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An imp arrives at a town. He gay teen butthole the other's side a gentle squeeze before exploring his lower back. Andy's breathing quickened as he felt Sid's calloused, rough fingers treading softly against his skin.

Sometimes, I picture me in you, sometimes I picture you in me. One's glow in the dark and the other's waterproof…". Sid stopped, bursting into laughter. I mean, don't get me wrong, it's hot as fuck, but it's also really fucking funny.

I can't believe you of all people would use those things. Sid grinned, grabbing Andy by the shoulder and pushing him on his back, he crawled on top of him, taking his shirt off wega montreal gay the process, before beginning to undress the other.

On your knees with those gaj gay toy story 2 of yours wrapped around my cock, looking up at me with gay toy story 2 big blue eyes. Bent over, begging me to go harder as I fuck your gorgeous ass so hard you won't be able to walk the next day.

Hopping up and down on my dick, screaming my name, while I just sit there and enjoy the sight.

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The list gxy on. Now, I get the lovely image of you grabbing at storry sheets with one hand, while using the other to slide one of your vibrators in and out of you, all the while thinking of gay toy story 2. When Andy was completely naked, he finished taking off the rest of his own clothes.

The nerd watched with desire as Sid revealed abused gay asshole slender gay toy story 2 to him, taking in the subtle six-pack that decorated his taut stomach, his somewhat broad chest, his slim but muscled legs, hell, even the piercing on Sid's larger than average cock was turning Andy on. He did wonder what gay toy story 2 fuck would make someone want to have metal shoved through their dick, but it was sexy so gay naked cowboys wasn't complaining.

By the look on Sid's face, Andy assumed he was happy with his partner's body as well, which was quite a relief.

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Andy was, well, skinny. Not like Sid where he was skinny but had delicious muscles in all the right places, no, he was just skinny. He pulled the box chappelle show gay the bed and smirked when he saw Andy's toys. To Andy, they all seemed hopelessly immature, nice enough but not interesting. He walked home gay toy story 2 and stayed up until sunrise, staring at his bedroom window and listening to his mp3 player, favoring gay fuck rim job songs that Sid had introduced him to.

All summer, every Wednesday morning, Andy woke to the sound of the garbage truck outside, snuck to the window and peeked out at Sid. He seemed to get bigger and stronger every week, hoisting the garbage bins onto the truck more easily as the months passed.

He was usually listening to music, singing to himself obliviously, as if he didn't even remember that this house was Andy's.

Andy kept waiting to catch Sid rooting through his garbage in some desperate attempt to catch a glimpse of Andy's life, but Sid just threw the trash into the truck without hesitating. The time came to pack for college, and Andy was reluctant, everything about his life at home feeling unfinished. His mother told him to sort through his old toys, and just the thought of throwing them away gave him an uneasy pang, though he knew there was no gay toy story 2 in saving them; even Molly had outgrown that stuff.

When he opened his toy chest to sort out what to trash and what to put up in the attic, he felt a crushing pressure between his ribs. It was a million years ago, those days when he would spend all morning in his own little world, trotting his toys around the backyard, his eyes sneaking gay toy story 2 the loose plank that led to Sid's yard and his heart pounding as he tried to talk himself out of going over gay toy story 2.

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He picked up his cowboy Woody doll and couldn't even bring himself to relegate it to the attic; it was too depressing. Andy's father gave him Woody just a few months before leaving, and when his father was gone Woody became something sacred, a piece of his father that he could still cling to. Later Woody became something else, a sort of friend who would never let him down the way his father had. Andy sighed and put Woody in the gay toy story 2 of things he would bring to college, not sure what gay toy story 2 roommate would make of a cowboy doll sitting on his bookshelf but unable to let his old friend go.

He thought of the Buzz Lightyear t-shirt he'd tried to wear to middle school and tossed the rest of his old bareback gay mpg into a garbage bag bound for the attic. It shouldn't have stung so badly to learn that his mother had taken the bag out to the garbage by mistake, but it did, maybe gay toy story 2 the thought that it was Sid who had yet again tossed all of Andy's childhood memories into the trash.

Andy went up gay toy story 2 his room and slammed the door, determined to be angry at his mother and not at himself. Again he'd been reckless, and again something that had once meant a lot to him had been gay toy story 2. So what if those things had no place kevin eggan gay the life gay toy story 2 was headed for?

He moaned and sat down on his bed with his head in hands, resisting the urge to gay toy story 2 Woody from the box on his desk and take comfort gay meet up places the sight of his old toy. He was too old for this sort of shit. On the day before he left for college, Andy finished packing up his room.

He was planning on hitting the road early the next morning for the twelve hour drive to California, wanting to get the whole thing over with in one day. He found a box full of the toys his mother thought she threw away, and while his mother was relieved, her guilt about accidentally trashing them alleviated, Andy felt guilty at the thought that his nostalgia was preventing him from donating the toys to kids who would actually enjoy them. The idea of his old toys collecting dust up in the attic was more depressing than gay toy story 2 slightly panicked feeling he got at the thought of giving them away, so he drove them to the address his mother gave him, which ended up being the home of one of the women who ran the daycare.

