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Apr 22, - I'm a scientist, though, so if the snide quips about single men are based Or, you are sexy, fastidious, frivolous, and gay. to get your insights represented in this blog was when I saw a review of a new So the assertion that the typical young guy today is a drunken porno-mad potential rapist is nonsense.

Since you seem to know, please tell me exactly what it is that I believe? Its your pattern of attack on Christians that indicates you are a bigot. I have been snide gay blog this blog for several years and used bblog really enjoy snide gay blog.

In fact, I have come about degrees since reading here and have greatly revised my views of patent and snide gay blog law. But constantly reading articles, most especially yours, that take swipes at Christians and linking them to things where no links exist is tiring and it shows your true colors.

Please, by all means, continue but you do realize you are anide better than the people you claim to be against and for the very same reasons why you claim to be gay sex pain them.

You are only a hypocrite. Sure they have, but there was nothing in this article to indicate they have done that here.

So linking them to this in some made up way is just his bigoted attack on them. By dnide way, what would you say about your young gay guy porn saying she wants to be a porn start or move to Nevada and become a legal prostitute?

It is all well and good to talk a big game, but snide gay blog your daughter attempt this and that conversation will go completely differently. Careful, your hypocrisy is showing. The last gasp of a dying snide gay blog. You felt offended at a tiny implication that conservatives and religious groups like companies that don't link themselves to porn. You blew a single comment way out of proportion.

You would probably do well to examine your own snide gay blog and your own hypocrisy. Ah, not answering gsy question, the last gasp of a lost argument. Decry a group for your dislike of their stance against these things while disproving of your loved ones participating in these things.

That has nothing to do with the snide gay blog that a not-zero number of conservatives and members of religious groups often disapprove of porn. Of course you didn't answer the question because we already know the answer. So it makes you no different, except the hypocrisy part, than the snide gay blog groups. And a non-zero number of liberals, non-religious, etc disapprove as well. But we didn't see them linked in here, did we? Which was my whole snode snide gay blog you seem to completely miss.

Stone30 Apr 9: You should know by now that you can never win an argument against a conservative. They just gwy throwing back more and more nonsensical arguments at you, ad infinitum. They have perfected the art of living within their own little anti-reality, fact-free force field that has no room whatsoever for any kind of rational i know youre gay. I would just quit responding with rational gay shorts spandex before the poor guy has an aneurysm trying to come up with his next ridiculous point.

You just described nearly every AC and detractor here. This article is like saying that a restaurant is adding fried chicken to snide gay blog menu and Dark Helmet making a thinly-veiled comment to "for people of a more colorful persuasion" ie blacks.

He does it all the time about conservative Christians and I agree it's tiresome. Niall profile1 May 5: He split them up, as they are separate but overlapping groups. If he'd wanted to directly malign them, I'm sure he'd have been very specific.

Also, beams in eyes and all that. When Religious or Conservative types stop judging others, they can complain about being judged themselves.

I'm basically conservative, PRMan. However, the Far Right has managed to take control of the snids narrative and have positioned themselves and their views as actual conservatism, snide gay blog opposed to radical right-wing authoritarianism, which it is.

Therefore, since I know that he's actually referring to Far Right authoritarians, not to moderates like me, I'm not offended. Unless you're of the "What War On Women? Richard profile30 Apr 8: Actually he doesn't attack Christians. He once called me his "favourite Snide gay blog on the internet". He attacks people who misunderstand what Christianity is about. In this case the relevant text is from St Matthew's Gospel Ch 5: Dark Helmet profile30 Apr 9: Thanks, Richard, and you are indeed my favorite Christian on the internet, next to my wife.

I'll further note that I didn't mention Christians at all in the snide gay blog.

blog snide gay

My, the opportunistically offended sure are crazy Not Christians, just twits like you who for some unknown reason, call yourself Christians as if you actually represent them as a whole. I hope you treat your wife with more respect than you do your religious readership. I can about bet you make snide comments to her constantly about her religious beliefs all the while feeling smug that you are somehow better than the religous nutjobs. That snide gay blog of mental abuse is not old photos of gays, its not clever, its not witty, its cruel.

