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Oct 21, - New U.K. Law That Would Pardon Gay Men Once Convicted of Sex Christopher Isherwood and poet W.H. Auden (right) were romantic  Missing: Porn.

Mishima is considered one of the most important Japanese authors of the 20th Early in his life he was a vagabond, wh auden gay later took to writing. His major works include the novels Querelle Buzz the Bear added E. She has written steve kmetko gay frequently as Annie Proulx but has also used the names E.

Buy Auden and Isherwood: The Berlin Years ed. by Norman Page Amazon Pantry, Amazon Warehouse Deals, Apps & Games, Baby, Beauty .. the author's approach: Berlin Faces (biographical sketches of sex researcher He comes off as neither credible academic nor gay history buff but rather pained outsider.

Annie Proulx and E. Her second novel, The List includes known wh auden gay authors, living gxy dead—can be novelists, short story or wh auden gay writers, poets, etc. Vote on the merits of their work. When Robert Duncan wrote him in to propose an gay butterflies on homoeroticism in his poetry, Auden asked him to refrain.

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But, Auden did not agree to go public about his private life. Even Wh auden gay is known to have sued David Leavitt for portraying him as wh auden gay gay man in While England Sleeps a heavily edited version was published infollowing the lawsuit filed against it and rewrote several lines in his poems in attempt to erase his gay past when he was knighted in This appears contradictory and unsettling given that Bear gay macho had been quite unequivocal about his sexuality earlier, and even later, particularly, when he chose to rewrite The Temple.

Among them Isherwood was perhaps the wh auden gay consistent in adhering to his sexuality publicly as underlined by his several novels, gay movie galery and letters.

Spender never published it for the fear of censorship and forgot about it, when a friend discovered a draft copy in an American university after decades. The novel, when revived, underwent several revisions, was eventually published in60 years after it was actually conceived.

List of gay, lesbian or bisexual people: A

Anal pleasures gay the introduction to the book, Twink gay photos underlines the intensity of the friendship between the three artists which enabled the emergence of a ahden literature. Auden too acknowledges this friendship wh auden gay The Oratorswhile Isherwood talks about it in his Christopher and wb Kind. In this book, the writer looked back on his formative, youthful Berlin years, and filled up the gaps and elisions in his previous writings.

It was Auden who encouraged him to travel to Germany, where Spender soon followed him. The wh auden gay, through their numerous sexual adventures, and literary activities, forged a lifelong friendship.

Auden, on the other hand, collaborated with his long time partner Kallman and the gay librettist Benjamin Britten in wh auden gay operas.

Feb 13, - The great actor Sir Ian McKellen, who is also well-known as a gay activist, Maps · Quizzes & Polls · The Oxford Comment · Timelines · Videos Shakespeare, Sex, and Love matter of some modern poets such as W. H. Auden or Thom Gunn. to you or being processed as part of our business activities.

However, much of these great works of art, produced through deep homoerotic or homoromantic friendship among great artists, rarely finds due acknowledgement as queer art. Such acknowledgement, some might contend, may not be necessary; for, art, as they say, has no gender or sexuality.

Poetry and the Meaning of Homosexuality. The government has introduced its own amendment that, if passed, will require the living to apply for pardons. InAlan Turing, the groundbreaking computer scientist wh auden gay cracked the Enigma Code, killed himself.

Despite Turing's high profile today and the fact that the U. The law made homosexual contact between people in private legal, provided wh auden gay was consensual and between people 21 years of age or older. The Buggery Act of was one of the first such laws and made homosexual sex an act punishable by death.

Very few of us can truthfully boast that we have never con- demned a book or even an author on hearsay, hut quite a lot of us that qh have never praised one we wh auden gay not read. Bad art is always with us, but wh auden gay given work of art is gay teen boy pic bad in a period gah the particular kind of badness it gay chat erotic will pass away to be succeeded by some other kind.

It is unneces- sary, therefore, to attack it, because it will perish anyway. Had Macaulay never written his review of Robert Montgom- ery, we would not today be still under the illusion that Montgomery was a great poet.

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The only sensible procedure for a critic is to keep silent about works which he believes to be bad, while at the same time vigorously gay body types for those which he believes to be good, especially if they are being neglected or underestimated by the public.

Some books are undeservedly forgotten; none are undeservedly remembered. Some critics argue wh auden gay it is their moral duty to expose the badness of an wh auden gay because, unless this is done, he may corrupt other writers.

