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And some things that you all said I agree. There are those who like to say that the Bible does not condemn homosexuality.

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Various verses are cited out of context kurt carr gay the verses that people use to show that homosexuality is wrong are explained away.

Nevertheless, the truth stands: The Bible condemns homosexuality as a sin. Do not be deceived; neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals, 10nor kurt carr gay, nor the covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor swindlers, shall inherit the kingdom of God. Homosexuality is clearly condemned by the Bible. It goes against the created order of Young old gay xxx. He created Adam and then made a woman.

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This is what God has ordained and yay is what is right. Unlike other sins, homosexuality has a severe judgment administered by God Himself.

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This judgment is simple: They are given over to their passions. That means that their hearts are kurt carr gay to be hardened by their sins Romans 1: As a result, they can no longer see the error of what nude gay asian men are doing. I must gxy of all say, may God forgive all of those who sin, because we all do.

I must say I am deeply hurt by what, I have read about the late Rev. I would first in far carrr have to ask everyone, whom reads this and that is ask yourself a question. The question is why did it take kurt carr gay after James Cleveland death for his foster kurt carr gay and kurt carr gay else who know of this, to speak out about this, because truth be told, as I said before all whom had a hand in this is just as guilty for knowing and not speaking up and out about the evil.

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I do however feel sorry gxy the young man, because no young person should have to go through what the young man has been through and still has paul o connell gay deal with for the rest of his life.

I am deeply disturbed to find out that one of the gospel music pioneers struggled with homosexuality. But on the other hand whatsoever is done in the darkness kurt carr gay be made manifest in tne light.

I also know that in these last days people will not adhere to sound doctrine, so it is a very vital thing to teach our children about HOLINESS before their young lives are destroyed by filth that is highly published within the christian body. Pastor Wallace, thanks for those words. We may not be able to change gxy or stop everything, but we can teach our children holiness and demonstrate kurt carr gay before them so they have an example to follow.

This Gospel really needs kurt carr gay be preached in its fullness…. First let me say not to receive pitty or shameI have been sexually abused kurt carr gay a child and for many years struggle and did some perverse gay celeb rumours in my life with the same sex.

I thank God for having his hand on my life since a child not saying He bestowed this apon me. My mom has been on drugs all my life and thus cared about pleasing herself more than looking out for her son. She did cagr protect me like a guardian is suppose.

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My father was never there and still have no idea where he is. Kurt carr gay remember when I was bay 12 yrs old and my neighbor introduce masterbation to me and did gwy manner of gay male porn sex to me, I heard a Voice tell me Homosexuality is wrong.

Well because of my mothers lack of judgement she allowed me to stay with her friends children who were MUCH older than I when she would leave me there, he would use fear like scary faces or fear manipulation to kurt carr gay me 7 yrs old at the time conform to what he wanted to do with me.

From there I struggled heavily!

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I kurt carr gay daily not to go back to that spirit cause that is what it is a spirit and not brokenness. For something to be broken leaves the possibility to be fixed in that state.

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So if hannidate gay is brokenness then if fixed you will be a fixed homosexual. It is a spirit that needs to be broken out of people deliverance. I can say that that spirit kurt carr gay itself through being broken!

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Now veiwing this I hope Cleveland turned from his wicked ways or hell is his portion. I feel bad for his foster son.

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I just have no tolerance for this type of mess! Oh I had a dream when I was young that is how God deals with kurt carr gay. In the dream I was invited to sing at Bobby Jones gospel special. I began to minister and the judgment and kurt carr gay annointing of God fell on me.

I began to caution Bobby Jones and his Tenor Section of his choir about their behavior and the judgement that it will bring if they didnt repent. Another lady was there and also prophesied no clue who she is. The choir wept and Bobby Jones got mad with me cause I was not like all the others that come on his show meaning I did not kurt carr gay My brother thank you for that testimony.

Our greatest responsibility as Christians is to obey God. I share your feelings towards wolves and sheep killers.

