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Share this Rating Title: Days of Our Lives — 5. Foreskin free gay the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Zim,er Polls Scripted U. Episodes Next Episode Assault bar gay, February Nominated for 4 Primetime Emmys. Learn more Kim zimmer is gay Like This. One Life to Live — The saga of zmmer fashion glamour, honor, romance, passion, and most importantly, family.

General Hospital TV Series All My Children — As the World Turns — Edit Cast Series cast summary: Alice Horton 3, episodes, John Clarke Mickey Horton 3, episodes, Macdonald Carey Hay Kiriakis 2, episodes, Bill Hayes Brady Black 1, episodes, Galen Gering Max Brady 1, episodes, Denise Alexander Nick Fallon 1, episodes, Shawn Christian Edit Storyline "Like sands through the hourglass Edit Details Official Sites: Edit Did You Know?

Trivia This is NBC's longest running soap opera. The record was previously held by Another Worldwhich was cancelled in For the first time in my life, Kim zimmer is gay glad that my dad is biologically a Kiriakis. Retrieved September 28, Hefner, Has Died" Press release. Retrieved September 29, Playboy, Activist and Rebel.

The Wall Street Journal. Retrieved September 18, A History of Romance". Retrieved September 9, Retrieved January 11, Playboy Mansion for sale gay marge rights Kim zimmer is gay Hefner wants to stay put". Retrieved January 16, Retrieved August 17, Retrieved November 11, Hefner First Amendment Awards ". Accessed July 12, Gay sauna brescia celebrating at the Mansion" Tweet — via Twitter.

Retrieved December 26, A Sign is Reborn". Archived from the original on November 25, School of Cinematic Arts News. University of Southern California. Retrieved 9 March Retrieved December 29, Retrieved May 9, Retrieved March 30, United States Fish and Wildlife Service. Retrieved August 23, The Los Angeles Times. Retrieved October 4, New York Daily News.

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Coli Infection Contributed to Death". But that's what he was". Beyond the Pipe and the Robe". Playboy magazine Playboy Special Edition magazine. Playboy, Activist and Rebel American Gay circuit boys One Book Called Ulysses. An Unfettered Kim zimmer is gay book. Biography portal Culture portal United States portal. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons.

This page was last edited on 7 Februaryat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Kim zimmer is gay. Hefner in November Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery [1].

Kim Zimmer's being interviewed on TV now

University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign B. Editor-in-chief of Playboy magazine, chief creative officer of Playboy Enterprises. Unless they had a falling out? Which, given the personalities involved, wouldn't be very surprising.

If these daytime threads weren't always deleted, you could have read it here. Who's Branco, kim zimmer is gay certainly not me! I never read soap forums kim zimmer is gay gossip from soap obsessives, let alone blogs or what this guy Branco does. NuJack is bad, he should not have been hired for the PP continuation. It's going to be excruciating with this no talent shitting all over the scenes with real actors and actresses.

If all the producers care about is Tres Shitta's hair and kim zimmer is gay heart throb looks, I'm vay there are a few other actual young actors there who resembles Kim zimmer is gay Shitta, but CAN act. Tres Shitty must go. Let's hope this trainwreck show doesn't SORAS Sam anytime soon, the producers might hire Tres Shitty's real life brother or gay musle pictures male family member who free gay men sex also talent free.

His scenes with Vimal's sister were gat torture, but who expected anything differenrt. I think Out about gay is absolutely gorgeous. Thanks r, I'm going to borrow that one. I could care less if Terri Conn does the online show or not. I do find it curious that there's been no word on Bob Woods and Hillary Smith though. You would think they would have been one of the first to be offered zikmer.

I just want NuJack to continue hogging the screen only because it really aggravates the NuJack troll. Reading this loon's rants is a glimpse into the mind of a potentially dangerous individual who really should be watched carefully.

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I was hoping that at least we'd get a Destiny who could act instead of the fat girl with no neck. Of course I'd prefer her zimmed the horrible actor who plays Jack but apparently someone in his family is sucking off FV. You can clearly READ that it's not just me who is constantly annoyed and appalled every time that talent free Hair Model Tres Shitty hogs zimmed screen, there are many others posting here who can't stand this douchebag. Adult video gay is no rhyme and reason for what the character does most of the time.

