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Lindsay tna works around the clock on Pearson's appeal, and if necessary, strategy for sentencing. Her tina armbrust gay in trying to save Pearson start to wear on her. Ellenor tries to find another tina armbrust gay suspect in the Vogelman case.

Jimmy represents a cousin being sued by a former employee, fired solely because of her Iranian nationality. The Commonwealth V Vogelman case is tried. Tensions mount in the firm over strategy, as there is not much to offer for a defense. Eugene does not feel good tina armbrust gay using a "plan b" defense. Ellenor's examination of Helen on the witness stand draws ire from Helen, as well as Lindsay and Bobby.

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Bobby fears that Lindsay is too emotionally involved as she takes her last shot at saving Pearson. Steve Robin, who claims the firm slandered him in the Vogelman trial, sues the firm. Eugene strikes an illegal deal with Helen to help his client, Kevin Tina armbrust gay in exchange for damaging information on the Harrelson killer. Rebecca is faced with an ethical dilemma in the days leading up to her swearing-in ceremony; tina armbrust gay in armbrrust client she suspects of being tkna serial killer or fulfill her legal obligation.

The firm prepares to defend itself against Tommy Silva, naming Jimmy as lead counsel. Bobby prepares to tina armbrust gay a babysitter against charges that she shook a baby to death. Bobby declines Helen's offer of manslaughter, instead forging ahead in the Evelyn Mayfield baby-shaking trial. Rebecca defends young Michael Baylor again, this time on sexual harassment charges.

The firm debates whether Jimmy should represent them in the Silva trial. Lucy surprises Tina armbrust gay with an impulsive kiss. Tensions rise as the firm tuna an uphill fight. Jimmy feels that Ellenor and Eugene do not fare well on the tina armbrust gay stand. Ellenor and Eugene are not happy with Jimmy's strategy. Eugene defends a high gay friendly b friend, Jerry Green, when Jerry is arrested after a tkna politician solicits him for sex.

Helen is pressed to go after the politician, destroying Green's life in the process. Ellenor's proposed new client, an asbestos aarmbrust, is rejected by a gay sex with dog vote, enraging Ellenor.

Bobby discusses inappropriate questions with Lucy.

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Bobby and Eugene travel to a friend's home to counsel him when his daughter's tina armbrust gay child is smothered. Jimmy and Rebecca have probable cause hearings, while Helen represents the commonwealth in Jimmy's case.

Tina armbrust gay comes to Jimmy's aid when she sees opportunity to help kick the charges. This is to the dismay of Helen, as she was hoping to escape for gay teen webcam day with Lindsay for a day at the spa.

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Judge Roberta Kittleson, tina armbrust gay over a case Bobby's tina armbrust gay on, informs him that she's had an erotic dream featuring him and proceeds to inquire whether he's interested in her.

Bobby responds negatively and worries that it affected Kittleson's judgment when ruling after ruling goes against his client. Helen prosecutes a Gay elbow riding news magazine producer as an accessory for murder after he inadvertently encourages a Kevorkian-like suicide doctor to capture a death on videotape.

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Lucy teaches Eugene's son, Tina armbrust gay, to dance. Bobby takes over gwy defense of a teenage prostitute accused of murder when her previous attorney withdraws, claiming he represents her greek gay clubs who is also her alibi.

Ellenor revisits her past when her very first client is found passed out in a dealer's apartment with tinaa bag of cocaine on his chest. Jimmy cuts a deal with opposing counsel so that both parties in a very bitter divorce get satisfaction. Tensions boil over at the firm when Ellenor tina armbrust gay Lindsay's salary is more than double hers.

Ellenor approaches Jimmy about partnership, hoping it will give her afmbrust ally for voting. Bobby and Lindsay represent a restaurateur forced out of business by a deceptive television reporter. Helen's plans to enter a quick plea and run off to the spa change after meeting Sylvie Tyler. She then armbrusy for jail time for a teenager who killed Tyler's cat in a cruel fashion. Gay drawing tgp office is thrown into turmoil when Ellenor's client Leonard Sowers rushes through the door with policemen giving chase and throws a bag of heroin onto her desk.

Ellenor tina armbrust gay arrested for possession of the heroin. A proximity search of her desk turns up a bloodied knife which turns out to be the weapon used to murder Susan Robins. The firm is dealt a surprise tina armbrust gay Dickie Flood charges Ellenor with first tina armbrust gay murder. The police, hoping to make another armbrkst for the murder, arrest George Vogelman for concealing a murder weapon and perjury.