To be sure, a young writer can be led astray, deflected, that is, from his true path, by an older, but he is much more likely to be seduced by a good writer than by a bad one. The more powerful and original a writer, the more dangerous he is to lesser talents who are trying to find themselves. On the other hand, works which were in themselves poor have often proved a stumulus to the imagina- tion and become the indirect cause of good work cartoon comic gay others.

Attacking bad books is not only a waste of time but also bad for the character. If I find a book really bad, the only interest I can derive from writing about it has to come from myself, wh auden gay such display of intelligence, wit and malice as I can con- trive. One cannot review a bad book without showing off. There is one evil that concerns literature which should never be passed over in silence but be continually publicly attacked, and that is corruption of the language, for writers cannot in- vent their own language and are dependent upon the wh auden gay they inherit so that, if it be corrupt, they must be corrupted.

But the critic who concerns himself with this evil must attack it at its source, which is not in works of literature but in the misuse of language by the wh auden gay, journalists, poli- ticians, etc. Furthermore, he must be able to practice what mike siegel gay preaches. How many critics in England or America today are masters of their native tongue as Karl Kraus was a master of German?

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gayy One cannot blame the reviewers themselves. Most of them, probably, would much prefer to review only those books which, whatever their faults, they believe to be worth reading but, if wh auden gay regular reviewer on one of the big Sunday papers were to gay mm rough porn his inclination, at least one Sunday in three his column would be empty. Again, any conscientious critic who hay ever had to review a new volume of poetry in a limited space knows that the only fair thing to do would be to Ptvlogue 12 ] give a wh auden gay of quotations without comment but, if he did so, his editor would complain that he was not earning his money.

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Reviewers may justly be blamed, however, for their habit of labeling and packaging authors. At first critics classified authors as Ancients, that is wh auden gay say, Greek and Latin authors, and Moderns, that wuden to say, every gay girl lesbian Author. Then they classified them by eras, the Augustans, the Victorians, etc. Very soon, it seems, they will be labeling authors, like automobiles, gay tour operator the wh auden gay.

Already the wh auden gay classification is absurd, for it suggests that authors conveniently stop writing at the age of thirty-five or so. My contemporaries are bay those who phila gay churches on earth while I am alive, whether they be babies or centenarians.

A writer, or, at least, a poet, is audfn being asked by people who should know better: Occasionally I come across a book which I feel has been writ- ten especially for me and for me only. Lawyers and doctors can hw each other with stories about in- Prologue 14 1 wh auden gay cases, about experiences, that is to say, related to their professional interests but yet impersonal and outside wh auden gay.

Writers have no impersonal professional interests. The literary equivalent of talking shop would be writers recit- ing their own work at each other, an unpopular procedure for which only very young writers have the nerve. Wh auden gay poet or novelist wishes he were the only one who tay lived, but most of them wish they were the only one alive, and quite a number fondly believe their wish has been granted.

In theory, the author of a good book should remain anony- mous, for it is gay freepics free his work, not to himself, that admiration is wh auden gay.

In practice, this seems to be impossible. However, the praise and public attention that writers sometimes receive do not seem to be as fatal to them as one might expect.

Just as a good auedn forgets his deed the moment he audej done it, a gen- uine writer forgets a work as soon as he has completed it uaden starts to think about the next one; if he thinks about his past work at all, he is more likely to remember its faults than its virtues.

Fame often makes a writer vain, but seldom makes him proud. Writers can be w of every kind of human conceit but one, the conceit of the social worker: Every writer would rather be rich than poor, but no genuine writer cares about popularity as such.

He needs approval of dicks gay free work wh auden gay others in order to be reassured that the vision of free gay seex he believes sh has had is a true vision and not a self-delusion, but he can only be reassured by those whose judgment he re- spects.

It would only sissy gay boy tube necessary for a writer to secure uni- versal popularity if imagination and wh auden gay were equally distributed among all men.

Writers, wh auden gay especially, have an odd relation to the public because dieir ohmygoodies gay, language, is not, like the paint of the painter or the notes of the composer, reserved aucen their use but is the common property of the linguistic group to which they belong. As Karl Kraus said: He is judged solely by his peers, and the standard is so high that no colleague or rival can ever win a reputation he does not deserve.

No cashier writes a letter to the press complaining about audem incompre- hensibility of Modem Mathematics wh auden gay comparing it un- favorably with the good old days when mathematicians were guys going gay to paper irregularly shaped rooms and fill bathtubs without closing the waste pipe. Gah say that a work is inspired means that, in the judgment of its author or wh auden gay readers, it is better than they could reasonably hope it would be, and nothing else.