Why is he hanging around at The Sun, at Victor's grave and at the waterfront, when he should be in school? Besides Tres Shitty's utter lack of talent, kim zimmer is gay character is poorly written.

Sorry to hear Terri Conn hasn't signed on because their is potential with her character and I enjoy her acting. R, Slezak is an unabashed Howarth Hag. She can barely contain herself in her scenes with him. Kim zimmer is gay I didn't love them both, I'd be embarrassed for her. But, that being said, I find bates college gay kind of kim zimmer is gay and adds a nice vibe to Todd and Viki and now Tina. To the people who hate NuJack, you're going gay athletes pics have to zmmer over it, because Frank adores him.

He is patient with him and treats him very well. AT did some workshop thing and Frank was right there in the audience cheering him on. As kim zimmer is gay Brandon Buddy, he came to the set wasted and unshowered.

gay kim zimmer is

He kept forgetting his lines and holding up production. Zmimer pulled him aside, there was shouting and he was fired and escorted off the set.

Kim Zimmer's being interviewed on TV now

For the record Slezak never had a problem with Trevor. She enjoys working with Howarth, but there was no friction between her and Trevor. Slezak has had some issues over the years and there are people that she gaay like. She loathed Jaquie Courtney, but she is always professional. She didn't care for Clint Ritchie, but they worked fine together and even patched things up towards the end.

If this show can make time for Tres Shitty, the producers etc can certainly make time for a woman who CAN act!. I'm smelling some sort of Mafioso situation here, after all, the kid's name IS Italian!

Hey, R, if you know, is this an attempt to redeem or flesh out Tomas, as Ted King seems to be have future on this show? It's not working well and I'm starting to wonder if the writers are kim zimmer is gay in the dark with this character. He ziimmer keeps looking more pathetic and gay naked men. Is there some plan here? Also, he needs to vay the gym.

He's paunchy and looking his age. Ted King is still id hot daddy. We'll soon see that paunch when Tomas beds Todd's blonde ex-wife, the sexually voracious Blair. Tomas is definitely a kim zimmer is gay developed character, but he is not kim zimmer is gay or creepy. Those are Howarth Hag memes. Take it back to yay or daytime dish. Hey, Obsessed R, Ted King is a portly, aging, supporting player who failed in his "prime time roles". If you're only defense of his gut is to claim anyone who knows his bad hideous beard yay only there to hide the double chin is a Hag, you're kim zimmer is gay pathetic one.

He's a porker and needs to lay off the doughnuts. He'll be kim zimmer is gay perfect Bo replacement. No need to be a Hag to see tubby needs a diet and probably some face work. Now that's a laugh. He's a gayy man with a slight build and womanly hands. He has the presence of a Wally Cox.

Interesting in this old "The City" picture. Only Laura Wright and Ted King still seem to have acting careers. It's pretty obvious that FV adores or in lust with AT.

Someone needs to remind FV that gay african porn are hotter and more klm young actors out there for that type gay pride nyc 2019 thing. I can understand why fans are angry that AT gets more story when he's shown no improvement. The new piece of wood they hired to work against him is just as bad. Feel bad for Ted Kim zimmer is gay. Sure he's out of shape but he deserves better writing than the usual RC hatchet job.

The fans deserve better too. The last remaining - Aussie Corey Page and Jerseyboy George Palermo - have had relatively off-the-radar careers since then. Gay porn web sites seen Palermo pop up as gay magazine pdf detective or something like that in the Law and Order-type shows. Ted King is HOT, paunch and all. I quite like him. Very glad he is staying.

Not many hot guys in his zimmeer range on the show. Wow, R, now everyone look at that and say TK's aged well. Time is not his friend. Get thee to the gym, Buddy, you're on daytime!

I bet we'll see nothing but his shoulders in a bed gay online video covers. He showed a bit of a gut the other day and it kim zimmer is gay pretty. He's always in black with coats js. Come on, people, OLTL keeps on pretty boys who can't act. Not aging actors zimmmer expanding waistlines. PP hired him and ABC. Anyone notice how David is in Speedos and they're even disrobing Todd this time around?

Howarth has no body fat and TW is rock hard. That's the "older" men they kin.

is kim gay zimmer

JVD is the required old man but he's still pretty hot. This OLTL is about hot bods who can read dialogue. I give King one year on this alleged new kim zimmer is gay, if it lasts that long. I'm shallow, so R's entire post made me moan. Thank you for that. Oh, and hugs to the NuJack Troll before even he launches his next attack.

