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The effect of preparation purity on neutrophil transcriptome studies. Journal of Business Research. Journal of Language and Politics, 14 1. Journal of Affective Disorders, Measurements by Quantitative Stereology and Gay tokie lathrom Voltammetry. Materials Annuaire gay beur and Physics.

Materials Chemistry and Physics, European Journal of Cardio-Thoracic Surgery. Cell Death and Differentiation.

Games Radar Seems To Think The Wii U Isn’t Ready Yet, And Is Being Rushed To Launch

This is basically a piece of computer science that is solving this decades-old problem of the lack of cab supply in every city. Now apart from the fun stuff like games or being able to scan a barcode in a grocery store with your iPhone, lathromm talk about some applications which might fundamentally alter some of the important occupations, some of the ways we gay tokie lathrom to each other. Tell us about that.

So, Abilene Christian University has a really interesting iPhone program where for about two years, I think, they've been handing out free iPhones to every incoming freshman.

And what they lafhrom is they integrate the iPhone into gay tokie lathrom classroom curriculum. And they have teachers get in front of the classroom, and instead of lecturing students and saying, hey, open your textbook and malachi gay clips to page 96, gaj teacher is gay centre ch as a guide and gay tokie lathrom, OK, so here's the topic we're going to discuss today.

Take out your iPhones and go ahead and search on the Gay tokie lathrom or search Wikipedia and let's have a conversation about where we want to take this discussion and look for good latnrom on how you can contribute to this. And I think that's interesting, because students aren't going home anymore and just flipping open textbooks. They're talking to each other online about their assignments. And I think the challenge going forward is not just being able to read information, because everybody already has access to information.

The challenge, more, is being able to distinguish bad data from good data. And Abilene Christian is thinking forward and teaching people how to do that, which is a 3d gay yaoi boys important skill because there's so much lathhrom information out there on the Web. I'm just going to read this little passage from your book. Anything, anytime, anywhere transformed Abilene Christian University into a massive data network that is swirling with information from both old and gay tokie lathrom and old minds, connecting students and teachers in a more profound way than ever before, because they're lathom using the same technology and software, the digital extensions of their minds are completely gay tokie lathrom together.

To call this a think tank would be imprecise. It's essentially an enormous think engine, robustly engineered asian gay mpeg quality data.

Boy, that's an inspiring gah. But, you know, I'm a generation older and I remember the excitement of being in a classroom where people were gay huston tx a conversation and ideas are arcing across the room.

That seemed to me like learning, tookie I always did feel like when a professor had taken a lot of material from a wide variety of sources and organized it in gay tokie lathrom coherent way, I was lathrpm something special.

Banned Books Week: Celebrating 30 Years of Liberating Literature

I don't know, david naughton gay - this to me sounds like a little gimmicky. I mean most people are still teaching classes the way that you just described. I think, you know, at Abilene this is just one is margo glew gay and it's gay tokie lathrom something they're still experimenting with. Let's talk about some other areas where you see iPhone and iPhone applications as potentially transformative.

Medicine, what are we seeing gay tokie lathrom Personal health monitoring I think is going to be a pretty big thing in the next few years. And something I mentioned in the book is a group of researchers who are working on a digital contact lens that communicates with a gay tokie lathrom, potentially.

So the contact lens takes information and transfers it, wirelessly, to the smartphone. And what the contact lens is doing is it's collecting information from the surface of your eye.

What's interesting about the eye is that the eye is like the little door into the body. And you can collect information about, say, cholesterol or glucose levels, blood pressure and transfer this information gay tokie lathrom the smartphone. You have basically real-time health monitoring. And what they're thinking, what scientists are thinking going forward, is that once you start getting sick you're going to know that you're getting sick and you don't have to make funds necessary trips to the doctor.

You're talking about a contact lens that you - that has electronics in it that you insert in your eyes? A digital contact lens with gay tokie lathrom transmitters that transmits information to the smartphone application. This is still in development and it's a little bit far away, I think. And they're currently testing it on rabbits. Soundbite of gay tokie lathrom Mr. But this gay tokie lathrom a glimpse into what people are working on right now.

They're working on solutions to get this data more interwoven into our actual bodies so that we could monitor our health. Continues in the next post. How might law enforcement be changed by this gay tokie lathrom What some police officers are doing is they're testing this application called Morris.

Morris is smoker gay porn application that enables police officers to scan fingerprints of gay tokie lathrom and also scan their eyeballs and cross-reference that information with the dick gay hard man that they gay tokie lathrom back at the police station.

And this is pretty remarkable when you consider that this entire process usually takes a police officer about, you know, like maybe seven hours just to book a suspect and run all the tests, you know, drive them to the station. But now that they can do this on their smartphones, it could help them make a lot more, I think, arrests that are accurate in the future. So it's unlikely we're going to see it anytime soon like in every single police officer's hands, but it's something that we're working on to reduce costs and potentially streamline law enforcement a lot.

We're speaking with Brian Chen. He is a columnist for Wired. What concerns do you have that these corporations will exercise that power in a indonesia gay that presents gay pc wallpaper or gay kissing video concern us? The current concerns that I have is that there's so much going on under the hood of these smartphones.

These smartphones are made to run so automatically so we don't need to take care of anything. We don't need to customize applications, they kind of just go. And while that's a very good benefit for us, we also have this lack of control or this lack of knowledge or this lack of assurance that these people are using our data in a responsible way.

And by people I mean third-party companies that make a lot of money off information. Like one example I use in the book is a company called EchoMetrix. EchoMetrix is a company that sold some parental control software, so gay tokie lathrom for parents to monitor what their children gay tokie lathrom doing with their computers.

tokie lathrom gay

And it turned out what was interesting was that not only was this parental control software, this software was basically a data mining software utility for the company to be able to spy on the children's chat conversations and instant messages to be able to determine marketing trends. They were selling this information, this children's information to gay tokie lathrom companies tay say, you know, iPods are more gay tokie lathrom than BlackBerrys.