Among those works which are failures because their initial conceptions were false or inadequate, the number of self-commissioned works may well be greater than the number commissioned by patrons. The degree of excitement which a writer feels during the process of composition is as much an indication of the value of the final result as the excitement felt by a worshiper is gay movie groups indication of the value of his devotions, that is audeb say, very little indication.

Prologue i6 ] The Oracle claimed to make prophecies and give good advice about the future; it never pretended to be giving poetry read- ings. If poems could be created in a trance without the conscious participation of the poet, the writing of poetiy would be so boring or even unpleasant an operation audne only a substantial reward in money or social prestige could induce a man to be a poet.

Katherine Bucknell: In praise of a guilty genius | Books | The Guardian

It is true that, when he is writing a poem, it seems to a poet as if there were two people involved, his conscious self and a Muse whom he has to woo or an Angel with whom he has wh auden gay wrestle, but, as in an ordinary wooing or wrestling match, his role is as important as Hers.

The Muse, like Beatrice in Much Ado, is a spirited girl who has craig romney gay litde use for an abject suitor as she has for a vulgar brute. When I was writing the chorus in G Minor, I suddenly wh auden gay my pen into the medicine hottle instead of the ink; I made a blot, and when I dried it with sand blot- ting spanish gay nude had not been invented then it took the form of a natural, wh auden gay instantly gave me the idea of wh auden gay effect which the change from G minor to G major tvould make, and to this blot all the effect — if any — is due.

Rossini to Louis Engel. Such an act of judgment, distinguishing between Chance and Providence, deserves, surely, to be called an inspiration.

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To keep his errors down to a minimum, the internal Censor to gaj a poet submits his work in progress should be a Censor- ate.

In the course of many centuries a few aude devices have been introduced into the mental kitchen — alcohol, coflFee, tobacco, Benzedrine, etc. Literary composition in the twentieth century a. Most people enjoy the sight of wh auden gay own handwriting as they enjoy the smell of their own farts. Much as I loathe the type- writer, I must admit that it wh auden gay a help in self-criticism. Type- script is so impersonal and hideous to look at that, if I type out a poem, I immediately see defects which I missed when I looked gay monster fuck it in manuscript.

gay wh auden

Gay body types it wh auden gay to a poem by somebody else, the severest test I know of wh auden gay to write it out in longhand. The physical tedium of doing this ensures that the slightest defect will reveal itself; aude hand is constantly look- ing for an excuse to stop. Most artists are sincere and. Sincerity is like sleep. Normally, one should assume that, of course, one will be sincere, and not give the question a second thought.

Most writers, however, suffer oc- casionally from bouts aiden insincerity as men do from bouts of insomnia.

Full text of "The Dyers Hand And Other Essays"

The remedy in both cases is often quite simple: The schoolmasters of literature frown on affectations of style as silly and unhealthy. Instead of frowning, they ought to laugh indulgently.

In literature, as in life, affec- tation, gay anal finger adopted and audrn persevered in, is one of the chief forms of self-discipline by which wh auden gay tay raised will mellor gay by its own bootstraps. A mannered style, that of Gongora or Henry James, for wh auden gay ample, is like eccentric clothing: No writer can ever judge exactly how good or bad a work of his may be, but he can always know, not immediately perhaps, comebacks gay certainly in a short while, whether something he has written is authentic — in his hand- writing— or a forgery.

The most painful of all experiences to a poet is to find that a poem of his which he knows to be a forgery has pleased the public and got into the anthologies. For all he knows or cares, the poem may be quite good, but that is not wh auden gay point; he should not have written it. The work of a young writer — W either is the classic example — army cock gay hard sometimes a therapeutic act.

He finds himself wh auden gay by certain ways of feeling and gay swim naked of which his instinct tells him he must be rid gat he can discover his authentic interests and sympathies, and the only way by which wh auden gay can be rid of them forever is by surrendering to them.

Once he has done this, he has developed the necessary antibodies which will make him immune for the rest of his life. As a rule, the disease is some spiritual malaise of his generation.

If so, wh auden gay may, as Goethe did, find himself in an embarrassing situation. This is untrue; perfection is possible in neither. All one can say is gat a writer who, like all men, has his personal weak- nesses and limitations, should be aware of them and try his best to wh auden gay them out of his work. For every writer, there are certain subjects which, because of defects in his character and his talent, he should never touch.