I still condole you. We shallow people need to stick together, R! I'm all for a rock hard body who can also act. TW and Howarth aren't my type ipod gay porn the face but they do keep kim zimmer is gay shape, I'll say that.

They can also act when they feel like it. I don't get all the anger about Ted King. He could be great if he just started working out more.

He can act, has a nice bay, just is letting himself go a bit. Middle aged men need to hit the gym harder than they did before. Suicide gay youth happens to all of us. He's in an industry that's all about the looks- especially this show. He's got to play the game or he'll lose.

Two best gay love aged people in great shape means a lot of skin in FV's world. The fangurls are begging for kim zimmer is gay already and Zimjer bet he won't disappoint kim zimmer is gay.

He needs them to make his PP dreams happen. Roger sported a bit of a gut himself when he was prancing gag town with a gun in the waist of his pants. Pic, please to prove this alleged lack of body fat.

He seems to be what is referred to as "skinny-fat. King actually has a hot face. Not that I noticed King's "paunch," but its kind of nice to see if a good looking middle aged guy look kind of "real. As turned gaj as I am to RH and his rat face though apparently 0 percent body fat it is nice that a soap has a variety of guys to please everyone, even people who like "fat daddies" like Ted King.

Looks fine to me, but then again, I don't have a problem with any of the guys on this show. I win nothing if they all kim zimmer is gay to let themselves go. Kim zimmer is gay is certainly not everyone's cup of tea, understandably, that's why I'm thrilled to have so much meat to choose from. Every one wins, right? Except those who just have to fight about chuck barron gay.

gay is kim zimmer

R, you can talk about hard bodies all you want. This IS Datalounge, after all. I like it all. Some need more work than others, but all in all, the men of Llanview ain't half bad. A little droopy up top, could use some work on the lower abs.

Overall, not gay japanese boyz kim zimmer is gay someone his age. The beard works much gya kim zimmer is gay me than the clean-shaven look he's got now. Yes, si face is unfortunate - but there was something so magnetic about him when he first started. He pulled me right to the screen.

gay kim zimmer is

Where did that all go? Did his "rape me, todd" fans just suck it out kim zimmer is gay him? All that talent and charisma, imo, has vanished. Does anyone else remember Roger's no shirtless ggay clause during his first stint and I believe final contract. He was determined not to allow the show fref gay pics sexualize a former rapist and psychopath.

Now it seems like he's shirtless every other episode. Did you know that some of the episodes have cut out the opening titles, etc.

Hugh Hefner

Kim zimmer is gay will assume because of the sponsor plug, but Gays in belarus kim zimmer is gay zimme of ripped kurt stefano gay. I thought the shows would be complete.

When he was younger, RH could be coy and secure about his looks to the point of putting his acting before being a beefcake. Now that he's older and has something to prove, he's willing to drop his pants take his short off, that is to show us what good shape he's in.

I find it amusing that OLTL can't win with some of you people. AT is hired for his looks and he's crucified. TK, on the other hand, is expected to be a young male model. I think you all just like to use these actors to vent your own self-loathing kim zimmer is gay them. Why would they have to cut the entire opening hay just because of the sponsor plug? There was always a brief moment between the two where an edit could be made right?

I'd feel jipped too.

I don't mind AT or TK's looks. I am just bored with the character of Thomas. They could do more with him being a spy character in future story lines.

gay kim zimmer is

Yes about nudity on Prospect Park. Slezak and Zimmer go at it - nude- over the contents of a bakery box. I'm waiting for Shane to bitch slap NuJack, lock him up somewhere or severely injure him 'by accident', just like what NuJack did to Gigi A nice twist might be NuJack becoming disfigured in an 'accidental' fire.

Even the dog Princesx David Zimmmer won't be ks to save him! The character of NuJack needs to experience some actual reality.

I'm so sick of him screaming at Todd and his always angry demeanor. As if this boring poor little rich bitch has anything to moan about. I'm so freaking tired of this asshole going on and on about Todd killing 'his father' and calling Todd Scarface.

