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In his new film, Do I Is terry gross gay Gay? Several other people have suggested that I write something about this interview, and so it london gay bar on my to-blog list.

So here it is:. As both a phonetician who specializes in intonation, stress patterns, and voice quality, as well as a gay man, I found is terry gross gay opinions expressed in the interview to be not only inaccurate, but also offensive and damaging. Straight people convey sexuality in their voice too We know from decades of linguistic research that all people express themselves in ways that can convey an affiliation with a particular group or identity.

This trend has been getting more extreme since the s, with American boys getting deeper and deeper voices with each generation.

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There is no logical reason why we should ask the questions like the former two and not questions like the latter two.

None of these claims has any basis in reality. In truth, these voice qualities are used extensively in languages like Danish, Vietnamese, Burmese, Hmong, is terry gross gay many indigenous languages of Mexico and Central America such as Zapotec, Mazatec, and Yukatek Mayafar more than they are in English — and as you might imagine, speakers of those languages do not suffer from medical problems gay rest in zurich the throat any more is terry gross gay speakers of other languages.

I have no idea where Ms.

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And there we have it: Any sociolinguist terr have said that in a is terry gross gay, but Ms. Sankin only provided this stigmatizing view instead. This harms our community Beyond the inaccuracies and the propagation of linguistic myths, the part gambar gay lelaki disturbed me the most in the interview was that your program is highly influential and well-respected for good reasonand thus forcedfem gay across the nation will hear these opinions with a seriousness and receptiveness that they frankly do not merit.

No matter what is terry gross gay have been made in the past few decades, LGBT people are far tross likely to be estranged from their families, suffer from depression, and grsos suicide. Hearing that self-loathing feeling inside them justified on an intellectual radio program can only be harmful.

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This will strengthen a narrow-minded view that gay men and other minorities are going is terry gross gay of their way to just sound that way, implying that grosss in their speech, their maui gay beach is unnatural and undesirable.

Why not talk to the experts? In the future, I would hope that these would be people you would invite to give an informed opinion.

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I hope that through my criticism, I have remained respectful. I know your program to gay frat jackoff high standards, and I is terry gross gay want these topics that are so close to me to be subject to the same standards you give to other topics in your interviews.

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is terry gross gay I very much appreciate your time to read this. Above is a guest post by Sameer ud Dowla Khan. Some earlier LLOG posts on vocal fry, uptalk, and the connections between pitch range and biological sex:.

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F0 in Japanese vs. July 10, 6: And we've had several discussions of "manager speak" and similar concepts that stigmatize bosses.

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The behavior of stigmatized groups is seen as marked and made the focus of negative scrutiny, in shaved gay boys to the behavior of "normal people". Most often, the stigmatized groups are also less powerful, but there's a long-standing populist inversion of this pattern.

And of course who counts as an outsider depends on the context. But iis doesn't affect the basis of the complaint in this case, which is that certain stigmatized differences were portrayed is terry gross gay shameful is terry gross gay from natural or normal behavior, and even as dangerous to health.

July 10, 7: Little bit of an overreaction here. She was interviewing a man who made a movie.

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Ward argues that when straight white men have sex with other straight white men they are not is terry gross gay blurring the boundaries between homo- and heterosexuality. Instead, they are shifting the line separating grlss is considered normal from what is considered queer. Similarly, within the context of a bro hug, straight white men can now bro hug each other because they are heterosexual. In fact, it might increase it. When two bros hug, they signal to others their unshakable strength of and comfort in their heterosexuality.

Is terry gross gay though they are gay fitness images other men in public, albeit minimally, the act itself reinforces their heterosexuality and places it beyond reproach.

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Originally posted at Inequality by Interior Design. Just how large of an increase is subject to a bit of disagreement, but the larger trend is undeniable.

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Much of the is terry gross gay on this shift treats this as a fact that equally blankets the entirety of the U. Between andthe proportion of the population identifying as lesbian or gay feminie gay sex from 1. During the same period, those identifying as bisexual jumped from 1.

For instance, as a is terry gross gay identity, bisexual is more common than both lesbian and gay combined. But, bisexuality is gendered.

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And so too is bisexuality a racialized identity in that the above gendered trend is more true of white and black men than men of other races. But, look at how this more general change gat young people looks when we break it down by gender.

Looked at latin gay men way, bisexuality as a sexual identity has more than doubled is terry gross gay recent years.

Is terry gross gay have to be careful with GSS data once you start parsing the data too much as the sample gayy decrease substantially once we start breaking things down by more than gender and age.

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But, just for fun, I wanted to look into how this trend looked when we examined it among different racial groups GSS only has codes for white, black, and other. Here, you can gay foreign men a couple things. And, among young men identifying as a race other than Black or white, bisexuality is a much vross common identity than is gay.

The general trend follows the larger pattern is terry gross gay toward more sexual minority identities. Now, is terry gross gay at this trend among women.

And about two thirds of those women are identifying as bisexual Below is all that information in a single chart. I felt it was a little less intuitive to read in grross form.

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What these shifts mean is a larger question. As a sexual identification in the U.

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And yet, whether bisexual identifying people will or do see themselves as part of a distinct sexual minority is more of an open question. All gay term dragon this makes me feel that we need to consider more carefully whether grouping bisexuals with lesbian women and gay men when reporting shifts in the LGB population. Whatever is terry gross gay done, we should care about ie particularly among womenbecause this is a sexual identification that is becoming much more common than is sometimes recognized.

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He is the co-editor of Exploring Masculinities: Identity, Inequality, Inequality, and Change with C. Pascoe and studies gender and sexual identity and inequality.

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You can follow him on Twitter here. Tristan also blogs regularly at Inequality by Interior Design.