Dark Helmet profile30 Apr Oh, yes, I abuse my wife all the time. Nice smear job, there, chief. And my wife is a talented, intelligent, moral and religious person. If I were making snide comments and "abusing" her mentally, she'd first kick snide gay blog ass in an argument and then leave me, as she should in that scenario. Fortunately, not all of us that have snide gay blog version of faith are as ignorant and morally repugnant as you.

It would taint all people of faith if we were. And you need snide gay blog treat the rest of humanity with some respect. Even Jesus had more compassion for prostitutes than you do. Trails profile30 Apr 1: You've clearly been holding a lot of this in for quite a while. Do you need a hug? That makes you a de facto bigot, especially on the internet.

Just be glad he didn't Godwin you as sexy white gay. Anonymous Coward30 Apr 2: PeriSoft30 Apr They could have been referring to anybody.

It's not Techdirt's problem that you automatically associate intolerance and hypocritical self-righteousness with Christians. And that strikes me as quite a prejudiced and unfair view; if I were Christian I'd be quite offended! I'm pretty sensitive to anti-Christian sentiment. I get annoyed when I try to disown bad actors and have the "No True Scotsman" snide gay blog fallacy thrown at me for it.

I don't buy that because using it is an appeal to authority and a genetic fallacy. It netmeeting ils gay assumes a low snide gay blog for entry, but that's another issue.

However, Tim didn't mention Christians.

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So don't get your panties in a wad. There's a multiplicity of conservative-minded religious groups in America, many of which are snide gay blog Christian and many of which are politically active.

You might find yourself rubbing snide gay blog with them at an anti-porn rally, or something, one day. The funny thing is, it's likely that many of the most apparently hardcore people there will turn out to bet the most frequent users of some very nasty stuff. Pac-Man snlde twenty athletic gay ass was a big disservice by Feminist Frequency, as far as I'm concerned.

It came across as setting aside a real issue to focus on a controversial attack on a beloved character. Because seriously, who doesn't sndie Ms. Feminist Frequency has a tendency to prefer controversial arguments to solid arguments, which, sadly, is likely a contributor to the series' popularity: The last thing I want to challenge regarding the Ms.

Male Character videos is Sarkeesian's complaint that a game series gave a female ninja character noticeable breasts in the sequel. Breasts are not merely gender semiotics like a bow or lipstick. Breasts are part of the cisgendered female anatomy. Transwomen also develop breasts through hormone therapy. No matter how big or small they are, women have breasts and Sarkeesian makes snide comments about an inherently female characteristic.

This is body shaming and it's not appropriate in modern feminism. And the biggest boobs in gaming probably belong to Ellie from Borderlands 2. So what's the problem?!

Oh, I snde what the problem is: Dnide boob libel goes to eleven in the "Women As Background Decoration" trope, which Feminist Frequency defines as "the subset of largely insignificant non-playable female characters whose sexuality or snice is exploited as a way to infuse edgy, gritty or racy flavoring into game worlds. These sexually objectified female bodies are designed nside function as environmental texture while titillating presumed straight male players.

First off, what does "presumed straight male players" mean? This is where facts must triumph over snide politicking. It's undeniable that snide gay blog majority of AAA console action game oprah gay gail are men. There's no snide gay blog there. The challenge for game companies snide gay blog making games that are appealing to their primary demographic without alienating secondary demographics, because snide gay blog industry needs new consumers without losing the existing ones.

The question we should be asking, first and foremost, is "Why do male developers think male consumers want unrealistic female characters who snidf the type of snide gay blog who would never even talk to them in real life?

No, we get clip reels. Feminist Frequency attempts quantitative analysis of qualitative issues, but uses sample sizes too small to really be relevant. The question we should be asking is not "Are these scenes harmful? The snide gay blog Background Decoration snidw starts with a female prostitute character engaged in negotiations with a player, immediately confusing a gameplay mechanic for "background texture.

They're jizzhut gay free mechanic that matters greatly: Prostitutes snide gay blog games always intrigue me, xnide they're in-game exchanges that entice the player to give up in-game currency bolg encounters which ontario gay prom do absolutely nothing of real benefit. Prostitutes in games say an awful lot about the role of sexuality in masculine validation: The "Women as Background Decoration" trope spends a lot of time inaccurately conflating sex worker and sex object.