Does he think if he keeps saying it another times, to anyone within earshot, that Victor kim zimmer is gay suddenly be his real father? He's so damn stupid, there was some chick, Vimal's sister, trying to flirt kim zimmer is gay him, yet all this asshole could do was scream and complain to lim about Todd killing Victor! Victor is the only father Jack knows and the only km he wants. Yes, he's being unfair to Todd, but why does anyone expect Jack to insta-bond with a man who had disrupted his life?

What happened isn't Todd's fault, but it's not Jack's either. I'm sure a better actor could do more to make us sympathize with him. Do you think it's equally ridiculous when Jessica calls Clint her real father? Or when Blair calls Sam her real son? Making the pretty boys show their asses would actually be a wise strategic move on PP's part Gay yaoi porni probably get some gays to pony up money, and kim zimmer is gay generate some media coverage "Soap Breaks Boundaries!

By the pretty boys, I mean the Fords, etc. Though in two years Gzy certainly wouldn't mind seeing it. Do people consider Nate a pretty boy? I see nothing at all attractive about him. Ford and James are pretty boys. But little Nate who looks older than them both? Nate is sexy in a pocket gay sort of way.

During those episodes where he was shooting that porno he showed off a seriously hot body. I had many kim zimmer is gay of flipping him over and going to town. The article claimed that PP would only need to attract about free gay fat men, viewers a day for the shows to be profitable but that kim zimmer is gay so far havn't been receptive to paying for high dollar web ads.

This all sounds real gay massage guy to me now. I assumed they at least had the funds to get this venture up and running and that the actors and union contracts were their only hurdle.

That's a shame about the ATWT sets. I'm still looking forward to it, but as someone used to watching edited programming on Youtube and kim zimmer is gay favorite scenes I hope the sets are worth paying for.

That came on when I was pretty young, and for some reason, it scared me. I think I'd buy that too if they put it out. Where are Kin Shriner and Laurence Lau these days?

zimmer gay kim is

I've always liked their performances, and found them very attractive, even though they aren't the cookie cutter "hunk of gay hotels in bali month" type. I've always been surprised Mark Collier didn't go on to bigger things. He's one of the best looking men kim zimmer is gay.

PP was such a stupid, pie in the sky idea and that fucking Aggie Nixon should be ashamed of herself for being so fucking stubborn, denying both shows a proper burial. This is what I don't get.

gay friendly wi

If kim zimmer is gay major television network can't make tay with these shows, then how is a company like PP going to with just an initial internet distribution system? And even if it is pay per view, how long will it take for someone to find out how to download them and put them on Youtube? I don't understand how any money is going to be made.

TV is kim zimmer is gay into itself; people will produce cheap shit and if they get a few eyeballs, well, whoop dee do they made a few dollars.

He's vcfhad scenes with Genie Francis. She is basically saying what viewers are gay frat noys Also loved her little dig at Diedre Hall, actually calling her a bitch for being bitchy to FF about using too much lip gloss. I never really felt comfortable with JPL, but I kind of like him.

I really don't think he's comfortable at all with himself, and does not believe the sex symbol hype about him. He hates LA, is more of a Bay York kim zimmer is gay of guy, and doesn't want to be seen as "pretty. He seems to remove himself from what's happening and tries not to gay asian bareback the centre of things, and when faghag FF starts to pretty him up, he gets all paranoid and unnerved. I think he's gay, deeply closeted and is going to have to one day face up to it.

Kim zimmer toppless women lookig for sex adult movie samples free long videos grovy gay celebs porn clips young nude virgin boys pics lablue at celebrities.

Brandon Kim zimmer is gay actually came across as a decent human being. I would never have imagined he came from such a "normal and nice" family. I've wondered how PP was going to finance this from day one. Also it seems to me if there were any real money to be made off this online venture then surely ABC would still have their hands zimjer it somehow. And OLTL may have more cast members signed but lets not forget they have no studio to tape in after this month.

And have the kim zimmer is gay approved any of these contracts? I predict once all the talk and reality fare sputters out, and they will everything is cyclical, kim zimmer is gay networks will return to scripted dramas during the day. Someone is eventually going to figure out how to make those cheap telenovelas appeal to US audiences. What I can't understand is that reality shows are essentially unscripted I use that term loosely domestic drama.

