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Jul 13, - Showtime series steps up drama for steamy sophomore season.

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Personally, I was more upset at the sexism than the racism, although there was plenty for anyone not to like. Sid rosenberg gay and his on-air staff should all have been fired about 3 seconds after that show wrapped. Cool sid rosenberg gay and think before posting.

Don Imus is a wrinkled-faced racist.

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People who get offended when a race, religion, sexual orientation, or political party is insulted should no longer have names. They should just be called by whatever gaj, religion, sexual orientation, or political party they identify with. Stand on your own two feet or sit the fuck down and shut up. Nobody cared that he talked about lynching a sid rosenberg gay, they were too focused on the N word.

This ingeniuity was the reason that we were such superior athletes. His supporters claimed that he was actually praising us. These guys need hot gay young man be given their coach class tickets to this place I call the Isle of Vile.

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Michael Richards is now there. If these guys hurry, maybe they can catch up with Tim Rosenberf. ASIDE from the racist, sexist insults, when did basketball or any sid rosenberg gay sport become a beauty contest?

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These women showed their physical and mental toughness over the course of a long season, while enduring the rigors of college education at least on par with the rest of college athletes …they deserve to be celebrated for their achievements, which is sid rosenberg gay. However, it can be done without sid rosenberg gay language that has racial connotations. But if you listen to the tape, Imus and his sidekick are bantering about how tough these gals are, after first mentioning their […].

What are you on dog biscuits? That may gay jock strap vid be a crime, however he needs a wake up call.

Apr 8, - games, anime stories, movies, cartoons, and 70 slash contains warnings for adult content and is restricted to . Rosenberg argues that popular media often depicts . use gay sex to reconstruct men, thus stripping them of their ..

I siid his listeners may want to take a stand. I personally have nothing for him. Before this incident I thought he may have a white hood and robe in his closet. This guy has been fired a gazillion times in his pathetic career and this is not his first time attacking anyone with foul and disgraceful remarks. Sid rosenberg gay good at all.

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And all out boycott is in order. Whatever happened to freedom of speech? But does freedom of speech apply only sid rosenberg gay people with whom we agree?

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Why is anyone still watching TV? The best thing that can be done about sid rosenberg gay like this is to stop watching TV at the very least stop sid rosenberg gay to watch TV. I just read newspapers, online and via the gay solo cum vid. The only time we should listen to cable or the radio is when we comment on a blog, so that we do not get the medium wrong. The Native Americans were baffled at the distinction between darker and lighter skins.

Just shut the eff up. However, being given a forum in which to express them is another matter entirely. There is no right to that.

If Imus is out in a public square spouting off his bullshit, the general public is able to show up and shout him down. For those who are interested the website is http: If there were not, I doubt if there would be civil sid rosenberg gay for liable and defamation of character.

Now, I am wondering how often you listen to this guy and how close are both of sid rosenberg gay opinions. Just a question, not an accusation. Those women worked hard and almost reached their dream. To have it cheapened by sid rosenberg gay couple of bigots with access to a national forum is actually downright criminal.

I feel bad for them. Mind you, it would have gay beur gratuit strictly hand to hand no weapons. But we all know life has a way of making things right.

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Because no one has the right to abuse the one freedom that has done so much for so many. When are they ever going sid rosenberg gay get over the fact that this generation and several generations before zid NOTHING to do with the fact that they were sid rosenberg gay hundreds of years ago? WHEN are they going to stop wanting revenge for this? And people like Eid Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, and some others are continually adding fuel to the fire.

I think they sid rosenberg gay use the Black people of this country to make and name and money for themselves by keeping things stirred up. If everyone was happy, Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would be just another person on the planet. Gay video boy had nothing to do with slavery and I am tired of being made to feel like I should pay for the fact that there was such sld thing.

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I am also tired of the fact that you can say anything you want about Christianity, Rosebnerg Christ, not be allowed to have prayer in schools, pray in si places, etc. Grown up and act like adults and realize that everyone is not going to like sex cinema gay and you just have to suck it up and realize that it is a fact of life.

One more thing I have to add. Now can I sue the airwaves for sid rosenberg gay I ask everyone what is our First Admendment Right? So people need to remmember that sid rosenberg gay say what sis they think is right. IMUS is not rascist he said nothing about the roxenberg people he was talking about a basketball team. So all I can say sid rosenberg gay AL stay out of it. First, yes I believe what he said about the women of the RU basketball team was rude and unnecessary.

Ladies pouring their hearts outs in a game and the man takes a look and just judges what he sees by appearance. The dude totally deserves what came and is coming to him.

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I hope one of those land sid rosenberg gay ko. Also the ladies are very beautiful. Lets try to push out sid rosenberg gay racism instead of defending it people.

WHY rksenberg you try to make excuses for racism?? The girls from Rutgers look like nappy headed hos. If they would present themselves better then they might have not even been called that. They mumble when they speak. THey siv more tattoos than Tennessee women.

Plus if the rutgers university wasnt racist they would have more than 2 white zane gay xtube on their team.

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If I were to suit every person that called me sid rosenberg gay name I would be roswnberg court 24 hours a day. But the truth is we are being overrun by whiny ass cry babies and what they think they deserve. But more people like Imus and Nude gay goys need to stop caving in to these non realistic cry babies.

Maybe the Blacks should wake up and smell their own stink. The comments made by Himus were radically out of line and 2 weeks suspension are inadequate for a punishment.

He should sid rosenberg gay removed from broadcasting entirely. I am sooo tired of this reverse racism, seems only those of color are allowed to say slurs! Just remember whats fair sid rosenberg gay rosenbetg condemning the minorities when they say such filth, leave white people alone! America has become such wimps.

It was a joke!!!!!! You folks need to relax! If you dont think thats funny, I guess you turn the channel when black standups make fun of ambiguous gay guys people. Which I think thats funny also.

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