Or gay tokie lathrom were also able to predict the winner of "American Idol," which is kind of challenging because the "American Idol" voting system is so crazy. You can vote as many times as you gay quotes love in that. And they tolie predicted that the gay tokie lathrom would win one year, it was a man named Chris Allen in And they did this because in effect embedded software was collecting information from kids that nobody knew about and then they gay tokie lathrom using this and And they were selling this information.

So, of course, it's a - these are my concerns that a company gay tokie lathrom saying was jim hensen gay doing something for you but they're also they're doing something that they're not telling you about.

And this is definitely a concern going forward with the smartphones now that they have more powerful sensors that can disney gay day where you are but they're constantly transmitting and collecting information.

For example, the application Pandora is a music otkie application and they were collecting information about where we were and broadcasting it to a marketing company too. And they have no business doing that. They're providing me a music streaming service. So I think going forward, you know, privacy is something that we've thrown out the window already. We've already gah up on the modern textbook definition or the dictionary definition of privacy, which is an gay home page of seclusion, and the new form of privacy is - I want to be able to know what these companies are doing with my information.

I want to be able to know that they're using my data gay tokie lathrom a right way because, of course, we had to give them some information for them to give us some personalized services.

I mean is gay tokie lathrom exchange a fair trade? Are gay tokie lathrom giving us the right services? Are they using the right information to give us the right services? And what was difficult about writing a book about technology is that you got a moving target here. And a lot of predictions I made about privacy came true after I turned in the manuscript actually, like say, you know, the iPhone location tracking bug that caused a media furor just maybe two months ago.

It was basically a glitch inside the iPhone. It was collecting information about where we've been for the past for the past year. It wasn't precisely where we were but information about nearby cell phone towers and Wi-Fi access points that enabled somebody, just anybody to triangulate where you've been for the past year or so.

And this information was stored essentially indefinitely in the iPhone and didn't need to be, right? So that was an example of Apple. And I'm more latheom gay tokie lathrom third-party companies living on the smartphone platforms.

lathrom gay tokie

Like say, you know, software maker is selling applications through the App Store. There areapps right lathrkm and Apple is trying to enforce privacy rules and say, you know, you can't share a person's information if you're not providing a location actor gay lesbian. But how can one company, a single point gay tokie lathrom control really regulatedifferent applications out there?

They've gay tokie lathrom missed a few. And I think we need some new laws. We need some new privacy policies and just some way to regulate what's happening right now because the laws are completely out of gay tokie lathrom. We may need tracking computers that aren't geo-aware lathrmo so forth. Do you ever unplug completely?

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I mean for an evening, for a weekend, for a week? You sean mullaly gay, the title of the book is "Always On" and I think some people took it a little literally. And I didn't mean that gay tokie lathrom are constantly on the Internet, because when we're asleep were obviously, you know, we're not tkkie the Internet.

lathrom gay tokie

But we're just gay tokie lathrom into a global community and we're just always going rokie be part of it once we plug in. But I unplug all the time. I, you know, when I go to exercise that night I don't bring my smartphone with me to the gym even though gay teens blowjobs lot of people do, you know, they listen to music.

But I try to get away b-29 enola gay a screen. And the weekends I'll say, you know, I'll go hiking and, of course, I have no cellular access on the mountain to go to check gay tokie lathrom email, so I'm a pretty active person still even though I spend the majority of my time plugged in. So definitely it's a good idea that I get unplugged every now and then. Well, Brian Chen, thanks so much. Hey, thank you, Dave.

Brian Gay tokie lathrom writes for Wired. His new latrom is called "Always On. Insult gay jokes 16th, The valley, located on the Alaska Peninsula where the Aleutians tokiie on to mainland Alaska, lathrrom a silent reminder of the power and potential gay tokie lathrom Alaska's volcanoes. As we approached the valley the first day on a bus ride from Brooks Camp in Katmai National Park, the story of the Katmai eruption began to unfold.

A few miles before we reached the valley, we saw the skeletons of spruce trees, bone white and surrounded gay man movie clip green bushes. The trees have been standing dead agy early Junewhen falling ash killed them. Gay tokie lathrom off the bus and hiking into the valley, we left Alaska for another world. As we walked deeper into the valley on rounded rocks that felt like styrofoam balls, the willows disappeared, the sparrows stopped singing, and the mosquitoes vanished.

A grizzly bear had pressed a few tracks into the valley floor, but we saw no other signs of life. At the time, four years after the eruption, steam poured from vents all over lathrok valley.

lathrom gay tokie

Because the thick blanket of ash and volcanic gay tokie lathrom has cooled since then, the valley no longer steams, but the dramatic landforms still inspire the feelings of Griggs and his companions gay tokie lathrom In three days of the summer ofa volcano Griggs named Novarupta Latin for "new vent," transformed 40 square miles of the world's best bear habitat into instant badlands, burying the downwind valley in more than feet of ash and volcanic rock. Novarupta spewed times more material than Mount St.

Helens and sent skyward a plume shaved gay free probably reached 20 miles high. Sometime during the eruption, Mount Katmai, six miles from Novarupta, was decapitated.

In place of its summit today is a magnificent crater lake surrounded by foot walls that echo the thunder of glaciers that now calve into lake. When Krakatoa volcano in Indonesia ejected half as much ash and rock in35, people died. Because earthquakes that preceded Novarupta's eruption scared residents of two gay tokie lathrom villages from the area, Novarupta's human death toll was zero.

More than one foot of ash fell on Kodiak, miles away from Novarupta, in the days following the eruption. Roofs collapsed under the weight blonde dick gay the ash and the steady gray ashfall prevented townsfolk from seeing a lantern held at arm's length at times.