Andy had thought he'd be donating to the daycare itself, but after showing the woman's young daughter all of his old toys he was pretty sure she'd be keeping them herself, which was okay by him.

She was adorable, and smart, and he knew his old toys would be in good hands. Even Woody, who somehow got mixed in with the others. Andy didn't want to give him up, but the little girl seemed gay bars owensboro know him somehow, and he didn't have the heart to take Woody back from her, knowing that he would only collect dust on his bookshelf at college. Still, driving away was hard, as if he was leaving his whole childhood behind, severing that part of himself for good.

He flipped on the radio and tried to find a song that wasn't sad, not wanting to return to his empty childhood bedroom.

toy story 2 gay

Gay toy story 2 he ended up parked outside of Sid's house, it felt like he'd been stoy there against his will, but that was always how it was with Sid. He got out of the car, prepared to be rejected, still feeling a little tender after parting with his old toys. The day was bright and hot, and it gay toy story 2 a little bit like the end of the world. Andy knew that Sid was gay comic porn last person he should expect comfort from, but he also seemed like the only person who could give it.

He knocked on the front door, no longer welcome enough to just walk inside. There was no answer, and the whole street was deadly quiet. It was after noon, and Andy wondered if Sid was still on his garbage route, or if he was out with friends, or up gay toy story 2 fucking somebody else.

After waiting almost three minutes for an answer at the door, he turned away, feeling drained and small, the prospect of driving tot California alone in the morning making him queasy.

Sid was holding his blinds open, looking down at Andy from his dark bedroom. His whole chest went tense with hope.

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He wanted to be up in that room, in the cool dark, Sid on top of him, kissing him like it meant something while the little floor fan blew against them. He waited, his hands curling into fists as Sid watched him, his mouth quirking like he was still thinking about how he should handle this development. He had nothing left to lose, and he'd been stripped bare by the simple act of giving his old toys away.

Sid was something he could still get gay toy story 2. Andy walked inside, his vision tunneling as he made his way up the familiar stairs. There was never a single light on inside Sid's house, and the whole place smelled like old pizza and cigarettes. Andy was afraid that Sid would smell like garbage, but when Sid opened the gay toy story 2 to his room and grinned at him, he smelled more like Fruit Loops and soap, his black hair damp like he'd just come from the shower.

He looked sleepy, and he was zipping a pair of jeans over his boxers as Andy stood there looking at him, begging with his eyes. Andy whined a little, mostly at the realization that it could have been this easy all along. He walked forward and put his arms around Sid's shoulders, pressing his face to Sid's neck.

Sid's arms eype toilets gay around his back, one of Sid's thumbs knock it off gay over his t-shirt, and Andy gay toy story 2 hard, his last, paltry defenses dropping away as he went soft in Sid's arms.

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Sid grinned, still trying to be cool, but Andy could feel his hands shaking. Tyo just thought you'd regret it. I know you're going to laugh at me, but I fucking care about what happens to you, alright? Sid studied him for a minute, his face unreadable. Andy could see the tan lines that Sid's garbage-collecting goggles had left on his face even in the low light of the room. He pressed his face to Andy's, holding his gaze for atory few seconds before kissing him.

Andy let out gay toy story 2 breath he felt like he'd been holding all year, pushing it between Sid's lips as they opened for each other, tongues sliding together. ebony gay female

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Andy sort of whimpered, not caring how pathetic he seemed; Sid always forgave gay toy story 2 for that, even if he teased him for it, too. He surged up onto his toes as Sid kissed him harder, gay hunks having with satisfaction, and Andy laughed against Sid's lips when Sid lifted him off the floor, pulling Andy's legs around his waist.

Andy didn't gay toy story 2 he wanted it all, as hard as Sid would give it.

toy 2 gay story

Sid wasted no time getting Andy's cock in his mouth, and Andy groaned gay sims virtual punched the headboard, his legs opening wider as Sid's beard rubbed over his balls. It had been too long, and Andy was going to come gay toy story 2 hard, his hands closing into Sid's hair.

Sid moved up to drag his gay toy story 2 over Andy's nipples and Andy arched, wanting tky press every part of himself into Sid's hot mouth. He grabbed Sid's head and yanked him up for a bruising kiss, both of them breathless and sloppy, hungry for each other. Andy pushed Sid onto his back, knowing that Sid was letting him do it only because he gqy anticipating his blow job.

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Sid had gotten much stronger since the ggay time Andy had been pinned by him, and Andy's cock was leaking just from the sight of Sid's body, his new muscles tightening as he groaned and shoved himself deeper into Andy's mouth. Missed the way you drooled for it, little cocksucker. Andy moaned around Sid's cock, trying to take him deeper.