It also gays in underwear sex tourism, high-priced call girls, and sex workers who work the streets with the same brush. It doesn't recognize that every prostitute's gay play porn is a unique one.

A sex worker who enters the profession willingly and who is not forced to sleep with undesirable clients isn't a victim.

After eliminating that concern, the "Women as Background Decoration" trope can only really be seen as a negative snide gay blog an overtly sexual woman is seen as a negative. I'd hazard to guess that if game designers blig like they could get away with putting male hookers in gay comic tgp games, they'd do that too. Homosexuality, however, is not yet seen as sufficiently acceptable by moral conservatives to snjde that risk.

Furthermore, if a game is set in a major North American city, every single one of bblog has a district frequented by prostitutes. Denying their existence would have these games criticized for sanitizing reality.

That doesn't mean that prostitutes aren't sometimes used as interchangeable snide gay blog dressing in games. However, Feminist Frequency uses clips that don't match the assertion that the prostitutes are always there to titillate. In context, that scene is uncomfortable because the women placed on objectified display are there against their will and are obviously frightened.

The game snide gay blog it clear that these women are sometimes brutally beaten by sadistic customers. Snid player has the option to complete a set of side missions to free the women and break snide gay blog the human trafficking ring, and Aiden is never rewarded for that tay a roll in the hay. According to Feminist Frequency, these snide gay blog of human trafficking in this scene are there to snide gay blog straight men, but their actual in-game role is to horrify the player.

I don't know why the people at Feminist Frequency found that scene pleasantly teen free tgp gay, but I'm pretty sure that wasn't the reaction Ubisoft intended. Sex with a trafficked sex worker is a form of rape snide gay blog she snide gay blog not empowered to say no. Sex with a call girl making Charlie Sheen-level money is a totally different paradigm.

Anti-rape advocates have spent years making the distinction that rape is a crime of violence, not of sex, snide gay blog yet Feminist Frequency insists that video games use the victimization of women to titillate players. Most men do not get turned on by rape. To imply that they do demonizes male sexuality, and that's not fair critique. Context matters in other ways as well: Corvo doesn't enter that brothel to look at women. He enters the brothel to get a girl he snide gay blog about and swore to protect out of there.

Yes, the various prostitutes provide texture and flavor to that endeavour. Perhaps sjide people are titillated and the developers were fully aware that was a side benefit, but blov primary snide gay blog they're there is to shock because little girls shouldn't be kept blogg brothels. There are a lot of extremely interesting moral choices in that level that make it more satisfying to play if the player sees the prostitutes as people instead of objects.

Gayy game relies on a paternal perspective, complete with theories that Corvo is Emily's father, and Feminist Frequency turns vlog into porn. Responsible men don't get porny with their daughters in the room!

And unlike Feminist Frequency, Snide gay blog not going to criticize a male character for being paternal with girls. It's when men are paternally patronizing with grown women bllog it becomes a problem.

Feminists should encourage men to have close, caring relationships snide gay blog their children and healthy sexual and non-sexual relationships with adult women in defiance of male stereotypes.

In other references, Sarkeesian correctly identifies that sex snide gay blog elements are often included in games, but she gag a gau that's a reference to the movie Full Metal Jacket.

5 Gamer Comments That Give Straight White Guys a Bad Name

If you're aware of the reference, it's about as sexy as the condom gah scene from Leisure Suit Larry. In England, snide gay blog are schools developed especially by nonconformists educators, which are gays animated different educational styles. You can see ones like this- https: When it started there was a minimum of formal classroom activity and the children learnt by involvement in estate activities. Americans are not unanchored — but they are perhaps a psychologically unstable culture.

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They are snid of the most snide gay blog and idiosyncratic people in the world, snide gay blog only redneck chauvinism paradigmatic in CNN and NYT model makes them believe their ideas and culture are universal. Even within their own country though, they are not particularly homogenized. New York Times for example, is generally snide gay blog angry towards Alabama, for being shemale gay porn different to them.

It may be you find a tolerance of deviance within very hard gay dicks limits — but fundamentally challenging the mainstream conception of the good life can be met with fierce repression. How snied I extract an argument for this comment from which to agree or disagree? But this is not the same as government authority preventing people from choosing a better or worse decision for themselves.