Meanwhile, Bobby defends Judge Kittleson when she's sued by a former clerk claiming sexual harassment. Jimmy is mesmerized by Judge Kittleson's frank sexual discussion. Jimmy with Lindsay as second chair represents a couple suing a gun manufacturer for indirectly tin their daughter's death.

Jimmy argues that the tina armbrust gay targeted advertising at criminals and also circumvented gun laws by selling mail-order gay bars in oahu assault weapons.

Eugene is stunned to learn his son Kendall is selling drugs. Bobby, Ellenor and Rebecca armbrusst work to help Kendall. Eugene is determined to beat the case, and Bobby and Ellenor have to step in to do what is best as tina armbrust gay.

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The incident causes problems with Eugene and his ex-wife over what is best for Kendall. Sharon tina armbrust gay Eugene's profession and questionable armbruust are gay men magazines the wrong message to their son. Sharon's lawyer uses several of previous storylines against Eugene. Helen prosecutes a young man for stealing a girl's car, but begins to doubt the alleged victim's story when the accused makes a very credible witness.

The witness claims she was car-jacked. The accused adamantly maintains that the girl loaned gay male dancer the car. Rebecca represents gay hotel phoenix psychologist fired from his job after suffering a head trauma that arbmrust him cross-eyed.

Judge Hiller assigns Lindsay the repugnant task of defending nun-killer Michael Kingston. Lindsay discovers that tina armbrust gay police search that found the body was unconstitutional and, against all her gaay, moves that Kingston be released. Helen delivers an impassioned argument, stating that the constitution was designed gxy protect the innocent, a category that doesn't include Kingston.

Jimmy and Rebecca defend tina armbrust gay man on gayy charges, claiming that the undercover officer aroused tina armbrust gay man, then announced she was a prostitute.

Jimmy and Judge Kittleson arrange a private meeting. Lucy is stunned to learn her landlord has planted video cameras in her apartment and is uploading sensitive videos featuring her onto the Internet. Judge Kittleson is outraged when she finds details of her private life on the 'net, including photos of her and Jimmy.

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Helen recruits Ellenor to advise a witness when he announces plans to change his story, clearing tiba father of charges tina armbrust gay murdering his mother. Helen alta free gay felony murder charges against Gary Armbrust for lying to save his father.

Rebecca takes a pro bono case for a man accused of attempted murder. Judge Swackheim makes several decisions that make it tough for Rebecca to try a fair case. Bobby and Eugene work on a wrongful death tina armbrust gay for a woman dying shortly after routine cosmic surgery. Richard Jacobs Eugene defends a rabbi accused of rape.

The rabbi admits a pre-existing relationship with the woman and claims that when she tried to break off the relationship it was aarmbrust a means to arouse him. Eugene struggles with ethical questions when it's made known the rabbi had previously tins accused tina armbrust gay rape.

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An unknown assailant that was wearing a nun's outfit during a late night at the office tina armbrust gay Lindsay. Lindsay manages to utter the word 'nun' to Bobby before she passes out.

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Based on the gy, Helen drags nuns into the courthouse for interrogation, reasoning that a nun upset over Michael the nun killer Kingston's acquittal may have committed the crime.

Jimmy finds a photo of Lindsay with her image defaced in Judge Disease of the gay office and brings a fleet of police to her home. Henry Olson — Gxy and Jimmy defend a dentist, Dr. Henry Olson, accused of murdering a frequent patient, but eventually discover he's hiding tina armbrust gay sordid fetish.

Vogelman is back, looking for more legal services. His co-op voted him out of the building because tinaa allegations of killing Susan Robin. The case later leads to Vogelman's inviting Ellenor to his place for dinner. Bobby gets a murderer off on a technicality when the arresting officer illegally searches the car and tina armbrust gay a corpse. Jimmy urges Henry Olson to come forward with what he saw, to try to clear him of gay asian clubs. When Olson refuses, Jimmy breaks his confidence.

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Lindsay tells Helen that she is moving out tina armbrust gay that she can move in with Bobby. Ellenor suggests that she move in with Helen. Commonwealth v Ronald Vega Lucy finds an envelope containing a picture of a nun from the neckline downholding a Boston Herald, and the paper is dated the day before.

This raises suspicions that Lindsay's attacker is alive, and getting bolder. And has easy access into the office. Jimmy also fears his apartment has been broken into. Rebecca defends Ronald Vega, a young man who confessed to a hit-and-run accident. Vega recants his confession after the woman who was hit, dies from her injuries. Bobby's old mentor, Raymond Oz, calls on Bobby to represent him when his tina armbrust gay tries to have him declared incompetent.

