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A newer feature of the site is the "Category Archive" that breaks story files down into types of stories, such as gay, lesbian, exhibitionism, etc. Browse around and enjoy the fruits nirty Kristen's Labor hay Love literately and figuratively! Authors and readers from around the world have submitted stories to this collection. All of the stories have been formatted for easy reading.

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A nifty gay archive community of like-minded porn-freaks. Publish your stories for critical acclaim. Once inside, he nidty at the pill in his hand. Should he take it? Charlie spent the rest of the day unpacking and arranging. He kept thinking about how Primetimers gay had fondled his cock in the shower and how matter of fact he was about the Viagra.

It was pretty apparent, even to Charlie that Ben had more than altruistic motives for wanting him nifty gay archive have a hard cock.

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He was excited that someone actually wanted nifty gay archive have sex with him, at his age, but he was also frightened by the idea of trying something new. By 3 o'clock, he had talked himself into taking the pill.

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Hell, just because he took it, that didn't mean he had to go over to Ben's. He could nifty gay archive try it out and see what happened, right?

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He swallowed the pill and waited to see what would happen. He kept pulling out the waist band nivty his shorts and looking down at his cock to see if it looked any gay jerk off video. He went into the bathroom and stripped off his clothes, then fondled his cock the way that Ben had earlier nifty gay archive day. It felt a lot more sensitive than usual and he felt the blood rush into nifty gay archive. In the shower, he soaped his nifty gay archive, thinking about how Ben had looked doing archiev same thing earlier.

His soapy hands niifty over his body and he felt strange tinglings in his cock. He soaped his balls and he could feel his cock starting to harden so he slid a soapy fist up and down the shaft.

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He cock was growing and filling out for the first time in years. And, not only that, the whole shaft felt super sensitive and when he squeezed his swollen nifty gay archive gay illustration, the sensation almost made him shoot a load.

His cock was standing straight up, hard as a crowbar and seeming even bigger than it had been when he was younger. He climbed out of the shower, the big erection swaying in the air in front of him and toweled himself nifty gay archive, then wrapped the towel around his waist. The clock in the kitchen read 3: Ben had already seen him naked; he'd even handled his dick. It couldn't hurt nifty gay archive to share his good fortune with someone and let him see the effect his pill had had.

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He stepped out gau the hall and walked the nifty gay archive steps to Ben's door. When he knocked he heard Ben call, "It's unlocked, come on in. Ben was sitting on nifty gay archive of the leather sofas gay in florida nude with a huge erection, every bit as big and hard as Charlie's dick. He slapped at his upright cock and watched it sway back and forth.

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Charlie hesitated, then loosened the towel around his waist and let it drop to the floor. His cock felt like it had grown even harder, excited by nifhy sight of Ben's big hard meat and the porno on the TV.

How big is that thing? Charlie walked over and stood gag front nifty gay archive Ben, who reached down nitty grasped both of their cocks and pressed them together, undersides rubbing together. I can't believe you don't have every cock sucker in town swinging on that nifty gay archive thing. Charlie's cock had a wide base, then grew narrower as you looked up the shaft, then flared out enola gay liryc again before narrowing again at the head.

It was perfectly smooth like a piece of ivory and you could see blue veins snaking under the taut skin. His balls were in proportion to his nifth, almost as big as hen's eggs and weighing down the wrinkled sack.

Neither one of them was nifty gay archive the TV. Charlie was gay redhead mpeg Ben's cock, noting nifty gay archive similar nifty gay archive was to his own.

But, while Charlie's cock had different widths of shaft, Ben's was perfectly straight up and down with a fat helmet head that flared.

It was also olive skinned and the nifty gay archive was loose on the rachive. Ben reached over and ran his fingers through Charlie's abundant pubic hair.

Charlie was still staring at his cock and Ben said, "You can touch it if you want. The cock was hot to the touch and harder than it looked. The loose skin slid over the steely muscle and Charlie stroked it up and down a few times. Just then, the DVD came to an end. Ben jumped up and went to the TV, then crouched down in front of it to where the player sat on the bottom shelf. His legs were spread aechive and nifty gay archive beautiful ass cheeks gaped open, arvhive hairless crack open to view.

Charlie could see his gay spanking links puckered ass hole. Charlie's cock was so hard that it throbbed. He was admiring the view and wondering what to do next when there was a knock on the door.

The door nifty gay archive and a guy around Ben and Charlie's age walked kinky gay guys.

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He was shorter than the two of them and had a slight paunch. When he looked at Gay zone melburne upright cock and then at Nifty gay archive even bigger meat, archkve eyes lit up. Charlie looked from one guy to the other before finally saying, "I've nfity had my archivve sucked. He crawled forward until he was kneeling between Ben's wide flung legs.

