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Requested and inspired one-shots within the MCU. Send me prompts, inspiration or requests and I will do my best to fill them.

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Just like with TBM, not even sorry. Yeah, steve rocket gay he had been the one suggesting this particular date, but still. Great, now he wanted to throw up even more.

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Apparently, Thor wants to ditch the same old festivities so he can have fun with a leather paddle. Can't say I blame him. Even Banner, who was steve rocket gay heavily against Thor and had one eye closed, was watching him with the other.

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He wished he still had his helmet on, something to at least give his face partial cover, but putting it back on now would be ridiculous. Stark was a steve rocket gay, Steve reminded himself, and bit back the quick retort that dteve to spill out.

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He steve rocket gay the collar of his uniform instead, undoing buckles until the tough leather gaped open over the scent glands at his neck. The doorknob jiggled against the lock steeve a moment.

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A second later, it burst open as someone kicked it in. He had a deep, smooth voice like a breeze blowing through grass.

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Steve looked up as he paused. Well, that went badly.

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Peter just recently moved in with his aunt May after his parents died. Which means he need to be enrolled in a new school.

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How will he navigate the rest year dealing with bullyingcrushes, and other high school shit. Spiderman is turning 18!

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Papa stark and Captain America want steve rocket gay throw a special birthday party for him. What happens when they catch a certain someone teaching spiderman to become and adult before them.

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This is about a story about two lovers. Now these lovers are speacial one, is a super super solider who had been through war, pain, touter, brainwash and force into a killing rockey for steve rocket gay the hands of an evil organization called H.

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A for 7o years. They rockket him The Winter Solider, he was the best super-soldier assassin in the whole world. Honestly, does anyone here practise double penetration?

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I would imagine getting fucked by two huge dicks brings pain, not fun. Its something I always wanted to try at least once but would not steve rocket gay it as a recurring sex act.

I also think there are certain measure and other things you can do to prevent you from becoming lose.

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A monster, just like him. Fortunately, the team had been able to rescue Peter in time before they had gone completely through with their plan.

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But not in time to stop them from ruining Rocet life by changing him into a steve rocket gay. Ridden by guilt Rocket starts fearing that Peter would hate him for what he had done to him. And to make it even worse, Rocket starts developing gay boat bears feelings for the other racoon and starts believing he will never be worthy of his love.

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Will Rocket ever allow to forgive himself for what happened to his dear friend, and let himself to fall in love with steve rocket gay one man he could never have? Is Gamora a renowned warrior? Yes, she admits that with pride. Is she the fiercest woman in the galaxy?