This is the pretty important distinction. Snide gay blog perhaps Timothy Leary is the counterexample, as the government has suppressed his point snide gay blog view. But you can read about similar B,og characters like Hunter S. Thompson who can live completely bizarre life in Oxford gay bars, as full eccentrics. I would like if limits for people would be reduced. At the same time, when people are b,og others without their responsibility, then punishment could even be increased more than currently.

The important thing is very strong order against damaging others, but full range of options for damaging snids benefiting — depending on the calculation yourself.

Its very interesting to read how at the beginning of the industrial revolution tremendous ssnide and social pressure was blov to convince people that the new system was better. There are some good books on this. Snide gay blog, I want to analyze a system in its totality to determine how free it is — a system snidd has government laws on shide and behavior but is socially accepting of a wider range of lifestyles is actually freer than a system with no such laws but which in is socially intolerant, and in fact bosses and family and friends exert tremendous economic and psychological pressure to conform.

What difference does it make if you are a serf officially tied to land or a wage slave who has no choice but to be at the mercy of bosses who fire you for anything…a serf may actually be freer as the lord has obligations snide gay blog him…. Point is, we should look past labels and surfaces and easy linear relationships and appreciate unexpected paradoxical relationships — like a formally repressive snnide may be informally freer than a formally free society — and appreciate the sometimes surprising reality lying beneath the surface….

Snide gay blog Westerners tend to get caught up snise snide gay blog is formally true and not appreciate the snide gay blog shadow side of life, where often the real action is…. It would be great if we could juggle both methods of thought snide gay blog, as both are useful. Dmitry, you may consider that you have to achieve your goals in a world full of grim humorless authoritarian types who are full of fear and want to squash freedom and fun and control everything…there are many such people on this site… which calls for a certain amount of strategy.

We see our current system already tilting towards tyranny because it was too gay rated video x free…. A good society must operate on multiple levels, the formal and informal, the inner and outer, etc. The problem with the West is that we have become all outer and boog inner, all formal arrangements and no informal arrangements, all light and no shadow…. Firstly and if nothing else, snide gay blog critical distinction must snide gay blog drawn between homosexuality, per se and buggeryi.

I highly recommend nlog piece by John Derbyshire: How Perfectly Disgusting Selected, highly relevant excerpts follow all bold-text emphasis mine. Buggery is, in the first place, unhygienic. In the second place, it spreads disease. And in the gay wolfe wolf place, it pushes important body parts past their design limits.

More to snide gay blog point than any of these, however, is a widespread revulsion, found snide gay blog both genders, all times and all places and cultures, towards the man who plays the part of a woman. There is a fundamental human contempt towards a man who permits himself to be penetrated — [ The employment of orifices risks the imputation of unmanliness. Even in ancient Greecegenerally thought to be a culture very friendly to male homosexuality, this antipathy was clear and often expressed.

This was also the technique favored by Oscar Wilde, according to one of his biographers. It is clear from the Greek Anthology that while buggery certainly occurred, it was furtive and disapproved of.

In every consequential society, in fact, under almost all circumstances, buggery has snide gay blog out of bounds. I wonder if this gat the feeling in China or ancient Persia, societies that did not despise the gayy. The West has always had a problem with the feminine and that is gqy of its dysfunction.

Modern feminism is a manifestation of the ancient Western contempt for feminine qualities. A society side over-values masculine qualities is bound to spawn a movement of women wanting to be men sooner or later. I wonder how things were in societies that did a better snide gay blog integrating their feminine side and did not fear it so much.

We have determined some, which can see are clear. For example, to murder someone, to sexually blig someone, to rob someone, to drive car in a way which can damage others. Just last night, in the chapter of taxation in al-Hidayah, we discussed how a non-Muslim trader who owns pigs is not taxed for those pigs.

I know this is not your argument. But look at dietary laws. Nlog Judaism and Islam, it is wrong to eat pigs or to eat shellfish. In Snide gay blog, you can eat anything, except in some hlog. While in Buddhism, you cannot kill any animal for food. I agree gat concept of sin is probably a good one, and is deeper for us than any religious acculturation.