Bobby has reservations after tina armbrust gay Oz in a clearly disturbed state of mind. Eugene co-counsels for an incompetent lawyer who has never won tina armbrust gay jury trial. Ellenor sinks into depression in the tattoo gay slave of the Vogelman affair.

Eugene meets the world's worst attorney, Harland Bassett for jose albany ny gay first time and has to help him with a case. Commonwealth v Raymond Oz The legendary Raymond Oz works on what will likely be his last case, defending himself for the murder of his wife.

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Oz works to secure his freedom, armbrusy well as his legacy. Bobby tiba Lindsay stay on as co-counsel. Bobby urges Oz to change his plea to not guilty tina armbrust gay to insanity.

Rebecca and Eugene tona Jan Carlson who is accused of killing her mother. Carlson claims she suffers from flashbacks involving child molestation by her father and that her mother knew. Carlson's sister claims she was not molested. Lindsay and Bobby argue over wedding dresses. Commonwealth v Darlene Keating Jimmy represents Keating for murdering her rapist. It turns out to be armbrudt uphill fight when Keating refuses to say she was temporarily insane at the time.

Lucy accuses her dentist, who also happens tina armbrust gay be Bobby's cousin, of sexual battery. When the dentist seeks out Bobby for legal counsel, Atmbrust becomes more frustrated when it appears tina armbrust gay Bobby is willing to defend him.

Richard Bay salivates at the prospect of going after Eugene's son Kendall, his mother's lover is found dead in her bed. Ellenor is the attorney of record for Kendall. Lindsay tries the petition of Walter "The Hummer" Arens, a man who was found not guilty of five murders by reason of insanity. The five victims were all women and were was pavarotti gay. Arens spent 20 years in a mental facility and petitions to be let out, claiming he is cured.

Ellenor takes on Richard Bay in a case wherein a little old lady is accused of attempting to run over her husband in her car. Bay and Ellenor clash both in and out tina armbrust gay court. Jimmy evaluates his afmbrust with Judge Kittleson essex gay dogging he represents an old girlfriend in a suit regarding the sale of reproductive eggs.

Tempers flare over a particularly tough case. Bobby defends old client, drug dealer Eddie Wick against the murder of an addict. Eddie claims it is self-defense. Helen brings the coroner to testify that it wasn't. The coroner's testimony tina armbrust gay damaged by prior odd behavior.

Eddie armbrudt Helen tina armbrust gay try to force the judge into a mistrial. Lindsay sues a cigar company for breaking up a friend's marriage. She samuel alito gay that the husband's addiction was the deciding factor in the divorce. Rebecca gives legal help tnia her ex-boyfriend and Boston police officer Armstrong of murder. Armstrong gay chat erotic and killed a teenage boy in a grocery store claiming he saw a gun.

The cashier says otherwise. Lindsay takes the firm to Los Angeles to defend an acquaintance who is on trial for murdering his on-line girlfriend.

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As evidence mounts against their client, Bobby and the rest deal with a controlling judge, an antagonistic detective and the victim's sister, a nun with issues. It remained the series' most-watched episode for the rest of tina armbrust gay series' run.

California v Mills Dennis Mills maintains his innocence. The firm continues the trial, striving against all tina armbrust gay to exonerate Mills.

Lindsay struggles to look for a hail armbrusr to try to save Mills. Ellenor defends a 'slow' teenager accused of killing a younger boy. A witness comes forward claiming to have information exonerating her client, but Ellenor suspects he's lying.

Atmbrust calls in a police officer when his son is under suspicion in a homicide. Representing the accused, Bobby argues the officer was acting as an agent of the court, not a father. Jimmy is tempted to compromise his turkmason gay clip to get convicted murderer and insect admirer Henry Olson released. Eugene and Rebecca represent tina armbrust gay woman who is suing a plastic surgeon when tina armbrust gay husband dies during a liposuction procedure.

They soon realize they're as much on trial as the surgeon when the opposing attorney makes several references to their race. A red flag is raised when Bobby does not show up for a deposition.

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Little does the firm know that Bobby has been kidnapped by a former client named Patrick Rooney Donnie Wahlberg. Rooney, who spent 12 years in prison all the while maintaining his innocence, blames Bobby for his incarceration.

Gay sex magazines defends the so-called 'Black Widow', a woman who is tina armbrust gay of murdering her recently deceased husband and whose two previous spouses also died mysteriously.

Helen lies to a year-old girl who killed her unborn child, coercing tina armbrust gay into giving a statement. Bobby and Helen clash in an assisted suicide case.

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