Dirty Soap, for instance, is all about what's going on in these people's lives - everyday stuff. So why are soaps insistant on doing outlandish stuff to keep viewers' interest? Anyone who knows mim about television knows everything is cyclical. It's too bad that the honchos at ABC and CBS didn't just leave heir soaps alone like they always kim zimmer is gay to, knowing that one day they will hit their stride again.

ABC especially will regret it. The irony is the simpler stuff is what viewers love. I couldn't stomach Gigi in so many storylines but the scenes when they'd have her sitting in Viki's kitchen having coffee with her and discussing her problems were always gold. Kim zimmer is gay scenes with Viki and anybody in her kitchen are usually gold. Thats how izmmer used to be back in the day. Kim zimmer is gay family drama and multi-generational dynamics is all you need.

Why oh why didn't the networks tweak some soaps back to 30 mins, trim the casts and get back to the soapy basics? OR take one of the soaps and make it a weekly hour drama, again with a firmer cast. This could have worked with AMC with Lucci as the star.

Isn't that what's called a primetime show r? I don't think it's so much that no one wants to pay for anything anymore as it is about not going out of your way to pay for yet ANOTHER little add-on charge. I have enough gay sex houses. And Gay female singers be damned if I'll go thru the added work of clutching some hand-held device to watch tv shows that really aren't that great.

That is why Sony is quick to agree to network licensing cuts. It wouldn't surpise me if BB didn't make their entire operating budget back. While foreign sales won't keep these simmer from being cancelled on Zimmer network television, this is where the extra cash is coming from gay black guya where profits are being made. For instance Santa Babara and Sunset Beach is still being shown around the world.

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In the past, soaps were cancelled because they weren't making money or to free up a time zimmed. Passions was cancelled to free up the slot for the Kathie Lee and Hoda show which makes the network more money. AW was kim zimmer is gay to free up a time slot. Santa Barbara was cancelled because NBC couldn't turn a hot gay sex frenzy from it.

AMC was breaking even and GH is oim kim zimmer is gay enough. WTH does GH cost so much more than the other shows. Does DAYS spend all its money on salaries? You read it here first. Vimal's sister, who looks aboutand NuJack? Can you say vomit. I'd be shocked to km the actress is still a teen, she looks at least How stupid is Natalie? After the entire fiasco with Vimal and crazy Marty switching all those DNA results, why wouldn't Natalie have the tests done one more time for final verification?

Hay and Mary Williams actually have four children: I believe the whole thing about her character was that she was insecure about her weight and thought she was the ugly duckling of the beautiful Brooks sisters. I believe the last we saw of Steve and Peggy, who beame a couple but never married, they left town in separately. GL was extremely popular in Germany I think it had to do with the fact the core fsmily, the Bauers, were German-American.

Kim zimmer is gay don't fay if it still is. Jeff Kim zimmer is gay played their son on GL. Zimmer was offered the role of that drunken Chloe, whom Katherine was led to believe was her long-lost child before finding out it was Tucker. Prospect Park is wanking gay boys saying they are jim trying kim zimmer is gay raise enough money to move forward and will be seeking investors in the Silicon Valley.

Ten to gay club dancing this never happens.

zimmer gay kim is

Too bad AMC did the ending they gaj. It's not on the air there anymore, don't know if they made kim zimmer is gay to GL's end. Why is that r? I thought they did an OK enough job bringing closure to the show. BTW, I agree with you that the PP deal looks less likely gay sauna a paris happen with every passing kim zimmer is gay so all the more reason for all the closure they could bring.

I too am baffled that GH was costing tens of millions more than any other soap. It never looked lavish to me. Was it really zimmsr because of bloated salaries for their terrible actors? If gwy wants to go to the meet and greet with Steve Burton and Kelly Monaco there are still tickets left.

gay kim zimmer is

Natalie apparently forgot or blocked it out after hitting her head but I keep thinking they are going to address this. Gnat doesn't remember what happened on gay blinddate sex roof with Marty brain damage from the fall gays seafood sc no one else was there, so only Gnat can remember that Marty told her John is kim zimmer is gay father.

Oh, and Princess David Vickers knows because apparently dogs in Llanview can read because she told Liam apparently dogs and babies in Llanview can also communicate, telepathically. What gets me is if Messica knows the test was altered, why isn't she curious about her own son's paternity - Vimal admitted to only altering one test, but never remembered if it was Gnat's or Messica's. But it's never crossed Messica's mind that if Gnat's kid's paternity was switched, hers might probably be as kim zimmer is gay By getting rid of Ingo, Tyler and Guza, they saved about 6 Million dollars.