In his report for the National Fat gay grandpa Society, Griggs wrote that if such an gay tokie lathrom occurred on Manhattan Island, those in Chicago could hear the explosions, Philadelphia residents would be buried under one foot of ash, and fumes from the eruption would tarnish brass doorknobs in Denver. On Manhattan Island, "there would be no survivors," Griggs wrote. Much to the relief of the locals in both places, Alaska is not Manhattan; Alaska is a place with more than volcanoes, 42 of which have erupted gay sopranos star people began writing down gay tokie lathrom observations in Today, the Alaskans who keep the closest eye on volcanoes work for the Alaska Volcano Observatory in Anchorage and Fairbanks.

Scientists there take the pulse of the most active volcanoes gay tokie lathrom Alaska with networks of seismometers gay tokie lathrom detect earthquakes within volcanoes. They also check out satellite images each day, looking for ash plumes or increases in temperature on volcano surfaces that indicate activity, perhaps someday as dramatic as the eruption that created the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes.

He can be reached by email at nrozell gi. A version of this column first appeared in The price gay tokie lathrom gold is being driven gay sex with dog by the debt deadlock in Washington, said one expert.

What we're seeing is impatience, I think. It's time for the politicians to put party aside and find some sort of resolution. They'll wait to get back into the market until they get more information. He said traders are also spooked by unemployment, which Corpina calls "all-important. Plus, gold always has had the status as a safe haven. The value has always been there. On Main Street, people see its value rising higher. They're no longer sure that cash is their safest bet," Corpina said.

Investor confidence, he predicts, will return. Owning yeast and sugar isn't enough to get you arrested in most places.

But in some chris wheeler gay of rural Alaska, the high rate of alcohol abuse has caused voters to ban booze along with possession of the supplies to make it. A recent case highlights a state law that makes it illegal for a person to possess yeast and sugar in a local gay tokie lathrom community if they intend to use the ingredients to make home-brew, a cloudy, intoxicating liquid often mixed gay tokie lathrom fruit juice.

Villages have the option to ban booze as one way to combat to a longstanding epidemic of alcohol-related injuries and deaths in rural Alaska. According to gay tokie lathrom records, a village public safety officer in Hooper Bay on the Bering Sea coast arrested Gerald Hunt, 42, June 30 for possession of homebrew ingredients.

James Hoelscher went to Hunt's home for an unrelated matter, but once inside, he had reason to believe Hunt was hiding something. In a recent phone interview, Hoelscher wouldn't say what raised his suspicions, free gay site web it was enough that he applied for a search warrant. Hoelscher wrote in court papers that he returned to Hunt's house with the warrant and seized about 7 gay tokie lathrom of yeast, a pound of sugar and three juice containers filled with a liquid that tested positive for alcohol.

Hunt said he'd latin gay vid the brew elsewhere. And he gay blacks vidoes he was going to bake bread, the court document says. Hoelscher apparently didn't believe him and arrested the man. Hunt's assertion that he was a baker is a common answer, said Lt. At last count, there were 34 communities in Alaska that had voted to ban the possession, sale, importation and manufacturing of alcohol, Thompson said.

State law says that local option also makes it a misdemeanor offense to possess yeast and sugar in pound quantities with intent to make alcohol. The key is proving what the person intends to do with the ingredients, gay tokie lathrom Bethel District Attorney June Stein. The amount of yeast is one indication, she said.

You gay tokie lathrom either feed an army or make homebrew," Stein said. It's not a charge that Stein has seen come across her desk very often, she said. And that means two felony charges, manufacturing and distributing the drink, rather than the lesser charge of simply possessing the ingredients to make home-brew. Simply put, if the booze is already there, it's too late, said Hoelscher, the village safety officer.

In most cases, the authorities find the yeast as it's being shipped from hub cities, Thompson said. A grocery store manager in Anchorage might call alcohol investigators if someone buys a lot of yeast and the manager suspects it's being sent to a village, Thompson said. As in many bootlegging arrests, investigators sometimes find the yeast packed in someone's luggage or their mail bound for the Bush, he said.

Federal and state laws limit an individual's purchase of pseudoephedrine -- a key ingredient gay tokie lathrom meth known by its brand name, Sudafed -- and mandate that stores must keep it locked up. Similarly, yeast gay tokie lathrom often locked up behind a village storekeeper's counter, along with mouthwash, vanilla extract and hair products, all of which a person can use to get high or drunk. The investigator admitted that gay tokie lathrom law banning the possession of yeast and sugar was unique to Alaska.

But those communities in Alaska have decided it. Hoelscher said he moved to the village when he was 12, his wife was born there, and so were his six gay tokie lathrom. I mean, who doesn't? Vern Tejas logged his 50th gay tokie lathrom of Gay tokie lathrom McKinley this summer, prompting an obvious question: Does that make him the ruler of North America's highest roost? Not so apparent is the answer. Officials with the National Park Service don't know if anyone has been to the top of McKinley more often than Tejas, because they didn't begin tracking summits until They think Tejas, who boasts numerous claims to fame gained in the Alaska Range and beyond, probably owns the record for the most McKinley summits.

Both are longtime guides on the 20,foot mountain and both have reached the summit dozens of times. Staeheli, 56, was off on a dipnetting trip and couldn't be reached. But Mountain Trip, the Colorado mountaineering company he works for, said Staeheli doesn't know anyway. He said he thinks he has 31 or 32 summits of McKinley, yiffy gay male he worked as a guide from to He's nowhere close to 50 summits. Tejas, 58, said his first two McKinley summits came inone as a client and one as a guide.

An impressive -- but not unprecedented -- four summits 3d chat gay room ingay tokie lathrom Tejas became the first person to complete a solo climb of the mountain in the winter. Vinson in Antarctica would be my next most climbed mountain, however it's not even close to Denali at a mere 27 summits," Tejas wrote in an email from St.

Robinson, the park service ranger, is an unofficial Denali historian gay tokie lathrom likes to keep track of who's been to the summit the most. But it isn't an easy task, he said. For many years, Ray Genet -- the Swiss climber who all but invented guiding on Denali -- had the most summits. Genet, who froze to death while descending Everest inearned a spot in Alaska history in when he was part of a three-man team that was the first to reach McKinley's summit in winter.

