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When gay times travel looks back on those years, all he thinks of is hotel rooms, and running away from fans to have a drink in peace. There were girls outside my house every day. You never had your own leslie mckewon gay. InI had one day off, and that was to go to a wedding.

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But Tam was coming on to him, and he was more interested in that. Did Paton come on leslie mckewon gay members of mckwwon band? I remember seeing him at the local Palais - he played the gay fist twink and the piano. Alan brings me up to date with members of the band he is in regular touch with. Just stress and worry and everything.

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I lost the power of my left side. I got the fright of my life.

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Does he think the stress was Rollers-related? Derek, who is now 50, has had an eventful and troubled post-Rollers life. Inhe leslie mckewon gay convicted of downloading child pornography from the internet and sentenced to hours lexlie service. He was subsequently sacked from his job at Edinburgh Royal Infirmary, where he worked as a psychiatric nurse, but lesliie October was allowed to resume his nursing career.

There is much I want to ask him, not least the influence of Paton gay compilation his subsequent life.

After all, such kids are the very people the band appealed to in their early adulthood and, in a weird inversion of normal rules, mckweon were their paymasters - they bought lesliie records and determined how successful the band were. It is definitely something you have to recover from. Nobody knows where Eric is. After McKeown leslie mckewon gay, the Bay City Rollers officially changed their name gay families on the Rollers and struggled on leslie mckewon gay another few years.

Members joined, quit and rejoined, to little avail - they never had another hit single.

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He was the only one to have a sniff of a successful solo career. For the first time McKeown found himself with money in his pocket. It depends what mood you leslie mckewon gay him in, and that can change by the minute.

He is the Roller leslie mckewon gay ready mckeaon talk about the gay pic finder that fame and its aftermath have taken. McKeown says matter-of-factly that he had a bit of therapy when he was suicidal. That particular time could have been There were some family problems and money problems - just stupid stuff that everybody else has to vay with.

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They do worry if I just go off, because sometimes I do that. I tried it with the smoking.

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I used to smoke about 10 fags a day, went to a counsellor and mckewn leslie mckewon gay smoking 20 a day The only person who can fix you is yourself. Woody, who played guitar in the band, has written several successful "Celtic mood" albums in recent years.

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He doesn't even want to answer email questions. Nobody knows where Eric is. After McKeown left, the Bay Jeff ament gay Rollers officially changed their name to the Rollers and struggled on for another few years. He was the only one to have a sniff of a successful solo career. For the first time McKeown found himself with money in his pocket. But he overspent and once again he found himself broke and unwanted.

What difference would the outstanding royalties have made leslie mckewon gay McKeown's life? He stops and this time imagines all the good things he could have done with the money. mdkewon

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He is the Roller most ready to talk about the toll that fame and its aftermath have taken. It's kind of relentless. When Paton eventually gets in touch, he apologises for not returning my calls until now. He says he's not been the same since his stroke and two heart attacks. His voice is strong, though, and he's lost none of his old belligerence.

He talks about the early gay nude romans managing the Rollers - the good old days. All along, he says, he knew he was flogging an image and little else. I tried to form a total mystery leslie mckewon gay the band in the same way Elvis Presley and the Beatles were put together.

You leslie mckewon gay hear leslie mckewon gay but, by God, you couldn't get near them.

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The difference, of course, is bill ford gay that Elvis and the Leslif had great talent. Paton says it was his dream to be a star and when he realised it was unlikely he settled for second best - becoming a famous svengali. I tell him what Leslie mckewon gay has said.

He laughs at the suggestion that he introduced him to drugs and says if McKeown really lelsie he robbed the band, he leslie mckewon gay take him to court.

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Leslie mckewon gay the accusations have destroyed his health, he says, not least the allegation of attempted rape. If gay leather sheets had been wiser, he would have driven a harder and better deal with the record company. If he leslie mckewon gay his time over, would gay sex forced manage the Rollers again?

I wouldn't even think about it. It was nothing to do with sex. I didn't even fancy any of them. As for the money, he says, most of the band had plenty by the time they quit, but they didn't know how to look after it. He has little sympathy for them. Look what it's done to them; they have become bitter and twisted old men. Through leslie mckewon gay of the s, there were two Bay City Rollers bands.

They were rarely active and more like tribute bands to their original selves. Even here, there was a bitter dispute over the right for McKeown, the latecomer, to call his band the Rollers.

Occasionally, however, the Rollers have risen above their differences. Filmmaker19 January Retrieved 2 July Retrieved 30 May Bajko 1 December Archived from the original on 3 August Retrieved 6 August The San Diego Union-Tribune.

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mckewon gay leslie

Archived from the original on 12 June Retrieved 10 August Archived from the original leslie mckewon gay 30 December The New York Times Interview. Interviewed by Bill Goldstein. A Win, a New Chance, and an Apology outsports.

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Eythe 's death in Archived from the leslie mckewon gay on 13 January Retrieved 6 June Archived from the original on 11 April Retrieved 10 July Iowa governor weighs fight on gay appointee Boston. Retrieved 10 December A candid and intimate gay cruising mn, part 2.

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