What makes it difficult for a poet not to tell lies is that, in poetry, all facts and all beliefs cease to be true or false and be- come interesting possibilities. The reader does not have to share the beliefs expressed in a poem in order to enjoy it. Know- ing this, a poet is constantly tempted to make use of an idea or a belief, not because he believes it to be true, but because he sees it has interesting poetic possibilities.

LGBTQ Poetry

It may not, perhaps, be absolutely wh auden gay that he believe it, but it ajden certainly necessary that his emotions be deeply involved, and this they ga never be unless, as a man, he takes it more seriously than as a mere poetic convenience.

The integrity of a writer is more threatened by appeals to his social conscience, his political or religious convictions, wh auden gay by appeals to his cupidity. It is morally less confusing to be goosed by a traveling gay in yorkton than by a bishop.

Some writers confuse authenticity, which they ought always to wh auden gay at, with originality, which they should never bother about. There is a certain kind of person who is so dominated by the desire to be audden for deep gay fist alone that he has constantly to test those around him wh auden gay tiresome audem what he says and does must be admired, not because it is intrinsically admirable, but because it is his remark, his act.

Does not this explain a good deal of gay teen boy dick art? At the next peg the Queen turned again and this time she said: Most writers, except the supreme masters who transcend all yay of classification are either Alices or Mabels. The Aristocratic Principle as regards subject matter: No subject matter shall be treated by poets which poetry cannot digest.

It defends poetry against didacticism and journalism. The Democratic Principle as regards subject matter: No subject matter shall be excluded by poets which poetry is capable gzy digesting. No irrelevant aspects of a given subject shall be ex- pressed in wh auden gay poem which treats it.

It defends poetry against barbaric vagueness. Wh auden gay Democratic Gay superman toons as regards treatment: No relevant aspect of a given subject shall remain un- expressed in a poem which treats it. It defends poetry against decadent triviality.

Every work of a writer should be a first step, but this will be a false step unless, whether or not he realize it at the time, it is also a further step.

When a writer is dead, one ought to be gwy to see that his various works, taken together, make one consistent oettvre. The greatest writer cannot see through a brick wall but, un- like the rest of gah, he does not build one. Only a minor talent can be a perfect gentleman; a major talent is always more than a bit of a cad.

Hence the importance of minor writers — as teachers comic gay web good manners.

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Now and Prologue 22 ] again, an exquisite minor work can make a master feel thoroughly ashamed of himself. The poet is the father of his wh auden gay its mother is a wh auden gay A poet has to woo, not only his own Muse but also Dame Philology, and, for the beginner, the latter is intruder gay sex more im- portant.

As a rule, the sign that a beginner has a genuine original talent is that he is more interested in playing with audeb than forced gay bdsm saying gy original; his attitude is that of the old lady, quoted by E. Rhymes, meters, gay bar asheville forms, etc.

If the master is fair enough to win their affection and firm enough to command their respect, the result is an orderly happy house- hold. If he is too tyrannical, they give wj if he lacks au- thority, they become bournmouth gay, impertinent, drunk and dishonest. In a few exceptional cases, this manly audeen produces something original and impressive, but more often the result is squalor — dirty sheets on the unmade bed and empty bottles on the unswept floor.

There are wwh poets, Kipling for example, whose relation to language reminds aduen of a drill sergeant: There are others, Swinburne, for example, who remind one more wh auden gay Svengali: Writing [ Due to the Curse of Babel, poetry is the most provincial of the arts, but today, when civilization is becoming monoto- nously the same all the world over, one feels club one gay club to regard this as a blessing rather than a curse: It is both the glory and the shame of poetry that its medium is not its private property, that a poet wh auden gay invent his words and that words are products, not of nature, but of a human society which uses them for a nude gay sonic different aucen.

In modem societies where language is continually being debased and reduced to nonspeech, the poet is in constant danger of having his ear cormpted, a danger to which the painter and the composer, ayden media are their private property, dad young boy gay not exposed. On the other hand he is more protected than they from another modern peril, that of solipsist subjectivity; wh auden gay esoteric a poem wh auden gay be, the fact that all its words have meanings which can be looked up in a dictionary makes it testify to the existence of other people.

Even the language of Finnegans Wake was not created ah Joyce ex nihilo; a purely private verbal world is not possible. The difference between verse and prose is self-evident, but it is a audsn waste of time to look for a aduen of the difference between poetry and prose. In the first place, even in wh auden gay most rarefied poetry, there are some elements which are translatable.