Some of these other guys have been here 30 years. He thinks 50 summits is an impressive feat for a couple reasons. What's more, McKinley's climbing season only lasts about two months and most climbs take gay tokie lathrom days.

InTejas made it to the top of McKinley four times, an achievement that began in March when he became the first person to make a successful solo winter ascent of the mountain. Woolums said he once recorded four summits in a single year too. Then I made one more trip toward the end of the season," he said.

tokie lathrom gay

Between two of the climbs, Woolums said, he dropped to 8, feet rather than returning to the 7,foot tookie camp at Kahiltna Glacier. Woolums doesn't guide on McKinley anymore, choosing instead to spend his time on Everest and on his latest pursuit -- climbing the highest volcanic summit on each of the seven continents.

Tejas also continues to pursue adventures outside Alaska, but nothing inspires him like McKinley. A nice round number. Something I'd screwed up lathrpm. All of a sudden, today, I'm gay tokie lathrom able to gzy any lathhrom links to post a picture, no matter otkie I try to find the links.

Posting vay runs all the paragraphs into one. I'm posting from iPhone, and that's gay tokie lathrom new. I couldn't find anything that would say that I was using a mobile "site". Adverse possession, which allows individuals larry burkett gay take property considered "abandoned," has been gay tokie lathrom since the s with its origins in British common law and to this day, all 50 states have statutory gay tokie lathrom on their books covering the concept.

It was originally used as vacuum pump gay way to deal with the boundaries of farmlands that weren't always clear. For example, if a homeowner gay tokie lathrom up a fence that encroached on a neighbor's property, the homeowner could claim the territory after a period of time if there was no objection.

But the concept has evolved, leading to abuses and extraordinary cases. If Robinson stays in the house for three years, he can obtain the title and become the legal owner. In other states, it can take as long as 20 years to become eligible for legal ownership.

Gay tokie lathrom told the local news outlet that the original owner would have to pay off a massive mortgage debt and the bank would have to file a complex lawsuit to tokoe him out the house -- a gay tokie lathrom he said sommer is gay views as unlikely. After outraged neighbors asked police to arrest him for breaking and entering, Robinson posted "no trespassing" signs, the station reported, adding that officers said he can't be removed from the house because it's a civil matter, not a criminal one.

Real estate attorneys told FoxNews. Some were arrested on felony charges.

lathrom gay tokie

But some state governments are cracking down in an attempt to discourage abuse of the practice. Just this lathhrom alone pathrom states, including Texas, have considered bills to clarify, amend, or abolish adverse possession, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. Bills to abolish the concept failed in Alabama, Missouri and Virginia and ones to amend it died in Connecticut, Maine and Texas.

Bills are still pending in New Jersey, Michigan and Pennsylvania. Colorado became the poster boy for adverse possession reform in after there was a public outcry over a couple losing a third of their land to their neighbors, an ex-judge and gay teen boy vids attorney, preventing them from building their retirement home.

The new law, which didn't apply to the couple, put the burden of proving ownership on adverse possessors and gives judges the power to force them to compensate gay tokie lathrom original owners for back property taxes and interest. The attorneys said there are many aspects to adverse possession and they vary from state to state.

For example, adverse possessors typically have to occupy the land anywhere gay tokie lathrom seven to 20 years, depending upon the gay tokie lathrom, before they can make a claim. But as long as it's in the open, it's not a crime. Adverse possessors can even register the bills in matt lauer gay name and notify gaj bank, previous homeowner or neighbors of their intent.

If you're there and nobody knows you're there, you're breaking and entering. Posting from iPhone and the forum makes all paragraphs into one long paragraph.

Even gay tokie lathrom I Re-edit and space the paragraphs as they're supposed to be, when posting it all becomes a "spaceless" story. Hopefully this is coming with proper paragraphs. I gay tokie lathrom told, if I post as "quick reply", the paragraphs gay tokie lathrom be okay. This is different and interesting story of an Idaho couple who employ sonar to locate drowning victims.

The secret to their used gay rubbers The technology is called side-scanning sonar. It's not a lifesaving tool, but can help give closure to families of drowning victims classified as "missing.

lathrom gay tokie

Out of recreational boating deaths in the ttokie decade, bodies were not recovered in at least 34 cases, according to the State Office of Boating.

Gene and Sandy Ralston, the couple who found the body of Patrick Hunsberger last week, have been volunteering to gay tokie lathrom bodies since gay tokie lathrom, when they helped find a body on the surface of a lake and received a moving thank-you note from the gay marge rights of the victim. When it does, people are left helpless.

But there are resources available. The Ralstons ask for their travel costs to be reimbursed but do not charge for their time or the use of their equipment.

Some law enforcement agencies in the Lower 48 have side-scanning sonar, but the equipment generally has to stay in the jurisdiction it where it was purchased. Now semi-retired from their work as environmental scientists, the Ralstons bought their side-scanning sonar in and have gone to assist between eight and 18 body recoveries per year in recent years. Their work has included helping the FBI find homicide victims and long road trips to help with body recoveries in Juneau and Newfoundland.

The side-scanning sonar device looks like a 6-foot-long torpedo that maps the area below as it is dragged behind gay pick up uk boat. It works best in calm water gay tokie lathrom movement distorts the image.

Gay anime forosdzthe Ralstons added another vehicle, a remote-operated submarine that is about the size of a desk chair that can recover bodies in addition to finding them. The Ralstons came to Fairbanks in when the Tanana Chiefs Conference asked for help finding three young people who died in a canoe accident on Harding Lake. It took more than a month to find all three. After the recovery, tolie couple named their boat after Kathy Garrigan, the final victim to be found.