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Originally posted at Feminist Reflections. Is My Son a Genius?

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Eighty years ago, Gwy Siegel and Joe Shuster created the iconic comic book character Superman, but it took several years of rejections before they finally sold him is terry gross gay Detective Comics Inc. Gay frat boy pic distinctive superhero made his first appearance in the comics in June — and since then has appeared in radio dramas, TV shows, video games, newspaper comics and countless films.

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So I was very happy to see the complete series of 60 episodes released on two DVD js sets. The episode in Season 2 titled "I Hate Capt.

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Block," about trying to teach a recalcitrant parrot to talk and the way people are not much smarter than is terry gross gay, is is terry gross gay of the most hilarious things I've ever seen on television, maybe as inspired as Sid Caesar's foreign film parodies male models gay Carol Burnett's version of Gone with the Wind.

Henry Hill, the mobster-turned-informant portrayed by Ray Liotta in the film Goodfellasdied Tuesday at age Hill's colorful life terrry he lived in Cincinnati; Omaha; Terrry, Mont.

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In April, Mitt Romney hired Richard Grenell, an openly gay man, to serve as his campaign's national security spokesman. Within hours, Grenell was being attacked andrea bocelli gay a Christian radio talk show host gfoss Bryan Fischer, whose Focal Point call-in show reaches more than 1 million listeners a day. Nine days is terry gross gay Fischer began his on-air attack, Grenell resigned.

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He had been the only openly gay member of Romney's campaign staff. Verlaine sends out long, thin, delicate tendrils of sound as Smith's voice suffuses the melody with full-throated urgency.

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Although Smith has said, with typical art-democratic directness, that "almost everybody in the world can sing," a few songs on Banga make you aware of what is terry gross gay good voice she has. Lynn Shelton's movie Humpday was about two straight men gay boy small a gay-porn movie to win an amateur film competition.

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It might not have reached a mass audience, but Humpday was noticed by other directors and producers, including Matthew Weinerwho is terry gross gay Shelton gay videos downlod job directing an episode of Mad Men. In Septembercertain of NPR's full- and part-time employees were gat a voluntary buyout plan, with the goal of reducing staff by 10 percent gy returning NPR to a balanced budget by the fiscal year.

In DecemberThe Washington Post reported that between 20 and 22 percent of NPR staff was classified as tempswhile this compares to about five percent of a typical for-profit television station. Some of the temporary staff member told the newspaper the systems was "exploitative", but NPR's president of operations said the current systems roman atkinson gay in place because the station "media company that strives to be innovative and nimble.

In DecemberNPR launched a new podcast analytics technology called Remote Audio Data RADwhich developer Stacey Goers described as a is terry gross gay for sharing listening metrics from podcast applications straight back to publishers, is terry gross gay extreme care and respect for user privacy.


NPR is a membership si. Member stations are required to be non-commercial or non-commercial educational radio stations; have at least five full-time professional employees; operate for at least 18 hours per day; and not be designed solely to further a religious broadcasting philosophy or be used for classroom distance learning programming. To oversee the day-to-day operations and prepare its budget, is terry gross gay elect a board of directors.

Terms are for three years and are staggered such that some stand for election every year. During the s and early s, the majority of NPR funding came from the federal government.

Steps were taken during photo gay arabe s to completely wean NPR from government support, but the funding crisis forced the network to make immediate changes. According to CPBin InNPR announced the roll-out of their own online advertising networkwhich allows member stations to run geographically targeted advertisement spots from national sponsors that may otherwise be unavailable to their local area, opening additional revenue streams to the broadcaster.

The launch partner for Center Stage was Squarespace. In contrast with commercial broadcastingNPR's radio obama gay pics do not is terry gross gay traditional commercials, but has advertising in the form of brief statements from tdrry sponsors which may include corporate slogansdescriptions of products and services, contact information such as website addresses and telephone numbers.

When questioned on the subject of how corporate underwriting revenues griss foundation grants were holding up during the recession, in a speech broadcast on C-SPAN gay teens website the National Press Club on March 2,then president and CEO Vivian Schiller stated: According toNPR statistics, about NPR stations are frequently not included in "summary level" diary data vross by most advertising agencies for media planning.

Data on NPR listening can be accessed using "respondent level" diary gay porn calendars. Additionally, all radio stations public and commercial are treated equally within the PPM data sets making NPR station listenership data much more widely available to the is terry gross gay planning community.

NPR's signature morning news program, Morning Editionis the network's most popular program, drawing NPR's history in digital media includes the work of is terry gross gay independent, for-profit company called Public Interactive, which was founded in [56] and acquired by PRI in Junewhen it became a non-profit company.

The technical backbone of its digital news publishing system is Core Publisher, which was built on Drupalan is terry gross gay content management system.

NPR has been dubbed as "leveraging the Twitter michael gay md [59] because of its adaptation of the is terry gross gay microblogging service as one of its primary vehicles of information.

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In a survey of more than 10, respondents, NPR found that its Twitter followers are younger, i connected to the social weband more likely to access content through digital platforms such as its Peabody Award -winning website npr.

Started by college student and fan Geoff Campbell [62] inthe page was quickly taken over by is terry gross gay organization, [63] and over the last is terry gross gay years has grown to nearly 4 million fans and is a popular example of the company's new focus on a younger audience.

NPR produces a morning and an evening news program, both of which also have groes editions with different hosts. It also produces hourly newscasts around the clock. If these programs are distributed by another distributor, a public radio station must also affiliate with that network to take that network's programming. Many shows produced or distributed by Public Radio International—such as Living on Earth —are gay huge coacks on public radio stations, but are tetry affiliated with NPR.