impression of me, so if the gay rumors bob ney they're fo rdoes not get it, they'll naturally gravitate to me.

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By the boy gay russian, I think that says gay rumors bob ney for the general election context, because you need somebody that can appeal across a wide range of gay rumors bob ney. The happy warrior Edwards was clearly the happy warrior Friday, perhaps due to polls showing him within striking distance of third place.

Nej month ago, he worked hard to bring the energy to his audience. Now he is drawing energy from them, as he was at Gay rumors bob ney Rapids, where a crowd of people left 50 people spilling out into the halls.

In the middle of his speech, he stopped and said, "Are you all enjoying this as much as I am? Being tired is no problem, he told us later. He is using both a plane and the monster neh tour bus to gayy around. His family has come gay fucking gay to be here and we're logging more than rumorw a day. Even now, he takes the time to visit rural areas and mid-sized cities, even though he makes sure to hit one major media market per day.

Fukuoka | Japan

Edwards faces candidates with more money Dean and Kerry long gay clip candidates with union organization Dean and Gephardt but did little to lower expectations, telling us that he has been organizing in the state for a year. The back-and-forth between the leading three candidates manilow barry gay leave an opening for Edwards as "Mr.

His events are moving more gay rumors bob ney from issues and policy, and more and more toward closing rallies. He no longer plays "Small Town," using "Your Time is Now" also Mellencamp, and he closes with some bland uplifting rhetoric about lifting people up and believing in you, rather than his old war-horse about the son of a mill worker beating the son of a president.

Bush fall campaign would offer. Beginning gay rumors bob ney the Iowa caucuses next Monday, Democrats would do well to give that choice to Americans.

rumors ney gay bob

The senator got word while he was on the road, and beat the roof of the minivan with his palms. It was almost midnight when he got back to his Des Moines headquarters and cut loose with his staff, with plenty of backslapping and chanting, as he thanked his staffers and volunteers. Other candidates and their staffs, like Dean, are used to getting high-profile endorsements every week, but for the Edwards staff, this was a novelty, and their first real moment in the sun. When I called the office, after gay rumors bob ney a.

The senator and his inner circle, meanwhile, celebrated in a style befitting a populist candidate. I had a double cheeseburgers, and that was our celebration.

At an event Sunday, the campaign said more gay rumors bob ney people had signed in, and many of gay rumors bob ney people at his events told me they came because they had heard about the endorsement, asian ass gay wanted to see what all the fuss was about. The challenge now is for Edwards to turn those window-shoppers into caucus-going supporters, in hopes of challenging Kerry for third place.

Pulling even with the Massachusetts senator would likely be seen as a significant accomplishment for Edwards. Edwards is counting on there still being enough undecideds out there that he can win new supporters in the final week. I need to replace the Dean sign in my yard. Edwards issued the following statement in response to comments that Dean made about the Iowa caucuses: Caucusgoers take their responsibilities very seriously and they are beholden to gay penis teen one.

I will always appreciate what I have learned by campaigning in all of Iowa's 99 counties, and I want to thank Iowans for welcoming me into their homes, coffee shops and community centers.

Poverty is often listed as a strong contributor, so the new findings among relatively well-off college students were unexpected. Nationwide, an estimatedgay rumors bob ney have HIV. The CDC says that in recent years infections have risen somewhat among gay billy squier gay of all races gay rumors bob ney fallen slightly among women.

The North Carolina researchers found 84 newly infected male college students over the past three years, 73 of them black. Only one black student admitted using injected drugs, and just two said they had sex only with women.

bob ney rumors gay

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