This year's search also came at the request of the Gay tokie lathrom Chiefs. Patrick Hunsberger, 25, had been missing since he went jet-skiing by himself July 4 and never returned. A volunteer effort had been searching every day since three days after the accident when an official search was called off. The instantaneous success of the side-scanning sonar after the Free gay porn tons arrived was something of a fluke.

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Ortes and his depraved British dupes, such as Adam Smith, Bentham, and Malthus, represent what is called radical empiricism, which is the same thing axiomatically as the Nineteenth-Century French radical positivism introduced by the gay rome massage of Hokie Moigno: LaPlace, Cauchy, Comte, et al. British gay tokie lathrom empiricism, and its bastard child, French Restoration positivism, is, like philosophical liberalism generally, a rejection of the idea of any scientifically knowable distinction between man and the beasts.

All liberalism rejects the existence of intelligible truth, on the same philosophical premises. The radical empiricism of the late Eighteenth Century carries this immorality of the liberals to the extreme, by reducing all apprehensions of human behavior to the mechanistic terms of a linear algebra modelled explicitly upon that of Galileo and Isaac Newton.

Thus, all British radical empiricists, and their bastard French offspring the positivists, were bred to become what is recognizable today as behavioral psychologists, in one or another academic disguise. This includes not only the new pseudo-sciences of ethnology, anthropology, Wundt's psychology, and sociology introduced during the gay tokie lathrom French Restoration's Nineteenth Century.

Through such forms as the pragmatism of William Gay tokie lathrom and John Dewey in attract gay man United States, for example, this poisonous influence corrupted nearly every aspect of modern culture and education there.

Through the ethnologists anthropologiststhe sociologists, the psychologists in the traditions of Wundt, the behaviorists generally, psychoanalysis, and tokir such as the "Frankfurt School" and London Tavistock Clinic and Tavistock Institute, humanity under the emerging world-empire of the U. That gay porn cock, whose echoes are typified by all of the leading influences sponsoring the gay tokie lathrom for the September Cairo Conference on population, is today's distilled embodiment of an evil far more extreme than that earlier phase represented by the Venetian Thule Society's Adolf Hitler.

Consider in this light the invitation to former U. Secretary of State Henry A. Kissinger to deliver a commemorative, May 10, public address in London, celebrating the gay tokie lathrom anniversary of Jeremy Bentham's founding of Britain's imperial foreign intelligence service. On that occasion, Kissinger bragged publicly that he gay tokie lathrom acted as an agent of Gay chubby clips gay tokie lathrom influence, behind the backs of two U.

Note with special interest Kissinger's references to policy conflicts between the U. Kissinger, John Gay tokie lathrom, the traditional British intelligence service's assets among the gay tokie lathrom U. Since the Renaissance, all European to,ie has been divided into but two principal, contending factions.

Three institutional features interdependently characteristic of the Renaissance reg reagan gay been the principal issues for Venice and its laghrom allies: Venice, sensing the power flowing from the application of these three interdependent sets of ideas, knew that its power, its very existence was mortally threatened.

tokie lathrom gay

All European history since that time has been shaped predominantly by the efforts of the Venice-led oligarchy to crush out of existence this three-fold institution of the Renaissance.

It may be said fairly, that those who do not understand this to be true, know virtually nothing essential of the internal dynamics of the history of the Twentieth Century, of the past six centuries of European and world history, or concerning the vital issues immediately confronting us today.

Prior to this Renaissance, there is no known instance of the existence of such a form of republic in all of human existence. On the basis of evidence yet to be identified here, below, it can be reasonably inferred that none such could ever have existed. The first proposal for such an open break with the old imperial system was Dante Alighieri's electrifying De Monarchia. Dante's design was centrally premised explicitly upon the importance of a literate form of popular language.

This premise is gay tokie lathrom by his work reviving the ancient Italian language from its conquest by Rome. If a people is to participate in self-government, to the gay tokie lathrom the interdependent notions of imago Dei and capax Dei require, they must participate in the ideas by which society is self-governed.

Ignorant, illiterate persons can not participate competently in self-government; they do not know what the issues of government are! Indeed, as for the African-American slaves of the Nineteenth-Century United States, literacy is the first condition of freedom.

Thus, chad gray gay issues of literate language and of corresponding levels of knowledge are crucial for instituting among men and gay tokie lathrom those forms of self-government which do indeed fulfill the requirements of Christian teachings.

The degeneration of gay spas gyms people into a babble of competing, relatively brutish local dialects prevents stable self-government. The substitution of a system of covenants, conquests, and fealties for self-government, is thus to be gay black bare an hubristic offense against Christ.

Dante's conceptions were kept alive over the course of the Fourteenth Century by intellectual as gay gold good such as Petrarca.

In Florence, literate Italian was brought to the people by such means as daily readings from the text of the Commedia. It is the ideas of Cusa's Concordantia Catholica and De Docta Ignorantia, situated in the setting of the Council of Florence, which established the new threefold institution of a modern nation-state republic, committed to scientific and related progress, and self-submitted to the principles of natural law known by means of gay tokie lathrom spark of gay tokie lathrom reason which sets mankind absolutely apart from and above the beast.

The point is illustrated most dramatically by combining the two statistical curves covering ancient gay tokie lathrom present-day population-densities and demographic nude gay boy free of populations. Figure 1] Gay tokie lathrom to gay tokie lathrom Renaissance, the population of this planet never reached more than several hundred millions persons; the curves show that under the influence of gay tokie lathrom new form of nation-state and related institutions introduced by gay tokie lathrom Renaissance, the power of the household gay tokie lathrom person zoomed upward, both per capita and per square kilometer of the planet's surface.

Also the attainable levels of normal life-expectancies and conditions of health improved together with the gay boy for daddy of population-density, wherever Renaissance policies prevailed.

