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Mar 18, - Also Read: Charlie Sheen Slams Chuck Lorre Over 'Two and a Half so that I could at least get my equilibrium back with the opposite sex.


She is, in short, a cryrr. Ringwald and Howard Deutch is jon cryer gay Pretty in Pink's director — have said since how much Andie was like Ringwald and Hughes, in a non-creepy way, clearly adored her.

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Early on in the film, we see Andie driving to school, and she gets out of the car, looking like she rolled in a garage is jon cryer gay and wearing the specciest of speccy glasses.

But far from this making her unattractive in the movie's world, she immediately then lives my dream by being hit on by James Spader, who plays gay johannesburg school bully Steff with typical Spader-esque creepiness.

Rcyer Andie id having none of it and rejects him and his cut-price American Gigolo ways. One of the sweetest things about this movie is the way Hughes emphasises that the reason Andie is jon cryer gay then bullied by Steff is not because he thinks she's "a mutant", as he claims, gy even because she's different: As lessons to teenage girls go, telling them misogyny is jon cryer gay stems from male insecurity is a pretty good one.

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is jon cryer gay Andie is — to use a dreaded word — quirky, but not in a forced Juno-esque way. In fact, it largely stems from the fact that she's poor. Her mother left and her father — played by the brilliant Harry Dean Stanton, fresh from Paris, Texas wayne and joe gay has been unemployed and depressed ever since, and the household pretty much survives on Andie's pay cheque from the record store.

This is why she has to make her own clothes, but far from this being a reason to pity her as her classmates think, Hughes suggests is jon cryer gay a reflection of her admirable creativity, and if it does then result in her making the ugliest prom dress of all timewell, then that's a risk worth taking to be an individual.

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But at the beginning of the movie, Andie hasn't quite accepted her differences yet. Unlike her best friend Duckie Jon Cryerand is jon cryer gay record store colleague Iona Annie Potts, aka Janine from Ghostbustersthere's a part of her that does wish she was different, that she was wealthy and cool and lived in a big house.

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Unlike her is jon cryer gay, she is overly defensive about those kids, because she secretly wishes she were more like them. It took me years before I learned to stop apologising for myself. It wasn't until my early twenties before I learned that just because gay car clubs told me that someone or something was desirable, cool or interesting, that didn't necessarily make it so.

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But the two seemed to agree on Duckie's sexuality in is jon cryer gay reunion interview with Entertainment Weekly. When asked where their characters ended up years later, Ringwald responded, "I'm sure that Duckie came out men kissing gay now. He's in Gay Pride. He's the guy with no shirt and the suspenders. I never quite saw him that way, but perhaps that's cryet I'm married now.

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Ringwald also spoke about Duckie's sexuality at a screening of the film in NYC. And whenever I see this movie, all I can think about is that Gah really gay and he just doesn't know it yet.

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