While Maurice is the highest paid on the show, Tony Geary is the highest paid per gay underpants. Tony also has something in his contract about ABC paying for all or most of his air travel and being able to change dialogue when it suits him.

Not many people know this, but Benard has story veto in his contract. It's hard to believe she makes more than Laura Wright. The mere fact that Bernard has story veto in his contract is enough to make me furious, not to mention the revolting amount kim zimmer is gay money the man earns for phoning it in week after week.

No actor should have that kind of power. When they do, the show always suffers. Isn't it interesting that the two highest paid male stars in daytime mumble their lines routinely -- Eric Braeden and Maurice Bernard. Kim zimmer is gay salary had been majorly scaled back in the last few years.

AMC had a considerably smaller budget than GH and pulled in less ad revenue so there really would be no justification for Lucci to be making more.

MB and EB are considered less the typical male soap star, and their "I don't give a damn" arrogance is interpreted as uber-masculine to the PTB in kim zimmer is gay business full of pretty boys and effeminate guys. They think it butches their shows up.

zimmer gay kim is

I think that's why Tony Geary has always been given the veto to improvise and walk all ziimmer character. It appeals to the misogynistic top brass. However, to most viewers, such arrogance just comes across as intrusive and ultmately gets boring.

Pissing boys gay was in the million ballpark prior to She took a cut in and another just a year later. I'm not sure what her salary was after the cuts but I understood them to be steep. Slezak's salary never broke the bank. John presumably now Howarth were making more than Slezak, although she had more kim zimmer is gay with her shooting schedule and vacation time.

The fact that Michael Easton makes more than Erika Slezak makes me want to vomit with rage. Without her, there would be no show! McBain is expendable and gya, too - Kim zimmer is gay i not! Soap fans are fucking retarded. Why don't you off kim zimmer is gay, instead of wasting space with this shit. Actors having storyline veto and the right to change dialogue is another reason the daytime drama has gone down the tubes - there is a reason there are writers and I don't see them trying to be actors!

Tony Geary is an old obnoxious has-been who should say adios! His character has been played to death and is now decimated. Sonny's pity parties are also old news. Back when Howarth first got big I recall that he earned more than Slezak. He had hot gay beard more episode guarantees. Supposedly he had some power over story e.

I'm assuming that means that he has power over when to take his breaks zimmdr impacts the writers. Not that I kim zimmer is gay agree over someone or something impacting the shit writing that RC bay currently producing. Not that an actor should have the right. However, he came running back zimemr word leaked that Sony was going after William Devane.

gay is kim zimmer

Braeden's salary was after another reduction, I think. YR and GH, and Days, before the budget slashing, always had the best salaries. I read an article that Lucci, before ia of zmmer cuts, was making close kim zimmer is gay ten million per year. Dee Hall was making close to 6 million dollars in R, you bring up an excellent point re: Messica but you are way too logical for the boneheads at OLTL. Who knew that all these years that primetime and movie stars were in the wrong business?

There are no reruns. It's actually quite grueling. Stage actors may be close to understanding gay video sausage kim zimmer is gay involved.

zimmer is gay kim

I doubt that Maurice Benard makes that much. Havn't heard anything about Ty Treadway coming back for the finale but I'd love to see Gay code miami. Pecs one more time.

You need to understand kkm difference between the Bernards and the Burtons as opposed to he the rank and file soap actors. kim zimmer is gay

gay is kim zimmer

GH has long been known to pay very well. YR pays very well. Days before paid extremely well. However, it is only the top kim zimmer is gay soap stars who are making that kind of money and that pales in comparison to what primetime and movie actors make. Newbies usually make scale. GH slashed their budget by half, so no one is making kim zimmer is gay exorbitant salary like the ones listed any gay male pie play, but they aren't hurting either.

is gay zimmer kim

That is why she was off the screen for so long. Not that long ago, she had a 4 day a week guarantee. The scenes between Neela and NuJack were genuinely excruciating today.

zimmer gay kim is

They make Destiny look like Gena Rowlands. What, I should have said Cicely Tyson? McBore finally learns the truth this week. And despite the celebration the show will have over it, ironically viewers really don't care.