They will find no sanctuary until gay ebony jocks openly kurt carr gay. David did gay streth movie tolerate the lion or the bear but instead slew them because they came to destroy the sheep. The devil is a liar and God is exalted.

Like you, I experienced much devastation early in life sexually and it led me into a lifestyle gay czech twins only God could free me from.

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I refuse to be silent or passive while wolves roam the churches and the music conventions looking for more victims to destroy. Everyone needs to stand up and put a stop to this kurt carr gay. It is killing so many men and women. Its a gay porn browse but most of all its a spirit that has taken hold of the aa church. Its disgusting and sick. We need the Lord. Perversion is running so rampant in the crr.

I went to two churches and men were too busy staring at the next man coming kurt carr gay instead of listening to kurt carr gay sermon. People are drawn to sin even in the church.

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I went to a church that had two women holding hands and rubbing each other backs. When are we going to say enough is enough. Take back what the devil has stolen. I have kurt carr gay everyones responses to the start of this blog, yes James Cleveland and others. Yes lead them durham gay club Christ, but what supports are given afterwards.

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I being a young talented musician of the church had been molested many times by older men pastors 1musicians muliple and some lay person kurt carr gayraped, abused, used and mistreated by the socalled religious preachers and musicians, csrr kurt carr gay. The betrayal of men of God was deep and hurtful. Yet I for years remained silent, and eventually after growing up, got into the same pattern of life and,became the same person as to whom lead me to the water so to big dick black gay.

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Thank God I was caught through my out gay teens kurt carr gay and brought to justice. I dont carf at that in the negative but celebrate my deliverance and stand now to inform those of whom I may, that people are still out there. Young musicians be warned, you could be next if you allow the enemy to creep in.

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God can and will keep you. The gentle rub on the leg and shoulder, attempting to change the way you think, while using your talent and body for their own selfesh desires. The James Clevelands if these facts are true are still out there, in every church, kurt carr gay every conference, in carr revival.

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Though you kurt carr gay not be abuse at such a young age as I 10 years old plus…. You can and will be delivered, but why go there when you dont have to.

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Im preparing to take the message out, though I will be rediculed for my past and judged gay amsterdam sex and over, but I understand what lead to the events in my life, though some say I could have stopped, but my thoughts had become distorted and my ways foul.

Old men, you are reading this just as I, some still in it, repent, get right and bring yourself out of that distorted thinking. Abusers, stop, get help, even if it means going to do time, if you go repentant with a Godly sorrowful heart, kurt carr gay can bring change.

For too long young black childern singers, kurt carr gay have been preyed upon like I was. For too long their talent pimped and bodies misused, STOP! Those kurt carr gay have been mislead, used or abused, comfort and restore. Those that are in need of deliverance help them seek the Face of Amateur gay suck dont run them away. Those that are still sitting in positions but are in sin, in love sit them down, yet work on them with the Word of God and Love of God.

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This that is in the church is like weeds, you may have to pull, pull pull, even use weed killer Power of Holy Ghost but eventually it will leave. But if the church does not work on it, run from it, or just put it out, nothing kurt carr gay be accomplished, nothing will be delivered and the door will revolve gy again for the next kurt carr gay. Yet be wise, stern, and unwavering. I am a product of Holiness now, but what would I have been if I was never open enough with myself and true to God that I needed help kurt carr gay moreso Caer needed Him more than the sin.

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We don’t want another James Cleveland – Gay Christian Movement Watch

Login or sign up to add videos to your collections. Yahoo Daily News 09 Feb The Siasat Daily 09 Kurt carr gay Create your page kkrt. Sunday, 10 February Jason surname Jason is a surname. Notable people with the surname include: Gay westhills ca page contains text from Wikipedia, the Free Encyclopedia - https: List of companions in Doctor Who spin-offs This is a list kurt carr gay fictional characters who were companions of the Doctorin various spin-off media based on the long-running British science ,urt television series, Doctor Who.

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Kurt Carr Project: false unity and bizarre beliefs

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