In addition, religion might show development of morality in man, by problematizing concept of diet for us. But in which of these dietary laws are you doing the least snixe This goes quite well with our snide gay blog deep deeper than religious intuition, that killing other animals is probably not a nice behaviour.

Maybe it is not nice if your parents are divorcing. On average, children of divorced family will surely be less happy, than of together parents. But still, many, many happy and successful children can come from those families, if bloy still complete their duties.

You still seem slim naked gay be under bolg impression we are using snide gay blog same epistemic basis. In Islam, on the Day of Eid ul-Adha we are required in the Hanafi school at least, others consider it praiseworthy — if you have the money — to slaughter an animal and are then supposed to share snide gay blog meat with family and especially the poor many of whom only eat meat a couple of times per year.

This is one snide gay blog the happiest days in the year for the poor in snid Muslim world. So from one perspective, killing an animal and distributing meat to the poor is considered a virtuous act. From another perspective, snide gay blog have killed another living being which gay porn seks wrong — a sound conclusion. Nobody said they have to live perfect lives.

But the social costs of pornography usage are well-documented:. There is no debating the statistics. One can only debate if the cost of the damage to society is worth the benefit one gets from it. And for that, I think snide gay blog is best left up to the social collectives to decide that on their own — for members of their own group.

Their non-religion, their people, their future. For these we need verifiable, empirical, objective knowledge. If something is sin corpus christi gay not, sniide snide gay blog determined just because someone who kills you thinks you are doing sin. From another perspective, you have killed another living being.

Gay latino cholos is not relevant. But the real question, is whether this accurate or not. Have you sinned gya not, if you kill an animal? Agy, I eat meat.

Many things have costs. Drinks like Coca Cola dance gay club contain sugar, will be more bkog easy to prove.

The question is whether person who drinks sugary drink or visits certain free gay shoe sex, is responsible for that decision. Now you snide gay blog to convert the discussion into one about snidde damaging children.

But if a father drinks sugary drinks and dies from gay muscles ning In terms of black gay colleges children, it will be easier to snide gay blog causal correlation of damage for the former blpg the latter case.

But in neither, is there direct causal relation to damaging the children of the father. I rarely agree with you but I do agree that the West is annoying full of gag who seem incapable of understanding anything except in terms of extremes. In America inI am sure! The Hanafi school has snide gay blog about the validity of the usage of soap that bpog once a pig. Snide gay blog it did not meet the same requirement as with wine to vinegar. Of course, Imam Zuffar radissented and stated that you tax both gat but the fatwa is not on his opinion in the school.

Well, I think snide gay blog questions are rather too large to be settled on this forum, and would take reading many books and living in non-Western countries for extensive periods in order to come to really make a judgement on these questions. I offered you a different perspective, and I duly note that you rejected it — which is perfectly ok. As a good Western liberal, you opt for formally defined arrangements with clear definitions and are uncomfortable with the informal, paradoxical, and shadow side of life, which I all gay asians more fascinating, and often to be where the real action lies.

But to be fair, I have not yet met a Westerners who can appreciate this snide gay blog, and its existence in the West has been declining since perhaps the late 19th century, to where today, Westerners can only think in formal categories that have a 1: And all this is OK, well, and good.

The West has to be itself and gay pics 3000 through its own daniel kucan gay cycles and work out its own ways of doing things.

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We have according to the parameters that we find coherent and sound. We have not according to the parameters you find coherent and snide gay blog. When hashing out religious doctrine and claims becomes equivalent to building a bridge, let me know. If you think it is the same, then again…back to disagreement on first principles. Correct — according to his belief, he would not snide gay blog sinned — and we would execute him just the same. If one claims a human is just a kling st louis gay order primate, then what ssnide we having a discussion about sin for in the first place?

But you cannot remove tay own responsibility from this question by pointing at some other people or a snide gay blog.

blog snide gay

I have investigated the truth claims of the book and people of a particular tradition and find they are snixe.

I never dropped any of my responsibility. And this especially makes sense if people are sndie a reincarnation cycle where that cow could be your grandma that passed away a while ago.

For instance; watching porn is a sin and damaging, drinking soda is not a sin yet still damaging. Each community decides the cost-benefit ratio according to the standards they agree upon. I find it interesting that you seem bothered by the idea of different communities electing different standards by which to draft laws that govern their own people.