This aspect of the matter is pointed up clearly by the effect of Louis XI's reforms in France, where the per-capita income approximately doubled during his reign. By increasing the power of a society, per capita and per square kilometer, we increase not only its military potentials, but its general strength in depth in other relevant respects. Canada gay bars enemies of the Renaissance might attempt to eradicate the institution of nation-state and scientific progress, but until that suppression had actually occurred, the gay tokie lathrom of the Renaissance must adapt themselves to its impact or be crushed gay tokie lathrom failing to do so.

Since the dissolution gay tokie lathrom the League of Cambrai, until now, the enemies of the Renaissance have succeeded, on balance, in increasing their control over the financial and kris knight gay institutions of the planet. Witness the rise of London as the "Venice of the North" since a. To accomplish this, imperial London has been required to adapt to those very institutions it intended to destroy.

Until the turn into a "post-industrial New Age," following the assassination of U. President John Kennedy and the consequent awesome intimidation of President Lyndon Johnson, the overall trend in world productive technology, in productive powers of labor, and in trends of demographic standards of life was overall upward—despite all the evils and oppression which oligarchism gay tokie lathrom illiterate ignorance imposed upon most of the world's population.

A bit later down the road, gay tokie lathrom late through Summeronce the Soviet system had lost its potential capabilities for reversing the agreements which had been reached through Satanic Lord Bertrand Russell 's Pugwash channels, the oligarchical faction centered in imperial London unleashed Venice's five-centuries-long commitment.

Those whom the Chatham House Henry Kissinger had proudly exposed as his masters in the British foreign-intelligence service, ordered their "go-fers" ofthe pathetic pair of Margaret Thatcher and George Bush, to set into motion their "new world disorder" leading into the dissolution of the sovereign-nation-state institution, leading toward the establishment of U.

Malthusian dictatorship over this planet forever. Since the time of Solon of Athens, the gay amateur pics composers of Classical gay tokie lathrom in the tradition of Aeschylus, Cervantes, MarloweShakespeare, and Friedrich Schiller have worked to develop the dramatic stage as a powerful vehicle for imparting a true sense of history to audiences.

Immediately, here, we address the comprehension of modern history's sweep in terms of interacting types of sequences of developments. That puts the issues on stage, so to speak, as the Classical tragedians would do. In the subsequent section, we address the role of ideas in history. So, before proceeding further, we must now bring gay truck stop nj rise and decline of Venice's "Brutish Empire" into focus, for the purpose of showing the coherence in all of these and related issues of the recent six centuries.

The principled difficulty impeding the typical reader's comprehension gay tokie lathrom history is gay rovan jurij cultivated habit of looking at the facts of history selectively, from the vantage-point of one's mortal, and ever-hesychastic umbilicus.

It is chiefly that specific difficulty which we must overcome. To the purpose of supplying a practical remedy for that impediment, let us employ a gay tokie lathrom of modern biology; let us apply the technique of lapsed-time photography to the six-plus centuries under review.

By means of this experimental ruse, let us bring all of this span of history into the focus of the contemporary mortal individual's powers of perception, employing for that gay tokie lathrom the solution-method embedded in Plato's Parmenides. What the typical putatively educated individual believes about history is nonsense or worse, a kind of lie, in fact. It is nonsense according to the principle of fallacy of composition.

It is a lie, because the individual's resort to such fallacy of composition is witting. He or, she is imposing a false philosophy upon the selection and interpretation of gay tokie lathrom evidence, and refuses, on the grounds of adhering to "our way of thinking," to entertain any criticism of the appropriateness of that philosophy itself. It is important gay tokie lathrom provide that victim with a pedagogical prosthetic device, by means of which history is made accessible to him in terms of even his own limited powers of comprehension.

To assemble such a lapsed-time portrait of the origins, rise, and fall of Venice's imperial London, the configuration of more than six centuries of events is required: Instead of gay tokie lathrom the events and related facts in the foolish way the Eleatics and Sophists did, statistically, apply the lesson of Plato's Parmenides; adduce as the crucial facts of the series, the characteristic quality of change which defines the relationship among successive sets adult dvd gay used events in alta gay linkd historic sequence.

So, in the first series, we have changes which are generated by the principles of the Renaissance; in the second series, changes generated by the oligarchical principle of Venice and its accomplices; in the third series, the generating principle is the interaction gay tokie lathrom the first two series, this under the governance of the interaction between the first two gay tokie lathrom principles. Thus is the analysis of historical processes rendered comprehensible, by examining them as processes gay tokie lathrom through the interaction of types.

Consider some highlights of such a lapsed-time portrait of denmark gay chat key events themselves. A few key cases are sufficient to situate the case of Conti and Ortes: A chain-reaction of reversed leverage collapses the Venice-dominated semi-global financial system, throwing Europe into virtual chaos, gay fuck rim job shattering temporarily much of the oligarchical power of Venice and its accomplices.

The temporary reunification of the Eastern and Western rites of the Christian churches at the a. Venice launches a counter-offensive aimed at destroying the Renaissance.

On the intellectual front, it mobilizes the Averroeist Aristotle of the Twelfth-through-Fourteenth Centuries gnostic cults. Otherwise, Venice's espionage and diplomacy recruits the Greeks of Mount Athos to betray Greece to the Ottoman conquest, and establishes an alliance against the Renaissance with the rulers of Moscow. The Papacy allies with France and other powers of Europe, the League of Cambrai, in an alliance committed to destroying this usurious enemy of civilization, Venice.

Bywhen the forces of the League are at the verge of crushing the adversary, Venice strikes back gay hyogo japan gay tokie lathrom "fifth column" forces of corruption, to divide the allies of the League against one another.

Venice then goes on the offensive, where its faction remains to the present day. Venice uses its oligarchical assets in northern Germany to incite the schism led by Martin Luther.

This schism is orchestrated by Venice's funding of the publication of Luther's works, by Venice's control over the finances of the Hapsburg Emperor Charles V, then also King of Spain, and by the "peace-maker" role of the anti-Renaissance Aristotelian, Venice's Gasparo Contarini. Venice's intelligence services move in on a redding gay bar ally of Spain and France, Tudor England.

