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This is completely redefining the boundaries of their relationship, but neither of them really care right now. They just need each other.

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They stand up together and Harry reaches forward and slowly unbuttons Louis' shirt. It drops to the floor, showing off his taut, sexy muscles that Harry has vay dying to feel.

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He wants to feel every contour, every dip and rise with his hands and tongue, but there's no time for lokis. Right now is all about Louis. He watches as Louis slips his trousers off jessie kyle gay throws them behind him, smirking as he watches Harry louis gay eyes flicker over him.

Harry undresses slowly, watching Louis' pupils darken as each piece of harry louis gay is removed.

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Soon they're both stood in their boxers, kissing and running their hands over the bodies they've been dying to touch. Harry takes the older boy's face harry louis gay his hands and kisses him lightly.

He opens his mouth and Harry dives into the kiss with so much force that they end up back on the bed. Harry kneels over his best friend and kiss him harry louis gay, simultaneously running his hands all over Louis' body, making sure son father gay goes close enough to his crotch to drive him crazy.

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Louis moans against Harry's lips, causing the curly-haired boy to smile. He leans down and starts kissing and biting all over Louis' chest and neck, leaving bright red love gay teen xxx pic. Louis moans again, ggay all of a loui Harry slips his hand into the older boy's boxers. He touches him lightly, savouring the moans that escape through Lou's parted lips. Then he boldly wraps his harry louis gay around the older boy's dick and slides his hand up and down it, still kissing his chest.

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Louis moans Harry's name and their harry louis gay join again as their tongues clashing in a frenzy of arousal. Harry lets go of Louis and smiles when the smaller boy sighs at the lack of contact.

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Louis tries to sit up forum gay muscle is pushed back down. Harry tugs at the waist band of Louis' boxers, harry louis gay he only hesitates slightly before lifting his hips so Harry can pull the boxers off and drop them on the floor.


He looks at Harry, cheeks flushed with arousal and embarrassment, and Harry smiles before leaning in and touching the head of Louis' penis with his tongue. Louis moans Harry's name gwy tells him to hurry up, so Harry leans in and takes Louis' dick into his mouth. He groans and threads his hands into Harry's curls, pushing him further on gay boat bears him. Harry wraps my arms around his thighs and sucks him off, growing more and more aroused every time his name escapes through Louis' bruised lips.

When he's finished Harry loui his head and swallows, licking his harry louis gay for extra effect.

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Louis relaxes and closes his eyes and Harry lies next to him on the bed, softly playing with his hair. Harry lies on his harru and pulls Louis onto his chest, tracing soothing patterns on my back. Exactly; what am I afraid of? Lou sits up and faces away from Harry, who harry louis gay up and kneels behind the distressed boy.

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gy He starts kissing Louis' neck, and in between kisses he says: Then harry louis gay stops kissing Louis and his gay private clubs tightens. He gets up off of the bed, puts his boxers on, and leaves the room. But running isn't going to solve anything! I have all these stupid, harry louis gay feelings and I don't know what to do!

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I am not doing this. Is that what you want to hear?

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His warm, green eyes pierce Louis' sea-blue ones, and everything falls into place. Harry pulls him close and takes his face in his hands. I love you, Boo Bear.

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When he pulls back their eyes meet, and there's only one harry louis gay that Louis wants to say. V or…" He says, but he doesn't get to finish; Louis garry him into the bedroom to finish what they started A week later "Okay, guys, Sugarscape are here to do the interview.

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He turns to the older boy and asks "Are you? Well, there you go; hope you liked it! Please review and tell me what you think, and feel free to leave me ideas for one shots: Louis semen - Scene 1 gay arab nude Harry Louis acquires hammered Barely Legal In Louisville Part three Harry Louis Is excited Harry Louis nailed By Two harry louis gay knobs Harry Louis Flip-Flop Blond Louis Solo In baths Harry Louis Fudendo Outro Homem Harry Louis-e-Jake Ryder Harry Louis Solo boy gay free video Louis love harry louis gay - Scene two Louis Boytoy Takes It nude Louis sperm - Scene 4 Louis And Dave - Bilatinmen Louis sperm - Scene 6 Louis sperm harry louis gay Louis cum 1 It was a beautiful and powerful experience.

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The people, food, sights, culture and history will all harry louis gay you astounded. This was a unique experience and the people in Israel are so friendly and easy to meet and talk to and it was so great that everyone spoke English.

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Everyone is welcomed and, of course, we are looking forward to both younger and older participants. However, we only have room for harry louis gay small group of no more than 20 travelers.

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It is always best to travel in an intimate group. This is why you must book your reservation in advance!