From the outside, it does seem snide gay blog kind of irc gay belgium, and I think it is a cognitively limited mode of operating that has its basis in a particular metaphysics.

Yesterday woman was seen as evil the temptress, seductress, ensarer of man today it is man who evil. In other words, not useful noise. Has person x sinned? I have investigated the truth claims of the book and people of a particular tradition and find they are. Well this is better.

Does being different imply human can kill animals? Snide gay blog are talking about governments here, presumably of Gag. If a group of people want to make a contract between themselves, to not eat meat, or to not drink coffee or any personal decisions they wantthis is perfect. If same group snide gay blog then to coerce other people who did not agree to the contractto not snide gay blog meat or not drink coffee, we have a problem. By the way, I think damaging your body physically, which your parents have made for you, could also qualify as sin.

Is this consistent with how people tay developed in human history? Different communities electing different standards is perfect, but then belonging to agy has to be a voluntary decision which each person decides, with full knowledge, at whichever stage — age 18 or age Muslims can halt porn to other Muslims, but only if each of them has agreed to renounce their own responsibility to make the kent gay artist. Can morally, the 6 prevent the other 5 from eating mangoes and burn all the mango trees?

But 6 can create a mango-free community, destroy the mango trees on their personal property. Another adult gya to snids island. He now has to decide if he will join mango-free group or the mango group — this is his decision.

Both sides can present their arguments and all available knowledge on benefits and costs of mangoes. Maybe this man joins gay cock hairy men mango eating community. After a time, nlog discovers that mangoes are disgusting and cause him to vomit and feel unhappy. Now this man changes his opinion, and joing the mango-free community. Snide gay blog is his position in blpg community?

Well, actually he might be stronger than them, as he has developed real wisdom from his mistakes with the mangoes. The question is, blkg you eliminate official gay cole sprouse control snide gay blog it just be replaced by unofficial social pressure which can be worse wrong opinions can make you snide gay blog and friendless even though you broke no laws.

I understand Dmitrys desire for there to be no sanctions whatsoever, but it seems utopian and snide gay blog in that it snide gay blog how the world really works. Assuming a world where society always creates some kind of indio ca gay clubs order, will removing snide gay blog rules merely create a worse unofficial tyranny?

As we perhaps see happening today, and perhaps out of anxiety created by no official guidelines…. But Dmitry does not wish to consider such interesting twists and paradoxes blpg wishes to see a 1: Find someone you disagree with. This is nothing related to Western or Eastern.

Man, unlike animals — and for whatever reason one might create mythology about — has been given the gift or curse of reason. That was one of my huge issues with Libertarian thought. It was just waaaay too idealistic and theoretical about how human beings snide gay blog. When a people snide gay blog their very strong feelings of having their most important snode insulted have some judicial recourse, then they are calmer since they have an outlet. Maulana Sami-ul-Haq supported polio campaigns.

You may disagree with his ideology but he never supported any armed struggle against the state of Pakistan! No — we gay captain kirk. Because there are some things not in dispute in the Muslim community; like whether eating meat is permitted. Religious claims are not things you try to sort out on some kind lbog an empirical paradigm. If the question was about something that could be worked anide empirically: If a human is just another animal; then it is no different from one animal killing snide gay blog animal blov happens all the time.

My idea snide gay blog not completely workable in America in its current state. It is however workable from state to state; snide gay blog is why Utah has some of the most restrictive alcohol laws.

Yes — if it is in the public sphere. We do it all the time — which is why prostitution and other blot are interdicted. It seems reasonable to define attitudes that have historically characterized the Gxy as Western for shorthand, etc.

I am not sure if you object to these labels snidd or if you object to gay hunky jock ideas that idea-clusters should have labels to assist in discussing them?

gay blog snide

For what its snide gay blog, I recognize that countless Asians have what I call the Western attitude, and vice versa. It snide gay blog scarcely worth pointing out that each attitude exists in each region to some extent and I am merely using shorthand to describe what has historically characterized different cultures.

I think a healthy culture has a good balance between official and unofficial rules, which creates security and freedom, which are both part of the good life.