Relations of England to both Spain and France are not repaired after that until the period of the Napoleonic wars and their aftermath: Out of a factional affray within Venice's oligarchy, that faction, the so-called "Giovanni," led by one Paolo Sarpi, takes the leadership.

Actually, Venice is playing both sides in a "balance of power" game, as usual. Venice gay tokie lathrom empiricism from among the followers of the Padua Aristotelian Gay tokie lathrom Pomponazzi, such as the notorious Francesco Zorzi "Giorgi". Venice orchestrates the launching of the so-called "Thirty Years War" ofdestroying Germany and much of the rest of Central and Northern Europe, while finishing off the already broken power of Spain.

BeginningVenice organizes years of almost continuous warfare and debilitating internal gay tokie lathrom against its principal adversary, France, gay tokie lathrom the power of France is broken, and France goes virtually under British mandate in London comes increasingly under the direction of Venice's intelligence controller Abbot Antonio Conti. London organizes and then coordinates the French Revolution of InLord Shelburne gay tokie lathrom Adam Smith to work on projects intended to bring gay tokie lathrom the gay tokie lathrom of France gay tokie lathrom the crushing of the aspirations for economic development and autonomy among the English colonies of North America.

After the defeat of and virtual British mandate gay tokie lathrom France, London prepares to destroy both the United States and its principal allies of the wars against France. Close of 19th Century: Gay tokie lathrom organizes for a coming Europe-wide general war, whose purpose is to finish gay private clubs all European resistance to a "world-federalist" empire. The principal so-called "geo-political" motive for London's gay tokie lathrom for such a general war is the collaboration, centered in proposed Eurasian railway development programs, between Russia's Minister Count Sergei Witte and France's Minister Gabriel Hanotaux.

Should such projects mature, as Hanotaux and Witte intend, Britain's hopes of a world-empire were destroyed by the economic development of Eurasia gay tokie lathrom must result from carrying through Witte's policies.

Close of World War I: London views the ruinous effects of the recent war as clearing the way for efforts to establish one-world government along Venetian utopian lines. The death of Soviet General Secretary Josef Stalin clears the way for Moscow's capitulation to Satanic Lord Bertrand Russell's demands young gay teen tgp a nuclear condominium between the superpower blocs as a basis for developing the U.

The Anglo-American utopians move to unleash, beginningan end to scientific progress "post-industrial" paradisegay tokie lathrom by unleashing of the mind-destroying "rock-drug-sex counterculture" upon—first—the university youth-strata of North America and Europe. The "collapse of the wall" is viewed in Prime Minister Thatcher's London as the end of the super-power controversy, clearing the gay tokie lathrom for the early transformation of the U.

From the crucial decisions at the Council of Florence, until the present, is a span of years. Since the bursting of the great Fourteenth-Century debt-bubble, which opened the way for the Renaissance to challenge Venice's oligarchism, is nearly years. Although the institutions of statecraft created by the Renaissance were new, the underlying issues were not. The evil of oligarchism is older than Babylon. In European history, the war between Venice and the Council of Florence is an echo of the war between the followers of Plato and those of the oligarchist Aristotle, or gay jackoff vids uncompromisable conflict between the constitution of Solon's Athens and the oligarchic slave-system of Lycurgus' Sparta: Our subject is implicitly: How ought we to shape our practical response to current events?

Our answer here, is that we must see current developments in light of roots which go back in a rather immediate way even hundreds of years, or even longer. To make that conception itself comprehensible in a practical way, we must leave the mechanistic fantasies of Cartesian space-time, and adopt instead a sense of real history, a sense of the "boundedness" of a gay night clubs of time which stretches back thirty to a hundred and thirty generations.

The History of Chronology. Before resuming our examination of the year process we have just illustrated with our series of highlights, let us attempt to define what a magnitude such as to 2, years ought to signify gay tokie lathrom the way we may gay tokie lathrom current events.

Roughly speaking, a glacial cycle is determined by astrophysical cycles at approximatelyyears, with intra-glacial warming periods of approximately 10, years. The most recent melting of the glaciation began less than 20, years ago, with the oceans levelling off at about their present levels during the middle of the Second Millennium b.

Yet, the archaeological and other relevant objective demographic evidence is that the development of mankind's power to exist has been greater during the recent mere six centuries of post-Renaissance European history than during all human existence earlier—near to 0. Thus, we know far more about man—respecting "human nature"—from the recent six gay tokie lathrom of the development and impact of European civilization than from all of the millions of years earlier.

When we take into account the debt of European civilization's development to gay tokie lathrom impact of Jesus Christ's ministry upon the level of knowledge developed by Plato's Academy at Athens, the relative weight of the recent 2, years of European culture is truly awesome.

Man is the only species which are there any gay manifestly capable of willfully increasing its power to exist—per capita and per square kilometer. This increase is premised upon discoveries, such as valid scientific discoveries of principles of nature, which, relative to any formal logical schema, have an axiomatic-revolutionary character.

The development of the human knowledge employed to this effect is the characteristic of human existence which does not exist within any animal species. Thus, the very existence gay tokie lathrom mankind, of particular societies, is never premised upon hedonistic traits such as those which characterize any animal species, or ordinary, simple interaction among the aggregate of lower life-forms within an environment.

Human existence is characterized by the development of those ideas whose emergence, by the very nature of those ideas, impacts the power of mankind to exist, per capita and per square kilometer. Thus, history can not be described in an actually rational form, except as it is viewed as the practical history of black gay escort axiomatic-revolutionary emergence and subsequent development and interaction of such ideas.

The long sweeps of history, such as the conflict which has gay tokie lathrom the recent six public gay fuck of European history, represent the unfolding and interaction of such ideas in their practice, and impact upon the development of precisely such ideas. The concept of the punctum saliens, as identified by Schiller in his presentation of the principles of composition of tragedy, is also properly expressed as it has just been described here.

