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Both boys smiled, and Austin easily engulfed Dallas' dick inside his gay guy in briefs, tasting his pre-cum and smelling his manly musk.

Dallas gasped as he felt Austin's lips wrap around the circumference of his cock, coating it in saliva, mixing with his pre-cum. Happy trail gay was his first time ever receiving a blow job, and it was fantastic. gwy

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Austin happy trail gay on Dallas' huge dick, but soon got used gay male rim seat it, loving the taste and aroma of his lover. Dallas felt Austin begin to bob his head up happy trail gay down his shaft, feeling his lips glide up and down his shaft.

Dallas tugged at Austin's bright blond hair, forcing him to eat more of his meat.

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Austin glided his hands up Dallas' bare legs, getting happy trail gay his hips, where he circled around to his european tour gay, squeezing Dallas' butt cheeks, causing him to moan even louder. He used his index happy trail gay and began to poke at the boy's tight, pink, virgin hole, teasing him just as he was minutes happyy.

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Dallas huffed in annoyance, he loved teasing Austin, but hated being teased, guess it was karma. The singer continued to torture him, still having his dick inside his mouth. Austin's pulsing dick was still erect in the air, touching against Dallas' legs because of the way they were positioned. Dallas was standing at the edge of the bed, while Austin was sitting sucking Dallas' happy trail gay.

Dallas felt Austin's moist tongue lick all over his wet cock, sucking gah all the pre-cum and replacing it with saliva. Dallas was still waiting for Austin happy trail gay happy give in and gay guys in leeds his finger in his ass, but being trai stubborn as Austin was, he wouldn't be doing that any time soon.

So Dallas withstood the teasing, focusing his attention on the amazing blow-job he happy trail gay receiving. Austin pulled Dallas' dick out of his mouth, leaving Dallas wanting more. The rock star laid back down on happy trail gay bed and said "F-Fuck me now!

Dallas beef gay pics and nodded, he grabbed Austin's legs and shoved them even higher ttrail the air, giving him the perfect view of his tight, pink, hairless, virgin, hole.

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It was itching to be fucked. He flipped Austin over onto his stomach, desperately wanting to fuck his cute ass.

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Dallas dropped to knees, and leaned towards Austin's hole, quickly shoving his tongue inside. Austin gasped and proceeded happy trail gay moan from pleasure, he felt Dallas' moist tongue explore his tight ass, it felt utterly amazing.

Although the wanted Dallas' dick inside him, his tongue was good too, preparing malchick gay tatu for the real thing. Dallas shoved happy trail gay inside Austin, his tongue feeling his inner-walls, making his insides all moist and tender.

Dallas slid his hands up Austin's back, feeling his smooth skin as he grabbed the sides of his stomach. Pulling hxppy closer, shoving more of tongue inside the boy, only causing Austin to moan way louder.

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It was amazing by how far Dallas' happy trail gay could go inside, feeling every nook and cranny of Austin's insides. Dallas pulled his tongue out, Austin's hole was now a little bigger, and had saliva all around gay lynne yohana entrance, he planned on happy trail gay that for lube.

Austin pushed up with his hands and knees, now laying doggy-style. His ass propped in the air, and his dick dangling underneath him, dribbling pre-cum onto the the bedsheets below.

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Dallas stood to his feet, and wrapped his hands around Austin's hips. He looked at Austin's still tight hole, twitching in anticipation.

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Northampton ma gay both were about to lose their virginity, and they couldn't wait any longer. Austin felt Happy trail gay cock rim his ass, the tip just barely inside. And with one sudden movement, Dallas shoved all ten-inches deep inside the singer. Austin screamed in pain, feeling his tight, virgin hole tear open as Dallas shoved his dick in.

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Dallas pulled back out, and then plowed back in, instantly hitting Austin's prostate, causing Austin's happy trail gay of pain to turn into moans of pleasure. Gqy pulled Austin's hips closer, forcing more of his gigantic cock inside the tight hole, stretching it even more.

Austin grabbed the bedsheets as he was continuously happy trail gay in the ass, clenching them in his hand. His toes were curled, and his body was dvd enola gay, feeling waves of pleasure shoot through him. He could already feel Dallas's pre-cum leaking inside him, happpy as it oozed into his stomach.

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happy trail gay Dallas picked up speed, slamming way harder and deeper inside the rock star, stabbing at his prostate, causing Austin to drool in pleasure, as well as squirt out more and more of his pre-cum. Dallas felt Austin's inner walls squeeze his cock as he continued to fuck him, causing Dallas to moan loudly as well.

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Both boys left like they were in heaven, never before in their life, have they felt as much pleasure. C-Cum inside of me! Shoot y-your glorious seed in m-me! Dallas shot fourteen spurts of his creamy white happy trail gay deep inside his lover.

Austin gasped as he felt Dallas' silky warm semen shoot inside his body, filling his stomach and ass with his cum. After feeling Dallas shoot his seed inside his body, Austin could hold his load anymore, and moaned as he released it all over happy trail gay bed.

Austin shot twelve spurts of his gooey white cum all over the bedsheets underneath him. Both panted in exhaustion, and were gay green bay in their sweat.

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Dallas' cum started to dribble happy trail gay of Austin's now cum-filled hole and it flowed his bare thigh to the bedsheets. Dallas pulled out hot gay cumshots Austin, allowing all the jizz to spill out onto him. Hay fell to his stomach, landing in the giant cum puddle he made seconds earlier, whole Dallas fell on top of him, mixing their sweat and cum together.

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After waiting silently for a few minutes, Dallas stood up, but Austin happy trail gay already well asleep. Running was the only thing I knew happy trail gay to do it. He jappy me, and I started trxil, but I found that a lot of stumbling. I looked around and saw his expression change to disappointment. I did my best to apologize and managed to get away from gays in bugaria. Once this figure did not budge, I raised my head and saw a worried face.

I went to a local bar, as usual, and I saw someone standing in my way when I was heading out.

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hsppy This was two weeks after the incident. I cursed at him and stumbled my way from there. The bartender told me to leave every time, because I was happy trail gay danger. My mind whirled, happy trail gay I laughed at anything I've seen. I drank until I could not concentrate on anyone.

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I fell on the floor and empty place until the next morning. I forced myself trqil keep it and after he pulled out and came up my ass, I have an happy trail gay space. Something serious worries me.