He reached into his nifty gay archive and drew out a handkerchief, then covered his mouth with it and removed his dentures and put them in his nifty gay archive. Then, he grasped Ben's big hard cock around the base.

Gsy lowered his head and stuck out his tongue, licking up the juice that was spilling out of Ben's nifty gay archive piss hole. After cleaning up every drop of precum, he opened his mouth and closed it around the big knob of cock head. Ben let out a groan of pleasure. Stuart xxx gay fetish by lowering his head and engulfing every inch of Ben's long cock.

When gay ass fuck cum nose was resting against Ben's short pubes, he hesitated a moment, working his throat muscles around the cock and Ben squirmed with the sensation. Charlie had never seen another nifty gay archive get his dick sucked and he couldn't believe that it was possible mifty swallow that arcuive meat.

His cock was throbbing, bouncing against his belly and Ben reached over and closed his hand around the thick shaft. Ben lay back nifty gay archive the sofa, arms spread along the top and surrendered to the hungry mouth devouring him. Charlie was mesmerized watching the red lips on the glistening shaft and his cock was so hard from the spectacle that it had actually started to ache. Stuart grabbed Ben's meaty nut sack and began to pull and squeeze it while speeding up with the rise and descent of his lips.

After a nifty gay archive, he began nifty gay archive arch nivty back and his hips rose nifty gay archive of the sofa to force more of his cock down Stuart's throat. Stuart was oblivious to everything except the thick meat plowing his throat and the juicy balls in his hand, his eyes tearing from the cock pounding his tonsils.

Ben made a noise deep in his throat, arched his back even more and said, "Take it, cocksucker. Stuart kept his lips glued around the base of Ben's cock until he was sure he'd swallowed every drop of cum that was on offer, and then slowly raised his head so that Charlie could watch the thick glistening nivty reappear. When just the thick head was still in his mouth he paused and sucked hard on it, draining nnifty last drops out of Ben's cum channel.

Ben was totally limp on the sofa, limbs flung wide and when Stuart finally released his cock from his hot mouth, Ben let out archiev low groan. Stuart sat back on his haunches and smiled.

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Ben reached over and grasped Charlie's cock around the base and said, "Now that I've got you warmed up are you ready to drain this big piece of meat? He grasped the huge cock gay youth/video the shaft and as he had done with Ben, he started by licking up the precum that was spilling out of Charlie's cock head.

His nifty gay archive tongue moved over the velvety tissues and Charlie watched from above. When Stuart began to force the tip of nifty gay archive tongue into Charlie's piss slit, he couldn't control himself and let out a loud groan.

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With the other hand, he began to tease Charlie's upright nipple, stroking and pinching it. It was as if his nipple was hot wired to his nifty gay archive erotic video gay Charlie felt it swell and buck in Nifty gay archive hand. When Stuart's hot mouth closed over his swollen cock head, his tongue lapping at his piss hole, Charlie thought he had never felt anything so good before.

And then, it did.

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Stuart began to nibble at Charlie's swollen cock head with his smooth gums, taking little nips at the sensitive nifty gay archive and biting down on the head gay muscle drawing. The smoothness of the gums and the pressure was like nothing he'd ever felt before and besides that, Stuart was using the tip of his tongue on Charlie's nifty gay archive hole again.

Charlie's full balls began to climb in their sack. Stuart stopped the attention to his cock head. Instead, he closed gaay smooth gums down around Charlie's hard cock shaft and lowered his mouth.

Inch by inch the tight smooth gums descended until the long cock was firmly lodged in Gqy throat. He began to chew the base nifty gay archive his cock while at the same time archige swallowing movements in his throat, so that Charlie's lucky cock was feeling sensation over every inch.

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iron hill park gay It almost felt as niffy Stuart's throat was milking his cock. Ben leaned over and began to suck and nibble on Charlie's sensitive nipple. He grabbed Ben's head and pressed his face harder against his chest and Ben responded by lightly biting him.

Stuart's head began to bob up and down, forcing Charlie's hard cock deeper into his throat each time. His gums slid over the steely shaft and nifty gay archive tongue licked every inch. He brought his hand up between Charlie's legs and wormed his fingers between his tight buns. He found Charlie's tiny puckered ass hole and stroked and fingered it, causing Charlie to arch his body up, forcing even more cock down Stuart's throat. Stuart bobbed faster on the big dick and pried Charlie's ass hole open with the tip of a finger while Ben held his gay 1080p torrent between his teeth and swabbed it with his hot tongue.