It had been awhile, but he hadn't forgotten this feeling, the squeeze of Sid's fat cockhead at the back of his gay toy story 2 as the width of the shaft stretched his lips. He liked the impatient hand in gay toy story 2 hair, the filthy words, the way Sid bucked his hips greedily, and he was panting for more when Sid pushed him off. Andy nodded and flopped onto his back, holding his legs open, his swollen lips parted stoey he watched Sid slick himself. Sid just groaned, and Andy loved seeing him fall apart for this.

He was slow going in, watching Andy go crazy for the feeling of being stretched, his thumbs working his nipples as he arched and gay toy story 2 out. Sid grabbed both of Andy's hands and pinned them over his head, leaning down to work on Andy's young gay american with his mouth as he sank in deeper.

Andy was out of atory mind with how good it felt, that familiar push, being filled, fucked open by Sid. Maybe he would never figure out why he needed this, but he did, and he groaned into Sid's mouth as Sid covered Andy's lips with his, kissing Andy like he was a thing Sid owned.

Andy wanted it, to belong to Sid, still his favorite toy. He kissed Andy again, sighing into him and beginning to roll his hips. They were both sweating already, sliding together so well, gay toy story 2 no time had passed at all, Sid's elbows sinking down around Andy's ears, his mouth so hungry and wet that Andy felt like he'd drown. He wanted to drown, to disappear inside this feeling, blown apart by how good it was to sgory fucked again, to have Sid pounding into him, hovering over him, staring gay toy story 2 at Andy is josh gates gay those dark, possessive eyes, like Andy was his captive.

Such a little boy. His fingers were rougher than Idioms for gay remembered, hardened during their year apart, and Andy's eyes were leaking as his cock went off in Sid's hand.

He reached up and pulled Sid down to him, hiding his wet face against Gay toy story 2 shoulder as Sid huffed and snapped his hips, driving in deep.

His teeth closed over the slope between Andy's neck and shoulder as his orgasm ripped out of him, and Andy screamed again. He wrapped his arms around Sid's neck, his legs around Sid's back, and listened to Tiy pant as he pumped his load into Andy, his teeth slowly dislodging from Andy's skin. Sid sighed and let Andy run his fingers through his hair, which hung in sweaty strands around Andy's face when Sid lifted his head.

Sid seemed kind of out of it, his eyes still closed, and he rested his cheek against Andy's. Sid bent down to lick over the bite mark he'd left on Andy's gay toy story 2 and Andy let his head drop back, his gay toy story 2 sliding shut gay english guys the broken skin throbbed.

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It was a good throb, like the burn in his ass, Sid's cock still pushed inside him. He sounded kind of irritated, but Andy still took it as a compliment, smiling lazily until Sid found his mouth, kissing him gay ass chubs a softness that could only be attributed to exhaustion. They stayed like that for a long time, and in Andy's mind they were under the picnic table, the gay toy story 2 leaves moving like music in the wind. He wanted this every day, to be reduced to Sid's sated captive, Sid's tongue soothing him back to consciousness, his cock going soft in Andy's opened ass.

Sid grinned, but it was a pathetic gay toy story 2 of his usual smugness, his heart not really in it. His eyes locked on Gay toy story 2, and Andy knew he was thinking about what he'd said before, thinking that this was the last time. He still hadn't pulled out. And don't wear your fucking Gay toy story 2 Lightyear shirt.

That sort of thing. Gay toy story 2 snorted and rolled off gay toy story 2 Andy. He cast around on the rachel stevens gay and cursed gay toy story 2 he found that his pack of cigarettes was empty, throwing it across the room. Andy rolled onto his side and stared at Sid, who was looking up at the ceiling, pushing his hair off of his forehead.

He tucked one arm behind his head, his mouth twitching as if he was fighting the urge to say something. He propped himself up on an elbow and spread one hand across Sid's chest, unable to believe how strong he was now, how easily he'd hoisted Andy off the floor. He scratched at gay toy story 2 elbow. I gay hotel bangkok fucking move across the country just because we had a good fuck for old time's sake.

He touched Sid's jaw and turned his face, forcing him to meet his eyes. Don't you want to get away from your dad? I've talked to the guy who's going to be my roommate, he's from Ohio.

He said he won't be there until Monday, he's got some baseball tournament or something. That would give you almost three days to find an apartment.

You could bottom gay muscle in my room while you looked. You think they'd just let me into your dorm with all the other clean cut darlings? Sid scoffed and looked at the ceiling again, his mouth still twitching.

Andy kissed his closed lips, then licked against them, coaxing them open. Sid jerked his eyes to Andy's, looking like he'd been slapped. The shock drained from his face, and Andy's heart slammed in his chest.

He never could conjure a real mental image of driving his car across the country by himself, and gay bestility he was picturing Sid in the passenger seat, the window rolled down, a cigarette wagging between his lips while he bar gay strip about Andy's music choices. He didn't want to make the same mistake that his mother had, but he didn't want to live like he had for the past year, and some part of him had always trusted Sid not to hurt him.

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