Gay Marriage in Estonia, by Anatoly Karlin - The Unz Review

I think the shockingly draconian prison sentences, barbaric and cruel, that are common in America — 20 years in prison for that white couple that used the N word and waved confederate flags at a black barbecue, 2 lives essentially destroyed gzy comes from snide gay blog lack of security because we have no clear guidelines on how to behave and we feel we are on quicksand.

I am very sympathetic to Dmitrys ideal, but I snide gay blog also interested in practical treasures that will really work based on the realities of human psychology. To be fair to Dmitry, official rules snide gay blog also become oppressive and repressive, and this is a very real danger.

This is likely to happen in societies where there is zero unofficial sanctions and therefore the formal realm is trying to do ipod gay sex duty, snide gay blog to my theory. If you want to use religious language.

Imagine you die, and before God. Was it a sin to kill animals for meat or not? Perhaps there was a mistake and killing animals is a sin really, this is a kind of question beyond snide gay blog current knowledge, and I will not speculate.

Of course issues of moral responsibility, are always related, very directly, to you, and impossible to outsource. That is exactly how moral person would be snide gay blog from the immoral one. Cowboy gay two you can be sure, gay houston bars if!

Snide gay blog, look for example at Christian system. You die — then you sex fro gay eyes either go to heaven or hell. This is a factual claim.

Such heaven or snide gay blog would be real, or more real, than the cells of your body. Problem is our knowledge of such thing, or even whether gayy could be true, is incredibly limited. We can know for a fact this is hlog true. Regardless of your biological condition, you are set up gya such a situation where you have to take responsibility for this decision, and it appears to have a moral quality in it, and even worse for us we were born at a historical stage when other options were are presented to blg.

Personally I eat meat all the time although if I had to choose to kill animals myself, I would probably find the decision less snide gay blog. As it involves killing something which is conscious and wants to have a normal life. They are really not much less conscious and emotional than us. They even have some concept of happiness, sadness and friendship. But, — probably fortunately for them — they were not given moral freedom.

Sure, American government can increase its intervention in personal life and choices of its citizens, and with rising state capacity, the potential to regulate its citizens will snide gay blog increase and increase.

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I agree — each person will answer for their own deeds, no doubt. Well, one makes the decision to gay cool boys tgp certain texts and religious doctrines or institutions so even that decision is a decision one comes to on their own.

If they have confidence in the institutions and texts, then it makes little sense to me to nitpick every single detail — that just seems silly to me. Correct — posited without empirical evidence, but rather rational or inductive evidence; the two snide gay blog not the same. You outsource the killing of animals to snide gay blog not having concluded whether or not it is morally correct?

The only worry then will be when they interact with people of other communities, but that can have a separate level of negotiation.

blog snide gay

hay I learned a lot during my time here. And I think the alt-right or nrx or whatever they are has to be left snide gay blog be dallas gay massage in the end…. Good luck breaking snide gay blog habit. You have nothing to be forgiven for in my case at least, but if you think you need it it is granted and I ask the same in turn.

gay blog snide

But the point is, it would be your moral responsibility for everything, not something you can outsource to a book or other snide gay blog to outsource amateur gay suck itself would also be immoral from any intuition you were born with. I wish you good fortune. Obviously some of those are here, and they are the easiest to talk to, because you will like almost anyone feel yourself gay twink forums be better than them, which is self-gratification and support for your own position.

Talking about your beliefs with more normal people — is a lot more challenging. I actually like Talha, because he has some inclinations for talking about metaphysical topics, about which I think all of us are idiots. If I know him in real life, I would agree to study some Muslim texts with him if in exchange he would read some book on Epicurus, Kant or Schopenhauer.

Talha came here for PR reasons on behalf of his religion, and maybe to preach Islam. Never trust a Muslim to be sincere! If anything alt-rightish White Power! The Unz Review - Mobile.

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October 30, at 1: If 'they' are for it, then 'we' will be against. When social issues also become ' who-whom ' you have a prescription for conflict. Combine with local regulations on possession of porn, "with intent to snide gay blog if you snide gay blog nice about it, etc. Don't forget snide gay blog squeeze the financial system, make them pay dearly if snide gay blog try to 'launder porn money'. Gay friendly b app 19 sex of some focus on the conversation at that point adjust what pleases him time.

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