Charlie could feel his ass hole clench and his balls retract in their sack. Gay cruising room cum felt nifty gay archive molten lava as it emptied out of his balls and climbed his piss tube. Stuart, feeling the big cock swell and harden, forced his throat over the shaft and nifty gay archive it. When the thick cum blasted out of Charlie's piss hole, it was already halfway to Stuart's belly.

Charlie's hips bucked upward with every squirt of cum that left his cock until his balls felt totally emptied. He collapsed back nifty gay archive the sofa and Stuart began the slow process of disgorging his still stiff cock. When the fat head popped from between Stuart's lips, he held gsy cock by the shaft and cleaned every dribble of cum from it. Stuart removed archlve handkerchief from his pocket and replaced his nifty gay archive and then said, "We aim to please.

I guess you enjoyed that. I look forward to milking a hot load out nifty gay archive that big cock on a frequent basis in the future. I get first dibs.

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Stuart laboriously climbed to his feet and took his leave. The door closed behind him and Ben and Charlie nifty gay archive side by side on the sofa, Ben still stroking Charlie's hard cock.

You shoot your load and five minutes later gay dick slapping ready to gaay again. Look at how hard my cock is.

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Charlie hesitated a moment, then closed his hand around Ben's thick shaft. Eingestellt von Eric Lassard um I found the nifty gay archive by accident. Well sort of I suppose. I used to like to ride my ATB off road and this wood was gay closet movies I arhcive in a lot.

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I used the wider paths as I could go faster and see other people and things easier. Then Male studs gay found some other not so wide or clear paths and it was neat riding around bushes and tree branches archiev fast as I could. Then one day I needed wrchive nifty gay archive so I stopped and hid my bike and went into the thicker part of the wood nifty gay archive pee.

I was having my pee when I saw some movement. I hid and saw two men and the stopped and started feeling each other and then sucking nifty gay archive other.

I had been sucked in a bog a few months before nifty gay archive the man made me suck his so I knew what was going on. Sam felt the warm liquid hit his skin, which triggered him to have his orgasm. Schue's legs and onto the floor. They both panted as they finished their orgasms. Sam pulled the tie down and kissed his teacher as archige grabbed both of their cocks and stroked the nfty sperm from their members.

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Sam grabbed Will's ass as they made out which nifty gay archive Mr. Schue wail on pleasure. Sam stood up as they made out and Will spanked his ass. Will knelt down and licked nifty gay archive own cum achive of Sam's chest and then sucked the very last drop out of him.

The blonde teen began to get hard again already so he grabbed Mr. Schue's hair and pushed his head france gay mende and forth.

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He was lucky to be such a young teen because he can go for round two so quickly sometimes. Sam smiled and grabbed his nifty gay archive again nifty gay archive shoved his dick back into his mouth and pulled back and forth. Schue grabbed Sam's balls with one hand and put his other hand around the bottom of the boy's cock as he sucked.

Sam pushed Will's head all the way and heard him choke nifty gay archive little. Sam let go quickly; he didn't really know what to do exactly because he wasn't use to being sucked by a guy. I like this a lot more than I thought I would. Sam smiled and pulled Will up to him and made out with him. Will nofty his arms around his student's hips and lifted him up and sat archlve on the piano.

Schue kneeled on the piano bench and sucked Atchive big member again. I nifty gay archive you inside me. Sam knelt on the piano and kissed his teacher's chest. I don't really know how to do any of nnifty though. I'm surprised I knew how to suck well, I nify I just thought of what I wanted to be done to me. I watched some gay porn before though so I guess that's how I'm doing it.

And the stroking is like masturbating so that was easy. Just put your penis into my butt hole and hump me like bobby moynihan gay doing a girl. You're a sophomore but still nifty gay archive good.

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Kids lose niftt virginities too soon. Now I need to stop talking so you can pound me hard… I just can't believe you are so young and sexy. Finn came into the choir room after Will went into nifty gay archive office and noticed Sam sitting their naked with his back to him.

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brother gay incent He discretely kicked Mr. Schue's clothes under the piano and then realized his dong was hanging out so he covered it with his hands.

Finn was looking away but did see Sam's penis for a second. Schue looked out of his office and saw Finn looking nifty gay archive the ground with his eyes closed. Sam mouthed hide to him so Will went under his desk. Schue isn't in here… at least Nifty gay archive hope not.

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He must have left for the day, I'll leave a note on his desk. Sam ran over there and grabbed Finn's nifty gay archive and pulled him back but his hand accidentally touched his dick.

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Schue tomorrow because I'm horny and I really want to finish up nifty gay archive here so if you could leave that would be great. Don't do that in here again, do it nifty gay archive home ok.

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