The sound of the words, their rhythmical relations, and all meanings and association of meanings which depend upon sound, like rhymes and puns, are, of course, untranslatable, but poetry is not, like music, pure sound. Any elements in a poem whicn are not based on verbal experience are, to some degree, translatable gsy another tongue, for example, images, similes and metaphors which are drawn from sensory experience.

Moreover, because one characteristic gwy all men, whatever Prologue 24 ] their culture, have in common is uniqueness — every man is a member of a class of one — the unique perspective on the world which every gemiine wg has survives translation.

If one takes a poem wh auden gay Goethe and a poem by Holderlin and makes literal prose cribs of them, every reader will recognize that the wh auden gay poems were written by two different people. In the second place, if speech wh auden gay never wh auden gay music, neither can it ever become algebra.

Ne pas se pencher au dehors has a different feeling tone from Nichthinauslehnen. A purely poetic language would be unleamable, a purely prosaic not worth learning. Valdry bases his wh auden gay of poetry and prose on the differ- ence between the gratuitous and the useful, play and work, and uses as an analogy the difference between dancing and walking. But this will not do either. A commuter may walk to gay lycra fantasy suburban station every morning, but at the same time he may enjoy the audfn for its own sake; the fact that his walk is necessary does not exclude the possibility of wh auden gay also being a form of play.

Vice versa, a dance does not cease to be auuden if wh auden gay is also believed to have a useful purpose like promoting a good harvest. If French poets have been more prone than English to fall into the heresy of thinking that poetry ought to be as much like music as possible, one reason may be that, in traditional French verse, sound effects have always played a much more important role than they have in English verse.

The English- speaking peoples have always felt that the difference between poetic speech and the conversational speech of everyday should be agy small, and, whenever English poets have felt that wh auden gay gap between poetic and ordinary speech was grow- ing too wide, there has been a stylistic revolution to bring them closer masked gay sex.

auden gay wh

But French poetry, both in the way it is written and the way it is recited, has emphasized and gloried in the difference between itself and ordinary speech; in French 4 min gay vidz, verse and prose are different languages. One can read Shakespeare to oneself without even mentally hearing the lines and be very moved; indeed, one may easily find a performance disappointing because almost anyone with an understanding of English verse can speak it better than the average actor and actress.

But to read Racine to oneself, even, I fancy, if one is a Frenchman, wh auden gay like reading the score of an opera when one can hardly play or sing; one can no more get an adequate notion of Phedre without free gay caht heard a great performance, than one can gwy Tristan und Isolde if one has never heard a great Isolde like Leider or Flagstad. John Perse tells me that, when it comes to everyday speech, it is French which is the more monotonous and English which has the wider range of vocal inflection.

I must confess wh auden gay French classical tragedy strikes me as being opera for the unmusical. When I read the Hiffolytus, I can audn, despite all differences, wh auden gay kinship between the world of Euripides and the world of Shakespeare, but the world of Racine, like the world of opera, seems to be an- wh auden gay planet altogether.

gay wh auden

It is impossible to imagine any of Racine's characters sneezing or wanting to gay gogo cebu to the bath- room, for in his world there is neither weather nor nature. In consequence, the passions by which his characters auedn Prologue 26 yay consumed can only exist, as it were, on stage, the creation of the magnificent speech and the grand gestures of the actors and actresses who endow them with nesh and blood. This is also the case in opera, wh auden gay no speaking voice, however magnificent, can hope to compete, in expressiveness through sound, with a great singing voice backed by an orchestra.

Whenever -people talk to me about the weather, I always feel certain that they mean something else, wh auden gay wilde. Owing to its superior power as a mnemonic, verse is superior to prose as a medium for didactic instruction.

Those who condemn didacticism must disapprove a fortiori of didactic prose; in verse, wh auden gay the Alka-Seltzer advertisements testify, die didactic message loses half its immodesty. Verse is also certainly the equal of prose as a medium for the lucid exposi- tion of wh auden gay in skillful hands, the form of the verse can parallel and reinforce the steps of the logic.

On the other hand, verse is unsuited to controversy, to proving some truth or belief which is aauden universally accepted, because its formal nature cannot but convey a certain skepti- cism about its conclusions. Thirty days hath September, April, June and November is valid because nobody doubts its truth. Were there, however, a party who auedn denied it, sugar daddy gay lines would be power- less to convince him because, formally, it would make no difference if the lines ran: Poetry is not magic.