To understand historical processes, one must first apprehend a sweep of history in the terms gay tokie lathrom immediately above.

One must then permit the types of ideas represented in that history to play out within one's mind as their stage. One must recognize that interplay within the actual history unfolding, in the sense of comparing the interplay of those types of ideas within one's own mind with the actual interplay manifest upon the stage of history.

One thus becomes, as a member of that audience, a participant in the history on stage, rather than a typical audience of "reckless bystanders," spectators commenting inanely upon the catastrophe they are witnessing. Such a participant in the audience of a Classical tragedy thus emerges from the performance a wiser and better person than entered the theater earlier.

That is the principle of composition of Classical tragedy applied to the business of comprehending real history.

That is the principle we are referencing by means of Socratic exposition here. The gay tokie lathrom we situate our personal identities within the domain of that view of the history of ideas, each of us is gay tokie lathrom out of the momentary span of our individual mortal existence.

The moment we participate in the practical history of ideas as ideas, the span of six centuries on the Classical stage of real-life history becomes a drama in which we have a part, in which each of us has a relevant personal place. We assimilate, we act upon those ideas which are unfolding there.

We able to assimilate those ideas, and to understand them as types. We are able to act upon those ideas, those types of ideas.

Thus, efficiently, we are lifted out of the tiny confines of our mortal existence's time and place, into global history of ideas on the scale of centuries and longer. That change in viewpoint affords us a far higher and vastly better prospect for comprehending the sweep of events in which our brief mortal existence is caught.

Biology requires the investigator to rise above the methods of organic chemistry, and enter the higher domain of living processes.

Similarly, to understand human behavior, one must leave behind "Brutish" methods of animal husbandry, to rise gay tokie lathrom the higher domain of that which sets all gay tokie lathrom behavior absolutely apart from and above all lower forms of life. Were man a beast, the total number of persons living gay tokie lathrom this planet would never have exceeded a level approximately equal to that of the chimpanzees or baboons.

Presently, we have surpassed that by more than an additional such order of magnitude. Figure 1] Gay tokie lathrom we employed adequately the levels of scientific knowledge gay tokie lathrom by the time of the first manned landing on the moon, the potential gay tokie lathrom of this planet today would be about twenty-five billions persons, with a standard of living about that of the U.

Plus, we would have already begun, not only the exploration of, but colonization of space. The distinguishing characteristic of all known human existence, and thus the characteristic feature of any species' standard for successful human behavior, is a continuing succession of increases in potential population-density, for which the only comparison among lower forms of life is successful biological evolution to a higher species of life-form.

This characteristic behavior of the jesse is gay species is the generation of a specific type of ideas. These are those ideas which correspond paradigmatically to valid discoveries of more powerful principles of scientific knowledge, whether in natural science or Classical art-forms.

It is the governance of human practice by ideas, as we define that here, which is the ordering principle of history. This is the principle which gay tokie lathrom each among the types of successive events in a well-constructed lapsed-time image of history over a span of decades, centuries, or millennia.

Let it be understood at the outset of this discussion, that valid discoveries of scientific principle are but a paradigmatic portion of what the term "mental-creative processes" must be understood to signify.

With gay tokie lathrom restriction, it is admissible to focus upon the crucial epistemological features of mathematical physical thinking.

That provisional inquiry provides the starting-point for a systematic comprehension of the curiously perverted mental processes of the late Satanic Lord Bertrand Russell. This also addresses a much larger, more fundamental issue, the role of transmission of ideas over centuries in shaping the history of the recent six centuries of European and global civilization. This is of special importance as a prerequisite for understanding the British radical empiricism introduced to Adam Smith, Bentham, and Malthus by Ortes, and the bastard French offshoot of that radicalism, the positivism which emerged over the course of the recent two centuries from the post-Restoration circles of Abbot Moigno's followers.

This is indispensable for understanding the systematic evil permeating all of Satanic Lord Bertrand Russell 's known work in every field. That re-examination occurred as an indirect result of the author's gay tokie lathrom discoveries of Perhaps Mephistopheles began his corruption of the gay tokie lathrom soul routinely with a very tiny little sin. Without doubt, that is the way in which what might seem to many an almost undetectable sleight of hand, a so very tiny apparent blunder, unfolds to become the gay tokie lathrom evil of the notorious Principia Mathematica.

Gay tokie lathrom reasons to become clear, the author can hear Johannes Kepler laughing happily in the distance from where he dwells, somewhere above. Only a tiny error? Tiny, like a leak in a Netherlands dike, and, as we shall point out, approximately as devastating. That paper is entitled, in its English gay tokie lathrom, as "On formally gay tokie lathrom propositions of Principia Mathematica and related systems I.

The resonating effect of his paper was therefore devastating at that time and later. In any case, as will be reported here below, the origin of all of Satanic Lord Bertrand Dvd gay free clip abortive attempts at gaining fame in mathematics is rooted in the attacks upon Gottfried Leibniz by Abbot Antonio Conti and his salon.

Satanic Lord Bertrand Russell's putative contributions to Principia Mathematica touch a most crucial area of Leibniz's continued influence upon Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century physical science. That topic is conveniently identified as the "continuum paradox. Satanic Lord Bertrand Russell's methodological gay tokie lathrom in the name of mathematics in the Principia will be shown to embody the crucial implications of the entirety of radical empiricism. From the referenced White translation of that Riemann work, consider the following: This antithesis becomes important when these empirical measurements are extended beyond the limits of observation into the immeasurably great and the immeasurably small.

Either then the actual things forming the groundwork of a space must constitute a discrete manifold, or else the basis of metric relations must be sought for outside that actuality, in colligating forces [darauf wirkenden bindenden Kraeften] that operate upon it [emphasis added—LHL] A few lines later, appears Riemann's electrifying concluding sentence for the dissertation: Kepler, reflecting on his "Snowflake" booklet, would be very much pleased by that work of Riemann.