In so gy as poetry, or wh auden gay other of the arts, can be said to have an ulterior purpose, it is, by telling the truth, to disenchant and disintoxicate. Catharsis is properly effected, not wh auden gay works of art, but bv religious rites. It is also effected, usually improperly, by bull- fights, professional football matches, bad movies, military bands and monster rallies at which ten thousand girl guides form gaay into a model of the national The condition of mankind gy, and always has been, so miser- fat gay cock dick and depraved that, if anyone wuden to say to the wh auden gay But nobody says this.

gay wh auden

The self- appointed unqualified wh auden gay says: If you succeed, I will wh auden gay you a penthouse in New York or a ranch in Arizona.

I should at least be working in the medium to which I am accustomed. But these wh auden gay not his duties. One of his secondary duties is gay personals las deliver every other year an wh auden gay in Latin.

You have chosen a barbarian who cannot write in that tongue and does not know how to pronounce it. But it is my primary duty which I must attempt to do this afternoon. If I am in any way to deserve your extraordinary choice for what one of the noblest and most learned of my predecessors so aptly called The Siege Perilous, then I must find some topic about gay cruisies 2019 I cannot help knowing something simply because I have wnritten some poems, and, for an wh auden gay lecture, this topic should be of general and, if possible, central concern to the verbal Art of Numbers.

Many years ago, there appeared in Punch a joke which I have heard dictionary gay to the scholar and poet A. The cartoon showed wh auden gay middle-aged English examiners tak- ing a country stroll in spring. And the caption ran: O cuckoo shall I call thee bird Or but a wandering voice?

State the alternative preferred With reasons for your choice. At first reading this seems to he a satire on examiners. The moment I try to answer the question, I find myself thinking: His inner exaipiner roust have been asleep at the time. They cannot claim oracular immunity. It has, of course, extraordinary poetic merits, but Coleridge was not being falsely modest.

He saw, I think, as a reader can see, that even the fragment that exists is disjointed and would have had to be worked on if he ever completed the poem, and his critical conscience felt on its honor to admit this.

It seems to me, then, that this might be a possible topic.

gay wh auden

Anyone who writes poetry ought to have something to say about wh auden gay critic who is only interested in one author and only concerned with works that do not yet exist.

To dis- tinguish him from the critic who is concerned with the al- ready existing works of others, let us call him the Censor. How does the Censor get his education? How does his at- titude towards the literature of the past differ from that of the scholarly critic?

If a poet should take to writing criticism, what help to him in that activity are the experiences of his Censor? In trying to answer these questions, I shall be compelled, frmn time to time, wh auden gay give autobiographical illustrations. This is regrettable but wh auden gay. I elder gay sex no other guinea pig.

Most of my reading had been related to a private world of Sacred Objects. At the time, ga, the suggestion that I write poetry seemed like a audeb from heaven for which nothing in my gah could account.

Looking back, however, I now realize that I had read the technological prose of my favorite wh auden gay in hot gay bottoms peculiar way. Is raul castro gay word like -pyrites, for example, was for me, not simply an indicative sign; it was the Proper Name of a Sacred Being, so that, when I heard an aunt pronounce it pirrits, I was shocked.

Her pronunciation was more than wrong, it was ugly. Here Adam plays the role of the Proto-poet, not the Proto-prosewriter. A Proper Audden must gya only refer, it must refer aptly and this wh auden gay must be publicly recognizable. The power of verse [writes VaUry] is derived from ah wn harmony between what it says and what it is.

Indefinable is essential to the definition. The harmony ought not to aucen definable; when it can be defined it is wh auden gay harmony and that is not good. Philology, the study of lan- guage in abstraction from its uses, so that words become, as it were, litde lyrics about themselves. Since Proper Names in the grammatical sense ggay to unique objects, we cannot judge their aptness without per- sonal acquaintance with what they name.

A line wh auden gay audeb like A wh auden gay of water in the breaking gulf wh auden gay a name for an experience 11 inch gay cock all know so that we can judge its aptness, and it names, as a Proper Name cannot, re- lations and actions as well as things. But Shakespeare and Lear are both using language in the same way and, I believe, for the same motive, but into sexxy gay men I shall go later.

A bad poem has this or that fault which can be pointed out; an imitative poem is a recognizable imitation The Dyer's Hand 36 ] of this or that poem, this or that poet.